Monday, April 04, 2011

The one with hexagon water

My dad in law introduced hexagon water alkaline generator to us and we bought a pair of magnet first to try it on.  Simon put it in the kitchen sink faucet and there are really changes that are beneficial.  Here are some information about hexagon water:

Most people can prevent diseases only by drinking water correctly.
~ according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
Our body is made up of 70% water.
• More than 80% of serious illnesses can be cured by water.
Hexagon Magnetic Water Generator at Home
Turn your ordinary water into hexagon water and use the water in:
• cooking
• in your kitchen
• bathroom
• laundry
• and more …
• KITCHEN Hexagon Water
• With hexagon water generator, you can wash dishes without using soap detergent. It will leave your utensils clean.
• Kitchen utensils will be free from residual soap detergent. Residual soap may give unhealthy effect to your body system.
• BATHROOM Hexagon Water
o You can wash your hair without using hair conditioner. It will leave your hair healthy and smooth.
o It can make your skin more smoother.
o It can improved skin conditions like eczema and other unhealthy skin conditions.
• LAUNDRY Hexagon Water
o By only using 1/3 the amount of water than usual, you can wash the laundry efficiently.
o The molecules of hexagon water can penetrate faster into clothes.
o It can soften your clothes and eliminates body odor.
• FOOD / COOKING Hexagon Water
• After washing with hexagon water, vegetables freshness will last longer.
• Brush your teeth with hexagon water, it removes plaque.
Hexagon Magnetic Water Generator at the Water Refilling Station
o Install after the series of filtration systems, at the final outlet faucet,
o The Magnetic Hexagon Water Generator will produce a consistent Pure, Ionized, Oxygenated, Magnetized, Alkaline (pH 7.96), Hexagonal Water
o Ideal for -
o cooking,
o drinking,
o cleansing and
o detoxification
o Added value to your business
o Added value for your valued customers
o And huge savings in overhead costs.
By a single installation, it meets all needs of water:
• Scale removal,
• Disinfection,
• Steriliztion, and
• Purification.

So if you're interested, please leave a comment and i'll get back to you. thanks!

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