Thursday, May 21, 2009

The one with 5

Thanks Joanne for this!

1. Post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself.

3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their name as well as links to their blogs.
4. Link the person who tagged you.
5. Leave a comment for each blogger.

Five facts about me:
1. I'm a lefty.
2. I'm a born-again christian.
3. I have a daughter.
4. I love raising one leg on our computer table while i blog, surf, etc. that's what im doing now. hehe.
5. I'm a party planner :)

Passing this to Issa, Cee, Rocks, Marshi and Mai. :)

The one with Pictures!!!

Here are some pictures taken at Club Manila East during our mothers' day/summer getaway celebration. ahehe.

syempre terno kme noh! hahaha. thanks glenda for these. soo nice!

any best diet pills you'd like to suggest? ahehe.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The one with domesticated

It's been a week since Maru (simone's yaya and all-around helper) left for a 3-week vacation. Actually, i've yet to see a helper who goes back to their employer after their "vacation". All of my friends told me that they never go back. as in they never do. and because of that, even if we like maru and even if we feel that our relationship with her is as smooth, we don't hold false hopes that she'd go back. if she does then we'll be happier. :)

anyway, the first week, should i say, was a smooth transition. maybe because i was expecting it already so i kinda conditioned myself that i'd embrace domestication on an upper level. we bring our laundry to a laundry store, we clean the house, i wash simone's clothes and check mails and answer inquiries in between. It was really a test of my time management skills. everything has to be done according to the plan for the day, or else, i'd end up not finishing everything. simone is cooperative naman. she watches her new favorite movie, "alvin and the chipmunks", she can play alone when i'm doing some household chores.

Simon had to also adjust his schedule. we always have to go out together since simone is not used to sitting down on the passenger seat alone.

I thought being more domesticated now will be like a natural appetite suppresant. I thought otherwise. I tend to eat more now and raiding our own ref, opening it more times that it should be opened. haha. i finished our two ice creams and kept on muching something every now and then. oh no!

The one with 3rd time around

It's my third time to celebrate mom's day and since the special occasion was a sunday (its always a sunday), i had an event that day. We celebrated it the day after which is our official day off, monday. :) when we woke up that morning, simon asked if i wanted to go swimming and since it seems that summer is almost over and i still have'nt gone to a resort, i readily agreed and after lunch, we headed to club manila east. it was a perfect weather to take a dip. no sun, just clouds and we arrived at the resort before 3pm. (had to go to the bank first and we ate lunch na rin) it was such a pleasant experience bonding with my husband and our baby. we did'nt realize how much simone loves the water and the waves until that day. as in she would walk towards the deeper side of the "ocean waves" and would walk against the waves. she loved it so much.

it was a pleasant unplanned getaway. it was relaxing not because i was able to swim and unwind, it was relaxing and fun because our daughter had fun. Seeing her playing with the water for almost three hours straight (no rest mind you!) was so fun to watch. it was unplanned since we even forgot to bring simone's swimming pool supplies. she was running after a kid with a beach ball, wanting to get the ball. we felt sorry for her so i bought a big beach ball at the store, even if she has two already at home. hehe.

Simon gave me a starbucks thermal travel mug for mothers' day. so sweet of him. he knows how much i love starbucks but the kuripot in me will never buy such mug. hahaha. id have to wait for occasions to get one. :) thanks beh!

we gave our moms some shopping money (albeit small amount) and they were giddily excited when we handed the gift, simon to his mom and i to my mom. i just hope they did'nt buy grocery using it, or else it defeats the purpose of spoiling our moms on this special day. hahaha.

happy moms' day to all!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The one with additional space

I love our house. I love the space. I love space. Remember one post i wrote about us thinking about moving to a smaller space. well, we realized that as of now, it might not be for us. we just love big spaces and no matter how much more we have to clean and maintain, we just can't afford living to a smaller space. so anyhow, i was trying to organize my stuff that i use when i do events and found out that i have three shipping boxes full of load from party plannnig. And all these I put in our attic so i had to constantly go up and down the attic when i need something that's party-related. I was just surprised that i had that many "materials" and/or crafts already. These materials do not include party items per se, these are just my ribbons, glue, cloths, etc. :)

I'm just glad the house can accommodate all my abubot. one of the main points why this house is so hard to let go, despite our house-hunting here and there. :)

The one with back-up files

I was trying to open a file from my external hard drive which is apparently where i save all my partyboosters file. to my shock, i could'nt open my hard drive. i felt my body turned stiff and really cold. i could not, as in NOT, afford to lose all those files. i have everything there, records of client's agreements, photos, etc. I asked my husband immediately to help me open the drive and he succeeded but he also advised me to back up the files immediately as this is a sign already that the drive might be giving up on us already. Good thing i have another compact flash where i store my personal files. it has the same memory space as to what i use now so copying files won't be hard.

So scary... hehe.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

The one with inevitable

We had a simple celebration for simon's 29th birthday last thursday. it was basically a fun time bonding of my family with his. Ironically, being a party planner myself, i was so lax in preparing for his party. albeit a small one, i did'nt even bother to really detail it as there was no pressure or anything naman. so we just ordered food, rented tables and chairs.

Funny lang, even if we only had it at home, we still had some glitches which made us worried a bit. For one, the light bulb in the garden was grounded and electricity tripped. Lucikly, we have a circuit breaker so automatically, during times like this, it's an automatic shut off system to avoid fire. it took us 30 minutes before we were able to revive the electricity in the living room. (which reminds me, i sill have to have it checked with an electrician, just so we're sure) Second, Simone was ususually cranky that night. she had a good afternoon nap but despite of that, she was still not in a good mood. i was starting to get a little sad since i want simon to be stress-free and to just enjoy his day but simone's crankiness can get into his nerves sometimes (or to mine). hehe, we're only human. :) third, everyone was late! my parents were the only one on time. hehe.

but all in all, we still had fun and im glad that simon had fun too. it was still a day well spent and we thank God for giving him another year. :)