Thursday, May 14, 2009

The one with domesticated

It's been a week since Maru (simone's yaya and all-around helper) left for a 3-week vacation. Actually, i've yet to see a helper who goes back to their employer after their "vacation". All of my friends told me that they never go back. as in they never do. and because of that, even if we like maru and even if we feel that our relationship with her is as smooth, we don't hold false hopes that she'd go back. if she does then we'll be happier. :)

anyway, the first week, should i say, was a smooth transition. maybe because i was expecting it already so i kinda conditioned myself that i'd embrace domestication on an upper level. we bring our laundry to a laundry store, we clean the house, i wash simone's clothes and check mails and answer inquiries in between. It was really a test of my time management skills. everything has to be done according to the plan for the day, or else, i'd end up not finishing everything. simone is cooperative naman. she watches her new favorite movie, "alvin and the chipmunks", she can play alone when i'm doing some household chores.

Simon had to also adjust his schedule. we always have to go out together since simone is not used to sitting down on the passenger seat alone.

I thought being more domesticated now will be like a natural appetite suppresant. I thought otherwise. I tend to eat more now and raiding our own ref, opening it more times that it should be opened. haha. i finished our two ice creams and kept on muching something every now and then. oh no!

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