Monday, December 31, 2012

The one with 2013 plans

I'm devoting my first day of 2013 for some quality time with the family, being a couch potato, just enjoying and relaxing.  This is the only day nobody will call for inquiries, asking for party requirements and sorts.  My phone won't ring.  I don't even want to check my work mails just for today or else, I'd start working and not stop. ahehe.  But i've already made some plans in my mind on what to do for the rest of the week, like booking the rest of my suppliers for the party this weekend, do some background screening on some potential suppliers and work on some crafts and arts for parties.

It's a good start. Let's take it a day at a time :)

The one with lesser fireworks

It's a good thing that fewer people used fireworks this year.  Less air pollution, more savings and a safer new year. Less people who'd be victims of the fireworks, thus, less people who'd be using Roll-A-bout knee walker as a result of potential accidents.  Every year gets better and better, fireworks wise. :)

We bought a lights display from Dragon Fireworks, just the simple 16-shot and also some lighting candles. My sis in law bought horns for the kids. We celebrated and welcomed new year with more food, less fireworks, cleaner air, and good music. :)

Happy new year again!!!

The one with new year habits

I notice over the years, I always do things the same way, habits that are hard to break if you may call it.  My husband started the topic while we were eating and here are some of the our habits that we subconsciously do every year:

~ I always buy "comfort food" every new year's eve.  Food like chips, cheetos, pringles, chips ahoy, chocolates, ice cream. I dont know why but i've always done this since I was a kid and Simon told me he does it every year as well.

~ I always extra clean every new year. haha. I try to declutter as much as i can, bring out the hand tools and fix whatever we can.

~ Even if we have our usual eve's dinners at our families' houses, i always want to cook and prepare something for our home.  I want to at least put an extra effort since i don't cook all the time and I want christmas or new year to be that occasion, i'll prepare something for my family. :)

What's your new year habit???

The one with happy new year


WELCOME 2013!!!

Thank you Lord for all the blessings, for good health for my family and the whole Fermins and Tans. Thank you Lord for the challenges of life and the strength you've given us to surpass all these.  We welcome 2013 with grateful hearts, excitement and glee. :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

The one with trying to declutter

It is just one lazy day at home. The Christmas holiday just went by, my business is flourishing and I
planned everything out in advance. So in short I don’t have anything to do at this very moment. So I
decided to have a year-end cleaning at home.

I went to the basement and check out the things stored there. And I was shocked that we have
accumulated things of different sort. Old furnitures, shoes, last season clothes, kitchen tools, last year’s
gifts from friends and my husband’s endless collection of musical instruments.

My husband you know is a music man. He loves music that I’m always awed at the instruments and
brands that he has. Casio, Zildjian, Yamaha, Nagoya Susuki and one particular brand that I know nothing is a brand of a harmonica that sounds foreign to me.

Before it went for garage sale list, I needed to ask first if my husband is ready to let go of his babies.

In the end, my old things and my daughter’s are put on sale. For him, there are few but it was sold out
as soon as we put it out. Well, hubby you proved me wrong.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The one with another gadget

I'm just waiting for my husband to ask me when he can buy his own new toy.  Surprisingly, he has'nt asked me yet.  But i've looked into allen and heath site to check on some amplifiers and mixers that he can choose from.  I also want to check new keyboard or external drives that he can choose from too.  Knowing that he is a musician and a passionate one, i'm sure he'll choose a music-related gift for himself. :)

Just tell me beh what you want, and we'll see. hehe. 

The one with Christmas themes and motiff

This christmas, we decided on having certain motifs on the colors of our clothes.  my sister in law suggested red, green and blue.  Then we also had exchange gifts with a twist. It's a pretty cool game. Each one is asked to bring three gifts worth 20 pesos each and then wrap it up.  then we are asked to get a card with the following meaning: Ace means you can pick three gifts; King, jack or queen means two gifts, odd number means one gift and even number means no gift to pick.  It's so fun and more fun unwrapping the gifts and finding what gifts you can get for 20 pesos. hahaha. There was a box i thought it was something big like Jack Daniels Cowboy Hats, but to my surprise it was a 20 peso bill. hahaha. funny!

The one with anniv gift

Blessings always come in unexpected forms. and one of this was when my laptop broke and could'nt charge anymore. So i told my husband about it and he instantly suggested that he buys me a new laptop since it's been two years since i got the last one.  At first, i'm a bit hesitant as i find it a little extravagant to buy a laptop  but come to think of it, it will take longer before my laptop gets fixed plus the cost maybe half of what a new laptop costs.  So when i said yes to my husband, he researched and strolled on different malls to find out the best laptop for me within our budget range. And here's what he got for me. :)

The one with 7 years of wedded bliss

i cant believe it has been that long, we have been married for seven years already, known each other for 14 years and have been inseparable ever since.  and I will always thank God for his life.  the lines in the song "When God made you, He must have been thinking about me" holds true to us.  Yes, we may have our petty fights, disagreements, debates etc but our love for each other is still bigger than any of this.  Thank you beh for everything. Thank you for being my bestfriend. thank you for always believing in me and most of all, for always bringing me closer to God.  I love you!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The one with exercise regimen

I forgot all about our gym with all the activities and Christmas rush-ness for the past weeks.  But like what i told my friend Jill, I want to try yoga and see if it's better than gym.  I want to be more lean.  I feel stocky whenever i go to the gym but it also gives me a good feeling whenever i sweat and whenever i move and exercise.  I think i can get the same benefits with yoga.  I have yet to tell simon about it, there's also yoga for men but im not sure if he'll like that. He's been into gym mode ever since and i think he likes it better than yoga but let's see. :)

The one with ending the year soon

Christmas is over and just a few more days, the year will end too. I'm thankful for all the blessings we had this year and I'm praying for a fruitful 2013 too. We have a lot of things lined-up for next year like the house-move, travels abroad and Simone's grade school education among other things. I can't believe Simone will be Grade 1 soon! (I am so getting old! LOL). I have to seriously start thinking about what grade school she'll go to, and yes, about personalized name plates again.

Anyways, hope you all had a happy Christmas eve celebration with your families and friends, and I hope we'll all have a blessed new year!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The one with surprise gift for husband

With all the activities and errands needed to finish today, including the banner printing services i inquired to,  I'm so proud I was able to squeeze in some time to buy an anniversary gift for Simon.  I love it! I just inquired yesterday from a supplier, and when i realized that it is readily available, I asked for a meet up already and after a couple of hours, i have it in my hand.

Happy 7th Anniversary beh! thank you for everything and for the seven years of wedded bliss. :)

PS. Shhhh, this is a surprise gift so he does'nt have any inkling of thought as to what i will give. hope he does'nt read my blog.

The one with Christmas rush

Everybody is in a rush! and in no time, Christmas will be over. I went to the mall a while ago and felt that it was like a weekend with all the people rushing to buy gifts for Christmas and enjoying their small-group christmas parties and reunions.  I just hope we all pause for a moment to enjoy and feel the real meaning of Christmas, which is the birth of Jesus Christ.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The one with christmas traffic

Of course, everytime it's nearing Christmas, there's always Christmas traffic.  I'am sooo tempter to use my brother's motorcycle but im not sure how else i can borrow it from my brother but i still dont know how to ride a motorcycle. i also need to buy a Joe Rocket helmet so i'dy  be better and safer. 

Stay away from our traffic!!!

The one with house hunting for storage

It’s an odd time to be looking for a house now, but I am (again!). Lucky for us, I’m not on the look-out for a house we can live in, but more of a house that I can use to stock my party equipment. We’re prepping for when it’s time to move out of the house we’re renting now and move in to our very own house. We hope to move by February of next year (and hope the house is finished by then. Not that everything’s still skeletons with resistoflex teflon hose visible in every corner, but they took their sweet time building the house!)

So anyway, if you happen to know a great place (preferably dry and clean at all times of the year), give me a holler!J

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The one with computer repair

My husband's been asking me if i want a new laptop for Christmas.  I honestly don't want a new gadget, but h offer i really tempting. haha.  My lappy is in need of heavy keyboard cleaning, some keys need to be pressed several times before it works again.  It needs serious Computer help but a new gadget might be a more comfortable option. haha.

It's starting to feel like Christmas! :)

The one with Christmas parties

When it's time of the year to go to christmas parties, it gives me such pleasure to see themed parties as well.  And our parents are on a hectic schedule attending to parties here and there.  It's nice to see them in costumes, practicing their performances etc.  I love the fact that they are busy with these things, and keeping themselves entertained.  My mom in law was Madam Auring in one Christmas party so she borrowed my earrings, necklaces, including sterling silver necklace, bangles and i bought for her a touch lamp that can work as a light of her "magic ball". haha.

It's fun attending parties, I just held one with my staff last night and we had a blast. A separate post on that.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The one with potentials

After seeing Simone's dance number, I would like to consider enrolling Simone to a ballet lesson this January, so we could see if it will really interest her.  Aside from singing, I also am very interested to checking what percussion instruments might be okay with her or if she'd be interested in one.  Right now, i know that she is interested with guitar, drum, and tambourine as well.  I don't want to force her to learning one but since that's one of her dad's greatest skills, and it would be a delight to see it in her. :)

The one with initial phase of moving in

While I am mulling over our house transfer, I thought maybe getting something like a symbol barcode scanner selection will be helpful for inventory and stock purposes. I think it might be good for keeping track of our party equipment since we won’t be stocking them in the house, and I am envisioning myself not seeing them on a daily-- even weekly basis especially on peak seasons such as this month.

Incidentally, I am relived that half of this month is over and I can look forward to quality time with my family when we can just relax and enjoy the holidays, and yeah, our anniversary. Christmas is truly the busiest time of the year-- and the happiest too J

Hope we’ll all have a blast this Christmas J

The one with Simone's christmas program

I enjoyed Simone's Christmas program yesterday.  It was her first time to dance so gracefully, memorizing all the steps, projecting as if she was a real fairy.  I was surprised to see that she enjoyed her performance. I'd have to give credit to her teacher who was so good in making them do all the steps, and considering to include in the number what kids usually love in dancing.  (read: ribbon dancing and fairy wings)

great job simone! love you! pics to be uploaded, and videos too! :)

The one with new coin banks

Now that it's Christmas season again, Simone just got two more new coin banks from her classmates and she was delighted with the new coin bank, one is a puppy and the other one is a bear.  I recently got this big old coin from my mother's house and i'm thinking of using the other coin bank for old coins, or even military coin here in the house i saw when we moved in months ago.  I know i can't fill it up but at least it may be a good start for a collection. :)

Merry Christmas!!!