Sunday, May 30, 2010

The one with a real lesson

I've always wanted to teach simone all there is that she can learn. I've wanted to give her the best lessons in life. But at times, more than we can think, my clild also teaches me the best lessons in life that came in most unexpected.

One day, while i was driving and thinking of top ideas for father's day gifts, she saw a beggar sleeping on the side of the road and she told me that "ate is sleeping". i then explained that they sleep on the street because they don't have food, clothing, and home. I was surprised to hear the answer that melted my heart. "Mommy, buy ate food, clothing, and pink pillow." I felt speechless and did'nt expect her sincere answer that she wanted to help the little girl.

Kids have the purest of hearts...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The one with investments

We're on our age where we can work hard and be able to have more savings compared to when we were younger and the only savings that we knew was the amount left in our wallets. haha. and this year, i've been doing some researches on how and where to invest with the only resources that we have. The property in bulacan really appealed to us but the thought of the 2-hour drive can be taxing too. The investment offered by my client is really interesting but i have yet to receive a formal offer. Stocks do not appeal as of the moment since we have to be knowledgeable about it first. and there's always the feeling that stocks is just for the "rich and the dont-know-what-to-do-with-money people". then there's the insurance reviews that i've been reading about. you know, the insurance and money investment in one. really nice too.

your suggestion and opinion are very much welcome!

The one with 3 years and 3 months

Friday is simone's 3 years and 3 months bday. it's been a while since my last update of her developments, i can't keep up already of how much she has grown.

~ she's sooooo madaldal. she keeps on asking me about things, asking me to do things with her.
~ she sings in better tunes now, right pitch, and clearer lyrics. haha.
~ she dances while she sings
~ we wanted for the longest time to video her kwentos and other stuff but we can't find a good time for it. very spontaneous kasi mga moments ni simone e.
~ i love her longer hair now. she loves to shoo her hair to one side and loves her bangs to bits
~ Best buy the Kumon workbooks my sister in law gave her. she loves doing the activities there
~ she can write following the dotted lines of letters and can read some of the words already
~ she paints well :)

love you baby!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The one with ten more

I have ten more kilos to lose! waah! still a long way there. I lost about nine pounds already but instantly gained the 2 pounds after a week of eating. Now, I have to get back into the action and religiously take my supplements too. I've been playing badminton for a while now and having so much fun with it. :) It has been almost five years since i last played and going back to badminton was like igniting the long lost love for it. :)

I just hope that i'd be able to keep up and that together with my supplements, these will help me get back to shape. I might resort to apidexin scam if all of these won't work. I also wanted to buy the book "Food for your type". It's so informative and I know i'd be able to use it as my guide. :)

Good luck with the ten more!!! :)

The one with school this year?

My husband and I have been contemplating if we'll send simone to school this june. she really wants to go to school already but simon fears that once we enroll her, it will be the start of her 20-year schooling and yikes! When we ask her if she wants to go to school, she'd get really excited and whenever we're doing lessons at home, she'd be really attentive and very eager to learn. I just hope she'd be as eager to learn all throughout her schooling.

She can follow lines to form letters already thus make words and read them. She identifies capital letters of each word, she can connect dots to shapes as well and color the insides of the shapes. She has a hard time with letters "e", and "n",but other than that, she's good.

Now, i always refer to the word "teacher" when i need her to do something like when i need her to drink her vitamins or she has to finish her milk and food. haha. i love the teacher-student training.

Will update you whether she'll go to school this year or wait another year again :)

The one with leading the race

I voted for him. I thought and prayed that i hope i made the right decision. After seeing all the slideshows, features and researches from all the presidentiables, I have a sense of excitement feeling that democracy will finally be felt again with his reign. I pray that when he finally takes Malacanang, he will rule over the country with God's wisdom, God's grace and finally corrupt-free country.

Yes to Noy Na, Now na! God bless our country.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

The one with undecided

It's a week before the elections and i'm still not sure of who to vote. I want to vote Noynoy but i'm not sure if i've convinced myself to vote for him. To myself, i have yet to see him really talk about changing our country and what HE can do and not what his parents have done. I heard Gordon and man, he is really good. And i can say that he has changed Subic like a make-over will do to a woman. I think at the back of my mind, voting Gordon will not be a bad choice either but i'm bent on voting whoever might be the closest rival to Villar. Anyone but him, period. I don't want any testosterone booster to run the country.

God bless our country!