Friday, September 30, 2005

The one with a glimpse

It's so hard to upload the pics...ang lalaki ng files. when i use my pc at home, dali lang baguhin properties ng pics eh. dunno with the pc here sa ofc. anyway, eto muna...intro ng pics... :) more pics to come!

retouch by madge
pa-start na ang shoot...last retouch by madge

ang gaganda namin
ang cute...mukha na kmeng tao...hehe

sleep nako
sleep nako...

staring somewhere
"direk...magkaiba yung tinitingnan namin..."

bitin...will upload more pics later...

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The one with another pre-nups

Last night, we had a pre-nup shoot at the studio of Jong sa Pictures and Profiles. we availed the free pre-nups being a w@w tag holder. here is a message i posted sa w@w:

as part of the w@w tag accredited suppliers at dahil nawili kme sa pictures (hehe), we availed the free pre-nups offered by Jong(Imagine-nation) sa studio nila sa Pictures & Profiles. katuwa lang, magka-text kme the other night,wala nga lang daw sya nun coz sa batangas sya, pero ok lang. here are my inputs:

1. di kme prepared - kala namin, since free sya baka unting poses lang or something. di namin alam na super dami shots pala! as in, pwede change costume, hairdo, etc. i just brought jeans, and shirt. si simon naman polo lang. di pa kme color-coordinated. hehe. but it still turned out ok. pero yung free pre-nups, walang styling yun ha. we just talked to madge and set a date para sabay-sabay na.

2. my make-up with madge was....simply the best!!! girl ako bigla! haha. i wasnt able to get her for my wedding, kaya kahit man lang sa pre-nups eh matupad ang pangarap ko na mamake-upan ni madge lejano. haha. ang gaan ng kamay. feeling ko nga di nya ko minemake-upan eh. para syang nagpa-paint while doing my make-up. galing ng color combination. di sya naglagay ng any foundation/powder sa neck ko pero sa pictures, pantay ang kulay ko...promise! no photoshop magic ekek yun. the best! sabi nya, di pa daw sya satisfied sa make-up ko. ako naman si...helllo???!! ang ganda kaya. perfectionist kc yun eh. :) at least, natupad na dream make-up with madge and A! that gay!!! katuwa...tawa kme ng tawa...naloka ang lola mo sa kanya! haha. kahit si simon, tuwa sa kanya eh. pinakita pa sa amin ang mga panalo nyang pageant pictures, the best! mas sexy pa sa ken eh. :)

3. the pre-nups consists of mga 100 shots cguro, estimate. may mga solo pictures pa lang, for portfolio purposes. hehe. they even took a before and after picture namin para naman sa presentation ni madge. nakakatawa yung before pic!

4. the pre-nups is free, yes...ang babayaran mo lang eh yung prints, prices of which start at P75 for 4R, 2 copies ata. if you want to burn the whole shoot, P2,500 sya. dun nga lang mejo mapapamahal. we decided to choose mga 10-20 lang pics cguro kc may pre-nups na naman kme eh.

5. but overall, sulit sya. not the usual studio pre-nups. galing! ang hirap nga lang pumili ng pics kc ang daming magandang shots. kaya sa mga may w@w tags,
avail nyo na ang pre-nups... :)

oh, i'll post some pics mamaya sa blog...pero sa camera lang namin ito ha kc di pa namin nakukuha yung pics sa pre-nups eh. para lang you'll have an idea sa make-up ni madge sa ken.

later ko post yung mga pics... :) one more thing accomplished sa preps! :)

oh and we watched Transporter 2 after the pre-nups. ang ganda ng movie!!! grabe!!! another DVD to collect. :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The one with do-do's

Things done over the weekend:
- measurements ng one more abay and dp made to catahay - check!
- measurements ng mga daddies and brothers for the barongs nila - check!
- unity candles ordered and delivered today - check!
- booked bridal car from JJS - check!
- got the CD from Paul vincent - check!
- had it copied for the person who will do our AVP, guest sheet etc. - check!
- scheduled dinner with 2 of our PS on thursday - check!
- scheduled pre-nups with madge sa studio ni jong, wednesday - check!

Things to do for the rest of the week:
- design the unity candle
- pre-nups with madge
- look for barongs sa Exclusively His, another option for simon's barong. di nya masyado type yung kay mang rey eh.
- meet John on friday to pay for the bridal car and submit the songs for our wedding ceremony

Monday, September 26, 2005

The one with more guests

Last friday, had a really serious meeting with simon. we went to have dinner muna sa Shakey's, then off to figaro to start our coffee vis-a-vis meeting for our wedding. this is by far, one of our most "sit-down" meetings we had as we stayed there til 1am discussing about wedding stuff and guest list!! oh yes, the most madugo part of it all...our guest list. i know, many brides will agree to me that we want to stick to the budget that we set but at the same time we also want to see the faces of the special people in our lives present at our wedding. haaay!!! so hard.

but you know, God is really good. As early as now, we are already 98% complete for the budget/money that we've allocated for the wedding. With this, we can invite more guests kc may contingency naman. dang with the budget, 20 to 25 additional people will not make us beggars naman siguro after the wedding. haha, ang OA. from 150 kc, it's 175 na plus 10 people under waitlisted. and mas masaya kme with the decision we made. and so we are also making more invites! yipee! i told him about a post i read from w@w. it's a post made by benz. sabi dun, they regret not inviting some people na til now pag nakikita nila, nahihiya pa rin sila. something like that. and it really struck me...if i want to really invite these people, i'm sure we can work it out. masyado lang kc ako si "stick to the budget" person. kc ayoko nung ubos biyaya. but i know naman, God is blessing us and that He's paving the way for us.

hehe, dami na-emote ha. so there, done with the guest list, entourage list, scheduled our pre-nups sa studio ni jong on wednesday(make up by madge!yahoo!), 1st sunday of october-we will go to hotels and Puerta real for ocular, oct. 4 file our marriage license, oct-shoot for our AVP, and so on and so forth.

Monday, September 19, 2005

The one with 3-straight day gimmick

our weekend was a really tiring one. i bet we were able to at least go to 4 malls this weekend. kapagod, man! but it was a fulfilling one.

friday, after a long meeting at holiday inn, i met up with meng (yikes!) to give her the ringsizer. actually, i just passed by starbucks and literally threw her the ringsizer. as embarassing as it seemed, i hope she forgave me for that. sorry tlga sis, i'll make it up to you, promise! muah! then, went to robinson's metro east to meet simon kc watch daw kme movie. hehe, much to our surprise, closed na ang last full show and we werent able to watch a movie. lungkot! we just ate at Avenetto...yummy!

saturday, big day for us! we started our "simon's day" sa sta.lucia to check out on barongs. it was his day kc allotted yun for his barong canvass and wedding shoes. hehe. ang mahal pala sa exclusively His. i mean, for pina cocoon and pina jusi, their prices are reasonable enough. pero sa pina tlga, man! ang mahal. aabot ng 9k for a raya/raja embroidery. he loves that kind of embro eh. ang ganda nga naman.

so we went to shang na. checked out rustan's first and mejo mahal. then, magpapa-register na sana kme when the girl told us that there is an ongoing bridal fair and dun na daw kme magpa-register. yahoo! so we went there and talked to some suppliers we've met before like little dreams and mosaic moments. we'll definitely have one mosaic made for us. promise namin yun, super ganda eh. ang bait pa ni rico. after that, nagpa-register na tlga kme. yey! we are scheduled for our choosing of items on nov. 26. then, we were led by the girl sa pampering section where i had a free facial and hand massage and si simon, hand massage din. sarap, feeling princess! pero napabili nga lang me ng clinique set. hehe. k lang, worth it naman eh. and, i have two make-overs pa that i can schedule with, one with lancome and one with chanel. yipee! sarap! after that, we went to megamall na since di kme successful sa barong and shoes sa shang. stroll, stroll and there was Wade shoes. kala ko mahal ang guy shoes nila, di naman pala masyado. and tara...may wedding shoes na si simon! hehe. saya! P1,900 lang. haha. dahil sa pagod na kme, i just told him to check out mang rey casedo for the barong who we will meet this sunday for swatches and measurement if ever okay sya.

sunday, went to Market! Market for a dog show dapat. kaya lang, na-cancel ata coz of the weather. so we just went there to stroll-stroll ulit. di kme masyado nagtagal coz pagod pa kme from the tiring day we had nung saturday. hehe.

yun lang...tiring but a fulfilling one. :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The one with 100 days na lang!

grabe, today is exactly one hundred days to go before our wedding! yahoo! ang saya lang! actually, im waiting for simon right now and sunduin nya daw me and we're gonna celebrate vis-a-vis meet for our wedding preps. it's been a while since our last serious meeting. hehe. anyway, here are my updates: (try ko to write everything i can)
caterer - Robert camba - paid 20% already. confirmed additional amenities not included in the package. confirmed suppliers' meals also (no extra charge daw kc may contingency naman!) yahoo. :)
venue - Puerta Real gardens - paid 50% pa rin. di pa kme ocular. sana this sunday pwede.
Bridal gown - Ysabelle's/Bridal factory - had fitting with actual tela and some beadworks. im satisfied. mejo luwag lang. will have another fitting on november.
Barong for simon - wala pa, pero baka ysabelle's na rin para one supplier lang.
Moms gowns - Ysabelle's - measurements taken na and paid dp na rin.
Dads' barongs - Ysabelle's - measurements scheduled on saturday kc nasa korea si daddy when the moms had their measurements
Ento gowns - Catahay bridal shop - 3 memebers to be measured pa. try to schedule this week. no dp yet pero sure na yan
Music - JJS - will send the CD next week for the list of songs.
Photo/Video - Paul Vincent Photography - had our pre-nups na. yipee! will pay din 10k cguro this week, 2nd payment.
Back-up photog - Roj Amado - dp paid
Shoes namin - wala pa rin
MUA - Angie Cruz - had trial make-up na and super satisfied naman me. will settle dp this week also.
cake - Emily Uy of Sugarbox - syempre, okay nato. final design and details okay na. full payment this week as requested by simon.
Invites - Printed Matter - eto waiting lang sila sa amin coz we have'nt finalized the names yet. pero all mock-ups are okay na.
Save the date magnets - DIY - distributed na :)
Souvenirs - DIY - okay na rin! :)
Luminaries - DIY - nilinis na namin pero still need to replace the bases of the lumis.
License and docs - wala pa. hihihi. October pa kc schedule namin nito eh
Counseling - c/o our Pastor - on our 4th session already. learning a lot ha. :)
Unity candle - candle factory in cainta - will buy this saturday for DIY din
LCD projector - c/o our church - free, pahiram. hehe :)
AVP - c/o Jill - as soon as i get the pre-nup pics, i can turn over all our pics to her na. :)
OTD coordinator - Clarice - will soon start working with her na. yipee!

di ko na maalala yung iba, to follow na lang. okay, have to go! have to buy Kraft punchers pa pala! happy 100th day!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The one with my first fitting

went to Ysabelle's/Bridal factory for my fitting. strict si rhoda, ayaw pakuha ng pic nung gown..baka mawala daw ang element of surprise. hehe. here's my inputs on my gown:

1. i love the design. akong-ako sya. parehong preho sa sketch. (syempre!)
2. i did'nt know empire cut looks good on me.
3. i love the beadworks
4. maluwag sya! ibig sabihin pumayat ako! yahoo!

1. sa likod...naiiksian ang mga mommies...parang kulang daw at hindi lapat na lapat sa ground
2. more beadworks sa flap thingy ko and sa loob nung gown. i mean the 2nd cloth..basta, dun...di ko ma-explain masyado eh
3. my mom is looking for the drama...pero sa ken okay sya! gusto ata umiyak ako para may drama eh. bwahaha
4. to put colored stones (light ones) para mas may color ang gown and livelier tingnan.

but overall, i love what i saw! as in! they never failed my expectations. excited na me for my next fitting a month before the wedding kc papapayat pa me eh.

after my fitting, my mom and i went to emphasis salon to use the GC i have. grabe, ang sarap and ang sosyal ng place. hehe. buti nakapag-relax naman. :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The one with it's a small world! chatting with ayene right now...ang na-shock ako when she sent me this note, "uy, abay namin ang brother mo!" whaaat??!!! ano ba?! hahaha. it so happened na bestfriend si h2b nya (loy) and si mike, younger brother ko. katuwa! hope to see you again sis! coffee tayo please lang! hahaha.

The one with yesterday's pre-nups

yey! ang bilis, was able to view na agad our pre-nup pics in UP and Wildlife. grabe, would you believe, it was drizzling the whole time ng shoot namin. naks! shoot! kala mo naman artista. hehe. anyway, we started at around 330pm. sa UP muna. i love the angles, iba si paul. you would never think na alam mo yung place na yun kc iba ang mga angles nya. they (paul and wife, ivy) are so fun to be with. puro tawanan lang kme and joke ng joke. there was this time na naka-pose pa rin kme, sabi ni paul "huy, tapos na dyan...tara na!" hehe, ma-carried away ba daw?! nabasa pa ang mga buttoms namin coz of the grass pero cge pa rin...ang saya eh!

sa wildlife naman, good thing we were able to catch the sunset. hehe. i so love this pic na may rays pa tlga. ang romantic. basta, the best ka paul! keep it up! thanks also for the note you posted sa website mo, katuwa! thanks! we had a great time! wala na bang susunod na pre-nups? hehe







Monday, September 05, 2005

The one with tomorrow's pre-nups

oh i hope it does'nt rain tomorrow coz it's our pre-nups day! :) excited na kme ni simon to work with paul...we chose UP and wildlife for the venues kc kung manila na naman, eh dun na yung venue namin diba? i will also take a leave tomorrow para makapag-ready na rin coz my trial make up with angie cruz is at 10am. hehe, syempre wedding muna...

anyway, mali ang countdown ko. hehe. it's not yet 100 days to go...1 week pa pala before that. i thought nagloloko lang yung countdown ko sa sidebar eh. hihihi...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The one with 100 days to go

We went to Robert Camba kanina just to settle 2nd payment and of course, confirm additional amenitites na pwede isama...hehehe. syempre for free. katuwa lang, Robert is really mabait. we made sure na medyo maaga kme mag-finalize nung mga additional amenities coz it's a first come, first serve basis. we got the gold antique candelabra centerpieces. hmmm, di na kme papagawa ng centerpiece, la na budget for that eh. also got the open gazebo, white pillars, and may isa pa eh...kalimot ko lang. tapos nag food tasting ulit kme. haha, this is the 6th time i guess. kc everytime na lang na punta kme dun, di ka papaalisin if you don't eat. good thing, i only had one sandwich for breakfast and lunch. then, nag-grocery kme (este si simon lang pala kc sya nagbayad eh..hehe), and ate at home na.

i also know that today is exactly 100 days before our wedding day! yahoo! saya far, preps are okay. will go shopping tomorrow for our outfits for our pre-nups...naks! new outfit pa ha. haha. although, we'll just buy pang-top na okay. will try to look na rin for barong ni simon and pants nya. excited na sya eh. i think he likes the ready-made barongs na..pero bahala na, we'll see.

ano pa ba?! ay yeah, my dog gave birth...cute 6 little puppies. but unfortunately, one had to go agad...weak sya tlga since pinanganak sya coz sya yung 'suhe', that's why tootsie had to undergo a CS section coz nakabara sya, or something like that. wawa nga eh...i hope my Kikay will survive... she will be our new baby sana ni simon eh. will pray for Kikay.