Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The one with ...

three dotted lines because i dont know how to entitle this blog. i've been pregnant for 3 months already and after reading the blog of a fellow w@wie sister, mhay ni jerry, i just can't help but feel overwhelmed. was just too embarassed to cry while reading her blog story on birthing kasi nasa internet cafe lang ako and i've strangers beside me. pero her post really caught me. the way she told it kasi was so detailed and i can actually feel her anticipation, excitement, at kung ano-ano pa.

everyone wants to have a normal delivery and having to go through a CS birth is really taxing, physically, emotionally and financially. kaya parang ninerbyos tuloy ako na baka maging CS rin ako. if that will be the case, walang saysay ang balakang ko na nimana ko pa sa mom ko. hehe. oh btw, my mom gave birth to us three thru CS. ok fine!

pero seeing your baby can really turn all your pains to happiness and joy. haayy!!! mixed emotions ako right now. para kasing we are sooo excited with the baby, and everyone around us is excited for us also kaya we dont think about CS, yung sakit that i've to go through, and other things. hahaha. ano ba?! mag-emote daw ba?! kahit ano naman siguro okay pa rin sa ken basta para sa baby ko. haaayy!

i went to my OB right now and im okay na naman. we heard again the baby's heartbeat. and pwede na ulit ako mag-byahe!!! pero sa malapit-lapit lang muna. i've an event kasi on saturday sa laguna. good thing that na-clear na kay doc. what i like about my OB is that she's so calm on everything kaya ang saya rin.

oh and lastly, i gained 4 pounds in a span ok one week! sa 3 weeks that i've been weighing, no weight gain and happy me. eh nag-bday daw kasi ako eh kaya tumaba ako!

o sya!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The one with surfing

Did some bloghopping and a little surfing...

www.ciaracreates.com - i get inspiration from this site. she's so good kasi with beads and crafts. galing talaga! i hope one day, id be at least a tenth of her talent...and i think i can live with that na. hehe.

cynthia's blog - cynthia bauzon-arre, the WE layout artist. just thanked her again for a wonderful layout of Beautiful weddings 2006 and of course for including our wedding there. which reminds me, i still have to upload our pages here.

mimi and karl's blog - though they're not my photographers, i love visiting their blog kasi masipag sila magbigay ng personal experiences nila on weddings they attend to. galing!

www.weddingsatwork.com - of course, had to see the Sagada boys video. kakatawa! tumaba ata si john. pero galing talaga ni jason magbanua. if only i could afford him (hmm, parang it did'nt sound nice ha...bwahaha. video-wise po and not something else, kayo talaga oh!)

http://crazylovers.blogspot.com - mare, congrats on your new car! and hayaan mo na ang mga neighbors nyo, baka insecure lang sa kotse nyo. hehe. muah!

there, some of the sites that i was able to surf thru. kakatuwa talaga mag-surf. im learning a lot of things from other people even if i have'nt met them in person yet (for some) thru ciara, na-inspire ako to create some artpieces later and try to revive my craftsmanship in beadwork and crystal pieces. and with cynthia's blog, na-remind ako to upload our pages on Beautiful Weddings and to contact my photographer and ayusin na ang super long overdue naming album. hahaha.

come to think of it, if i'd really like to pursue business, i think it would really be wedding-related. parang dun lang kasi talaga ako really interested kahit na kasal nako. parang talking about it always excites me. yun lang. gusto ko lang i-share. kaya lang, kung ano exactly is the big question. hehe. must be the preggy mood swings going on here. nyahaha.

have a nice weekend everyone!(actually, nag-iintay lang me makauwi kasi tamad na me mag work....for the nth time, BAKIT BA KASI PUMAPASOK NG SABADO HA?!

Friday, August 25, 2006

The one with the new babies

Now we have two new babies...and they're both 3-month old! katuwa. well, technically our unborn child is 3months pa lang sa womb ko...pero nicount ko na rin! hehehe.

Ross is such a darling. i think now is a good time to have a dog kasi parang training ground na rin for simon on becoming a dad. he loves dogs pero not to the point na naglilinis lagi ng poop and yung kelangan lagi bantayan si ross. ako naman, have always been a dog lover. yung tipong kahit di pa ligo, pwede ko yakapin ng yakapin! hahaha. With Ross, we're learning to be like parents. well, he's low-maintenance compared to a baby pero the fact that we take care of him, give him shots, food, water and make sure that he's clean and his cage is clean...i think that's a good start for us. kasi we also want to maintain the cleanliness of the house kahit may dog so masipag ang asawa ko mag scrub ng floor kapag nakawala si Ross. kaya hindi amoy aso sa bahay.

OH and he's poopy-trained mind you! we put a newspaper on the first spot where he pooped and dun na sya lagi nag-poop! syempre minsan nga lang dun sya sa cage nya poop pag andun sya sa cage nya...hehehe. kaya kelangan linisin agad para hindi dumikit and amoy. gross ba?!

about our real baby naman tayo...our baby T! mejo malaki na tyan ko. i had a check-up last saturday for a routine check-up. all my tests are normal naman except that they found minimal RBC in my urine. it's not UTI so my OB suspected that it's potential spotting. told her im feeling cramps sometimes. asked nya kung sakit balakang ko, sabi ko hindi naman. monday ng madaling araw came, i really had a terrible as in terrible sakit sa balakang. napa-iyak nga ako kasi masakit talaga. so i did'nt report for work and went to my OB na. kasama ko si simon. she checked up on me and it's threatened abortion nga daw. kahit wala me spotting, the fact that there's blood in urine, dapat daw iprevent ko muna ang stress and pressure. so, i was advised to fully rest for three whole days! yikes! takot nga kme eh. pero she said naman na basta mag-rest lang daw ako. para kasi feeling ko hindi ako maselan magbuntis. hindi nga, pero napagod kasi ako when i went to cavite the week before that kaya ayun, natagtag daw ata ako. she checked the heartbeat, and dahil luma ang gamit nya na doppler, she requested na isingit ako for ultrasound just to check if the baby is ok. na-ultrasound me and we're so surprised to see the baby na malaki na agad! as in, may arms, feet and head na sya! ang cute, cute! tapos nag-bounce pa sya and sipa ng sipa inside. i cant feel it pa daw kasi malaki pa yung sac. once numipis yun, dun ko lang mafi-feel yung sipa nya! cool noh?! will upload the pic promise! happy lang kme and everything's ok with the baby. parang nawala nga bigla sakit ng katawan ko nun eh. dami ko nga lang meds, 6 all in all including vitamins. ok lang, basta for the baby.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The one with a belated greeting

It's no blogging at all for me...at lumipas na lahat ang birthday ko and di pa rin me nakapag-blog. so many things have hapenned, i dont know where to start.

anyway, days before my birthday...di talga ako masyado excited. must be the feeling na nagsasawa nako mag-birthday. hahaha. i turned 27 na last aug. 20 and i still had a blast! as in super saya birthday ko. ganun ata talaga pag wala masyado expectations. we did'nt prepare for it kasi ni simon coz we're running on a tight budget right now and with the baby coming, we are saving for it. so, i told him not to make any special chu-chu for my birthday. just a little salo-salo with families and friends is ok na. eh ganun talaga ang asawa ko, he always wants to make me happy kaya he still surprised me with a little something!!!

the morning of my birthday, he gave me a cute, as in very cute puppy!!! He's a dachsund, reddish brown in color. sorry and will just follow the pics coz they're all in the digicam and i forgot to bring it with me. super cute...he's 3 months na. same with our baby. kambal sila! hahaha. as in nauna magising si simon and my kuya brought the puppy na iniwan ni simon sa house ng mga parents ko the day before my bday. kakatuwa. as in 6am, my brother went to our house...super mahal tlga ako nun. tapos, simon wrapped my baby in a white table cloth (which reminds me, bakit yun ang ginamit nya?! eh pangwipe ng table yun eh?!) and woke me up while he was carrying the puppy! naalimpungatan nga me eh and by the time na na-realize ko na real dog sya, kitang-kita daw sa eyes ko na happy na happy me. hahaha. super miss na miss ko na kasi ng may dog. as in! ever since childhood, lagi may dog sa bahay and dog lover tlga ako all my life. so living in an apartment without a dog is a big adjustment. and i know simon loves dog also, pero not as much as i love dogs. yung tipong nasa loob ng house, tapos lilinisin ang cage, ang poop, at wiwi. hahaha. now, he has to do all those things and surprisingly, our house does'nt smell bad despite of having the dog inside the house. (not yet) so we were thinking of how to name him...syempre, being the Friends addict that i'am, i started calling him Chandler. he did'nt respond. tinawag ko na Joey, ayaw pa rin. when i called him ROSS, tumalon at nag-bark. hahaha. ang cute talaga! so our baby's name is Ross!

so how did he plan the whole thing? days before my birthday, naghahanap na pala sya sa buy n sell. tapos, the day before, may appointment sya with a client. yun lang ang paalam nya sa ken. little did i know na he met the seller sa megamall muna and got the pup. after that, derecho na sya sa client nya. he called my brother and they met somewhere so my brother can pick up the pup and dun muna stay sa house nila. ang cool kasi out of the way yun for my brother pero bait talaga nun at love ako nun eh. :) tapos, binilhan nila mommy ng dog food and nice cage para pag nibigay sa ken, ganda na sya. tapos yun na! dala-dala na nung bday ko! neighbors came over nung morning pala to greet me and we had breakfast. touched nga ako coz they prepared breakfast pa talaga. thanks karla, alex, abi and romy! kahit alam kong bangag pa si alex and abi sa sobrang antok, punta pa rin sila. muah! muah! abi and romy game me kettle korn popcorn! nanglaki nga mata ko eh kasi favorite ko tlga popcorn! hehe. karlalex game me CDs na classical, for me and the baby. :)

after that, we attended sunday service na. mejo na-late kme. after that, we went home agad coz i want to get some sleep muna coz visitors will be arriving at 4pm. by batch kasi ang visitors namin. friends muna at 4pm, then families at 630pm. dahil yun sa maliit lang ang house. hehehe. pero syempre, late dumating ang friends, buti na lang late din dumating ang families coz it rained.

grabe ang dami food bigla!!! ang handa lang kasi namin was pansit and ice cream dahil tight budget nga and we also knew that mommies would bring food. and they did! The Tans brought pasta and the Fermins brought menudo and salad and cake. yummy lahat! my friends brought cake, and some pica-pica. so all in all, i had two cakes! yahoo! dami food kaya ilang days na after my bday, yun pa rin ang kinakain namin. plus, lahat nakapag-uwi ng baon! hehehe.

we had videoke na super fun. friends naman were playing video games sa taas, na super na-addict sila at galit na galit na ang mga barkada ko eh hindi pa rin nakikinig ang mga boys. hahaha. mejo nasanay nako kasi kay simon kaya all i did was laughed about the whole thing.

my mom kept on requesting sharon cuneta songs and my MIL naman, karen carpenters songs. ironically, pag sila ang kumanta, ang tataas ng mga scores...promise! pag sila achie na and skokie (who btw are pro's), average lang. madaya ang magic sing! nyahaha. and of course, andun pa rin ang ever pagkanta ni jane...trademark tlga! hahaha.

it ended around 10pm coz nag-brown out twice. hahaha. lakas kasi ng hangin. sayang, kakanta pa naman na ang mga daddies. ayaw ata sila pakantahin. sooo much fun! my parents stayed muna to help us clean out and so with naan and jason. :)

thank you Lord for all the blessings and for another year that you've added in my life.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The one with Kapag tumibok ang puso

We heard baby T's heartbeat already!!! sooo precious!!! and super fast...kakatuwa. last thursday yun when i had to have my check-up already with my OB kasi two days na delayed ang aking schedule for check-up. sooo bad i know pero kasi i was on a seminar nung scheduled check-up and i cant get out agad, tapos wednesday naman wala OB ko nun. they got blood sample for a series of tests na nakalimutan ko na. hehe. katawa nga dun sa kumuha ng blood. she remembered me coz i had like two preg tests in the clinic and sya yung gumagawa nung test. (first time when i had an x-ray and second time when i needed to drink antibiotics for my UTI) parehas negative nung time na yun and nung nalaman nya na preggy na me, natuwa rin sya. but you know, she posed a super weird question na ngayon ko lang narinig talaga...sabi nya, "wow, so preggy kana...natatakot ka?" nyah! hallleeerr!!! eh bakit naman ako matatakot?! i mean, i know i'll be scared when i give birth pero right now, masaya ako at preggy ako noh?! diba weird?! and I know naman that God is protecting my baby.

so when i went back to my OB, q&a portion na kme. i asked about everything that im feeling...yung sakit ng ulo ko and sobrang takaw ko! hahaha. yung sakit ng ulo normal lang pala daw kasi for some women, hindi daw hilo ang na-experience kundi sakit ng ulo...(ahhh...) and i also mentioned na mejo sakit me wiwi pero seldom nangyayari yun. pero nonetheless, i still had to undergo the urinalysis test dahil prone nga daw ang preggo sa UTI. wag naman sana. tapos after that, sabi ni doc, "tara, let's hear the heartbeat na." wow, ang saya! higa ako tapos lagay sya petroluem and after two or three locations, pinarinig nya muna sa ken heartbeat ko thru the vessel connected to the heart, thus i can hear my heartbeat sa puson ko. mabagal lang. tapos she moved the doppler again and said, "now..yan yung sa baby.." and she smiled. ako naman si... "ahhhh...." katuwa naman. ang bilis-bilis! parang train! it's just too sad that simon missed it kasi i went to the clinic ng maaga dahil matagal yung check-up and di sya nakahabol coz he has work pa. doctora said naman that we can do it again next week para kasama na si simon and pag sa susunod very audible na, simon can record it. cool!

now...let's do some back-tracking of what happened over the last ten days of no blogging.

August 5 - Congratulations to Isis and Ian for a great wedding! it did rain but luckily, covered naman venue nila. pero promise super hirap yung papunta namin kasi zero visibility sa mall of asia. scarrry!! and wala pa kme car nung time na yun kaya naka-cab lang kme. i saw arian, anna, and lolo. kme lang ang present out of 10 barkadas! we were with out hubbies and rasta (anna's son). buti na lang nung wedding ko kumpleto kme! as in, tatampo ako sa kanila kung wala isa sa kanila. they had to file their leaves before the wedding talaga dahil natakot ata sa mga threats ko. hahaha. but na-appreciate ko presence nila nun. nway, back to isis' wedding. madge was there also kasi sya MUA ni isis. hihi. galing! they had tamayo's for the caterer. yun lang alam kong supplier pa nila. pero the wedding was super fun kasi kwela tong si Ian. feel na feel ang pagiging center of attraction! hahaha. congrats again mare! will post pics soon.

yun nga lang, on our way home...we got some really bad news. anna's dad who's in UAE passed away na. i was beside her and i dont know what to do. i just let her cry. her dad had cancer and been fighting for it for years na so okay na rin daw na tapos na suffering nya. but then again, they're miles away from each other. anna is here, parents are in UAE, sister is in europe. kaya haaayyy... anna, will pray for you and your family. love you mare.

August 7 ata or 8 - evening yun when simon asked me out of the blue kung alam ko daw sakit ni daddy (nya). sabi ko, "no." kasi daw lan-lan texted him and told him na bat di daw sinasabi kay lan-lan that daddy tony has prostate cancer. we were like, "ano daw?!" syempre initial reaction ko galit ako kay lan-lan kasi di naman ata sya sigurado sa sakit na sinasabi nya. i asked achie then thru text if it's true. ang sagot, "C ata sabi ni doc..." so ako si "ah, totoo nga." pero confused pa rin ako dahil they did'nt tell us. all along kala namin ok lang tapos C pala. so galit ako kay achie. nag-sorry naman sya. iyak-iyak kme ni simon...hirap kaya nun. pinatahan na lang ako ni simon coz bawal sa baby. so anong nangyari??? turns out the following day, achie texted me and told me na hindi naman pala C ang sakit...juice! the emotional shock we had to go through tapos di naman pala totoo!!! parang mga syongak! i told her to please pagsabihan sila lan-lan, rey and chris to stop telling stories na hindi totoo. dahil C is not a simple sicknes katulad ng lagnat or ubo. so ok na kme ulit. apparently, something to do with prostate and needs operation daw. so please pray for daddy tony also.

my dad naman nagpa-check up din dahil mom had to bring him to hospital ng 530am dahil sakit ang tyan. he had some tests and ultrasound. and this week nya malalaman ang results. suspected kidney stones na dati pa nya sakit. some of their friends in church advised them to take sambong tea nga (herbal) na super kkatanggal daw ng stones agad. pray for daddy also. yun lang. the thing lang about being preggy is that people try to filter details when they talk to you kasi iisip nila ang condition mo. eh parang mas gusto ko naman na sabihin sa ken ang totoo diba than not telling anything. oh well...concerned rin lang siguro sila.

ay yun lang pala ang major na nangyari last week. hihi. puro work na kasi yung iba na ayoko naman i-blog dahil everyday ko na ginagawa. hahaha. well, nung sunday pala tinamaan ako ng sakit...Katamaran! grabe, after church talaga and cooking sopas (dahil nag-crave ako), wala nang tayuan sa higa...ang sarap humilata! at ang sarap ng sopas ko! yahoo! success nga eh. pansin ko lang ang mga cravings ko involve sabaw lagi...ano kaya magiging itsura ng anak ko nyan. haha.

kainis...nasa internet cafe me now sa shang...and i swear, may naamoy ako na mabahong paa...di ko alam kung san galing??!?! baka etong katabi ko! hahaha. o sya!

ay last na, 6 days na lang birthday ko na! ano kaya gagawin namin??? sabi ko kay simon, tipid muna kme ngayon kasi mejo magastos kami because lahat ng transpo namin are all taxi cabs and Basic pa na may additional fare kaya mejo tipid on other things. di pa kme makabili ng kapalit ni bhabes eh. chaka na yung diamond earrings na hinihingi ko sa kanya! hahaha. pero kahit ano gawin sa birthday ko...happy pa rin!!! 27 nako!!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The one with the birthday month

i never realized that it was my birthday month until yesterday when my officemate told ma na 18 days to go daw. ako naman si add, hehe. ay oo nga, birthday ko na ulit! i'll be turning 27 this august 20! yikes! 3 more years and 30 nako! what the?!?! hahaha. im thinking kasi of my baby lang these days and work of pa rin kaya di ako masyado excited pa sa birthday ko...pero darating yan...ma-eexcite din ako. hahaha.

so, what do i want to do on my birthday??? hmmm...isip muna ako then sulat ko ulit. hihi. :) have a nice day! work na ulit!