Friday, December 22, 2006

The one with our first anniversary

Congratulations to us!!! One year na kmeng Mr. and Mrs. Simon Tan! yahoo!!! what more could we ask for?! we have a baby simone who's on the way, we have so many blessings to be thankful for, we have great families who've supported us always...Thank you Lord for everything!

anyway, we did'nt plan much since we are so busy with events and christmas season and we want to celebrate it after christmas season. anyway, for our first anniversary,, we kinda splurged on our anniversary gifts. hehe, our rationale...this may be the last "luho" we have for ourselves before simone comes. hahaha. syempre, pag andyan na si simone, lahat na ng luho will be for her. yihee!

so, i surprised simon with a new iPOD video 30GB. yahoo! super saya ng lolo nyo dahil di nya expected talaga. i wrote on the card that it's not an iPOD nano that he wanted kaya nag-sorry me. hindi nga naman nano, kasi video! naks!!! :D i wrapped it in two boxes para hindi halata na ipod video. hehe, typical me.

simon on the other hand, gave me a portable widescreen DVD player. ang saya! he knows how much i wanted to watch videos kaya ngayon kahit saan pwede nako manood. thanks behbi ha! :D as usual, pictures to follow. hehe.

we had our dinner at gloria maris in shang and had dessert in sugarhouse where i gave him my gift. :D

Happy Anniversary to us! and to all december couples there, happy anniv to you too! God bless!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The one with the day before

Tomorrow is our first year anniversary! grabe, super bilis ng panahon. as in! lately, super pagod kme lagi ni simon coz of all the events we had to attend to, all the errands, and mga last-minute shoppings. and to top it all, we're pregnant pa! so double yung ingat namin and madali kme mapagod. (ako coz of simone, si simon dahil sa mga bitbit nya!) hahaha.

can you believe it, we still have'nt prepared anything for our anniversary. as in wala pa! we plan to celebrate it na lang after christmas since wala naman ako pasok and i think he wont work din ata nun. we can always go somewhere and relax. yun nga lang, goodbye na to out of town planning dahil bawal na ko mag-travel. not naman bawal, pero mabuti na ynug maingat. pasaway kasi ako eh. i went to batangas lang yesterday and nasiraan ang kotse ko in the middle of south expressway! haayyy!! pero God is good and His protection was upon us. detailed story next post na lang at ayoko naman maiba ang mood ng post ko here.

so, what are we going to do tomorrow??? since we'll just have a corporate year-end sa Ultra, i can report to work around 10am na siguro. he suggested that we have breakfast at somethin fishy muna. then, tambay sa eastwood dahil dun naman ang favorite namin eh. tapos, report to office and then, after that have a good dinner in a nice hotel or restaurant. basta, anything para lang makapag-relax and have the time to ourselves lang talaga.

just this morning, we woke up late na. he told me na half day na lang kme para makabawi ng sleep kahit papano. you know what, when he hugged me and we were sleeping, super naisip ko na super lapit na ang pagdating ni baby simone that we really have to cherish the time na kme lang dalawa together. it's a mixed emotion actually. syempre, happy ako and super excited to be finally seeing our baby! pero at the same time something tells me na i might not be able to spend as much time as i do for simon, yung tipong our lives will totally revolve around baby simone. hahaha. i dont know what im saying...kakaloka! must be the preggo hormones. basta, ang important is that God has blessed us with a baby girl we've prayed for. kahit ngayon pa lang na di pa sya lumalabas, she's giving us sooo much joy already. pati families namin are soo excited and looking forward to finally kiss and hug her.

im on my 7th month already. simone's kicks are getting stronger. minsan may mga exhibition pang nalalaman. hehehe. im starting to feel her feet kicking me. ang cute pero minsan mejo masakit. hahaha. at least i know she's active and healthy.

at may ugali tong batang to...pag may kausap, gusto lagi sumali kasi lagi sumisipa. tapos, marunong mag-respond sa ring ng fone. yung ring na "krrriiiinnnggg..." hahaha. she has intervals na rin kung kelan sya active, kelan sya playing inside me, etc. she loves to kick me pag patulog nako and nakagilid. ayaw nya kasi ng nakagilid ako.gusto yung normal na position which is getting harder for me. pero ok lang, gusto nya e. :D i stopped wearing my ER and wedding ring muna. mejo sumisikip na eh. actually, kasya pa sya kaya lang baka maipit mga ugat ko. sayang pa naman coz simon just gave me his pre-anniv and pre-christmas eternity ring! pic to follow pero super nice. :D love you beh! may kasunod pa daw ang gift nyang yun kaya excited nako! yahoo!

eh ako, what do i have for him for our anniv and christmas??? secret!!! baka mabasa nya dito eh, mahirap na....hihihi...

we'll have an ultrasound later for final confirmation of gender and check physical conformation etc. excited as usual dahil we'll see her again. and syempre, video ulit ito! hihihi.

Monday, December 18, 2006

The one with preggy pictures

Due to insistent public demand (naks!), here are some pictures na mejo latest. super laki ng tyan ko! bwahaha.

6.5 months me dito

6 months and 3 weeks me here. this blouse is not a maternity blouse pero okay pa rin naman. body fit!

this is my tummy...hihihi...di ko na makita feet ko pag nakahiga. :D

me and my big nose! nyahaha.

in fairness, beauty pa rin naman me. hehehe.

lakas mag-trip! all pics are from my celfone lang.

The one with chocolate crinkles

For Sale! P65.00 per box of 18 pcs. For every 10 boxes ordered, you get 1 box FREE!

Here are pictures of the box and tag that goes along with it. all you have to do is write down the name ng pagreregaluhan mo! hihihi.



cute ng packaging noh?! pero mas masarap yan! soft and chewy po sya, promise!

text or call at 0920-951-8513 or 0922-888-7739 for details. our pick-up points are areas near ortigas, cainta, mandaluyong, or pasig. order na! :D

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The one with Lacoste shirts for sale

P330 for ladies and P350 for guys. comes in different sizes and colors!

Class A, made in thailand (lacoste capital of the world)


Saturday, December 09, 2006

The one with Simone's first video

hehehe...this is actually her ultrasound lang that simon recorded. you may want to take a look.

it's under videos entitled simone1 and simone2. enjoy! that's when we found out that she's a she. :D

The one with Christmas air

hohoho!!! merry christmas everyone!!! christmas is sooo much in the air already...and in the traffic! haha. super traffic na ngayon. sorry for not updating this blog lately. super dami work na kelangan tapusin before we can even have our christmas vacation. oh well, everything's okay naman.

baby simone will be 7 months na on tuesday! she is getting really active these days. as in, lumalakas na mga sipa nya. hahaha. i found a pregnancy organizer last night at powerbooks. nanghinayang nga ako coz i wanted something like that when i found out that i was pregnant. kainis, di ko na binili kasi 2 months na lang wait ko eh. sayang naman all those pages na di ko masusulatan. ang cool pa naman! pero im keeping a journal naman of my pregnancy here in the computer eh, sort of like a diary. hehehe.

we started shopping na rin for christmas! ang saya! we went to market-market with naan...super cool! ang daming nice gift items dun and hindi namin nalibot lahat coz ang dami na namin napamili nasa ground floor pa lang kme! yikes! and luckily, sale din sa havin a baby! i bought 3 blouses na P150-200 each lang from P700-900 ang original prices! soo cool! :D

tomorrow (dec. 10) is the wedding of my sis-in-law jane and oliver. super excited nako for them! ang saya! please pray for a good weather for them. yan ang challenge ng outdoor wedding...the weather! so please, we need all the prayers. oh, and congratulations to them for winning the "My wedding song" contest in w@w. yahoo! sis in law ko yan! here is a link to the mp3. (for my sis in law's version) (for paulo clemente's version)

grabe tong song na to, nakaka-teary eyed talaga. im pretty sure im gonna cry tomorrow sa bridal march nya. haaayyy!!! :D

park muna me. work muna ako at nasa office ako ngayon. again, bakit ba kasi kelangan pumasok ng saturday diba?! hehehe.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The one with veintahan

Item No. 1: Memorive Flash Drive For Sale: P1,100 for 512 mb and P 1,700.00 for 1GB. Made in Korea, but memory chips come from Samsung.

memorive pic

Item No. 2: Chocolate Crinkles at P65.00 per box of 18 (with packaging and sticker)
For every 10 boxes you buy, you get 1 box FREE! Perfect for christmas give-aways.

Picture to follow.

Item No. 3: Lacoste shirts Class A. Made in Thailand! you would'nt know the difference...promise! P330.00 for ladies and P350.00 for men's. Different sizes and colors available.

o diba?! todo bentahan na ito!! ibalik ang pagka-entrepreneur. last year kasi wala time mag-ganito because of wedding. ngayon, pwede na ulit!!!

please text me at 0920-951-8513 OR 0922-888-7739 for orders!!!

The one with congratulations!!!

For my 200th post in this blog, i would like to congratulate special people in our lives.

Jill and Jon, for finally getting married! like what i always tell you jill, your love has been blessed from the start and it's reason enough to love each other for the rest of your lives. We love you both and God bless!we had fun in your wedding. tiring but it was still so much fun!

jon and jill

jill solo

Pictures courtesy of Paul Vincent whom we would like to congratulate also for winning the W@w supplier of the year!!! grabe nato!!! what did i tell you?! kayo ay stars in the making...naks! grabe, you've really gone a long way and we are sooo privileged to have partnered with you on our wedding. God bless you both and continue to keep that passion burning.

paul and ivy

w@w award
dapat lagi nyo dala tong awards na to everytime may coverage kayo!!! bwahaha.

of course, my congratulations to our Clarice and Emily for being at the Top 10 and Top 5 w@w suppliers!!! galing-galing ng mga suppliers namin!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The one with Simone's first baby shower

yehey!!! my wonderful and beautiful friends from CWL threw me a baby shower last friday, Nov. 24. simon and i were sooo touched with all the gifts and efforts to come up with a shower for simone. naku, eto nga ang pinaka-maagang baby shower ata ever. hehehe. my baby is starting to be spoiled agad ha. hahaha.

here are her first stuffs:

first baby stuffs

simone's first booties...
first booties
we can't get enough of these booties...lalo si simon! super cute kasi e. hehe.

thanks chris, con, karla, mai, mec, wella, yna for a wonderful time! muah! we love you girls! friends for life!!!

The one with a shower, a wedding and a baby shower

Here are some pictures from Jill's bridal shower with a wholesome bunny theme!

group pic
all in bunny bands!

gifts for jill
gifts for jill and loot bags for the guests

gift for jon
of course, jon should have a gift too...bench g-string!

and here are some of our pics from their wedding.
secondary sponsors
the secondary at 6.5 months!, jannet and naan

that's all
my beh singing and playing "That's all" grabe! kakaikot ng panty! pati anak ko tuwang-tuwa! hahaha. all the guests were all eyes and ears on him.

couple pic
couple's pic (make-up by angie ang hair by ogie)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The one with samu't-sari

dami ko kwentos!!! as in, i dont know where to begin.

last saturday(nov.11), we threw a bridal shower for our bestfriend jill. ibang klase yung surprise party! we've been planning it for two weeks i think and we were so careful kasi jill is the type na suspicious and she can easily sense kung may gimmick for her or not. super mag fish ng info yun eh. so to make it more deceiving, i suggested that we use "jason's wedding proposal" as our alibi. kunwari si jason mag-aask ng favor from us to bring naan to this hotel kasi dun sya magpo-propose. little that she knows, sya pala ang magugulat.

super classic nung nangyari nung saturday. all of us were constantly communicating and talagang calling each other. tatawag kme kay jill kasi jill thinks that she's coordinating naman the proposal of jason kay naan. so mega acting na lang kme at naki-ride sa mga gusto nya gawin. hahaha. nakakalito nga lang kasi we just have to be really consistent at panagutan na proposal ang mangyayari. eh eto ang kicker...jason told me na he will really propose the day after (sunday) and he's asking me how to do it and what gimmick!?!?! oh no!!! nalilito talaga ako! syempre dahil lagi kme nagkakausap ni naan, i was so careful at baka madulas ako. grabe!!!

i went ahead sa hotel to set up the venue, entertain the guests na darating, give them their guest sheets and their bunny bands. kapagod pero masaya. i was with jacqui the whole time (jill's sister). when i met jill and naan sa lobby ng hotel, jill forgot to tell naan na kasama ako and i forgot to tell naan na kasama nga ako!!! silang dalawa parehong hindi alam kung ano gagawin. hahaha. i can just imagine their faces trying to make excuses on each other (with different motives) bwahaha. basta ako acting lang. eh eto naman si jill, totally forgot what room number so jason had to call her pa. i can't tell her naman the room number kasi mabubuko ako.

when we went up na, the lights are all off. and jill kept on saying, "Frank...Frank.." hallleeerr!!! sino si frank?! and everybody went..."Surprise!" as in! ang galing! jill was soooo shocked! and asked naan, "si jason?" sabi namin lahat...wala! "si jon and simon?" "wala rin!" bwahahaha. jacqui brought clothes for her so she can change, and had dinner muna. we had pansit, lumpia, spaghetti, and drinks. after that, nag-play na kme. we had trivia questions wherein jill will do a consequence if she cant answer right. all the questions pala were all about her fiance. nyahaha. from easy to difficult round. BUT if she answers right, we will do whatever she tells us. eh grabe, ang mga pinapagawa, "remove your bra and give it to me" or "remove your panty and give it to me" ano ba to stripper game?! hehe.

then we played the ever banana-eating game! so fun! and of course the beat the egg game. nyahaha. wholesome games naman na may konting green lang. :D

after that, syempre excited naman ako for jason's proposal. they went to caleruega and there he proposed. haaayy...ang saya-saya!

wedding na nila jill and jon on saturday. super excited na rin kme. i met up with her coordinators to help them out on things and oversee na rin. i just need to get some things done but im pretty sure everything will be okay naman. mejo ngarag-ngarag nga lang kasi kakapagod mag-coordinate ha. so many meetings to do. :D

i'll meet up with CWL girls on friday night for our baby shower, christmas party and despedida party for wella and chris sa megamall. so syempre, i also need to drop by at jill's hotel to check on things.

baby simone is very active now. she loves to kick me after she eats and just before i go to sleep. there are nights that i dont get to sleep well kasi mejo malakas sya sumipa. hahaha. but it's okay. at least i know na healthy si baby inside. i texted my OB the other day and vented out a little kasi everyone is saying na ang liit lang ng tyan ko for 6 months daw. eh bakit ba?! eh sa maliit ako magbuntis e?! kainis yung mga yun! hahaha. sabi ni dra, pakausap daw sa kanya kapag may nagtanong ulit. hahaha.

happy monthsary beh! grabe, 11 months na tayo kasal! ang saya-saya po! and i was touched when he was the first to remember and i actually forgot. well, naalala ko na sya the other day but i forgot about it again. hahaha. we have'nt prepared anything for our 1st year anniversary. hmmm...bahala na si batman and our budget. :D gift ko sa kanya this month is a lacoste shirt (nyahaha, class A lang pero who would know the difference?!)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The one with a Hamburger!

It's a PRETTY BABY GIRL!!! the much-awaited ultrasound schedule has finally come yesterday and we are soooo ecstatic and happy that we're having a Francesca Simone! grabe! with all the families and relatives eagerly waiting to know the gender of baby Tan, super napapraning na kme yesterday ni baka, di pakita ni baby gender nya and we won't be able to know agad. hihihi. pero God is good...answered prayer at we were able to see her after about 45 minutes of petroleum jelly and ultrasounding baby. wala ngang kumukurap eh. my OB told us na sumakit eyes nya coz she really was'nt blinking the whole time coz she was waiting for the gender as well. hahaha. here's the detailed kwento...

from the moment we knew that i was pregnant, lagi girl and una pumapasok sa mind namin na magiging first baby namin. ewan ko ba, pero pareho talaga kme ni simon na we want an ate kasi feeling namin pag ate ang panganay, talagang iba mag-alaga...may maternal instincts na wala sa boys. and so as months went on, lagi sinasabi sa amin na girl ang baby namin. wala daw kasi masyado nag-iba sa face ko. gumanda nga daw ako. (naka naman!) hehehe. pero lately, some of our officemates were also betting that it's a boy. and because of that, for the past weeks, ang naiimagine naman namin ay baby boy! hahaha. and iba pala ang feeling. pag baby boy, parang ang saya na may kamukha si simon and pareho sila ng damit and proud ka na you have two boys in your life. pag girl naman, ang saya din kasi may little princess kme na aalagaan and that she will also be daddy's little girl. haaayyy...

so yesterday, i was'nt able to talk to simon the whole day kasi since busy sa work me, sya rin may recording in the afternoon and he left his phones sa cube nya. i did'nt want to go my OB alone. there were only two instances that simon was'nt able to accompany me sa OB dahil stuck sya sa meetings pero the rest, lagi sya andun. and i was waiting for his text before i can go to our OB. when he finally texted, sabi nya makakarating daw sya sa OB at around 430pm. eh til 5pm lang ang clinic. yikes! i was afraid na baka di kme umabot ha. so i texted my OB and informed her na we'll be there. nauna lang me ng mga 15 minutes kay simon. we were fifth in line pero mabilis naman yung mga consultations luckily.

when we entered, interview muna kme ni Dra. Dy. after that, we settled the billing sa ultrasound and entered na sa room. si simon pumasok agad eh dapat pala tatawagin na lang sya ni dra. pag okay na. hahaha. di naman halatang excited noh?! when dra. was checking our baby na, she called simon agad. we immediately saw her whole body, yung profile muna. and dahil naka-side view sya, we can't see her gender agad. ang cute nya tingnan. kasi galaw sya ng galaw. dr. dy checked muna the measurements, head size, leg size, length, etc. while waiting for her to show her gender. hihihi. eh biglang ayaw maglipat ng position ni baby. naka-breech pa kasi sya. at this stage kasi, ganun pa talaga position ng baby. so she advised us to talk to baby Tan para gagalaw. syempre, ang asawa ko tinatakot pa si baby...sumisigaw with a big voice..."BABY...BABY...PAKITA MO NA" hahaha. ako naman, i was asking baby Tan to move and show us the much-awaited thingy. sabi ko, "baby, you kick mommy" tapos sumipa nga si baby! natawa nga si doc kasi masunurin naman baby inglisera!!! bwahaha. tapos, after much jellying my tummy, my baby's gender showed up! when dr. dy said, "it's a girl!" grabe, heavenly ang feeling! napasigaw pako, "It's a girl?!?! san doc?" and si simon na nag-vivideo record eh napapababa nya na yung camera nya kaya tuloy yung clip na yun mejo bumababa at di namin makita sa video yung hamburger! hahaha. natutulala daw sya eh kasi overwhelming ang feeling! hahaha.

from the ultrasound (it's the simple ultrasound pa lang kasi we plan to get the 4d on the 7th month kapag mejo fully grown na si baby), we got a good look of her face. i think she has simon's features. pero no contest, she has simon's head. promise! malaki kasi ang head ko and irregular ang shape. hahaha, alien! and simon's fingers na super haba! katuwa! i think she got my feet (ang tataba eh) and nose (ang tangos!) yung nose, pansin talaga agad namin kasi nung humarap sya, kita ko agad nose nya. haaayyyy...ang saya-saya! syempre, tawag agad si simon sa mga mothers namin to announce the big news! nagtilian ang mga lola kasi pareho sila gusto nila girl. ang lolo, boy. nyahaha. up until now, we're still not done with the text brigade to our friends. hihihi.

i still don't know how to post video clips sa blog so i'll figure it out muna para ma-post ko rito. pics are still being scanned by simon. :D

we capped the evening with a good dinner (steaks of House of minis) and thanked God for a piece of heaven that He gave us. ang saya lang talaga! She will be named Francesca Simone. Francesca because we've loved that name since we we're in college and Simone because of her dad syempre. (di bale, i'll wait for my turn pag boy na.)

Monday, November 06, 2006

The one with gender of baby

Oooopppssss...tomorrow is the big day! not today! hahaha. im just soo excited to post about it. grabe, everyone is sooo excited to know kung benjamin ba or francesca simone. hehe. actually, there are days na feeling ko boy sya, pero madalas kong feeling eh girl sya. hihihi. kasing kikay ng mommy! :) will post agad as soon as the ultrasound is done and will text friends agad.

basta prayer ko lang kahit girl pa sya o boy sya eh maging normal si baby tan. physically normal, kumpleto ang development nya and cute sya, bibo, mabait na mabait, matalino, musically-gifted, maputi (?!), and kasing galing ng daddy nya magpatawa! hahaha. yun lang naman ang gusto ko...sabi diba, ask and you shall receive. hehe.


i tried on my two gowns for the weddings that we will attend to this november (jill's) and december (jane's). grabe! feeling ko puros tela ang gowns ko! waaah! i know kasi malaki na talaga me pero ang problem kasi, lumalaki lang talaga is tiyan ko. so maluwag sa likod yung gown na parang wala me butt. plus, masikip lahat sa boobs! naks! feeling boobsie! nyahaha. eh kasi boobs at tyan ang lumalaki sa ken eh dahil balakang ko matagal na malaki. bwahaha! parang bigla nga me na awkward having to see myself in a formal gown. naaalangan ako bigla. pero okay lang, basta para sa bestfriend and SIL ko.

this saturday is jill's surprise bridal shower! di naman nya nababasa tong blog ko so im sure she wont know. nag-fifish na nga ng information eh kung kelan daw shower nya. sabi ni naan, wala kme plans. hahaha. and ginamit naming actor and actress si naan and jason.kunwari magpo-propose si jason sa isang hotel and papupuntahin si naan dun. papasama kunwari si jill, biglang pag pasok nya sya pala ang masusurprise! hihihi. i hope everything goes well. which reminds me, have to print pa the guest sheets and the game mechanics.

i had a good 4-day vacation. i mostly stayed at home as i did'nt want to go out din dahil kakapagod lang. and nag-shop na kme nung oct. 31 ni simon sa megamall. sa sobrang hirap nga makauwi, nagpalipas muna kme ng time watching "Open Season". nice yung movie except that for some parts, naka-idlip ako. hahaha. super pagod kasi me dahil from 2:30 p.m. andun nako sa megamall. i bought another blouse! di kasi me makakita ng nice na pants eh. isa pa lang ang maternity pants ko. gusto ko na rin mag-christmas shop!!!

congrats to tanya for the baby and to Meng for Issen! welcome to the world Issen! daming buntis! hehe.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The one with an itchy feeling

Im 5 months and 3 days na! yahoo! 3 months and 2 more weeks to go!!! two weeks from now, the endless bet on whether baby tan is a francesca or a benjamin will finally end. Nov. 7 is our schedule for our ultrasound. we are still thinking if we want the 3d ultrasound or not. i heard from a co-w@wie that there's a cheaper rate in De los Santos hospital ata. not so sure but we'll check. siguro pag 7 months na para we can really see baby tan's face. (kung kamukha ko ba o si simon.hehe)

I feel super happy that our little bundle of joy has made Simon soooo ecstatic and talaga nga naman na kahit pagod sya from work, pag uwi nya, sasabihin ko na gumalaw si baby and kikiss nya tummy ko and kakausapin si baby. haaayyy...saya! he'd always tell baby na love nya si baby. excited na sya turuan si baby kumanta and tumugtog. hahaha. and he will always put his ear on my tummy to hear baby's heartbeat. wala lang, tumatanda na talaga ako!!!

Baby Tan is getting really active since i got on my fifth month. promise! walang araw that i wont feel him/her move. meron mga times na para syang nagsi-swim, minsan nagkikick...etc. and since lumalaki na tyan ko, im starting to feel the itch sometimes. it's not so often pero i bought na rin shea body butter from body shop and the Elovera cream prescribed by my OB. after i take a bath, mega moisturize ang whole body...sarap! hehehe.

friends are starting notice that my nose is getting slightly bigger than before (?!) as in talaga?! in denial pako eh. hehehe. pero yung face ko feel ko na lumalaki na talaga. pero yung nose, ayoko ata tanggapin?!?! hahaha.

We checked in with our friends last Oct. 23 at Astoria Hotel. wala lang, we just want to have fun and unwind sana dahil wala naman pasok the following day because of Ramadan. Nag-playstation ang mga boys, nag-swim and nag chikahan ang mga girls. we are 3 couples plus jannet. super fun! it has always been exciting when im with my besties. parang my world suddenly stops pag kasama ko sila. yung parang wala ako iniisip na iba pag sila kasama namin...basta masaya.

And first time ko mag-swim na preggy me. With the exception of our bohol trip since I was not aware that I was pregnant then. Anyway, I had so much fun. Mejo mabigat nga lang pakiramdam ko than before and nakakatuwa when the lifeguard asked Naan kung buntis ba daw ang kasama nya…finally, mukha na talaga akong buntis!!! Hahaha. Pero natatawa din ako with myself coz wala na mag-fit sa ken na swimsuit and I wasn’t able to buy a new one. I just wore a spandex top and board shorts na super haba naman. Nyahaha. pics to follow, as usual.

o cge, more kwentos to come...uwi nako.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The one with company anniversary

Another event took place last night at the Crowne Plaza Hotel...grabe, sunod-sunod ang mga least i think this is the last main event for this year. yey! here's a pic of how we looked last night. our theme is Oscar's awards kaya lahat kme...gaganda at gwapo!

hehehe...halata bang preggy me dyan?!

i bought the dress at People are people...super rush yan kasi talagang i didnt have the time to look for a dress because i took a rest the whole weekend. i had cramps kasi last thursday night because of stress siguro and took the whole day off ng friday. kawawa nga si baby. i felt guilty at the same time kasi im overworking without thinking of my baby. kasi kung ako lang, kaya ko talaga, but my baby wants to rest at certain time of the day. haaayyy...napaiyak nga ako nung Friday morning kasi the first time i had the cramps, nag rest lang me and i felt fine. eto medyo it took a while before i felt better. im sorry baby ha but i promise to take it easy for ka ni mommy and daddy lagi...

on a lighter note, Simon took me shopping for maternity clothes! yahoo! ang saya! he bought me pants and two blouses. actually, love ko yung fabric nung blouses...para syang kamiseta...pero di ko talaga gusto yung may tali sa likod. hehehe. i saw this really nice store in Rustan's..positive signal and brand and this is what i bought naman.

this is how i look like at exactly five months...ang nice nung blouse noh?! and ang laki na ng tyan ko!!! hihihi...

hehe...more kwentos to come...and pictures! work muna me.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The one with The moves...

October 1, at exactly 4pm, we felt baby T's movement for the first time! grabe, sooo precious! The feeling is overwhelming! Tawanan nga kme ng tawanan eh kasi super saya. Prayer kasi talaga ni simon that he’d be there when I feel the movement para ma-feel nya rin daw. And answered prayer sya! Naramdaman namin pareho. Kasi at first, I felt a big pop sa right side of my tummy. Then, I told it to simon. Nasa bed kme nun eh. I told him to feel my tummy and he put his right cheek sa tummy ko. Pag lagay na pag lagay nya, he felt a soft kick sa kanya! Haha. Sinipa sya ni baby! Ako naman, it’s like butterflies in my stomach. As in, nag titingle sya. Ang galing! God is good! can't wait naman for the baby to kick and tumble. nyahaha.

October 5 - First day at the World Trade center for the Agri-link. grabe, successful launching and exhibit! taob lahat ng ibang exhibitors! yung booth namin ang the best!!! can you imagine a spa inside the World Trade Center?! hanep! plus, we had the human statues for our entertainment. everyone was stopping by and looking at our gimmicks. nakakasarap ng feeling when you hear people say na "ang galing naman nyan", "ang ganda naman ng booth nila", "wow, pano yan?!" hahaha. thank you Lord.

October 6 - Sumabay kme kala jane pauwi and dropped by na rin sa greenland to say hi to the inlaws. ang cool! when i saw nanay (simon's lola) bigla gumalaw si simon nakaramdam kasi hawak nya tummy ko. everytime he'd touch it, gusto ni baby. when mommy alma touched baby, gumagalaw. tuwang-tuwa sila! hahaha. ang saya nga naman! more stories and pictures to come...talagang pa-suspense epek! hehehe.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

The one with the week that was

Grabe, Melenyo really hit Manila hard. it was a thursday and buti na lang i followed my baby and did'nt attempt to go to work at baka madulas nga ako sa daan. i even texted my boss na half day pala walang pasok. i just pray that all those na nasalanta will be taken cared of by the government especially the street kids na walang nasilungan during the typhoon and sana rin lahat ng provinces na affected will be able to rise from this soon.

syempre, pag malakas ang hangin, walang kuryente. as in, kakakaba kasi i can see the 'yero' literaaly being torn from the roof and lumilipad na parang papel. yikes! eh scary kasi our sliding window sa taas, walang grills so pag nasalpukan ng bato or yero, sira agad! pero simon and i managed to entertain ourselves despite the 'no-kuryente' situation. we played ice breaker, he cooked maling ala afritada(haha, wala na kasi food, puro canned goods na lang ang nasa house kaya napilitan me kumain ng canned goods) that's why simon put veggies na lang and tomato sauce para naman masarap and nutritious pa rin. yung ice breaker naman, katuwa pala maglaro nun. as in, kahit gano mo kakilala ang husband mo, you'll still discover sooo many surprising and wonderful things about him.

we still have half of a cheesecake to finish. kasi my good friend na AE namin in richmonde gave me a whole cheesecake. i wanted to bring some sa office kaya lang wala na rin kme microwaveable containers (talking about need for a grocery) pero actually, madamot lang ako at gusto ko ako lang kakain ng cheesecake! haha, joke! im trying to control myself nga and i dont wanna gain weight nama dahil dun.

cge nga, tempting diba?!


i started to make this Preggo journal two weeks ago. it's all in my PC wherein i write the things i like for the day, any unusual feeling, any developments, food i ate, my waistline (!), bust line(hmmm...), and hip size (nyeh, what's new?!) galing sya coz i also dont want to forget anything about my pregnancy. been looking kasi for a pregnancy journal but really can't find one kahit saan. and i also want to remember important things especially pag reporting na sa OB ko. hihi, OC ba?!

im still thinking if i want to include it in a blog, either a separate one or here pero bahala na si batman. hehe. pero for some details lang, my bust is 37.5" na. i had two measurement taking last sunday for two weddings na abay ako. my waistline is 32", my pusod is beginning to pop already, halfway na. my belly is getting really big. yihee, na-cucurious kung ano itsura ko now. hahaha.

i have 4 new pants. im not sure what it's called pero yung yung parang spandex na cotton ang tela na super sarap sa katawan. hindi sya pang preggy pero swak rin at my stage right now kasi stretchable sya. ang ganda talaga plus super comfy!! i bought green, brown, black and gray. hehe. minsan lang may pwede sa ken na pants eh so i grabbed them all and P150 lang each! ang cool!now, i need new sandals naman. :D


oh syempre, saturday ngayon pero im at work. :( i hate leaving simon alone at home. este, kasama nya pala si baby ross na super kulit now. tapos na ang mga shots nya and we plan to give him a bath as soon as the sun comes up. he's so big and long na. dami nya ningangatngat ngayon na nakaka-aliw minsan pero si simon naiinis. for one, nangatngat nya na sofa set namin. yung isa lang naman actually pero yikes! halata sya. pinapagalitan nga namin kaya lang everytime i see him na papa-cute, nawawala na yung galit ko. plus, he's just a puppy. nasa stage talaga sya na makulit. but we'll train him soon para magbait sya.

Friday, September 22, 2006

The one with not so sure

last night, simon and i are on bed na and we were talking about how our day went and the highlights of it. so syempre, napag-usapan bigla si baby T. bigla nya na-realized na hindi pa pala kme sure kung girl ba sya or boy! hahaha. as in!!! kasi everyone's been telling us that it's a girl kaya parang convinced kme na girl nga. last night lang namin narealize na di pa final coz end of october pa ang ultrasound. hahaha. that's why when i read the blog of andrea's, natawa talaga me kasi pareho kme ng experience. kasalanan ba kasi namin kung sadya pa rin kmeng maganda kahit buntis?! nyahaha. pagbigyan nyo na ang buntis.

anyway, grabe! simon sold 20 vacuum cleaners and 5 sewing machines! (talking about marketing ha) madali lang kasi magbenta sa office nila kasi mga yuppies ang mga employees dun kaya dali gumastos. chaka super mura naman talaga nung items noh?! and may mga orders pa kme na parating. naku, sana lang ma-accommodate pako ng officemate ko. :D

September 20 - concon called me and announced that it's a POSITIVE!!! grabe! super hyper kme pareho!!! she has been calling me everyday and telling me na hindi pa sya nagkakaron. sa super regular nya kasi, talagang on the dot sya. pero i told her to wait one more week para sure and hindi sayang ang test. eh sa super kulit, sabi ko mag-test na nga sya. she bought two kits and turned out positive on both! ahahha. galing talaga ni Lord! super happy kme for them. congrats con and nel! we love you both and baby V! may kabatch na anak namin! yahoo!

so many reasons to celebrate today...9th monthsary namin, con and nel's baby, and my brother's birthday! happy birthday kuya! love you! we'll have dinner with concon and derecho na kme sa parents ko for my brother naman. haaay! super hectic!

dami namin meetings kanina...went to a presscon for agri-link 2006, met with a supplier for our gimmick at the agri-link and made an ocular with photographer and agency for the shoot next week. whew! hectic, hectic, hectic! tomorrow, ive an event pa sa marikina. di bale, saglit lang naman me dun as i want to rest pa noh! have a nice weekend everyone!

coming up na talaga mga pics ko...promise!!! as if naman may nag-iintay! nyahaha.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The one with For Sale

For Sale: Home TV Shopping Vacuum Cleaner
Regular Price: P2,999.00
Sale Price: P 700.00!!! (promise!)

vacuum cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner, super mura grabe!

vacuum with accessories
With Accessories (marami pa kasama yan eh, di ko na lang nasama sa pic)

For Sale: Home TV Shopping Sewing Machine
Regular PRice: P 1,299.00
Sale Price: P 500.00!!! (totoo!!!)

sewing machine
Sewing Machine with box

sewing machine2

Sewing machine comes with a pedal in para talagang malaking sewing machine. hehe.

Both items are in Home TV Shopping and are being sold in Megamall. However, Home TV shopping will be changing their premium items and that is why they are disposing these items with big, big discounts! My officemate is the one selling the items talaga so wala rin delivery. you can pick it up lang sa office namin or meet you siguro sa Shang Mall lang.

Of course, may catch pa rin. the box that goes with the item is not in its best condition already since na-pipile up sya sa warehouse. pero the items are all working! we bought both and happy naman kme sa performance! :D


Sunday, September 03, 2006

The one with Drae on Philippine Idol

Wow, praise God! our friend Drae made it to the grand finals of Philippine Idol! yahoo! simon and i voted for him ng ilang beses talaga thru text. according kasi to the program, that's the only way that you they'd be judged eh. (which i doubt)

so anyway, im just happy that's he's on the Top 4. please, please, continue to support our friend. He got good reviews from the judges talaga. and they all like him! katuwa! :D even Ryan C. commented na even if he does'nt win, he'd make a good recording artist. naks!

pasensya na and mukha po akong member ng fans club nya pero kasi im just sooo happy for him. dati pa kasi nung high school pa lang kme, he really likes to perform. as in, lagi sya bida sa mga plays namin sa glee club and lagi sya main cast. o diba?! so i know he'd go a long way...

here are some pictures...hehehe...para nga akong fan!

we used to call him Peter Parker...and the judges also call him that.

see the resemblance??? gwapo noh?!

don't worry, di naman selos si simon kasi crush nya din si drae. hahaha.

you can visit him at his site: More power to you Drae and keep on praying for God will help you become the 1st Philippine Idol! wohoo!

Friday, September 01, 2006

The one with Merry Christmas

wohoo! it's september na and i just heard in a grocery store christmas songs airing! galing! sooo excited for christmas! hehe.

pero this post is about an experience that happened to us last friday, september 1. to think that it's the first day of a "ber" month and eto pa nangyari sa amin. after work, we regularly go to the Basic Taxi line for transportation. two reasons, im pregnant and since bhabes is not in good condition, we opted to just ride taxis to and from the office. second, we dont want the hassle of long lines in FX or hear complaints from other taxi drivers. that is why, despite the additional fare of 50 bucks, we still ride the Basic taxi. oh trivia on the side, Basic, Avis, Davis taxis are owned by the same corporation. :)

so anyway, when we went to the line in shang mall, it was a friday and pay day so we expected that there'd be a long line waiting for us. true enough, it took us almost an hour before our turn. and when it was our turn na, manong talked to the driver and told him na "Regular passenger, junction, plus 50". sabi nya lang, traffic daw dun pero he did'nt say anything else. he still started driving. on our way out of the shang mall, bigla na lang sya huminto. as in, in the middle of the road, bigla na lang nawalang ng kuryente. pero may aircon, radio, etc. he started again pero nothing. after trying to start the engine twice, tinabi na ng driver. we were expecting at least that he'd radioed other drivers for back-up so we'd be accommodated. eh ang ginawa, inutusan pa kme to go back to the freaking line!okay lang sya! sabi ni simon, "eh bat kme babalik, ikaw magsabi dun na magpadala ng taxi dito." a guard approached him and asked him what happened. di sya makasagot, basta kunwari lang sira taxi nya. at eto pa ang masama, he asked us to hail a taxi dun sa may kanto..marami daw dun! eh kung di ba naman sya isa't kalahating syongak?! my husband flared up...and so did i. bat kme mag-aabang kung saan after namin mag-intay for an hour diba?! we then decided to go back to the line to report it to manong and the ticketer. turned out na madugas daw talaga yung manong na yun. i told them na mukang walang sira ang taxi nya and he did something on the car to make it look like it's sira. sabi ko, "manong, i've been driving for 6 years and alam ko kung may sira talaga ang taxi..and i know ginogoyo lang kme nun. kung ayaw nya kami isakay, he should have told that to you before umalis."

when we got in the next basic taxi, my husband called the hotline agad and i asked him that id be the one to talk to the customer agent to place the complaint. nang-gagalaiti talaga ako grabe. narinig nung driver and he does'nt know the driver pero told us that meron daw pwede gawin para magmukhang nasiraan yung taxi. Basic taxis kasi are LPG, and not gas. pero may switches pa rin ang gas and LPG dun. if you switch it to gas, na syempre walang laman...natural, di mag-start diba?! now we know!! ganun ang ginawa ni driver. how did we confirm it? when we passed by the spot where we left him...wala na sya! kung sira talaga would'nt start agad diba?! syongak talaga!

the plate number nga pala is TWS 574. Unit No. 751, Banua ang name ng driver. if you happen to see this, don't ride this taxi...unethical talaga! id want to see him get fired! attitude is sooo unacceptable. nonetheless, we'd still ride Basic taxi coz we dont want to generalize naman what happened to us.

whew! that's a vent out ha... hehehe.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The one with ...

three dotted lines because i dont know how to entitle this blog. i've been pregnant for 3 months already and after reading the blog of a fellow w@wie sister, mhay ni jerry, i just can't help but feel overwhelmed. was just too embarassed to cry while reading her blog story on birthing kasi nasa internet cafe lang ako and i've strangers beside me. pero her post really caught me. the way she told it kasi was so detailed and i can actually feel her anticipation, excitement, at kung ano-ano pa.

everyone wants to have a normal delivery and having to go through a CS birth is really taxing, physically, emotionally and financially. kaya parang ninerbyos tuloy ako na baka maging CS rin ako. if that will be the case, walang saysay ang balakang ko na nimana ko pa sa mom ko. hehe. oh btw, my mom gave birth to us three thru CS. ok fine!

pero seeing your baby can really turn all your pains to happiness and joy. haayy!!! mixed emotions ako right now. para kasing we are sooo excited with the baby, and everyone around us is excited for us also kaya we dont think about CS, yung sakit that i've to go through, and other things. hahaha. ano ba?! mag-emote daw ba?! kahit ano naman siguro okay pa rin sa ken basta para sa baby ko. haaayy!

i went to my OB right now and im okay na naman. we heard again the baby's heartbeat. and pwede na ulit ako mag-byahe!!! pero sa malapit-lapit lang muna. i've an event kasi on saturday sa laguna. good thing that na-clear na kay doc. what i like about my OB is that she's so calm on everything kaya ang saya rin.

oh and lastly, i gained 4 pounds in a span ok one week! sa 3 weeks that i've been weighing, no weight gain and happy me. eh nag-bday daw kasi ako eh kaya tumaba ako!

o sya!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The one with surfing

Did some bloghopping and a little surfing... - i get inspiration from this site. she's so good kasi with beads and crafts. galing talaga! i hope one day, id be at least a tenth of her talent...and i think i can live with that na. hehe.

cynthia's blog - cynthia bauzon-arre, the WE layout artist. just thanked her again for a wonderful layout of Beautiful weddings 2006 and of course for including our wedding there. which reminds me, i still have to upload our pages here.

mimi and karl's blog - though they're not my photographers, i love visiting their blog kasi masipag sila magbigay ng personal experiences nila on weddings they attend to. galing! - of course, had to see the Sagada boys video. kakatawa! tumaba ata si john. pero galing talaga ni jason magbanua. if only i could afford him (hmm, parang it did'nt sound nice ha...bwahaha. video-wise po and not something else, kayo talaga oh!) - mare, congrats on your new car! and hayaan mo na ang mga neighbors nyo, baka insecure lang sa kotse nyo. hehe. muah!

there, some of the sites that i was able to surf thru. kakatuwa talaga mag-surf. im learning a lot of things from other people even if i have'nt met them in person yet (for some) thru ciara, na-inspire ako to create some artpieces later and try to revive my craftsmanship in beadwork and crystal pieces. and with cynthia's blog, na-remind ako to upload our pages on Beautiful Weddings and to contact my photographer and ayusin na ang super long overdue naming album. hahaha.

come to think of it, if i'd really like to pursue business, i think it would really be wedding-related. parang dun lang kasi talaga ako really interested kahit na kasal nako. parang talking about it always excites me. yun lang. gusto ko lang i-share. kaya lang, kung ano exactly is the big question. hehe. must be the preggy mood swings going on here. nyahaha.

have a nice weekend everyone!(actually, nag-iintay lang me makauwi kasi tamad na me mag work....for the nth time, BAKIT BA KASI PUMAPASOK NG SABADO HA?!

Friday, August 25, 2006

The one with the new babies

Now we have two new babies...and they're both 3-month old! katuwa. well, technically our unborn child is 3months pa lang sa womb ko...pero nicount ko na rin! hehehe.

Ross is such a darling. i think now is a good time to have a dog kasi parang training ground na rin for simon on becoming a dad. he loves dogs pero not to the point na naglilinis lagi ng poop and yung kelangan lagi bantayan si ross. ako naman, have always been a dog lover. yung tipong kahit di pa ligo, pwede ko yakapin ng yakapin! hahaha. With Ross, we're learning to be like parents. well, he's low-maintenance compared to a baby pero the fact that we take care of him, give him shots, food, water and make sure that he's clean and his cage is clean...i think that's a good start for us. kasi we also want to maintain the cleanliness of the house kahit may dog so masipag ang asawa ko mag scrub ng floor kapag nakawala si Ross. kaya hindi amoy aso sa bahay.

OH and he's poopy-trained mind you! we put a newspaper on the first spot where he pooped and dun na sya lagi nag-poop! syempre minsan nga lang dun sya sa cage nya poop pag andun sya sa cage nya...hehehe. kaya kelangan linisin agad para hindi dumikit and amoy. gross ba?!

about our real baby naman tayo...our baby T! mejo malaki na tyan ko. i had a check-up last saturday for a routine check-up. all my tests are normal naman except that they found minimal RBC in my urine. it's not UTI so my OB suspected that it's potential spotting. told her im feeling cramps sometimes. asked nya kung sakit balakang ko, sabi ko hindi naman. monday ng madaling araw came, i really had a terrible as in terrible sakit sa balakang. napa-iyak nga ako kasi masakit talaga. so i did'nt report for work and went to my OB na. kasama ko si simon. she checked up on me and it's threatened abortion nga daw. kahit wala me spotting, the fact that there's blood in urine, dapat daw iprevent ko muna ang stress and pressure. so, i was advised to fully rest for three whole days! yikes! takot nga kme eh. pero she said naman na basta mag-rest lang daw ako. para kasi feeling ko hindi ako maselan magbuntis. hindi nga, pero napagod kasi ako when i went to cavite the week before that kaya ayun, natagtag daw ata ako. she checked the heartbeat, and dahil luma ang gamit nya na doppler, she requested na isingit ako for ultrasound just to check if the baby is ok. na-ultrasound me and we're so surprised to see the baby na malaki na agad! as in, may arms, feet and head na sya! ang cute, cute! tapos nag-bounce pa sya and sipa ng sipa inside. i cant feel it pa daw kasi malaki pa yung sac. once numipis yun, dun ko lang mafi-feel yung sipa nya! cool noh?! will upload the pic promise! happy lang kme and everything's ok with the baby. parang nawala nga bigla sakit ng katawan ko nun eh. dami ko nga lang meds, 6 all in all including vitamins. ok lang, basta for the baby.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The one with a belated greeting

It's no blogging at all for lumipas na lahat ang birthday ko and di pa rin me nakapag-blog. so many things have hapenned, i dont know where to start.

anyway, days before my birthday...di talga ako masyado excited. must be the feeling na nagsasawa nako mag-birthday. hahaha. i turned 27 na last aug. 20 and i still had a blast! as in super saya birthday ko. ganun ata talaga pag wala masyado expectations. we did'nt prepare for it kasi ni simon coz we're running on a tight budget right now and with the baby coming, we are saving for it. so, i told him not to make any special chu-chu for my birthday. just a little salo-salo with families and friends is ok na. eh ganun talaga ang asawa ko, he always wants to make me happy kaya he still surprised me with a little something!!!

the morning of my birthday, he gave me a cute, as in very cute puppy!!! He's a dachsund, reddish brown in color. sorry and will just follow the pics coz they're all in the digicam and i forgot to bring it with me. super cute...he's 3 months na. same with our baby. kambal sila! hahaha. as in nauna magising si simon and my kuya brought the puppy na iniwan ni simon sa house ng mga parents ko the day before my bday. kakatuwa. as in 6am, my brother went to our house...super mahal tlga ako nun. tapos, simon wrapped my baby in a white table cloth (which reminds me, bakit yun ang ginamit nya?! eh pangwipe ng table yun eh?!) and woke me up while he was carrying the puppy! naalimpungatan nga me eh and by the time na na-realize ko na real dog sya, kitang-kita daw sa eyes ko na happy na happy me. hahaha. super miss na miss ko na kasi ng may dog. as in! ever since childhood, lagi may dog sa bahay and dog lover tlga ako all my life. so living in an apartment without a dog is a big adjustment. and i know simon loves dog also, pero not as much as i love dogs. yung tipong nasa loob ng house, tapos lilinisin ang cage, ang poop, at wiwi. hahaha. now, he has to do all those things and surprisingly, our house does'nt smell bad despite of having the dog inside the house. (not yet) so we were thinking of how to name him...syempre, being the Friends addict that i'am, i started calling him Chandler. he did'nt respond. tinawag ko na Joey, ayaw pa rin. when i called him ROSS, tumalon at nag-bark. hahaha. ang cute talaga! so our baby's name is Ross!

so how did he plan the whole thing? days before my birthday, naghahanap na pala sya sa buy n sell. tapos, the day before, may appointment sya with a client. yun lang ang paalam nya sa ken. little did i know na he met the seller sa megamall muna and got the pup. after that, derecho na sya sa client nya. he called my brother and they met somewhere so my brother can pick up the pup and dun muna stay sa house nila. ang cool kasi out of the way yun for my brother pero bait talaga nun at love ako nun eh. :) tapos, binilhan nila mommy ng dog food and nice cage para pag nibigay sa ken, ganda na sya. tapos yun na! dala-dala na nung bday ko! neighbors came over nung morning pala to greet me and we had breakfast. touched nga ako coz they prepared breakfast pa talaga. thanks karla, alex, abi and romy! kahit alam kong bangag pa si alex and abi sa sobrang antok, punta pa rin sila. muah! muah! abi and romy game me kettle korn popcorn! nanglaki nga mata ko eh kasi favorite ko tlga popcorn! hehe. karlalex game me CDs na classical, for me and the baby. :)

after that, we attended sunday service na. mejo na-late kme. after that, we went home agad coz i want to get some sleep muna coz visitors will be arriving at 4pm. by batch kasi ang visitors namin. friends muna at 4pm, then families at 630pm. dahil yun sa maliit lang ang house. hehehe. pero syempre, late dumating ang friends, buti na lang late din dumating ang families coz it rained.

grabe ang dami food bigla!!! ang handa lang kasi namin was pansit and ice cream dahil tight budget nga and we also knew that mommies would bring food. and they did! The Tans brought pasta and the Fermins brought menudo and salad and cake. yummy lahat! my friends brought cake, and some pica-pica. so all in all, i had two cakes! yahoo! dami food kaya ilang days na after my bday, yun pa rin ang kinakain namin. plus, lahat nakapag-uwi ng baon! hehehe.

we had videoke na super fun. friends naman were playing video games sa taas, na super na-addict sila at galit na galit na ang mga barkada ko eh hindi pa rin nakikinig ang mga boys. hahaha. mejo nasanay nako kasi kay simon kaya all i did was laughed about the whole thing.

my mom kept on requesting sharon cuneta songs and my MIL naman, karen carpenters songs. ironically, pag sila ang kumanta, ang tataas ng mga scores...promise! pag sila achie na and skokie (who btw are pro's), average lang. madaya ang magic sing! nyahaha. and of course, andun pa rin ang ever pagkanta ni jane...trademark tlga! hahaha.

it ended around 10pm coz nag-brown out twice. hahaha. lakas kasi ng hangin. sayang, kakanta pa naman na ang mga daddies. ayaw ata sila pakantahin. sooo much fun! my parents stayed muna to help us clean out and so with naan and jason. :)

thank you Lord for all the blessings and for another year that you've added in my life.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The one with Kapag tumibok ang puso

We heard baby T's heartbeat already!!! sooo precious!!! and super fast...kakatuwa. last thursday yun when i had to have my check-up already with my OB kasi two days na delayed ang aking schedule for check-up. sooo bad i know pero kasi i was on a seminar nung scheduled check-up and i cant get out agad, tapos wednesday naman wala OB ko nun. they got blood sample for a series of tests na nakalimutan ko na. hehe. katawa nga dun sa kumuha ng blood. she remembered me coz i had like two preg tests in the clinic and sya yung gumagawa nung test. (first time when i had an x-ray and second time when i needed to drink antibiotics for my UTI) parehas negative nung time na yun and nung nalaman nya na preggy na me, natuwa rin sya. but you know, she posed a super weird question na ngayon ko lang narinig talaga...sabi nya, "wow, so preggy kana...natatakot ka?" nyah! hallleeerr!!! eh bakit naman ako matatakot?! i mean, i know i'll be scared when i give birth pero right now, masaya ako at preggy ako noh?! diba weird?! and I know naman that God is protecting my baby.

so when i went back to my OB, q&a portion na kme. i asked about everything that im feeling...yung sakit ng ulo ko and sobrang takaw ko! hahaha. yung sakit ng ulo normal lang pala daw kasi for some women, hindi daw hilo ang na-experience kundi sakit ng ulo...(ahhh...) and i also mentioned na mejo sakit me wiwi pero seldom nangyayari yun. pero nonetheless, i still had to undergo the urinalysis test dahil prone nga daw ang preggo sa UTI. wag naman sana. tapos after that, sabi ni doc, "tara, let's hear the heartbeat na." wow, ang saya! higa ako tapos lagay sya petroluem and after two or three locations, pinarinig nya muna sa ken heartbeat ko thru the vessel connected to the heart, thus i can hear my heartbeat sa puson ko. mabagal lang. tapos she moved the doppler again and said, "now..yan yung sa baby.." and she smiled. ako naman si... "ahhhh...." katuwa naman. ang bilis-bilis! parang train! it's just too sad that simon missed it kasi i went to the clinic ng maaga dahil matagal yung check-up and di sya nakahabol coz he has work pa. doctora said naman that we can do it again next week para kasama na si simon and pag sa susunod very audible na, simon can record it. cool!

now...let's do some back-tracking of what happened over the last ten days of no blogging.

August 5 - Congratulations to Isis and Ian for a great wedding! it did rain but luckily, covered naman venue nila. pero promise super hirap yung papunta namin kasi zero visibility sa mall of asia. scarrry!! and wala pa kme car nung time na yun kaya naka-cab lang kme. i saw arian, anna, and lolo. kme lang ang present out of 10 barkadas! we were with out hubbies and rasta (anna's son). buti na lang nung wedding ko kumpleto kme! as in, tatampo ako sa kanila kung wala isa sa kanila. they had to file their leaves before the wedding talaga dahil natakot ata sa mga threats ko. hahaha. but na-appreciate ko presence nila nun. nway, back to isis' wedding. madge was there also kasi sya MUA ni isis. hihi. galing! they had tamayo's for the caterer. yun lang alam kong supplier pa nila. pero the wedding was super fun kasi kwela tong si Ian. feel na feel ang pagiging center of attraction! hahaha. congrats again mare! will post pics soon.

yun nga lang, on our way home...we got some really bad news. anna's dad who's in UAE passed away na. i was beside her and i dont know what to do. i just let her cry. her dad had cancer and been fighting for it for years na so okay na rin daw na tapos na suffering nya. but then again, they're miles away from each other. anna is here, parents are in UAE, sister is in europe. kaya haaayyy... anna, will pray for you and your family. love you mare.

August 7 ata or 8 - evening yun when simon asked me out of the blue kung alam ko daw sakit ni daddy (nya). sabi ko, "no." kasi daw lan-lan texted him and told him na bat di daw sinasabi kay lan-lan that daddy tony has prostate cancer. we were like, "ano daw?!" syempre initial reaction ko galit ako kay lan-lan kasi di naman ata sya sigurado sa sakit na sinasabi nya. i asked achie then thru text if it's true. ang sagot, "C ata sabi ni doc..." so ako si "ah, totoo nga." pero confused pa rin ako dahil they did'nt tell us. all along kala namin ok lang tapos C pala. so galit ako kay achie. nag-sorry naman sya. iyak-iyak kme ni simon...hirap kaya nun. pinatahan na lang ako ni simon coz bawal sa baby. so anong nangyari??? turns out the following day, achie texted me and told me na hindi naman pala C ang sakit...juice! the emotional shock we had to go through tapos di naman pala totoo!!! parang mga syongak! i told her to please pagsabihan sila lan-lan, rey and chris to stop telling stories na hindi totoo. dahil C is not a simple sicknes katulad ng lagnat or ubo. so ok na kme ulit. apparently, something to do with prostate and needs operation daw. so please pray for daddy tony also.

my dad naman nagpa-check up din dahil mom had to bring him to hospital ng 530am dahil sakit ang tyan. he had some tests and ultrasound. and this week nya malalaman ang results. suspected kidney stones na dati pa nya sakit. some of their friends in church advised them to take sambong tea nga (herbal) na super kkatanggal daw ng stones agad. pray for daddy also. yun lang. the thing lang about being preggy is that people try to filter details when they talk to you kasi iisip nila ang condition mo. eh parang mas gusto ko naman na sabihin sa ken ang totoo diba than not telling anything. oh well...concerned rin lang siguro sila.

ay yun lang pala ang major na nangyari last week. hihi. puro work na kasi yung iba na ayoko naman i-blog dahil everyday ko na ginagawa. hahaha. well, nung sunday pala tinamaan ako ng sakit...Katamaran! grabe, after church talaga and cooking sopas (dahil nag-crave ako), wala nang tayuan sa higa...ang sarap humilata! at ang sarap ng sopas ko! yahoo! success nga eh. pansin ko lang ang mga cravings ko involve sabaw lagi...ano kaya magiging itsura ng anak ko nyan. haha.

kainis...nasa internet cafe me now sa shang...and i swear, may naamoy ako na mabahong paa...di ko alam kung san galing??!?! baka etong katabi ko! hahaha. o sya!

ay last na, 6 days na lang birthday ko na! ano kaya gagawin namin??? sabi ko kay simon, tipid muna kme ngayon kasi mejo magastos kami because lahat ng transpo namin are all taxi cabs and Basic pa na may additional fare kaya mejo tipid on other things. di pa kme makabili ng kapalit ni bhabes eh. chaka na yung diamond earrings na hinihingi ko sa kanya! hahaha. pero kahit ano gawin sa birthday ko...happy pa rin!!! 27 nako!!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The one with the birthday month

i never realized that it was my birthday month until yesterday when my officemate told ma na 18 days to go daw. ako naman si add, hehe. ay oo nga, birthday ko na ulit! i'll be turning 27 this august 20! yikes! 3 more years and 30 nako! what the?!?! hahaha. im thinking kasi of my baby lang these days and work of pa rin kaya di ako masyado excited pa sa birthday ko...pero darating din ako. hahaha.

so, what do i want to do on my birthday??? hmmm...isip muna ako then sulat ko ulit. hihi. :) have a nice day! work na ulit!

Friday, July 28, 2006

The one with more food

My baby is asking too much food...hahaha. yesterday, i had an early dinner sa office kasi may sobrang food from the training, so kinain namin at nag-uwi pako para may food si simon at di na kme kelangan magluto! bwahaha...pero come 3:30 in the morning, i woke up because i feel really hungry!!! as in gutom talaga!!! kinalabit ko si simon and he prepared food naman. tawa nga kme ng tawa and we told baby Tan to take it slow at natutulog kme tapos nagugutom sya. but then again, baby namin sya kaya pagbigyan kung anong gusto. hahaha...ang baby namin...matakaw at antukin... :D

July 30 - sunday
Had an event in makati. sampling sa clinic. sad lang kasi was'nt able to attend church. di bale, try ko mag mid-week service ngayon. i cooked arroz caldo! sarap! first time to!my mom texted me the ingredients and the how to's! galing talaga ng nanay ko...maaasahan. tapos simon fried tofu naman. the best...para kme nasa carinderia kagabi! hahaha. we had fun cooking...habang kumakain nga kme sumisigaw ako ng, "manang, softdrinks nga po..." nyahaha...

til now, di ko pa rin nakikita ang mag. hehehe. we went there last friday sa congress. even sa benz and madge, kaya lang wala pa yung mag. :( huhuhu. di bale, makakabili rin ako nun this week. :D

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The one with Beautiful Weddings 2006

A wedding, may it be simple or grand, intimate or attended by the media people, church or garden will always be a Beautiful wedding because love is celebrated before God and man. And it is our (simon and I) great honor and privilege to be chosen to be featured in this year's Beautiful Weddings magazine. Thank you to the great minds of Wedding Essentials team, Marbee, Chynthia, Ria, and the rest of the, so, thank you for a beautiful layout and for the chance to be featured in your mag. we can't thank you enough. It has always been in our prayer to be able to share God's goodness in our lives thru our wedding and this privilege is an answered prayer indeed.


Please grab your copies and reminisce the memories of your union, your first dance, the taste of your wedding cake, the laughter of every guest and family...and your first kiss.

For only P120.00, available in National Book Stores, Power books in greenbelt, sketchbooks and fully booked in makati. :) Also at the wedding congress from tomorrow til sunday only!

sorry, di po ako ahente...excited lang po talaga kme at happy! hmmm, ilan kaya mabibili ko?! nyahaha. congrats again!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The one with sopas

so...ano ba update sa ken sa aking pagiging preggy???everyone's asking if im starting to feel all the morning sickness and all...wala! as in nada! except that i feel gutom agad and pag matagal nakatayo, mangangawit agad ako. thank goodness at wala naman masyado pahirap on my 2nd month. sabi naman ng iba, baka lang daw ma-delay ang aking mga morning sickness. aba! at parang gusto pa talaga nila ako mahirapan ha...hmmm...

o cge, nangamusta lang ako at back to work na. mejo dami work pero im trying to take it easy for our baby T.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The one with sinigang

Our baby T is 2 months na in my womb! hehe. (why baby T? pwedeng baby Tan, o kaya baby Tuta! nyahaha) sabi ko nga sa iba kong friends who know me as a dog lover...may tuta na kme! hahaha. joke lang at baka maging batik-batik nga ang anak ko.

anyway, we spent our weekend with a simple monthsary celebration and lunch with my bestest friends. saturday, july 22 was our monthsary (wedding and bf-gf, same lang) so we went to the mall. Sta. Lucia lang since di ako pwede lumayo. ate delia stayed at home while we were out. grabe, did i mention na hulog ng langit yang si ate delia?! she's our housekeeper. actually, sa house talaga ni simon sya madalas, ni-refer lang ni mommy alma sa amin. parang tulong na rin namin sa kanya, pero mas tulong sa amin yung ginagawa nya. imagine, sa isang buong araw...makakapaglaba sya ng tambak namin na labahin, clean our house, (as in lahat sa house ha), at kung ano-ano pa. basta, wala na kme kelangan gawin. whole day yun and she charges 250 pesos lang! sinosobrahan na lang namin to P300 and we give them food or whatever na meron sa house para thank you na rin. hehe, galing!

so back to kwento, we went shopping! my behbeh bought two polo shirts sa F&H, a pair of jeans sa Lee and a pair of shades sa F&H. ang saya nya ha! yung polo nga first time nya daw bumili ng shirt na 600 ang isa. haha, kurips talaga kme. kasi usually pang-polo na daw yun. eh sabi ko naman, treat nya sa sarili yun for having been promoted at work and monthsary naman diba?! nag-reason out pa eh. ako naman, i bought lang 2 blouses and some undies. mejo luluma na kasi ng undies ko and mejo masikip na. hihihi. so, we also tried on some pants na pang-preggo...pero for goodness sake, hindi magaganda! bat ganun?! laging may excess na tela sa likod. hahaha. eh kasi naman pinipilit ko na agad mag-ganun eh di pa naman dapat. i should just buy pants a little larger than my usual size diba? :)

tapos we ate at Max's kasi nag-crave kme sa sinigang! grabe, na-empacho ata ako! as in hindi ako makalakad sa busog at sumasakit na tyan ko...ang takaw ko! aside from sinigang na pork, we ordered chicken and chopseuy(ewan ko ba ke simon, di tlga bagay yung chopseuy sa order namin eh) hehe. tapos may dessert pa na leche flan and may mga fruit shakes pa kme. hinayang kme sa fruit shake ko and sa chopseuy kasi di namin nagalaw halos. tatakaw!!! pero i promise to lessen na my eating kasi ayoko rin masyado tumaba...not pala lessen my eating, yung tamang eat lang. :)

pag uwi, simon went to church na. di nya nako pinasama kasi wala kme car ngayon e :( eh naulan pa so mahirap mag-commute. i stayed at home lang and watched 24, at chaka read my fave book ngayon, "What to expect when you're expecting" hihihi.

sunday...we went to dahil alam na ng mga ninong at ninang namin, including dun sa mga ka-member namin sa ministry, tuwang tuwa silang lahat. at ang dami advices na hindi ko na ma-grasp lahat. hehe. pero happy me that they're happy for us. i know a lot of people are praying for my baby.

tapos, i had lunch with the greenpark girls, my best friends. hinatid ako ng mga SIL ko kala naan and sumabay nako kay naan. we ate at somethin' fishy and guess what i ordered??? sinigang pa rin!!! ano ba yun?! love the labanos sa sinigang and the pork of course! chaka yung sabaw! sabi nga nila baka dun ako sabaw! nyah!

ang ganda ng mga topics namin...well, jannet has a problem at work but i know she'll get through it. she just has to be firm and stand for what is right. we prayed for her before we ate and napa-iyak sya sa prayer ko. i know God is doing something great in her life, she just has to wait for it. also, we are planning to buy Cash Flow 101 na boardgame, to purchase it from the States and plan to sponsor games here. mukang okay naman sya.

we also plan to pursue the franchise business na napag-usapan before. well, we'll meet some other time on that para mas mabigyan ng pansin at madesisyunan. naisip ko nga eh, i think i should do again the 5-year timetable of my life. dati ginawa ko na yun and prayed for it and in God's grace, lahat yun natupad naman. promise! kaya nga i think it's also best that Simon and I do it again para ma-plan din namin at mapag-pray ang future years namin.

park muna na ulit...have a nice rainy day everyone!

Friday, July 21, 2006

The one with surprised parents

Hahaha...kakatawa mga parents ni simon. when we went there the other night to break the news, akala ni mommy alma gift lang namin sa kanya yun. sabi nya, "eh kakabigay mo lang sa ken ng bag ha..." sabi ko, "open nyo lang po." eh di si daddy, nakiki-usyoso kasi bakit wala daw sya gift. hahaha. when they saw the infant clothes, tawa ng tawa...maya-maya nag sink in na may baby na nga when they saw the ultrasound pic. nyahaha. pero bakit ganun, lagi sila tatanong muna kung ano yung ultrasound pic? di ba sila nag-ganun dati? hihihi.

the sisters are so happy also! aba, excited na mamili ng mga gamit for the baby at mag-shop din daw ako sa gingersnaps and orange juice! juice! ang mahal naman! hehe. kurips pa rin! so there, it was one happy evening...we had dinner pa and nagkwentuhan pa kung ano pa nararamdaman ko.

the thing is...wala ako nung mga morning sickness na yan...promise! except that mabilis ako makatulog sa gabi (kasi ayoko na mapuyat), matakaw ako (pero dati na naman ako matakaw) hehe. and my sense of smell eh mejo heightened na. ewan ko, madali ako mabahuan kahit wala naman naaamoy ang iba. hahaha. weird! ano pa ba??? oh and mejo lumalaki na puson ko!!! have to buy new panties, bras, and pants pa.

tomorrow monthsary na namin!!! yipee!!! san kaya gimmick namin ni beh??? hmmm...kwento ko na lang ulit. have a happy weekend everyone! :D happy birthday too jannet!

Part 2:

lunch time - i ate tilapia and veggies sa canteen. tapos, nag-crave ako for yogurt and peanuts. eh super init sa labas...guess what i did??? lumabas pa rin at bumili! nyahaha. lagot ako kay behbeh ko! shhh...quiet lang, walang magsusumbong. sarap nung yogurt! berry mix, super fave ko tlga yun. pero yung peanuts...yuck! ang alat. isa pa lang nakain ko, nisara ko na yung bag. eeewww...pakain ko na lang kay simon. hehe..

nag-request ako kay simon that we cook (he lang pala) sinigang maraming labanos!!! nyahaha...para maputi ang baby! nde, joke lang!!! (half-meant)

o sya, back to work!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The one with the first visit to OB

We were supposed to meet Dr. Sharon Cruz as recommended by a lot of my officemates, kaya lang 2nd day na sya hindi pumapasok because she had to attend to her husband, so i went to Dr. Carmela Madrigal-Dy who's also good and magaling daw...maganda pa! hehehe.

i went to Health First at 430pm na. then she attended to me at past 5pm na (dami patients eh) she asked me kung when ang first day ng last mens ko. i guessed lang, sabi ko may 29. based on her computation, dapat mga 7 weeks and 4 days na daw si baby. i doubted kasi baka na-delayed lang ako ng june kaya mga july lang sya na-conceive. so she suggested that we have a trans-V ultrasound to know the gestation period of the baby...yikes! baka masakit ha...

so i paid the bill and went straight to the ultrasound room. when i lied down na, may nakikita nako na some device na nilagyan nya ng petroleum jelly. sabi nya, "this might be a little uncomfortable ha..." sabay dahan-dahan nipasok ang device. yikes! uncomfortable nga! pero when i saw the sac of our baby and how little he/she is...di ko na naisip na may device sa loob ko. hehehe.

this is how our baby looks like at 7 weeks...
Baby small!
if you see the tiny white spot inside the black thing...that's our baby! hehe. the black is the sac and the super liit spot is ours. (sorry for resolution at phone image lang yan)

pero malikot!!!
we bought frames for parents and for us ni simon...nasa office desks na namin now.

sabi ni doc, based on the measurements of the sac, the baby is 7 weeks and 1 day! yahoo! and may heartbeat na sya!!! medyo irregular pa nga lang daw kasi nasa developmental stage pa lang sya. they'll do doppler on me at 10 weeks ata. pero we saw the baby moving, yung prang nag-biblink sya kasi gumagalaw. basta, di ko ma-explain! hahaha. super happy kme! doc asked simon to come inside and see the ultrasound. he documented it and videotaped it. yey! saya! confirmed na may baby nga!!! she also checked my ovaries and in place naman daw lahat. i was asked to come back some time in august and have a number of tests and check up ulit. was also given medicines for the baby's development.

after that, we went straight to Sta. Lucia and did some shopping...kung pano namin sasabihin sa mga parents namin. hehehe. we bought small picture frames, infant clothes, and mittens. the mittens are for my bestest friends (mahal na masyado kung lahat may infant clothes eh...haha) the clothes pa pala are 25% off! haha. galing! we also bought shoes for me na walang heels. eh gusto ko pa sana libutin kaya lang ayaw na ni simon at baka mapagod daw ako.

my new shoes
laki ng paa ko!

so we bought a paper bag, photocopied the ultrasound of the baby and framed it, tucked it inside with the clothes and a little note for the grandparents...kunwari galing kay baby! nyahaha. (eh naka-computer, marunong na mag-computer ang baby!)

we went first to my parents. ate muna dinner (favorite sopas and fried galunggong...the best!) after the yummy dinner, we gave the gift na. akala pa ng mommy ko may binyag kme na pupuntahan. hihihi. tapos, she read the note muna. when she read "baby tan" tuwang-tuwa na. then they opened the little clothes and they saw the frame. hahaha. tawa ng tawa at napatili si mama. my dad was happy and immediately embraced simon and me. we exchanged hugs and kissed tapos kwentuhan na of how the check-up went and ano pa mga symptoms ko. sabi ko, wala naman masyado, except that i love to eat. yikes! after the tawanan and hulaan what gender the baby will be...we went home na. ang plan talaga is to go home saglit and go straight to simon's parents. kaya lang nagloko na naman si babes and it wont start. kainis! so di namin nasabi pa sa parents ni simon. mamaya na lang ang gimik...pagkagaling office, derecho na kme dun.

in fairness, makapit ang baby Tan ha...kasi for the past month, iam so sure i was so stressed and very malikot kasi dami nirurush pero talagang our baby is holding on to me. haayy! saya! sana tuloy-tuloy na talaga.

oh and another good news! simon has been a talent artist for GMA for almost a year na...not that nagrereklamo kme coz before feeling namin ok kung talent lang sya than regular para he'll have other time for other projects...pero mas ok pa rin ang regular para sa benefits diba? so...magiging regular na sya!!! she talked to the big boss and she immediately agreed naman. today, july 19 ang orientation nya. ang bilis noh?! hehehe. praise God! when it rains, it pours!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

The one with a BIG surprise!!!

it's a beautiful day!!! i woke up feeling dizzy, nauseated and parang laging gutom. i asked jenny to buy me a preg kit...and while nagjajabebs ako, nagtest nako. pangalawa attempt ko na to, kasi nung first, wala lumalabas na urine. hehe, pa-suspense. so syempre, pagkadrop nung urine, nilagay ko muna sa likod ko at nagjabebs ako plus nag text ng konti. dahil pang-limang test ko na yan since december, parang ayoko rin masyado mag-hope dahil nakakalungkot at sayang ang money pag negative. hihihi.

so syempre, eto na...after a few minutes...daran!!!!

two pink lines!!!



PRAISE GOD!!! ANG SAYA-SAYA! when i saw it, napaluha lang ako sa tuwa. speechless and i prayed and thanked God for everything. ibang klase talaga ang timing ni Lord, perfect!!!

tapos, naghugas nako...hihihi...di pa pala ako tapos mag jebs nun. nyahaha.

so after that, na-announce ko na sa office. i also emailed my friends na and happy rin sila. ang hindi ko pa nasasabihan are our families, simon and our close friends. gusto kasi namin personal eh. so there...magiging mommy nako!!! yahoo!!! it's an answered prayer. talagang totoo na when it rains, it pours....

so pano ko sinabi kay simon...ganito yun...

we've been having suspicions already if im pregnant kasi nga maraming physical developments na super obvious, kahit sya nagugulat. (oo na, lumaki daw boobsies ko!) nyahaha. di ko na detalye at baka marami makabasa nito., so anyway, i asked him to meet me sa clinic namin early para makapagpa-check up kme agad. before ko sya i-meet, i bought a crystal glass pacifier, wrote a note na kunwari sa baby namin galing, and in the gift is my pregnancy kit...the only evidence that yes, im pregnant.

so pagdating ko ng clinic, wala pala ang OB ko at may emergency daw. nyeh! suspense pa ha. so tawag ako sa kanya. eh since nakaalis na rin sya office, nag-meet na rin kme sa shang. i went to starbucks 6th level and prepared my gift. :D simple lang ang gimik ko kasi gusto ko na talaga sabihin sa kanya dahil morning pa lang tinatanong nya nako if bumili nako ng test. eh ayoko naman sabihin na positive dahil gusto ko nga makita ang reaction nya diba??? so when i gave the gift, nag thank you pa sya. sabi nya, "ano to?" sabi ko, "basta..."

pag open nya ng gift, he first read the note. sabi nya, "hehe...ang cute, daddy...kunwari baby ko nagsulat..." the last line said, "i can't wait for you to teach me music daddy, baby tan" cute noh?! tapos, nakita nya yung pacifier. sabi nya, "wow, ang cute naman nito!" (di pa rin nakakaramdam ang mokong!) tapos when he saw the test, ganito kme...

"eh, eto ano to?!"
"eh di preg kit."
"ano ibig sabihin?"
"pag one line...negative, pag two lines..."
"ha?!?!?! wiheeeheehee!!!" (tapos napatahimik na sya at ngiti lang ng ngiti)
(hanggang sa may mga luha na sa mga gilid ng kanyang mata at pinunasan nya ito)

these are the only pictures i was able to take kasi naiyak din ako eh kaya di ko sya nakuhaan agad.

speechless daddy!
ayan...puro mejo tumubo na rin ang buhok nya...di nya sya kalbo

eto pa isa...
namumuong luha na yan...
he's holding the note and the pacifier dyan. di nya na hinawakan yung kit...hihi, baka amoy wiwi eh. nyahaha.

after that, tatayo na kme, naka-alalay agad ang asawa ko. wahaha. sabi ko, "beh, di naman ako matanda..buntis lang." ang bagal namin maglakad...we decided to go home agad kasi gusto nga namin dumaan sa mga parents namin to break the news.

eh pag uwi namin, tinamad na ang lola nyo dahil nakita ko na ang kama namin. eh sarap pa naman ng weather kahapon...hihihi. tamad ang anak namin! tapos, he went out to buy food, and prepared it for us. bukas na lang kme gigimik sa mga parents namin.

when we were on the bed na, himas ng himas si simon kay baby. kiss pa ng kiss. tapos nagising ako ng 3am...i saw him awake pa. sabi ko, baket gising ka pa? di daw sya makatulog dahil iniisip nya baby namin. i know he'll be a good and wonderful father. we ended our day with a prayer to thank God for everything and prayed that everything will be fine with me and the baby. :D

tomorrow na kme mamimili ng shoes ko and pants (yes, bawal nako mag-heels and wala nang kasya sa ken na pants...nyahaha) and we'll also buy baby clothes pang surprise sa mga families namin. yun ang gimmick namin. hehehe. :D

thank you Lord!

Friday, July 07, 2006

The one with letting go

This is a topic i never wanted to hear...death.

It's just so sad eh...when i read con's post about her aunt, saw glo's last post on her blog (her mom passed away). basta, ayoko ng ganung topic. alam ko, we all had to go through it pero di ko ata kaya. just the thought of it makes me cry.

everytime i'd think about losing my mom, or my dad, or Simon...napapaiyak talaga ako. kahit saan man me, naluluha ako. kasi parang di ko talaga kakayanin. yun lang. I know God controls our lives and alam ko naman that His plans are for the best lagi, pero syempre tao lang much as possible, the ones we love most...gusto natin kasama natin sila hangga't pagtanda.

na-sad lang talaga me. so gloomy day...

5 freaking days til the Conference!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The one with Bokal, Bukol

yesterday, nagpakalbo ang behbeh ko! hahaha...gwapo pa rin! dami nga lang hair sa pillow kasi sa gupit, di ba naman sha ni-shampoo ng barbero! eh sandali, bakit nga ba hindi nagshashampoo ang barbero??? hmmm...

tapos, yung bukol ko po sa right wrist ko...nawala na! miracle??? hehe, accident! mai, ano nga ba tawag dun? ganglion cyst chenes ba? basta, when i had it checked sa doctor namin last month, sabi dapat daw operahan pero minor lang daw ang operation ang hindi rush. so di ko muna pina-opera and sabi rin ni mai (she had the same condition) pag di naman masakit, wag pa-opera.

so anyway, nagmamake-up ako kanina...tapos, nung binalik ko sa drawer yung things ko, tumama yung bukol ko sa drawer. sabi ko pa, "aray! sa lahat naman ng tatamaan oh?" tapos pag tingin ko, flat na yung wrist ko!!! napasok na ulit sa loob yung bukol! nyahaha!!! yuck ano?! pero nakakatawa talaga! ayos! instant surgery!

hehe. o sya! bought Wedding Essentials mag last night! super ganda! the best! :) congrats marbee, cynthia, ria and the team! kudos!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The one with a big cry

grabe, i cried like a baby kanina....napapagod na talaga ako sa getting really anxious with the conference next week and the launching of my product...haayy!

Lord, please give me the strength. I draw strength and wisdom from you. Guide me in whaever decision I will make.

After two hours or so, I went back to my boss...and he signed my project! Praise God! i thank for my officemates who supported me.

Grabe, everything is a test...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The one with a whole lot of kwentos

I'll just write everything coz i might forget things...God is good and God loves me.

June 29, 2006 - The not so premiere night of Superman Returns
~ hahaha. eh kasi 28 ang 1st day eh so hindi na sya ganun ka-premiere showing pero super fun kasi libre ang tickets namin sa Eastwood cinema! wohoo!!! courtesy of our AE at richmonde hotel sheila castro! thanks dear! sa super dami nga lang ng tao...we were'nt able to seat na magkatabi... pati si lissa and wowie, magkalayo! hahaha. pero super gwapo ni brandon routh! waaahhh!!! para syang hindi totoong tao! the movie was great! it met my expectations and more. kaya lang, parang pinagkasya nila lahat ng events in one movie para talagang "returns" ang dating. :)

July 1, 2006 - The sinigang
~ i went home early, did some grocery for my hubby and cooked sinigang...pambawi ba kasi for the past few days, lagi kme kain sa labas or sya nagluluto. sowee! i also prepared mango float for our dessert sa sunday sa dinner namin with the opposwim group! kaya lang si simon naman ang wala...nag-practice sa church that's why late na sya umuwi. tapos, pag uwi nya pa...kumain sya mag-isa lang kasi sleep nako. pero pagpasok nya room, nagising ako...tapos nahirapan na me makatulog ulit. ehhh, we had to wake up early pa kasi may breakfast date kme with friends at somethin fishy sa tuloy ko kwento sa next date below.

July 2, 2006 - The longest sunday ever!
~ so we woke up at 5am, took a cold shower, then drove to eastwood...para lang mag eat all you can sa something fishy!!! kulit talaga namin!!! it's actually a celebration of achie's bday...chinese na chinese talaga, umaga pa rin ang celeb! hahaha. but we still had fun kahit unti lang kme andun. sarap kaya kumain!!! after that, we headed straight to church na. Pastor Babes Paulate gave the preaching and ang ganda ng preaching nya.

The one with simon's first facial
~ after church, di pa kme nakuntento. we went to rob. metro east to get some facials and massages. we were with simon's sisters kaya ang saya namin! silang lahat nagpamasahe...ako lang hindi kasi baka preggy eh...sayang! hehe. tapos nagpa-facial rin kme ni simon! first time nya!!! i would have taken a pic of him kaya lang fina-facial na rin ako...di ko na nagawa, sayang. but it's not a good sight rin naman seeing all the blackheads and white heads. hahaha.

~ after that, we went to Body shop, eh sale so napabili ako. kaya lang lip gloss lang nibili ko kasi yun lang kelangan ko (kakabili ko lang ng clinique set e). as we were strolling, pasok kme sa girbaud. sale din kasi. i saw this really cute sneakers for! danda! binili namin. i saw this cute red bag also...super akong-ako...kaya lang di namin binili. :( ang dami ko na daw bags! wala nga eh!!! ok lang, di rin naman sya kelangan na kelangan.

~ after our malling and spa, we dropped off muna simon sa apartment and i joined the sisters for a grocery at robinson's junction. di na namin sinama si simon kasi gusto nya na matulog, sayang daw ang masahe. hehehe. bought some items lang for dinner later with our bestest friends! grabe, sa init! kumikintab ang mukha ko! yaaakkk!!!

~ after grocery, hinatid ko muna sila sa village nila then i went home na. ang behbeh ko hindi naman natutulog...he was enjoying his pacquiao moment! so proud to be pinoy! mabuhay ka pacquiao and to all other boxers who won!!!

~ after the game, di nako makatulog so naglinis na lang me and then nagluto na ng chopseuy to partner the liempo that naan and jason will bring and jill's soup.

The one with the dinner
~ so syempre, when i say they go to our house ng dinner pwedeng 8pm yun, or 9pm to that matter. hehe, sanay na sanay nako sa amin. they started arriving at 830pm, syempre una sila naan and jason (as always), sunod na si jannet, then jill and jhon! tapos di na kme kasya sa house! hahaha. so we headed to the roofdeck agad. buti na lang di umulan. katuwa, enjoy kme sa taas. sarap kumain! sarap mag-games, and picture-taking (sorry, no pic pa rin kasi nasa pc po ni simon lahat ng pics namin)

~ after that, we went back to the apartment na...and guess what?! naglaro kme ng Metal Slug!!! grabe, na-addict na rin sila. that PC game is one of our bonding moments and katuwa na na-enjoy nila yung game. graphics is really good and weapons. yun nga lang, ang downside...everytime we play that...napapasigaw tlga ako, "Sugod!!!Die!!!!Aaaaahhhhh!!!!" as in, warfreaks! hahaha. but enjoy kme everytime we play that kahit puyat-puyat na kme pareho kakalaro. si jill and naan, grabe tumili pag naglalaro! si jannet naman, kunwari daw pagod na at maaga sya nga yung pinakamatagal naglaro eh! hahaha.

~ i love you our bestest friends! magkakasama na tayo since we were kids and i hope to look forward to the time that our kids have kids already and we're still together! muah!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The one with twenty-something

Ive read somewhere that in one's life, we all undergo the what they call "the twenty-something" crisis. shucks! i really have to find that email. it's so nice and i think i can totally relate to it right now.

sabi dun, this is the time when we think if the work that we have right now is the right job for us...

we adjust to the family life that we get into once we get married and have kids...we feel responsible for whoever they will become and what they will accomplish in life.

we think and rethink of the life we want...eto na ba yun??? tama ba ang tinatahak ko na career?

we value our families and friends and realize that they are the only people who listen to us and help us in times of troubles.

super nice yung email na yun that i got from naan. i really need to read that again! i'am at a point in my life where i'am searching for God's purpose for my career life.

~ as i've said, ive always wanted brand management. kaya lang, baka i may be wanting it for the wrong reasons. baka hindi talaga yun ang gusto ko gawin. ewan ko, sabi ko nga lagi, work should not be a burden. yes, it's hard but it should not control my life.

~ feeling ko talaga, one move ko lang na mali, mapapa-resign talaga me ng di-oras. that's why i really need God's guidance right now. ayoko na maiba yung decisions ko dahil i did'nt pray for it. i always seek His will in my life. mahirap kasi kung basta-basta lang. and nafe-feel ko that He is doing something...His works are just unexplainable and mysterious pero perfect sa timing. kaya i'd always want to make sure that I depend on Him.

~ pero syempre, being human as i'am, nahihirapan talaga ako. naiinggit ako sa asawa ko who works at what he loves yung parang kahit marami sya work at tambak din tulad ko, nakikita ko that he's happy and that he feels like he's not working kasi music ang ginagawa nya. haaayyy!!!

~ so, what's that one thing that i love to do??? should i look for other opportunities???

~ parang naisip ko na mas ok pa yung employed pero tama lang ang pressure para i can have time for my small business. settled nako dun eh. wala nga lang career growth.

~ that's just it! wala rin naman ako career growth pa dito...kaya rin siguro hirap ako to do anything. may kulang.

~ pero...sabi ko nga, everything happens for a purpose! God designed everything with a master plan and He holds the blueprint of my life.

~ i learn to take life one step at a time...learn to breathe and relax...learn to say that "it's just should'nt control my life"


Thursday, June 22, 2006

The one with halfway there...again

The first time i wrote the same title was last year when we were halfway to our wedding. Now, we're halfway to our 1st year anniversary! yahoo! saya! time really flies so fast grabe! it was a thursday. simon took me out for a dinner at brickroad. syempre, pag uwi ko...wala sya. duda nako that he bought flowers..hihi. pag dating nya, sabi nya nagpa-carwash lang daw sya...and may flowers nga! hihii. we went to brickroad without knowing where to eat. nakita namin eat all you can ang Don Hen! yahoo! i missed eating there! and so we did...things to remember when eating in an "eat all you can"
1. dont order bottomless iced tea! my goodness, when we ordered iced tea, we did'nt know kung san kme magsusulit...ang uminom ng maraming iced tea o kumain ng marami! haha, gluttony!
2. don't start with the gutom nako nun e...i dont need an appetizer. si simon nag salad pa rin pero dami pa rin sya nakain!
3. eat a little of everything. dahil favorite ko ang buffalo wings, dami ako nakain nun that left me no space for other foods. nyahaha.

we had fun...we always do. thank you simon for being the best husband! can't ask for more. love you so much!

Monday, June 19, 2006

The one with being tagged

It's lunch time and been tagged by meng. (hi sis!) you're right, it's just too inviting not to give this some time. here goes...

Instructions: Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

1. 'i love you' text from my beh
2. Jollibee chicken joy or KFC hot and crispy
3. when i see my dog wagging his tail or playing
4. 'Friends' marathon
5. clean sheets
6. sunset (kahit sa tapat lang ng bahay namin..solve nako!)
7. cheese popcorn (bucket)
8. my dog licking my face or me scratching his tummy
9. yung amoy ng ilong ni simon when he breathes on me. :)
10. magising ng tanghali and stay sa bed with simon. it's either food or dog or simon for me. :) will tag the following:

1. concon
2. mec
3. wella
4. yna
5. mai
6. karla
7. aggie
8. tin
9. charie
10. amy

c'mon girls! let's find out our life's simple pleasures... :-)