Monday, November 11, 2013

The one with Yolanda

Visayas has been hit by super typhoon Yolanda and the aftermath is huge.  I cannot describe it, cannot fathom how big the effect was but if we can help, let us do so in whatever way we can. 

God is stronger and bigger than this.

The one with instrument furniture

We don't have a specific theme for the house but since my husband is a musician, we want to make sure that our house can reflect that description and side of us.  We upcycled our bass drum and made it to centertable.  We also used a part of his first keyboard as part of the gallery.  I hope we'd be able to keep up with our theme and decors around the house, maybe a flutophone next time?  :)

Soo exciting!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The one with home ideas

As i said before, we are getting busy and in full blast with our house finishing.  We are now in the process of building the dirty kitchen.  It's extra hard now because we don't have a foreman to help us.  We buy the materials ourselves, go to the site everyday to make sure they finish on time.  I just hope we can move in there before december.  We are just so excited. I want to post some pics but i don't have them right now so let me post some pics i found nice. :) here are some space-saving ideas.

i want this at the back of the main door.
the husband drew this to transform our office cabinet to my office. im just so excited! yihee!

The one with hopefully for good

I know, i know! i'm just so ashamed i have'nt been able to maintain this blog. I have a LOT of things on hand now, it feels like i'm moving like a robot, with everyday and unending list of things to do. it just doesn't stop. Anyway, just for a welcome back blog post, let me share a parenting tip on how we, as mothers, should talk to our daughters about her body. I got this from a blog, you can check her blog as well. How to talk to your daughter about her body. Step one: don’t talk to your daughter about her body, except to teach her how it works. Don’t say anything if she’s lost weight. Don’t say anything if she’s gained weight. If you think your daughter’s body looks amazing, don’t say that. Here are some things you can say instead: “you look healthy!” is a great one. Or how about, “you’re looking strong.” “I can see how happy you are – you’re glowing.” Better yet, compliment her on something that has nothing to do with her body. Don’t comment on other woman’s bodies either. Nope. Not a single comment, not a nice one or a mean one. Teach her about kindness towards others, but also kindness towards yourself. Don’t you dare talk about how much you hate your body in front of your daughter, or talk about your new diet. In fact, don’t go on a diet in front of your daughter. Buy healthy food. Cook healthy meals. But don’t say “I’m not eating carbs right now.” Your daughter should never think that carbs are evil, because shame over what you eat only leads to shame about yourself. Encourage your daughter to run because it makes her feel less stressed. Encourage your daughter to climb mountains because there is nowhere better to explore your spirituality than the peak of the universe. Encourage your daughter to surf, or rock climb, or mountain bike because it scares her and that’s a good thing sometimes. Help your daughter love soccer or rowing or hockey because sports make her a better leader and a more confident woman. Explain that no matter how old you get, you’ll never stop needing good teamwork. Never make her play a sport she isn’t absolutely in love with. Prove to your daughter that women don’t need men to move furniture. Teach your daughter how to cook kale. Teach your daughter how to bake chocolate cake made with six sticks of butter. Pass on your Mom’s recipe for Christmas morning coffee cake. Pass on your love being outside. Maybe you and your daughter both have thick thighs or wide ribcages. It’s easy to hate these non-size zero body parts. Don’t. Tell your daughter that with her legs she can run a marathon if she wants to, and her ribcage is nothing but a carrying case for strong lungs. She can scream and she can lift up the world, if she wants. Remind your daughter that the best thing she can do with her body is to use it to mobilize her beautiful soul.