Thursday, December 15, 2005

The one with one week to go!

We are exactly one week from our wedding...excitement is rushing in...grabe! kakatuwa how God works in our lives. super dami realizations and learnings that make us more humble before God.

we attended Richard and Amor's wedding. their venue is the same venue as ours so we basically had a glimpse of what our venue would look like. It was breath-taking...promise! i just can't help but be teary-eyed because of joy that God has given them the favor of a perfect weather. nakaka-blessed talaga. now, we have really realized that there is no one to really ask favor from but God.

tapos, on our way home, Simon and I were talking about our wedding. Sabi ko, "lam mo kahit nga umulan sa wedding natin, i just realized that it has been so much for me to ask everything...the mere fact that God gave us the provision for the wedding is already a miracle. We never thought that this wedding preparation will not give us so much headache from where we will get the resources. He provided for everything. And so, we know that He will also provide the stars and the moon for our wedding. God is good. Made us realized to really pray that God will give us a wedding that will be successful...successful because we were able to glorify God's name through the wedding and that we will offer our wedding to Him and His name alone.

I texted clarice. Told her to change the layout of our wedding ceremony and reception, to change it back to the original layout, a separate ceremony and reception. That's the only thing i asked for my wedding...and of course a rain-free weather.

We plan to go to Prayer Mountain one of these days and pray for our wedding and all other details that cover it. :)

God bless to all December brides!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The one with last meeting

Starbucks, 6th level, shangri-la...was our venue on our last meeting with clarice. grabe, when he said nga na "see you on thursday..." parang kme, "huh?thursday?" "oo, sa wedding nyo..." yikes! ikakasala na nga kme! hahaha...

things i realized last night:
1. yes, i'd have to admit, a part of me has fears sa weather on that day. she asked, "hindi ka natatakot? or is it just faith?" lam mo, natatakot nga ako, pero it's more on whether it rains or not, i know, His works and plans are for the best.

2. Yes, we are specific in praying for a rain-free weather on our wedding day...but more importantly, He made me realize that we should pray more and trust that His plans for us on the wedding will succeed and that we will only glorify His name sa wedding namin.

3. Simon texted me yesterday, "basta ang important sa ken katabi kita habang kakanta ako sa wedding natin and okay nako nun" It will be OUR day...all ours! so kahit ano mangyari...para sa amin yun...

yun lang, kaya super excited na ulit me for next week. imagine, next week, misis nako!!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

The one with the 10-day countdown

10 days to go!!! it did'nt rain...i plan to take my leave starting friday, pero di pako nagpapa-alam. hehehe. thankfully, when we had a meeting yesterday for the parade, we appointed two other officemates to be the stage director and logistics coordinator. yey! ibig sabihin, sila na bahala and i can just 'sulpot' there anytime...(oh i hope ganun nga mangyari...)

yun still praying for a rain-free weather...please Lord...ayoko lang po talaga mag-tent...kc mahal...hehehe...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The one with being normal

Finally...a share of my own wedding tension and pressure. hahaha. ive been telling my friends and even some of my close w@wies na nawe-weirduhan ako that we are so letting go na agad as early as now. sabi naman ng iba kong friends, that's because prepared na nga daw kme. not really, dami pa kme kulang, wala na nga lang me keber. hehe. and despite the major changes that i posted earlier, relaxed pa rin kme ni simon.

then...last night, i had the first wedding tension of my life...a fight with my mom.

of all people na ayoko maka-away, it's my mom. kc we have the same ugali, same malditahan, same kulit, and same lahat. dalawa lang kc kme girl sa family. the reason behind the fight was really petty, i dont wanna even talk about it anymore kc super babaw talaga. pero i snapped, and so did she. it was not really sampalan at sabihan ng masasakit na salita...di naman kme ganun. hehe.

but in our family, madali kme magbati. i texted her this morning na sorry and she texted back: "we love you anak and sori din. pasensya na at bumabata ako eh"'s their anniversary today and we'll go out for dinner.

la lang, i realized that hey, natetense nako and im glad at na-overcome ko naman. i dont wanna be a bridezilla on the day mismo. pero i still to be "kondisyoned" pa na everything will be okay.

i love my mom...

happy wedding ulyfel! :)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The one with last-minute decisions

Two weeks before the wedding and here we are shocked with a lot of changes for the wedding. ganito ba talaga yun? pero relaxed mode pa rin naman kme ni simon. nakakatawa lang coz some of the decisions we made before were really discussed between us and tumagal coz nahirapan kme i-decide...tapos biglang change of plans... here's what iam talking about...

~ our pastor will not have his permit before our wedding day. we had to go back and ask Pastor B again to officiate us. Unfortunately, he still has to check if his permit is still okay and has not expired yet. so, now we're waiting...misalls have been printed, photocopied and binded already. i just hope walang ma-ooverhaul masyado. a part of me is saying, "you should have followed your heart."

~ the keyboardist for our reception backed out. grrrh! this is easy as i just texted john santos to extend their musicians to reception. unfortunately, they can only rehearse with our singers/friends 2 hours before the ceremony. that leaves us and my coordinator to change all our timetable on the wedding day and make everything earlier. nyahaha.

~ the singer for the ceremony is not keeping in touch. despite of all the texts and calls of simon, incomunicado pa rin sya. so, we have to ask again john for their singers, kung available pa. sa reception, okay na kme. (so far)

~ my mom requested for a nice bridal car...something that we really had the least priority in. okay rin lang, we will just get the benz of john santos.

this is, i know, the tip of the iceberg pa lang. pero ok lang. i know we will still be married and will have the wedding of our dreams. details lang to...

~ on a lighter note, our house is having shape already. kakatuwa, buying stuffs for the house. pero di nakakatuwa ung gastos. hahaha. we bought sofa set na, curtains, lamps, wall mirror for visual illusion effect (hehe), shower, christmas tree and decors, and lights. yun pa lang. I will separate muna the payments for the suppliers, then we can buy na cguro the dining table and mattress. yey!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The one with being a Bride

It’s just two weeks before our wedding day! Time flies so fast. I wonder where it all went. It seems like it has been just yesterday that we were looking for a venue, then a caterer, then a photographer, so on and so forth. But we enjoyed every bit of preparing…tiring but enjoyable. Oh and yes, I too, have met and made many friends along our wedding preparations, something that I will forever be grateful for.

It took us exactly a year to prepare for our wedding. And I think I’d have to agree that there are really stages that a bride undergoes when preparing for a wedding. Some of the stages may happen at the same time, some may come first and others later than expected depending on the couple. Here’s what I have to say:

The “elated” couple – After having been proposed to and having that “This is it!” feeling, a bride will be overwhelmed with so many wedding ideas and concepts that she has since she started making pillow cases her veil. This is when you formally talk about your wedding, where you are excited and eager to sit down and discuss what kind of wedding you want to have. This is where you share your dream wedding to your fiancĂ© and hopefully he will agree (read: budget! Haha)

The “booking” couple – Oh yes, excitement keeps rushing in…This is where you feel that the perfect venue you’ve always dreamt of has been filled in already, where you will feel that the time you started preparing is so little, you’d want to move your wedding to another date. Haha, you’d realize that all your “dream” suppliers have been booked already. I think this is a very critical time for a couple since this stage gives them the whole idea of their wedding, how much budget they’d have to allot for the wedding, church or garden wedding?, how many guests? But more importantly, I love this stage especially the part when you attend all bridal fairs, and I love that sense of fulfillment and assurance you get after you book a supplier, that feeling that everything’s starting to take shape. I think this is the longest and most enjoyable stage in a couple’s preparation because even before weeks before your wedding, one way or another, there will still be a need to buy something (like shoes, party poppers, accessories, and other last minute wedding rush)

The “coffee” couple – After booking our major suppliers, Simon and I would schedule our meetings, usually long-hours coffee meetings on a Friday night, and prepare all the necessary checklists, schedules of meetings, measurements, fittings, invitation mock-ups, shopping...I could have all day writing our list and still not have enough time! But it’s fun. This is where you bond with your fiancĂ©, you get the kilig feeling that he wants to prepare with you. Although, sometimes, this is a breeding ground for petty arguments as well. I remember the time when we fought about the make-up artist I want to book. I ended up looking for another more affordable MUA and although I didn’t book the previous one, I ended up being friends with her. (hi bakla!)

The “oh, please” couple – I consider myself a sucker for weddings. This is my favorite occasion. But come to think of it, I never realize that we will come to a point that we are so anxious for that day to come and that we want to finish all our pending stuffs and deal with it. This is a time for us when we are more excited of the “life” after the wedding, rather than the wedding day itself. I think what triggered us to move on to this phase was when we found our house and we are so excited designing our home and living together in one roof. I think this happened 2 months before the wedding, when we’re done booking almost all suppliers, we’re running errands for gown fittings, finalizing invitations, etc. You’d wish that you’ll see the end of the tunnel and be a wife already. Haha, funny but true! You just can’t wait to know when all the meetings and signing of contracts will end.

The “what else?” couple – I had my share of wedding nightmares barely 2 months before the wedding and after that one dream, that’s it. Thank God, I did’nt reach the point where I can’t sleep and can’t eat because of wedding jitters. For me, this stage is a test of my Oc-ness. I’d open my computer as soon as I come home from work and complete my customized checklist, wedding supplier requirements, wedding day timeframe, and OTD coordinator notes. I’d also update my file of wedding receipts, budget checklist and other to do lists. I’d also look for something to work on and would always think of doing something for the wedding. (usually ending up with a terrible back ache) I’am a hands-on bride and I always want to know what happens to every detail of my wedding. That’s why when we’d meet our coordinator, she’d always tell me this: “please, don’t do my job.” And laugh. Haha, but it’s true. I’d always look for something to do. Parang if I don’t do anything at all or don’t sleep late, I feel like I’m not ready for the wedding. Weird noh?!

The “letting go” couple – Now we are finally in this stage. This is the stage where you feel that you’ve exerted all your powers for the wedding already and that no matter what changes might happen, you’d still end up being married. I started letting go when I had another coffee cum meeting with my coordinator. I was in the middle of giving her notes, then she just put her hand on my lap, stared at me and said, “sis, no matter what happens, you will get married and be happy.” That’s my cue! After that, I started letting go and just enjoy the last few weeks of my single years. I would want to agree that being a little prepared and having an OC vein is finally paying off, and don’t get me wrong, we still have a lot to do, we just feel assured knowing that everything will fall in its right places (hopefully).

The “no choice” couple – this is the other twin of the “letting go” couple since they happen at almost the same time. Just when you are trying to let go and relax, certain parts in your wedding will change and will leave you no choice but to get the second best option. For one, our Officiating pastor will not be able to get his license before our wedding. Just when we had all misalettes done and ready already, he told us that. Second, our musician/friend of my groom backed out and we had no choice but to extend our ceremony musicians to reception. Given that they can only do rehearsals two hours before the ceremony, our pictorial schedule and timetable will all be moved earlier since most of my entourage will be our singers as well. This is also the time when you will deal with the hardest part of the wedding…the guestlist. When you’ve assigned one person at this table, he will text you and tell you that he’s not sure if he can come. And so you are dumbfounded and left with more problems if you want to just cut him off the list and invite others or retain his name and just accept the fact that a certain seat might be empty on your wedding day. Talking about changes, huh? I think every couple, in one way or the other, will experience these. What will set the difference is how you see the situation and how good your second best option is. Remember, this is the best time to say… “Breathe….Relax…”

One friend wrote, exert all your efforts in preparations, set your expectations low. And I think that’s what we are practicing right now. I don’t expect that we will have a perfect wedding (well, for one, nobody else will), neither a free-glitch wedding…What’s more important is that your heart, mind and body are prepared to take another journey with the person God has brought you to. And that no matter what happens…even if one table is empty, the projector is not working, or even if it rains (oh but I pray that it wont)…at the end of the day, you will be full of joy knowing that you are finally married… :)

Above all these, the most important stage in the wedding is the realization that God has blessed me with the man I’ve always prayed for. I know Simon is the one blessing I will always be grateful for and that I will always see and feel God’s love through him. So no matter how our wedding day will turn out, or how bridezilla I might evolve into…It will always be my dream wedding come true. :)

Jacque Fermin
(this post I dedicate to all my dear friends in w@w, my sistahs and best friends who will soon get married, suppliers whom i've shared my excitement with: Clarice, Emily; dream supplier-turned-friend Madge, my correspondent Marbee, and to the one i experience these stages with...Simon)

Monday, December 05, 2005

The one with 17 days to go!

Waaahhhh!!! ang lapit na...i can hear the wedding bells. i can't help but be elated with all that's happening... :)

i've a confession...tinatamad nako mag-work. haha. lagi na me late pumasok and im having a hard time focusing pag naiisip ko wedding namin. tapos, of all people ako pa ang ni-assign to be the overall coordinator for the parade of our corporate year-end which is the day BEFORE the wedding. diba?! labo! i will be the legwork and will work during the preparations for it, pero on the day itself...di nako ako yun noh! haha.

Manila Bulletin - thanks to my constant correspondent and editor of About Weddings of Manila Bulletin, Marbee Go. I can say i found a friend in her. kahit di pa kme meet in person, we've been exchanging mails since the 1st issue of WE came out. love her for choosing our pics sa wedding announcements...and it's big...and centered! hehe. muah!

Sofa set - yesterday, Dec. 4, simon and i were just talking about a new sofa set as our last priority. while drving, we passed by a furniture store and came out with a receipt on hand...for the sofa set! bwahahaha. it's an impulse buy i know, pero lam mo yung feeling pag may nakita ka and you fell in love with it. well, it's because it's mura and comfy pa rin. for delivery sya today together with our mirror and aluminum rods for the curtains. hehe. excited nga!

Wedding details - im still wrappings gifts for ento, suppliers, etc. tapos nyan, gallery naman then im okay. nakakatawa lang, dami changes nangyari over the weekend pero di naman kme na-rattle. our pastor who supposed to officiate us wont have his license out before our wedding. pero he suggested that he officiates us pa rin pero somebody else will sign. ok lang :) second, the keyboard player whom we hired for our reception backed out as he has so many obligations. being a friend of simon, di na namin pinagalitan or something...bahala na lang sya. so we just texted john and told him na we're requesting them to extend til the reception na. hehe. yun lang naman!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The one with December na!

Yey!!! December na!!! Merry Christmas to all and Happy wedding! hahaha... i can't wait...texted all our friends, and PS that starting today, may they help us pray for a stress-free and rain-free wedding! (although i know, it won't rain!) here are some tips couple tend to forget but shouldnt:

1. a fancy ballpen when signing the contract - kc minsan sa picture-taking, panget kung panda ballpen lang diba? hehe
2. pay your suppliers ng balances nila
3. kanino isasakay ang mga gifts - lagi daw to nakakalimutan
4. match or lighter for the candles
5. no matter what, maglalagay ako ng blue skies sa bag ko...mainit ang ulo ko pag gutom...di ako pwede nagugutom..hahaha
6. when walking down the aisle, dont forget to look at your groom. wag tumingin kahit saan, tingin lang kay h2b at enjoy that blissful moment.
7. don't forget to provide a car for your h2b...and a driver. :)
8. disposable food containers - some caterers will provide for this, pero some will not. so, make sure you have lang... make a sticker na rin with your names on it para personalized... :)
9. enjoy the first kiss - wag ma-conscious
10. Madge Lejano's flower over flower position - i got this tip from madge of course (diba concon?). yung bouquet nyo daw, not so high and not so low...tamang natatakpan kunwari ang flower nyo. haha, kaya flower over flower.
11. tell your parents "thank you" and "i love you"
12. tell your h2b na "I love you"
13. Pray and thank God for everything.

yun lang!!! and the countdown begins...