Sunday, March 27, 2005

The one with the bracelet souvenirs!

i had so much fun doing the our bracelet souvenirs with 2 of my bestfriends, my mom...and Simon! (haha, but he was able to do just one!) we are very happy counting how many we've done so far and we're proud to announce that we are halfway our quota. yipee! saya! nag-pose pa ang aming mga kamay para i-document ang ilan sa mga works namin! :) i had so much fun tlga.

this holy week was a special one too coz i was able to spend it with my childhood friends together with our partners. we had bible devotion and some sharings about under a tree in UP diliman. we vowed to do this every holy week and this is the third time we've done it. amidst our business doing our wedding preps, i think it's just but right to spend more quality time with the one who saved us... :)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

The one with the Ready to Wed Store

Went to Ready to Wed Store in Market, Market. that's the first time i tried on a wedding gown aside from the gown of my mom! wow, ang saya pala. i tried on 6, as in SIX different gowns yesterday. lucille, lya's sister is so accommodating. have to give er the credit esp. when i wanted to try out the one on display, pinatanggal pa tlga nya. i like the 2pc. bustier organza/duchesse satin gown. the fit is okay,beadworks minimal lang but the length and the fit is super fine. wala na nga alterations needed eh. and i also realize that i want to wear a white, as in white wedding gown na rin. iba pala tlga yung dating. although the off-white is also nice, iba yung radiance nung white. so there, i asked for a quotation on the gown i wanted and it's 8,500 all in all. good price na rin. yun lang. happy lang i went there. at least, may idea na tlga me how i will look like as a bride...pretty and radiant! hehe. and that's the time i only knew about my size...i'm a size 2 lang. hehe,saya. sana nag-picture taking me kaya lang sira camera ko eh. tsk, tsk!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

First "draft" of our wedding cake

A message i posted at my e-group, w@w:

hi mga pretty girls!!! la lang, just wanna share my meeting with emily uy of sugarbox last night. haay! ang saya! at first, sabi ko sa kanya, wala kme idea of how our cake would look like. tas, sabi nya "cge, tingin-tingin ka lang dyan, may makikita ka rin". eh, di silip-silip me sa mags nya, tas pinakita nya rin album nya. tapos, may isang cake sa mags na pareho kme natahimik. tas, naghihintayan kme may mag-comment. tinuro ko, sabi ko "i like this one". tas sya, "ay, galing ituturo ko na dapat yan eh" hehe. actually, i only like the castle thing. tapos eto na, her
imagination flared up na. kakatuwa, originally, magkakapatong lang tas yung pinaka-highlight eh yung castle on top made out of gumpaste na punong-puno ng beads and swarovskis. waaah!! ang saya! tapos, while we were visualizing it, naisip ko parang kulang sa design(elements pala term nya). so she suggested na paghiwa-hiwalayin ang mga cakes and build a little caste dun sa 18" na cake(aside from the big castle na
gagwin nya na nakahiwalay din), tas dun sa 14" may tree and andun ako(topper din), tas sa 10" andun si simon may hawak na guitar, hinaharanahan ako! dapat
piano kasi pianist si h2b eh, kaya lang difficult round na. basta, parang gumawa sya ng small village na may 2 castles sa cake namin. waaaahhh! ang saya-saya tlga! then, may bridge lang connecting yung cake where simon is and yung asan ako. tapos, lahat yung may mga beads and swarovski na siksikan para di naman magmukhang goldilocks happy bday cake. hehe! tapos, yung border nya sa baba, may fur thing. yun lang, ang
saya lang bigla! she was so excited about the whole thing, na-carried away sya sa mga designs. sabi nya, "ang mura nito for your package ha" sabay tawa! naisip ko din eh, parang papahirapan ko sya tlga! tas sabi nya ilalagay nya daw yun sa website nya for sure kasi so far yun daw ata ang pinaka mahirap nyang cake ngayong year, pero super excited na sya gawin. sana nga daw wala ng major changes kasi ang saya daw ng theme namin. it's every cake designer's dream daw. hehe.

pag may naiisip pa kayo kung ano pa improvements for the cake, email me ha. isip ko lang how to connect all the cakes para di mukhang hiwa-hiwalay. ang pagka-explain nya, lalagyan nya ng gold cloth with scattered beads. di ko pa masyado ma-visualize eh pero sya na-iimagine nya na tlga. yun lang, happy lang me. gusto ko kasi sa cake, yung may reflection of our personalities and i think nakuha nya. gusto kasi namin
may story na dine-depict eh. eh yun, si h2b kasi dati hinaharanahan tlga me. haha, corny! yun lang. Muah!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

cut-offs from magazines

last night, I was cutting off some pictures that i saw from different bridal magazines that i already have. and kinilig lang ako when i saw simon getting excited about it also. yung tipo bang nakiki-usyoso din sya on what i was doing, then i told him,"here's a picture of the barong i like on you." kinikilig din sya. say it cheesy, but i was really happy he was enjoying every minute of our preparations. sa tuwa ko sa kanya, i just kissed him sa cheek without saying a word...just that. haayy! i just thank the Lord for giving me simple joys in life to cherish. :)

Monday, March 07, 2005

NBC tent-Simon's first bridal Nth! :)

It was his first...and my hmmmm...3rd or 4th?! hehe. after going to church for sevice, we went straight to their house to eat lunch with his sisters and ate valo. this day was a hectic one for us. after going to the bridal fair, we are expected to join the group again for dinner since ate valo will go back to the states on friday, and that's the last gimik we can have with her. it was just so fun going to bridal fairs and i was so happy that he had a great time as well. we were able to book for our wedding cake which he got excited about because of the 24 pcs. free mini-cakes! yummy! it's a 3-layered chocolate-walnut flavored cake. i'd say it was a productive supplier hunt for us since we found the booth of the fireworks I so wanted to get in touch with. we did't pay muna since its too early to think of those things pa, we still have so many "basics" to book first. we were also able to look for bridal cars which apparently is not included in the package we got from the caterer. but simon had second thoughts about it and decided to check out rent-a-car first and compare which is cheaper. got to meet Ms. Benz and Sir John at the booth.(W@w).

after the fair, we went home to rest a little, then went to Eastwood with his sisters and ate valora. we pigged out at Jack's Loft and went tiangge hopping. hehe. we even took pictures there, feeling foreigners ba?! hahaha.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

heart to heart talk

well, for the past two days, my h2b and i are having differences sa wedding preps. i'm just so hard to please because syempre this is a once in a lifetime event for me and i want the best for our wedding. along with that, i'd always want to have the best deals there is, that's why i don't get impulsive on getting suppliers agad. but you know, God has impressed in my heart again that the wedding is not just the preps and the efforts that you exert for that day itself, it's more about the days that follow it. my fiance is more excited about starting a new life with me. naghahanap na nga ng mga gamit sa bahay eh. hehe. and I'm just so thankful that God has given me the best man for me and that he has blessed me to be with the man i've always prayed for.