Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The one with veintahan

Item No. 1: Memorive Flash Drive For Sale: P1,100 for 512 mb and P 1,700.00 for 1GB. Made in Korea, but memory chips come from Samsung.

memorive pic

Item No. 2: Chocolate Crinkles at P65.00 per box of 18 (with packaging and sticker)
For every 10 boxes you buy, you get 1 box FREE! Perfect for christmas give-aways.

Picture to follow.

Item No. 3: Lacoste shirts Class A. Made in Thailand! you would'nt know the difference...promise! P330.00 for ladies and P350.00 for men's. Different sizes and colors available.

o diba?! todo bentahan na ito!! ibalik ang pagka-entrepreneur. last year kasi wala time mag-ganito because of wedding. ngayon, pwede na ulit!!!

please text me at 0920-951-8513 OR 0922-888-7739 for orders!!!

The one with congratulations!!!

For my 200th post in this blog, i would like to congratulate special people in our lives.

Jill and Jon, for finally getting married! like what i always tell you jill, your love has been blessed from the start and it's reason enough to love each other for the rest of your lives. We love you both and God bless!we had fun in your wedding. tiring but it was still so much fun!

jon and jill

jill solo

Pictures courtesy of Paul Vincent whom we would like to congratulate also for winning the W@w supplier of the year!!! grabe nato!!! what did i tell you?! kayo ay stars in the making...naks! grabe, you've really gone a long way and we are sooo privileged to have partnered with you on our wedding. God bless you both and continue to keep that passion burning.

paul and ivy

w@w award
dapat lagi nyo dala tong awards na to everytime may coverage kayo!!! bwahaha.

of course, my congratulations to our Clarice and Emily for being at the Top 10 and Top 5 w@w suppliers!!! galing-galing ng mga suppliers namin!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The one with Simone's first baby shower

yehey!!! my wonderful and beautiful friends from CWL threw me a baby shower last friday, Nov. 24. simon and i were sooo touched with all the gifts and efforts to come up with a shower for simone. naku, eto nga ang pinaka-maagang baby shower ata ever. hehehe. my baby is starting to be spoiled agad ha. hahaha.

here are her first stuffs:

first baby stuffs

simone's first booties...
first booties
we can't get enough of these booties...lalo si simon! super cute kasi e. hehe.

thanks chris, con, karla, mai, mec, wella, yna for a wonderful time! muah! we love you girls! friends for life!!!

The one with a shower, a wedding and a baby shower

Here are some pictures from Jill's bridal shower with a wholesome bunny theme!

group pic
all in bunny bands!

gifts for jill
gifts for jill and loot bags for the guests

gift for jon
of course, jon should have a gift too...bench g-string!

and here are some of our pics from their wedding.
secondary sponsors
the secondary at 6.5 months!, jannet and naan

that's all
my beh singing and playing "That's all" grabe! kakaikot ng panty! pati anak ko tuwang-tuwa! hahaha. all the guests were all eyes and ears on him.

couple pic
couple's pic (make-up by angie ang hair by ogie)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The one with samu't-sari

dami ko kwentos!!! as in, i dont know where to begin.

last saturday(nov.11), we threw a bridal shower for our bestfriend jill. ibang klase yung surprise party! we've been planning it for two weeks i think and we were so careful kasi jill is the type na suspicious and she can easily sense kung may gimmick for her or not. super mag fish ng info yun eh. so to make it more deceiving, i suggested that we use "jason's wedding proposal" as our alibi. kunwari si jason mag-aask ng favor from us to bring naan to this hotel kasi dun sya magpo-propose. little that she knows, sya pala ang magugulat.

super classic nung nangyari nung saturday. all of us were constantly communicating and talagang calling each other. tatawag kme kay jill kasi jill thinks that she's coordinating naman the proposal of jason kay naan. so mega acting na lang kme at naki-ride sa mga gusto nya gawin. hahaha. nakakalito nga lang kasi we just have to be really consistent at panagutan na proposal ang mangyayari. eh eto ang kicker...jason told me na he will really propose the day after (sunday) and he's asking me how to do it and what gimmick!?!?! oh no!!! nalilito talaga ako! syempre dahil lagi kme nagkakausap ni naan, i was so careful at baka madulas ako. grabe!!!

i went ahead sa hotel to set up the venue, entertain the guests na darating, give them their guest sheets and their bunny bands. kapagod pero masaya. i was with jacqui the whole time (jill's sister). when i met jill and naan sa lobby ng hotel, jill forgot to tell naan na kasama ako and i forgot to tell naan na kasama nga ako!!! silang dalawa parehong hindi alam kung ano gagawin. hahaha. i can just imagine their faces trying to make excuses on each other (with different motives) bwahaha. basta ako acting lang. eh eto naman si jill, totally forgot what room number so jason had to call her pa. i can't tell her naman the room number kasi mabubuko ako.

when we went up na, the lights are all off. and jill kept on saying, "Frank...Frank.." hallleeerr!!! sino si frank?! and everybody went..."Surprise!" as in! ang galing! jill was soooo shocked! and asked naan, "si jason?" sabi namin lahat...wala! "si jon and simon?" "wala rin!" bwahahaha. jacqui brought clothes for her so she can change, and had dinner muna. we had pansit, lumpia, spaghetti, and drinks. after that, nag-play na kme. we had trivia questions wherein jill will do a consequence if she cant answer right. all the questions pala were all about her fiance. nyahaha. from easy to difficult round. BUT if she answers right, we will do whatever she tells us. eh grabe, ang mga pinapagawa, "remove your bra and give it to me" or "remove your panty and give it to me" ano ba to stripper game?! hehe.

then we played the ever banana-eating game! so fun! and of course the beat the egg game. nyahaha. wholesome games naman na may konting green lang. :D

after that, syempre excited naman ako for jason's proposal. they went to caleruega and there he proposed. haaayy...ang saya-saya!

wedding na nila jill and jon on saturday. super excited na rin kme. i met up with her coordinators to help them out on things and oversee na rin. i just need to get some things done but im pretty sure everything will be okay naman. mejo ngarag-ngarag nga lang kasi kakapagod mag-coordinate ha. so many meetings to do. :D

i'll meet up with CWL girls on friday night for our baby shower, christmas party and despedida party for wella and chris sa megamall. so syempre, i also need to drop by at jill's hotel to check on things.

baby simone is very active now. she loves to kick me after she eats and just before i go to sleep. there are nights that i dont get to sleep well kasi mejo malakas sya sumipa. hahaha. but it's okay. at least i know na healthy si baby inside. i texted my OB the other day and vented out a little kasi everyone is saying na ang liit lang ng tyan ko for 6 months daw. eh bakit ba?! eh sa maliit ako magbuntis e?! kainis yung mga yun! hahaha. sabi ni dra, pakausap daw sa kanya kapag may nagtanong ulit. hahaha.

happy monthsary beh! grabe, 11 months na tayo kasal! ang saya-saya po! and i was touched when he was the first to remember and i actually forgot. well, naalala ko na sya the other day but i forgot about it again. hahaha. we have'nt prepared anything for our 1st year anniversary. hmmm...bahala na si batman and our budget. :D gift ko sa kanya this month is a lacoste shirt (nyahaha, class A lang pero who would know the difference?!)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The one with a Hamburger!

It's a PRETTY BABY GIRL!!! the much-awaited ultrasound schedule has finally come yesterday and we are soooo ecstatic and happy that we're having a Francesca Simone! grabe! with all the families and relatives eagerly waiting to know the gender of baby Tan, super napapraning na kme yesterday ni baka, di pakita ni baby gender nya and we won't be able to know agad. hihihi. pero God is good...answered prayer at we were able to see her after about 45 minutes of petroleum jelly and ultrasounding baby. wala ngang kumukurap eh. my OB told us na sumakit eyes nya coz she really was'nt blinking the whole time coz she was waiting for the gender as well. hahaha. here's the detailed kwento...

from the moment we knew that i was pregnant, lagi girl and una pumapasok sa mind namin na magiging first baby namin. ewan ko ba, pero pareho talaga kme ni simon na we want an ate kasi feeling namin pag ate ang panganay, talagang iba mag-alaga...may maternal instincts na wala sa boys. and so as months went on, lagi sinasabi sa amin na girl ang baby namin. wala daw kasi masyado nag-iba sa face ko. gumanda nga daw ako. (naka naman!) hehehe. pero lately, some of our officemates were also betting that it's a boy. and because of that, for the past weeks, ang naiimagine naman namin ay baby boy! hahaha. and iba pala ang feeling. pag baby boy, parang ang saya na may kamukha si simon and pareho sila ng damit and proud ka na you have two boys in your life. pag girl naman, ang saya din kasi may little princess kme na aalagaan and that she will also be daddy's little girl. haaayyy...

so yesterday, i was'nt able to talk to simon the whole day kasi since busy sa work me, sya rin may recording in the afternoon and he left his phones sa cube nya. i did'nt want to go my OB alone. there were only two instances that simon was'nt able to accompany me sa OB dahil stuck sya sa meetings pero the rest, lagi sya andun. and i was waiting for his text before i can go to our OB. when he finally texted, sabi nya makakarating daw sya sa OB at around 430pm. eh til 5pm lang ang clinic. yikes! i was afraid na baka di kme umabot ha. so i texted my OB and informed her na we'll be there. nauna lang me ng mga 15 minutes kay simon. we were fifth in line pero mabilis naman yung mga consultations luckily.

when we entered, interview muna kme ni Dra. Dy. after that, we settled the billing sa ultrasound and entered na sa room. si simon pumasok agad eh dapat pala tatawagin na lang sya ni dra. pag okay na. hahaha. di naman halatang excited noh?! when dra. was checking our baby na, she called simon agad. we immediately saw her whole body, yung profile muna. and dahil naka-side view sya, we can't see her gender agad. ang cute nya tingnan. kasi galaw sya ng galaw. dr. dy checked muna the measurements, head size, leg size, length, etc. while waiting for her to show her gender. hihihi. eh biglang ayaw maglipat ng position ni baby. naka-breech pa kasi sya. at this stage kasi, ganun pa talaga position ng baby. so she advised us to talk to baby Tan para gagalaw. syempre, ang asawa ko tinatakot pa si baby...sumisigaw with a big voice..."BABY...BABY...PAKITA MO NA" hahaha. ako naman, i was asking baby Tan to move and show us the much-awaited thingy. sabi ko, "baby, you kick mommy" tapos sumipa nga si baby! natawa nga si doc kasi masunurin naman baby inglisera!!! bwahaha. tapos, after much jellying my tummy, my baby's gender showed up! when dr. dy said, "it's a girl!" grabe, heavenly ang feeling! napasigaw pako, "It's a girl?!?! san doc?" and si simon na nag-vivideo record eh napapababa nya na yung camera nya kaya tuloy yung clip na yun mejo bumababa at di namin makita sa video yung hamburger! hahaha. natutulala daw sya eh kasi overwhelming ang feeling! hahaha.

from the ultrasound (it's the simple ultrasound pa lang kasi we plan to get the 4d on the 7th month kapag mejo fully grown na si baby), we got a good look of her face. i think she has simon's features. pero no contest, she has simon's head. promise! malaki kasi ang head ko and irregular ang shape. hahaha, alien! and simon's fingers na super haba! katuwa! i think she got my feet (ang tataba eh) and nose (ang tangos!) yung nose, pansin talaga agad namin kasi nung humarap sya, kita ko agad nose nya. haaayyyy...ang saya-saya! syempre, tawag agad si simon sa mga mothers namin to announce the big news! nagtilian ang mga lola kasi pareho sila gusto nila girl. ang lolo, boy. nyahaha. up until now, we're still not done with the text brigade to our friends. hihihi.

i still don't know how to post video clips sa blog so i'll figure it out muna para ma-post ko rito. pics are still being scanned by simon. :D

we capped the evening with a good dinner (steaks of House of minis) and thanked God for a piece of heaven that He gave us. ang saya lang talaga! She will be named Francesca Simone. Francesca because we've loved that name since we we're in college and Simone because of her dad syempre. (di bale, i'll wait for my turn pag boy na.)

Monday, November 06, 2006

The one with gender of baby

Oooopppssss...tomorrow is the big day! not today! hahaha. im just soo excited to post about it. grabe, everyone is sooo excited to know kung benjamin ba or francesca simone. hehe. actually, there are days na feeling ko boy sya, pero madalas kong feeling eh girl sya. hihihi. kasing kikay ng mommy! :) will post agad as soon as the ultrasound is done and will text friends agad.

basta prayer ko lang kahit girl pa sya o boy sya eh maging normal si baby tan. physically normal, kumpleto ang development nya and cute sya, bibo, mabait na mabait, matalino, musically-gifted, maputi (?!), and kasing galing ng daddy nya magpatawa! hahaha. yun lang naman ang gusto ko...sabi diba, ask and you shall receive. hehe.


i tried on my two gowns for the weddings that we will attend to this november (jill's) and december (jane's). grabe! feeling ko puros tela ang gowns ko! waaah! i know kasi malaki na talaga me pero ang problem kasi, lumalaki lang talaga is tiyan ko. so maluwag sa likod yung gown na parang wala me butt. plus, masikip lahat sa boobs! naks! feeling boobsie! nyahaha. eh kasi boobs at tyan ang lumalaki sa ken eh dahil balakang ko matagal na malaki. bwahaha! parang bigla nga me na awkward having to see myself in a formal gown. naaalangan ako bigla. pero okay lang, basta para sa bestfriend and SIL ko.

this saturday is jill's surprise bridal shower! di naman nya nababasa tong blog ko so im sure she wont know. nag-fifish na nga ng information eh kung kelan daw shower nya. sabi ni naan, wala kme plans. hahaha. and ginamit naming actor and actress si naan and jason.kunwari magpo-propose si jason sa isang hotel and papupuntahin si naan dun. papasama kunwari si jill, biglang pag pasok nya sya pala ang masusurprise! hihihi. i hope everything goes well. which reminds me, have to print pa the guest sheets and the game mechanics.

i had a good 4-day vacation. i mostly stayed at home as i did'nt want to go out din dahil kakapagod lang. and nag-shop na kme nung oct. 31 ni simon sa megamall. sa sobrang hirap nga makauwi, nagpalipas muna kme ng time watching "Open Season". nice yung movie except that for some parts, naka-idlip ako. hahaha. super pagod kasi me dahil from 2:30 p.m. andun nako sa megamall. i bought another blouse! di kasi me makakita ng nice na pants eh. isa pa lang ang maternity pants ko. gusto ko na rin mag-christmas shop!!!

congrats to tanya for the baby and to Meng for Issen! welcome to the world Issen! daming buntis! hehe.