Sunday, October 30, 2011

The one with richness

While we were on a trick or treat activity yesterday, Simon and I were talking about how nice it is to spend time with your loved-ones. I'll write another post about the trick or treat but it was really refreshing to spend time with your kid and family.

Simon then said, "how i wish we all have the time to just spend it with our families and money will just pour in" i laughed with what he said coz i know it's impossible, since we're not born rich. but it came me to think how life will be if you were born rich.  will you really spend time wisely and be with your family as often as possible.  Maybe it will happen if you own crown steel buildings, or you have your own mall and that you don't have to worry about anything.

I guess what i'm trying to say is that spend time with your loved-ones more -- your parents while they're still strong, your siblings even if you dont get along (im blessed i and my brothers get along), and your bestfriends (because they are your next best treasures after your family).

Have a long weekend ahead! :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The one with 60th

I'm so blessed my mom just turned 60 last October 22.  I thank God for giving her another year and truly, this year is worth celebrating.  It was a simple yet memorable celebration.  We stayed at Linden Suites, and had a sumptuous dinner at Likha Restaurant in Eastwood.  I know it was not a very elegant party with name tags for guests but at least it was something she will always remember.  My 3-month old nephew stayed with us at the hotel, everybody just had fun.  Simone loved spending time with Marco, her other cousin and my parents enjoyed the pool and jacuzzi. :)

Happy birthday mommy! thank you for your love. thank you for raising us the way you knew how...we will always be thankful that you are our mother. I love you!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The one with movie review: No other woman

Okay, not a movie critic so why bother giving a review of the movie???? I just want to express what i feel and think about the movie. so here it is...

~ story plot was good.  The characters were all convincing, esp. Anne Curtis.  Hands down, convince na convince ako na querida sya. haha.
~ Cristine Reyes' character was convincing too pero while watching the movie, i kept wishing she would someone who's less conservative and more of an elite and "sosyal" woman as well. kasi in real life, men don't cheat just because their wives are conservative or timid or masyadong mahinhin.  They cheat because they are tempted.  So i think it would have been more of a good fight if cristine's character was at least leveled to anne's as well.
~ Some think cristine's acting needed improvement but i think she was good.  She's the kind of wife who was in denial at first so she was trying to just ignore and be nonchalant about it but the moment she knew about her husband's infidelity, she tried to be someone she's not, fierce, palaban and those sorts.  Pero lumabas na lang talaga ang gretchen barreto nya during the fight scene with Anne curtis which i think is one of the best scenes in the movie.
~ The fight scene was the best for me because all three were just so good.  I really felt like all of them were victims and not just Cristine.  The line of Anne was the best, "Tama na!" while she was on the floor as if begging Cristine to stop.  I felt her pain, pain of being sorry for hurting other people, pain of feeling alone because Derek will leave her, and pain of not being loved in return, when she has done everything she can. 
~ I love Carmi's character.  In real life naman, even if the mom is a victim of infidelity too (meaning her husband cheats too), ganun talaga sya mangangaral sa anak nya...of what she thinks is best...and that is to fight a good fight.  You just can't leave your husband in an instant.  You will fight for it and prove that no matter what happens, you will stand by him.  When she was scolding Cristine of what she needed to do to save the marriage and then while at the top of her voice, she just welled up, i love that scene. yung galit na galit kana, naluluha ka tuloy. parang totoong ina talaga.
~ The ending was just as i expected.  I also think that the scene of Derek and Anne seeing each other for the last time before she left for the US was ok.  I mean, i know some frowned on it and mostly said, why the heck they'd have to meet pa.  I was thinking it was more of a closure.

There, i'm glad i watched it with my mom.  I know better if i've watched it with my husband but another woman's perspective was nice as well and i enjoyed our conversation after the movie.  We don't have any experience or situation about infidelity issues ha, it was just really an eye-opener for all of us to be watchful of and the movie gave just that :)

The one with short-lived

I knew it...When i learned that we have a new househelp, i got so excited, i know it would ease a lot of workload on my part but there was this certain thought that bugged me what if she does'nt stay that long and we'd be left without an extra pair of hands in the house.

And truth be told, the new househelp will leave on Nov. 3.  It was saddening but at least i can prepare myself not to get too comfy to the fact that we have someone helping me with the chores, cooking and picking up toys that Simone forgot to pack away.  I'm trying not to be too dependent on her so that by the time she'll leave, it would'nt be as hard too.

Glad I did'nt buy yet her uniform. I was at this store and i saw a line of maid uniforms, one of which was so small it would pass as a sexy maid costume for the Halloween...or Valentine's, hahaha.

In the meantime, we'll just enjoy the short-lived convenience we have and maximize whatever chore i need to ask her to do. ;)

Friday, October 21, 2011

The One With Not Done With Christmas Shopping Yet

I know I keep talking about Christmas and how happy it would be even though I'm not even done with my Christmas shopping yet. I mean, it would be nice to buy stainless steel bracelets online and make Christmas shopping for girly stuff easy. (Especially if you want to keep Christmas shopping expenses to a minimum. You'd rather do it online, away from 4 years old kids who love shopping beside you). Ahahaha!

Really, I have to finish my Christmas list already and start seriously shopping for Christmas presents. I hate to get in the rush when I could very well start shopping now and avoid it. So yeah, there are still plenty of time to get into my good book and my Christmas list. LOL!

The One With No Pressure Childhood

I don't think I've mentioned yet that when Kumon had their free-trial classes last month, we had Simone undergo the diagnostic test for the program's leveling. I've forgotten what level she was recommended to start at, I only remember that their facilities wasn't quite what I expected, no shiny floors like one of those laminated floors at quick step flooring, nor modern and fancy decorations. It was as basic as most academic facilities.

We didn't pursue the trial classes though, not because the facilities don't look modern (hehe), but because we decided in the end that Simone doesn't need additional pressures at her age. I mean, she's only four and I think she isn't behind academically speaking with other kids her age. So she doesn't need it at this time, and we can always enroll her in the future if she wants to. Simone wanted to make sure Simone will only have good memories of school, no pressures.

So what was I doing inquiring about the program in the first place? Hehehe. Just blame it on my paranoid self. And yes, I was helping out my sister-in-law enroll my nephew in the program :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The One With Happy Anniversary

On Oct 28, my in-laws will be celebrating their 39th year wedding anniversary. I know that it's going to be a very happy celebration and we're all looking forward to it. They deserve to have a happy one. Even if they don't get to go to a vacation this year (the equivalent of looking into mobile homes for sale in the US, and forgetting all home obligations and traveling together for the rest of their life-- OA?), I think just knowing that everyone is doing OK with their families and marriages would be gift enough for them. Happy anniversary mommy and daddy!

The One With Happy Christmas

Christmas is my most favorite time of year, and this year I'm excited for Christmas for lots of reasons. One of the reasons is that it wonderfully reminds me of a new year coming. And come next year, we'd finally be able to pay off the down payment for our very own house! Yay!

I can still remember the days when Simon and I hesitated, worried and doubted. We even thought about leaving the house where we're renting now and getting one that's smaller with a smaller rent. But God is so good and provided more than we asked for.

So, we're really going to have a happy Christmas! So happy and blessed we might be giving away several Christmas prizes to our staff. I think fuji cameras might be nice :)

The one with painting gallery

These are some of the paintings Simone made last September.  It's just amazing that she has these strokes already for a 4-year old.  Whenever Simon and I would talk about it and how proud we are of Simone, we will just find ourselves thinking at the end of our conversation, that we may be just being parents who are a little "overacting" on their kid's accomplishments. (you know, the kind that   always insist their kid to sing even if they can't hit a tune, hahaha)

But when i posted it in FB and a lot liked it and commented how talented Simone is, especially when my bestfriend Jill told me that she really is talented and not just because she's her godmother, it confirmed that yes, she is really talented in painting. hahaha. (moreso, it confirmed that we are not OA parents)

Continue to enjoy your skills anak! we're just here to support you all the way :)




Blues Clues House and one of the flowers in PVZ


The one with another wishlist

I don't know if i mentioned before that Simon got me my dream sunglasses for my birthday last August.  I'm such a spoiled wifey. haha.  We were looking at these Ray Bans in a store and i told him i've always wanted one....dreamt of one, but the cheapskate in me would rather buy the 200-peso sunglasses that you can find in tiangges. haha. And even if he does'nt own one, he insisted that he'd buy me one as a birthday gift.  can it get any sweeter than that?! hahaha.

Thank you beh for a shower of your unconditional love...that even if you find it impractical to buy, or it's something that you still don't have yet, you don't think twice getting me one, just to make sure it will make me happy. aaawwww... cheesy!!! love you :)

The One With Hopes

I should mention that we recently got a new house help. Our old got married and now only works as a staff/run-errand for Party Boosters. That's right, I've been keeping the house all by myself for quite sometime now and have managed (to my husband's and my surprise too!) quite well without a nanny, a cook and an all-around help. Well, I do hire out a clean and laundry woman to do the cleaning and all our laundry twice or every week, plus I hire out our old help on a per-day basis when I absolutely must leave the house for business meetings and others, but I'm left with daily chores, cooking and taking care of Simone all day everyday (not to mention picking up after her and packing away her toys like every second!). And I gotta say, taking care of a kid is actually more difficult than doing household chores, so even though I don't do bulk of the housekeeping, I do feel pretty like I've got my hands full all the time, especially when Simon is not around and I have to "multi-task" with Simone.

Ok, ok, maybe that's not too difficult to do, but I do think it's one of the reasons why I tend to lose my patience with Simone more easily than before, when I've got a nanny to call when I needed to pee, or take a bath without worrying she'll burn the house down or run into trouble while I'm in the bath. I can even take a nap when I needed one. I mean, I know it's different when you're tired and I acknowledge what great help house-helps are. They gave us more me-time which I do believe makes us better parents when we have lots of.

So now that we've got a new help, I hope to spend more enjoyable time with Simone, and stretch my patience for as long as my sanity will allow. Hehehe. I love you so much Simone! I'd even buy you your own house when you grow up and install all kinds of home luxuries like water softener for you! Hahaha! Seriously, we love you, kid.

And thus, I truly truly hope this new help will be with us longer. Not only because we needed one, but also because we're paying more (and getting less) with a clean-laundry woman's bi-weekly pay plus an old help's daily salary.

The One With A Few Days Left

So we're still not quite ready for the Halloween, although I'm not that worried (yet) knowing we could always just pick one from Simone's old costumes. Or buy a ready-made costume (even though most our sub-standards and have linings that feel like abrasives). Of course with so many things going on in our lives right now (including the recent school program and my frustrations), I hardly have time enough to spend thinking about getting our act together for a Trick or Treat. I did think about getting Simone a new pumpkin basket though, and her outfit still matters to me very much. Yeah, such are the preoccupations of a mother. Hehehe.

So, any costume suggestion?

The one with thicker than blood

I pray they would always love each other like they do now
I hope even if they're not brothers and sisters, that they will always treat each other as such
I look forward to the days that they are older and they will find each other as someone they can talk to about things they could not tell their parents

Simone, Justin and Neyo...always be for each other.  Protect each other and love each other like true brothers and sisters.

 sorry for the lo-res pic...

The one with put to a test

Motherhood has tested me...once again.

It was supposed to be a simple family activity in school that turned out to be an eye-opener to me as a mom.  Simone had a UN day yesterday and her lola even made a costume for her as one of the Spice Girls.  Her lolo bought a wig at Divisoria just so she'd be in her best costume.  She practiced all her moves and steps for their special number.  I cooked kebabs to bring for the potluck assigned to us.  And all these were put to "waste", food not eaten, she did'nt join the presentation, she wore her costume for a good 5 minutes.

At first, I blamed everyone and everything around me.  I blamed her for not sleeping early the night before, I blamed the school for choosing a very hot venue to hold an activity, I even blamed her wig for making her so uncomfortable.  I blamed everything and everyone...except myself.

While i was scolding her at the highest pitch of my voice, i was crying because it was then that i realized my faults and felt a failure as a mom.  I've always thought and expected Simone enjoys school so much, heck, she's academically doing good in school.  She loves her classmates and teachers so much.  So not being in her best mood was something i was'nt prepared for.  And i could have handled the situation better but a part of me wanted to teach her and instill in her that she can't always act inappropriately when she doesn't feel like it.  She can't always throw tantrums in a blink of an eye.  I know, sooner or later, i have to teach this to her...and the day has come.

I know i could have been more matured and talked to her nicely but the mortal mom in me felt otherwise and i just flared up and felt i had to let it out, else i'd go crazy.

The only person who was so sensible at that time was my husband.  I appreciate that he was so calm while we were both crying.  He just let me expressed my feelings, he let me cried and poured out what i was feeling.  And i felt better specially when he texted me words of wisdom that all parents should realize:

~ Know that even if your kid excels as a kid, advanced in some aspects, realize that she is just 4 years old.  She's still a baby. (and will always be one)

~ It's ok that you reprimanded her, spanked her but don't let the anger sleep with you.  Always patch things up with love and assure her that you forgive her and explain to her why what she did was not right.

~ That no kid is perfect.  I know this but sometimes, I maybe expecting too much from her.  That she can always understand whatever i say, that she'll get it right away because at the same time, this is the only time i can teach her about discipline.  It's just that there's always a better way that scolding and hitting.

I realized sooo many things yesterday.  I still thank the Lord for giving me these realizations.  It had to reach at a certain level for me to understand these.  Man, motherhood's really challenging...I'd rather solve debt problems than handle this. Haha. But seriously, thank you Lord for these little challenges in life that would hopefully make us better parents :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The One With Approaching Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for both kids and parents. And I won't deny that I love dressing Simone up in costumes. Heck, Simone has been wearing costumes since she was one year old and I can't remember a time when she didn't wear a costume when there's an opportunity to wear one. She has a closet full of costumes (thanks to my MIL who makes costumes) and wears one whenever she feels like it, special occasion or not. So trust us, mother and daughter, to plan her Halloween costume painstakingly. I mean, I can't have her wearing t-shirts on Halloween's Trick or Treat mall events, when she wears costume on ordinary days, right?

The problem is, we can't seem to decide what she will be this Halloween. First, she wanted to be a Smurfy and I was OK with it. But then she changed her mind -- hopefully temporarily-- and wanted to be a fairy, but I thought it was too ordinary. *sigh*

So, we're still looking for costumes and we're still considering other options. I just hope we find one we can both agree on before Halloween comes :)

The One With Funny Simone

I should have mentioned a funny incident that happened during Jane and Oliver's birthday dinner. I totally don't know where Simone is getting her lingo. It started when a family with a small kid entered the restaurant and the kid's adult companions pulled out a pc tablet. NeYo, my nephew was so entranced by the gadget he practically stood by the girl's side by the family's table to watch what the girl was watching. And when we asked Simone to go get NeYo, Simone said, to my utter disbelief, "c'mon NeYo, we have one like that too". It absolutely surprised me I almost hit the floor laughing!

Of course Simone's tone was completely unaffected without any hint of bitter jealousy. Still, it was a bit discomfiting what the kid's family must think we're teaching our kid (not that I care what others wrongly think and say about us). Nonetheless, I seriously hope they think Simone meant simply that. That neYo should just watch in our table on our tablet, because we also have one like that :).

The One With The Guess Sale

So yesterday we went to Guess and Mossimo Sale at QC. We didn't arrive as early as planned but we're still able to arrive quite "ahead of the pack", so to speak. The clothes were new and had no damages whatsoever. The only problem is that they don't give one paper bag per shirt (but one paper bag for two items), which was kinda all right since most of the items I got was for Simon, Simone and me anyway. I didn't really tick everyone on our Christmas list, although I might have gone a little crazy. Hehehe. All I can say is that we all went home satisfied with our purchases. Now if I could only find discount shoes on sale too. Hehehe

The One With Two Birthdays

Last Saturday, we celebrated Jane's, my SIL and her husband Oliver's birthdays, and we had our dinner at Cravings. The food was great! We had an eat-all-you-can salad, coffee and cake on top of the regular dinner set meal. And nope, the food didn't ruin my diet (although the situation rightfully warrants natural appetite suppressants. Hehe). It was a blast and I imagine we all had a great time. :) More stories and pictures to follow. Happy birthday Jane and Oliver!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The one with 10minutes

Its 2nd quarter of exams this week. Im more relaxed now compared to the first quarter where i was so clueless of how the exams will be, felt like it was UPCAT already of simone. Hahaha. So anyway, it was her 2nd day of exams and when i dropped her off, i talked to a friend of mine (co-parent at KILA toom abi) and we chatted for a good 5minutes. The moment i sat inside the car, i opened my laptop and while it was loading, Simone went out of the school already with one of the "kuyas". When she rode the car, i asked the kuya if she finished her exam. Kuya said teacher said she could go so we can go home now. Hahaha. It was 10 minutes, as in! I'm so proud of simone. She has adjusted well in school and i'm happy that she enjoys studying as much as she enjoys playing (or maybe even more, haha) Thank you anak, at least you're assuring mommy and daddy that we're doing the right far. :) you dont have to an honor student but it will always be a plus. Haha. Just try your best always and it will be more than enough. We love you! (kung maka-drama akala mo college na yung anak...haha)

The One With A Prayer

Sometimes I worry about loading everything in our SUV whenever we're booked for a party (especially when, in the rush of the moment, my errand staff would bump the interiors with hard and sharp materials that leave their marks behind). But I guess that's unavoidable with a business like mine. At least I don't have to worry about changing the tire (or the hydraulic hose for that matter) yet, although brand new vehicles, I know, have nothing to do with flat or perforated tires.

Still, there's no harm in dreaming of a second car, now that we're almost finished paying for the down payment of our house :) God is so good!

The One With Goodbye Prostate Gland Operation

I should probably have written about this a long time ago, but I'm glad to tell you that my father-in-law has successfully battled his prostate gland problems. No more endless trying of herbal medicines, no more long faces every time we think about his situation, and lastly, no more considerations for long-time online purchases of adult diapers at online stores like adult diaper at 

We have the USANA herbal medicine to thank for (and I think in combination with other herbal medicines too) that he now doesn't have to go through an operation. And of course, the Lord. Glory be to Him!

The One With The Guess and Mossimo Sale

Now that Christmas is approaching, I'm always on the look-out for bargain deals, warehouse sales, sample sales and all kinds of promos where I could save loads for Christmas shopping. I know I'm becoming addicted to online deals Christmas or not, and I probably have to admit myself in one of those addiction treatment centers.  Hehe. But we all could do with discounts and savings especially with our present economy. So I thought I'd tell you that there is a warehouse sale for Guess and Mossimo tomorrow. It'll be at a school where a friend of mine works. Please find the details below.

Guess and Mossimo Sale (October 14 and 15/ 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.)
Speciabilities Development Center
11 Binamaka St.
Manresa, Quezon City
Tel: 361-9178 and 364-3460

The One With Getting Back to Pre-Pregnancy Weight

Now that I've found a diet that works, I feel a bit powerful knowing I only have to follow the diet and lose pounds again. I feel I won't ever have need of plus size bridesmaid dresses ever! Not that I've made a career out of attending weddings as a bridesmaid, or that I wore plus sizes gowns before. Hehe. But you know, I feel like I have a total control of my weight now. I could lose pounds whenever I want to. And it feels nice especially when your husband appreciates it and make comments like I am slimmer now than I was about four years ago, making reference to a picture taken during a friend's wedding where I was wearing a bridesmaid gown. And to think I have just given birth to Simone then! I feel like I truly am getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight and figure. Reminds me to stick to my diet and ignore temptations like yummy and luscious cakes. Hehehe.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The One With Reminiscing

Recently, we were going over old videos and pictures and saw one of Simone's very old video when she was still very small -- as small as when cigars are not allowed to get near her (well, she's still NOT allowed to get near cigarettes, but you know what I mean). She was dancing in the video and she looked so cute and small. And even though the light was bad in the video, it made Simon and I reminisced and missed the old days badly when our little princess was still very little. *sigh* Why do they grow up so fast?

The One With The Perfect Diet

I can't tell you enough how my new diet is working perfectly for me. No hungry feeling, no feeling-weak moments and totally no deprived feeling. The only downside, which only becomes a problem when I eat breads, is thus. I have to make several trips to the comfort room all the time. I don't need to go to an austin food allergies lab just to know that flour in breads acts like an allergen and makes my stomach upset.

So anyhow, I'm just so happy that I'm looking (and feeling!) slimmer everyday. Yay!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

The One With The "Big Girl"

An object of many amused glances, Simone's kid-size ladies bag typifies "small and cute". Really, it had us laughing for all the attention she gets whenever she's walking around, with it strapped around her shoulder. Quite recently, we went to the mall and when it was time for her to open her bag for the guard to inspect it, she dutifully and ceremoniously (like a real lady!) opened her bag for inspection. And it's funny how the others behind her waited like she was really supposed to open her bag full of barbie dolls and whatnot. Hahaha! Hurray to the guard for looking impassively professional as he said "Thank you for opening your bag, ma'am". He definitely should be out there looking for Room Director Jobs instead or other supervisory position within his qualification. Hehe.

My baby is turning into a lady :)

The one with 10

Yes, 10 pounds in almost two months! On October 27, i'll be officially two months on ketogenic diet. i'm one happy girl! i've become accustomed to this diet.  It has become less of an effort to avoid sweets, rice, bread, and anything with starch.  Although I want to improve my diet by adding more vegetables to it rather than meat.  I'm not so much of a meat eater but this diet taught me to eat more meat so i can load myself with protein. 

This is my before-diet picture. hehe. Taken last July 2011 in Singapore. 

And this is my during-diet picture. haha...feeling! my mom told me it's good my skin did'nt dry up.  Although i really feel my skin got darker because my skin "shrunk?" hahaha. but all in all, i'm liking what i'm seeing so far.  It's the first time in years that something has finally came effective. :)

I have 5 more kilos to shed...yes, 5 more kilos or 12 lbs.  I hope to get this before December :) i'll give updates again :)