Saturday, October 15, 2011

The One With Funny Simone

I should have mentioned a funny incident that happened during Jane and Oliver's birthday dinner. I totally don't know where Simone is getting her lingo. It started when a family with a small kid entered the restaurant and the kid's adult companions pulled out a pc tablet. NeYo, my nephew was so entranced by the gadget he practically stood by the girl's side by the family's table to watch what the girl was watching. And when we asked Simone to go get NeYo, Simone said, to my utter disbelief, "c'mon NeYo, we have one like that too". It absolutely surprised me I almost hit the floor laughing!

Of course Simone's tone was completely unaffected without any hint of bitter jealousy. Still, it was a bit discomfiting what the kid's family must think we're teaching our kid (not that I care what others wrongly think and say about us). Nonetheless, I seriously hope they think Simone meant simply that. That neYo should just watch in our table on our tablet, because we also have one like that :).

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