Friday, October 21, 2011

The One With No Pressure Childhood

I don't think I've mentioned yet that when Kumon had their free-trial classes last month, we had Simone undergo the diagnostic test for the program's leveling. I've forgotten what level she was recommended to start at, I only remember that their facilities wasn't quite what I expected, no shiny floors like one of those laminated floors at quick step flooring, nor modern and fancy decorations. It was as basic as most academic facilities.

We didn't pursue the trial classes though, not because the facilities don't look modern (hehe), but because we decided in the end that Simone doesn't need additional pressures at her age. I mean, she's only four and I think she isn't behind academically speaking with other kids her age. So she doesn't need it at this time, and we can always enroll her in the future if she wants to. Simone wanted to make sure Simone will only have good memories of school, no pressures.

So what was I doing inquiring about the program in the first place? Hehehe. Just blame it on my paranoid self. And yes, I was helping out my sister-in-law enroll my nephew in the program :)

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