Saturday, October 29, 2011

The one with 60th

I'm so blessed my mom just turned 60 last October 22.  I thank God for giving her another year and truly, this year is worth celebrating.  It was a simple yet memorable celebration.  We stayed at Linden Suites, and had a sumptuous dinner at Likha Restaurant in Eastwood.  I know it was not a very elegant party with name tags for guests but at least it was something she will always remember.  My 3-month old nephew stayed with us at the hotel, everybody just had fun.  Simone loved spending time with Marco, her other cousin and my parents enjoyed the pool and jacuzzi. :)

Happy birthday mommy! thank you for your love. thank you for raising us the way you knew how...we will always be thankful that you are our mother. I love you!

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