Saturday, October 15, 2011

The One With Approaching Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for both kids and parents. And I won't deny that I love dressing Simone up in costumes. Heck, Simone has been wearing costumes since she was one year old and I can't remember a time when she didn't wear a costume when there's an opportunity to wear one. She has a closet full of costumes (thanks to my MIL who makes costumes) and wears one whenever she feels like it, special occasion or not. So trust us, mother and daughter, to plan her Halloween costume painstakingly. I mean, I can't have her wearing t-shirts on Halloween's Trick or Treat mall events, when she wears costume on ordinary days, right?

The problem is, we can't seem to decide what she will be this Halloween. First, she wanted to be a Smurfy and I was OK with it. But then she changed her mind -- hopefully temporarily-- and wanted to be a fairy, but I thought it was too ordinary. *sigh*

So, we're still looking for costumes and we're still considering other options. I just hope we find one we can both agree on before Halloween comes :)

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