Thursday, October 06, 2011

The One With The "Big Girl"

An object of many amused glances, Simone's kid-size ladies bag typifies "small and cute". Really, it had us laughing for all the attention she gets whenever she's walking around, with it strapped around her shoulder. Quite recently, we went to the mall and when it was time for her to open her bag for the guard to inspect it, she dutifully and ceremoniously (like a real lady!) opened her bag for inspection. And it's funny how the others behind her waited like she was really supposed to open her bag full of barbie dolls and whatnot. Hahaha! Hurray to the guard for looking impassively professional as he said "Thank you for opening your bag, ma'am". He definitely should be out there looking for Room Director Jobs instead or other supervisory position within his qualification. Hehe.

My baby is turning into a lady :)

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