Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The one with movie review: No other woman

Okay, not a movie critic so why bother giving a review of the movie???? I just want to express what i feel and think about the movie. so here it is...

~ story plot was good.  The characters were all convincing, esp. Anne Curtis.  Hands down, convince na convince ako na querida sya. haha.
~ Cristine Reyes' character was convincing too pero while watching the movie, i kept wishing she would someone who's less conservative and more of an elite and "sosyal" woman as well. kasi in real life, men don't cheat just because their wives are conservative or timid or masyadong mahinhin.  They cheat because they are tempted.  So i think it would have been more of a good fight if cristine's character was at least leveled to anne's as well.
~ Some think cristine's acting needed improvement but i think she was good.  She's the kind of wife who was in denial at first so she was trying to just ignore and be nonchalant about it but the moment she knew about her husband's infidelity, she tried to be someone she's not, fierce, palaban and those sorts.  Pero lumabas na lang talaga ang gretchen barreto nya during the fight scene with Anne curtis which i think is one of the best scenes in the movie.
~ The fight scene was the best for me because all three were just so good.  I really felt like all of them were victims and not just Cristine.  The line of Anne was the best, "Tama na!" while she was on the floor as if begging Cristine to stop.  I felt her pain, pain of being sorry for hurting other people, pain of feeling alone because Derek will leave her, and pain of not being loved in return, when she has done everything she can. 
~ I love Carmi's character.  In real life naman, even if the mom is a victim of infidelity too (meaning her husband cheats too), ganun talaga sya mangangaral sa anak nya...of what she thinks is best...and that is to fight a good fight.  You just can't leave your husband in an instant.  You will fight for it and prove that no matter what happens, you will stand by him.  When she was scolding Cristine of what she needed to do to save the marriage and then while at the top of her voice, she just welled up, i love that scene. yung galit na galit kana, naluluha ka tuloy. parang totoong ina talaga.
~ The ending was just as i expected.  I also think that the scene of Derek and Anne seeing each other for the last time before she left for the US was ok.  I mean, i know some frowned on it and mostly said, why the heck they'd have to meet pa.  I was thinking it was more of a closure.

There, i'm glad i watched it with my mom.  I know better if i've watched it with my husband but another woman's perspective was nice as well and i enjoyed our conversation after the movie.  We don't have any experience or situation about infidelity issues ha, it was just really an eye-opener for all of us to be watchful of and the movie gave just that :)

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