Thursday, October 13, 2011

The one with 10minutes

Its 2nd quarter of exams this week. Im more relaxed now compared to the first quarter where i was so clueless of how the exams will be, felt like it was UPCAT already of simone. Hahaha. So anyway, it was her 2nd day of exams and when i dropped her off, i talked to a friend of mine (co-parent at KILA toom abi) and we chatted for a good 5minutes. The moment i sat inside the car, i opened my laptop and while it was loading, Simone went out of the school already with one of the "kuyas". When she rode the car, i asked the kuya if she finished her exam. Kuya said teacher said she could go so we can go home now. Hahaha. It was 10 minutes, as in! I'm so proud of simone. She has adjusted well in school and i'm happy that she enjoys studying as much as she enjoys playing (or maybe even more, haha) Thank you anak, at least you're assuring mommy and daddy that we're doing the right far. :) you dont have to an honor student but it will always be a plus. Haha. Just try your best always and it will be more than enough. We love you! (kung maka-drama akala mo college na yung anak...haha)

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