Thursday, October 13, 2011

The One With Getting Back to Pre-Pregnancy Weight

Now that I've found a diet that works, I feel a bit powerful knowing I only have to follow the diet and lose pounds again. I feel I won't ever have need of plus size bridesmaid dresses ever! Not that I've made a career out of attending weddings as a bridesmaid, or that I wore plus sizes gowns before. Hehe. But you know, I feel like I have a total control of my weight now. I could lose pounds whenever I want to. And it feels nice especially when your husband appreciates it and make comments like I am slimmer now than I was about four years ago, making reference to a picture taken during a friend's wedding where I was wearing a bridesmaid gown. And to think I have just given birth to Simone then! I feel like I truly am getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight and figure. Reminds me to stick to my diet and ignore temptations like yummy and luscious cakes. Hehehe.

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