Thursday, October 20, 2011

The one with painting gallery

These are some of the paintings Simone made last September.  It's just amazing that she has these strokes already for a 4-year old.  Whenever Simon and I would talk about it and how proud we are of Simone, we will just find ourselves thinking at the end of our conversation, that we may be just being parents who are a little "overacting" on their kid's accomplishments. (you know, the kind that   always insist their kid to sing even if they can't hit a tune, hahaha)

But when i posted it in FB and a lot liked it and commented how talented Simone is, especially when my bestfriend Jill told me that she really is talented and not just because she's her godmother, it confirmed that yes, she is really talented in painting. hahaha. (moreso, it confirmed that we are not OA parents)

Continue to enjoy your skills anak! we're just here to support you all the way :)




Blues Clues House and one of the flowers in PVZ


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