Thursday, January 31, 2008

Water tank

yes, now that we've moved in to a new home, hopefully, we can settle in as early as we can. i mean, really settled in, as in adjusted with all the boxes out and adjusted with the neighborhood and the new place. The only concern so far that i have is the water tank which we have to fix before we can maximize its usage. i suggested that we buy tankless water heater so we use the water that we got from the tank for baths. the water from the tank is really cold and we need a heater for that. aside from that, we need to fix the pipes of the tank so it does'nt leak and we are not overcharged for that.

The one with tag 1 - 5 things

Since Mec tagged me at least three times ata and I sooo want to answer everything, i decided to do it on a part by part basis. hehe. so here goes

5 things I want my kids to know before they grow up

1. Love and knowing God is the only way to live life
2. That in everything we do, always ask God for the right direction. No matter how well you know things, it will always keep you humble to ask God for everything.
3. It's okay to cry
4. It's alright to commit mistakes but you have to make sure that you learn from it.
5. Be honest at all times. It's the hardest but most fulfilling thing to do.

That's at the top of my mind right now and im tagging lea ni francis, cathy ni randy, and abi ni romy!

Movie hopping

Every Wednesday, we see to it that simon and i will spend the day together. it will be our new day off since he chose that and sunday as his rest days. and we spend it either at home or a date at the mall. we are so low-maintenance, our date can just include a nice movie, a stroll and an eat out somewhere. But lately, since we want to spend more time with simone, we wish we'd have a discount home theater seating that we see on the internet so we can stay at home more and still be satisfied with a good movie-watching.

The one with all the big mouth

As evidenced by the pictures below, let these pics amuse you in any way it can. haha.

and again...
still a mystery how and where she learned this since no one taught her far as i can remember...

big mouth again
might be the dad...kuhang-kuha eh...hehe

new year with lolo
pwede ring kay lolo vic nya. haha.

big mouth pa rin
you think sa ken nakuha??!...ahaha.

take note, wala pong sounds yan, just the actual big mouth when we ask her to smile. good luck toall her bday pics next month! nyahaha.


Last day of the first month for 2008 and i caught a bad cough and colds. actually, i got the colds from simone's allergic rhinitis and somehow led to cough after two days. i don't usually use any drug treatment since i'm not used to any (ironic since i used to work for a pharma company, haha) but ever since i had simone, i had to always be healthy and sickness-free. I have to make sure that she does'nt get any virus since it's hard for a baby to get sick. Although in this case, she was the one who infected me with her virus.

The one with quick update

here's a quick update and other things...

1. moved out - moved out from our small apartment.
~ i miss abi, romy and aliya.
~ i miss the place kasi no matter how you put it, that is where everything started. that's where simone was conceived, that's the home that welcomed her. it was full of love and joy kaya hirap din kme umalis dun.
~ yun nga lang kasi talaga, it's full of our things na in! we can't walk around the house na kasi masikip na talaga. hahaha.

2. moved in - moved to a new home
~ it's the supposed to be house namin before we chose marick.
~ finally, nakatira din kme dito.
~ super luwag naman ngayon. 2 rooms are actually vacant. although the other room will be a music room, yung isa stockroom lang talaga. yung attic, wala pa kme maisip na use pero was thinking of making it an art room or craft room whatever.
~ it's not a new house and needs beautification but it's good enough. we love it, maaliwalas and quiet neighborhood.

3. caught colds and cough
~ waaah! hirap ng may sakit. nahawa ako kay simone. actually, nag start lang ng allergic rhinitis ung kay simone because of moving out nga, then she transferred it to me tapos pareho kme may ubo. wawa baby, although mine is worse. sa kanya, paunti unti ubo lang. buti naman.

4. bday preps
~ i still have a lot of to do's for her bday! bad trip! di ako maka-prepare ng maayos coz sabay-sabay ang turn of events sa buhay namin. hahaha. will go to divi bukas (totoo nato) and Printed matter to finalize everything. hopefully, makabigay na invites next week. :)

5. music studio
~ as much as we did'nt want to, we can't maximize our music studio that we've put up at vista verde. after a year, di pa sya self-earning. chunk of our income from the business covers more of corporate projects (doing soundtracks for commercials, AVPs, etc) and we're not getting much from those who are renting out the place as rehearsal studio. so instead of looking at it on the negative side, id like to put it in a better perspective. we're putting mini recording studio at home, one room there and by schedule ang recordings (just like before). corporate projects are still ok since those are my accounts naman. i take care of the negotiations, simon does the projects. hehehe. we've also decided to do this so hopefully we can save up for the dream house that we've wanted and praying for. :)

6. other matters
~ thanks everyone for visiting! promise, will visit your blogs more often. and sa mga tags, sagutan ko yan asap. :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The one with as promise

Hey, here are a few wedding pics from chris and mercy's. :)

first formal pic
our first formal family pic

bright lights
my bright fairness, bagay sa hubby ko ang suit ha. haha.

groomsprep_0049 (Small)
nakakaloko ang smile...hehe

bridesprep_0150 (1)

bridesprep_0160 (1)
the reason why the second photog was fond of taking pics of her...her smile and pose.


I was arranging my dresser (or at least pretending to) when i saw how excessive my love for accessories is. all my small drawers are filled with accessories, mostly custom ones or the beaded ones. these are aside from the ones that i make for my own use.

but despite that, i still feel that i don't have enough. i still use the same accessories everyday like the gold bangle which has turned to be a favorite. i feel like it fits with anything i wear, be it jeans or slacks or dress. it goes so well that i can always look fab when i wear it. a good find!

The one with a time flies

Yes, time really, really flies soo fast. And as a proof, here is a layout done by our makulit CWL girl, Wella.

Since Mec has updated her readers with what's keeping us busy, i'd like to tell more about this group of brides who have turned to be my friends..and close ones actually. :)

(From top, left to right)
Charie - married to Mac, she's the sexy one in the group. i mean, all of us are or were but she has maintained her physique despite and in spite of the wedding bliss. haha. she's the quiet one to the point that she's incomunicado already. but we appreciate it if she's online and replies to our posts once in a while. haha, we got used to it. our group is low-maintenance.

Chris - all of us have turned to be OCs after the wedding, but man, this girl is one heck of an OC from the start. but she's not the type who gets easily tensed. she's so cool and calm, even when she talks, it's as if everything's cool. i think that's what's good about her. she's so composed that when you're with her, it gets in you. haha. oh and lastly, since she's so maputi and all, when we're with her, feeling namin dugyot kaming lahat. hahaha.

Con - looove this girl! we clicked instantly. feeling ko she's my sister,nagkaiba lang kme ng parents. haha. we have so many things in common. what i love about her is her sense of responsibility to her family and to her new family. she takes care of literally everything and i admire how she can juggle all these and still manage to call me to have some chika and ask me out.

Karla - the kikay of the group. she was our neighbor before and we miss them!!! she may be really girlie and kikay on the outside, but man, she's tough on the inside! as in gabriela silang ito! hahaha. she used to confront our landlord when something's not right...a trait that i love and miss about her since i can't do that well. (or at least not as good as how she does it) haha.

Mai - another quiet lady who happened to sit beside me on one of the EBs before sa makati, di pa kme barkada nun. i really find her sweet and she's so accommodating. when i talk about her to simon, i refer to her as the "sya yung mabait na nagagandahan ka..." hehe, and simon would instantly remember her. i know she'll make a great mom...lahat kme are great moms!

Wella - the ever, ever, ever kulit in the group! as in, wala nang kukulit pa! when we get together, ayoko sya katabi coz it's a riot pag ganun! hahaha. we always put her on the center and we always make her the host pag get together namin. and mind you, sya lang and she alone ang nakapagpa-tameme sa asawa ko! in! and according to simon, and i quote: "kasi di nako humihirit, parang di ko kaya talbugan si wella e." hahaha...that's a first!

Yna - another OC friend. haha. but she never forgets. she always makes chika and she's so warm that you can tell her almost anything. she's the first one to get married which somehow made her the ate of the group. haha, love you mare!

Tin - i've only been with her a couple of times coz she's from the south, but i love this girl. i love how she can be frank but at the same time sweet. i remember when i was in trouble and she said, "sa lahat naman ng aawayin si jacque pa..." she instantly comforted me. and no matter how maldita her looks can be, soft hearted pa rin yan. haha.

Mec - the one who can connect to us all. haha. since she's the most "in-touch" to any of us, she can easily update us with what's happening with everyone. i love and admire how religiously she does things and puts her heart to it. when she wants something, she really sees to it that she'll be engrossed on it. be it blogging, digiscrapping, her baby, cooking, pappie, pyro, or just about anything. ask her anything, she'll give you an answer right away. hehe.

there. i miss all of them. before we were brides, then wives, and now...moms. i love how our lives, as different and as strange to each other, has become a group of ladies i call...friends. :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

The one with a happy moment

Just a while ago, Simon and I left the house together (with simone of course). we dropped simone at my mom's and we parked at galleria for my meeting and then he just took a cab from there to his office. while he was driving, we had a good chat about each other's life and activities and our last topic was something that was new to me.

He told me about our pastor's message yesterday and how our pastor asked the couples to write something about their partners. For the husbands, write three things that you appreciate about your wife. For the wives, write three things that you want to be appreciated for. And since I was not able to attend, we did the exercise while parked at the mall. And for our assessment here is what we came up with:

On Simon (three things that he appreciates about me)
1. taking good care of simone and being very patient on our baby
2. being on-time
3. encourager

On Jacque (three things i want to be appreciated for)
1. being able to organize and manage everything (home, family, budget, business)
2. any of my accomplishments
3. physically, especially when i've put an effort to look my best

In fairness, Simon always tells me that he appreciates how i take care of simone and how i gave up my so-called career to be with my family more. As to being on time, if ever there is any objections, I'm only late when I'm with my husband. hahaha. But he admires that I really take an effort to be on time which is a very impossible task for him. And the encourager part is a touching one. He sees me as the one with a more positive outlook in life. According to him, I don't get easily down and I always have this tendency of looking at things on both sides, positive and negative and dwell more on the positive. hehe. i love my hubby!

As to what I wrote, it's self-explanatory. haha.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The one with CUTENESS!

We are sooo in love with simone and she just keeps on giving us more reasons to love her more! hahaha...

Wednesday, Jan. 15, was Simon's off from work and i cancelled my meeting so we can all stay together at our house and go to the mall in the instant family day. While still sleeping, I was half awake already when I thought I heard Simon and Simone playing. And then, I just felt my baby crawling towards me and then she kissed me on my lips...without anyone instructing her to!!! sooo precious! as in i was surprised and Simon too, I asked him if he told simone to do it. he did'nt. but before that, simon asked simone to kiss him. and after she did, she just crawled straight to my face and kissed me as well. She already knows the concept of fair share. hahaha...when daddy gets something, mommy gets something also. :)

Since I have'nt given a good 10-month progress report on simone. Here's my long overdue development report on her.

At 10 months, Simone can do the following:
~ Stands on her own (no other person accompanying her, but she has to hold on to something, side of her crib most of the time). And she will suddenly keep her hands off from the crib and try to balance...she can balance for like 2 seconds, then fall. haha. nice, soo cute! her dad, of course, the protective can't get his hands off from her so she does'nt fall hard. my goodness, her crib has like 2 comforters already plus the foam of the crib...i dont think she'd hurt herself. hehe.

~ Walks faster pag "gabay". We hold her sa underarms already and she keeps on pushing our hands away. Most of the time, nauuna pa yung feet nya sa body nya when walking kasi nga ang bilis na maglakad. hehe.

~ Has mastered the "Big Mouth" face! grabe, i will really post pics as soon as i get hold of our camera again since i have'nt uploaded any pics since december. anyway, she has learned this Big mouth face where she literally opens her mouth so big when we say "big mouth" or "smile". She doesn't smile na when we ask her to smile at the camera, she does the Big Mouth already. so good luck to her 1st birthday pictures! if she keeps on doing her big mouth trick, her pictures will all be like that. hahaha.

~ Pull up to a standing position from sitting

~ She objects if something is taken away from her...and she objects really hard. haha. she does'nt give out tantrums but she really holds on to her things really hard so we cant take them away easily.

~ She can easily understand what we say and obeys what we tell her to do. Here are the things that she can do already (although most of these she has learned from before pa):
a) flying kiss (with eyes closed pa ha);
b) appear or high five
c) align
d) clap or yey (she can recognize already when we are praising her for things she has done and she will immediately clap if she knows that she did a good thing. the clap thing she has mastered when she was 8 months, the recognize thing just recently.)

AND here are our signatured lessons we taught her:
a) Kiss mommy, Kiss daddy (she kisses us on the lips)
b) untog (it's our families' way of doing the eskimo kiss where our foreheads will bump into each other's. cuteness! we'll say 'untog' and she will bump her forehead on ours. hehe.
c) bless (where you hold out your hand and her forehead will touch your hand as if the real bless sign.
d) Sit properly (this is by far the most amusing thing she does now. You tell her to sit properly and she will put her two arms together crossed while sitting down and will really behave. no kidding! she really does this.
e) Praise the Lord (i know she does'nt even know the concept but it's fulfilling when she responds to it by raising her hand really high and looking up when we say this phrase. it's never too early to teach her about anything. :)
f) Pray (ever since she started eating solids, we always see to it that we pray with her. And so she has learned the pray sign already. she will clasp her hands together and look at us while we pray. and mind you, she really behaves when we're praying. and she waits until we're done praying before she grabs for her food. hehe.

~ She points to objects already. Ask her where lola is, she points at her lola. (same with lolo and mommy and daddy) the titos and titas will come eventually, mejo difficult round kasi madami sila e. hehe.

~ She knows / recognizes her toys / friends easily. Hold two stuffed toys before her, ask her where Papito is (her small stuffed puppy), she can get it for you. Ask where Raffy is (her giraffe rubber bath toy), she can get it amidst the number of toys around her. Same with Dallia and Barney and all other toys.

~ To let her sleep, I only tap her legs while she lays down on our bed and play her mobile until she gets sleepy na. I don't rock her anymore to sleep. :)

~ She uses immature jargoning already. A term i got from the book where she uses sounds as if she's talking already, but with words/syllables we can't understand. haha. she says "Wowowow...atutu...aaaayyy" in one phrase and different tunes as if syllabicating. hehe. we respond to her by saying, "oh really? and then, what happened?" and she will respond again...cute i know! she really is showing signs already that she wants to talk and she's hoping that we can understand her. hehehe.

~ My mom or I are religiously giving her reading lessons everyday when we see that she wants to read or look at something. My mom bought this Phonics book and they read it everyday. She can utter the words "apple" with "Ahh...ppee"(without an L pa) and "mama" effortlessly and "dada" effortlessly. all other objects are pronounced just the same with "ahh...teee" hahaha.

~ She knows what a cat is which we call muning and she knows that a dog barks "awww.." did i mention that she also loves dogs?! yey!

~ Mastered crawling already and can sit from a crawling position.

~ Cruises at her crib sometimes.

~ Still a vegetarian...i've introduced her to all green leafy vegetables like spinach, sayote, and other veggies and fruits like carrots, squash, potatoes, camote, apples, oranges. She's a rice-eater though but we give her lugaw pa rin with chicken meat sometimes, but most of the time we mix it with veggies pa rin.

~ She finishes 6 oz of milk in 10 minutes and takes it at a 3-hr interval pa rin. and so i thought the interval will be longer. She still wakes up at night (one time lang) but i give her milk sometimes, other times i just tap her legs so she can sleep again.

~ She still loves Jollibee which is still a mystery until now coz no one introduced Jollibee to her. hehe.

~ Manifests Less stranger anxiety.

~ Of course, there are still the not so good days when she can't figure out what she wants, but generally, she's a happy and easy little princess.

There, i hope i was able to note down everything. in case i forget something, i'll blog it again. hehe. love you simone!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Busy, busy

I was so busy last week, I'd have to finish a report in order to comply with the deadline that we have. I had to look for a laptop rental just so i could finish it since simon was using our laptop at that time. The one i found was at the internet cafe but since there were also desktops inside, i chose the desktop instead since i was more comfortable using that, i might bring home the laptop by accident.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The year that was

Or should I just say the month that was??? Everything happened so fast, I have so many stories to share but it's either i can't put the right words to write or can't find the ample time for it (hay, and i thought being a SAHM will give me more blogging time...haha)

anyway, chancing upon rhea's site (since i was checking if she has uploaded our pics already...hahaha) i felt guilty that i have'nt really updated our blog to think that december is always a month of family events for us. it's of course, our favorite month since we celebrate our anniversary and our favorite season...the Christmas!

i'll try to reminisce the past month so here it goes:

Dec 4 - my SIL gave birth to the little prince of the Tan clan, Justin Daniel Maano. I can still remember of how at 230am of Dec 3, we brought her to the hospital (simon and i) coz she really felt that it was time. unfortunately, she was asked to go home. haha. in the morning, i asked her to come with us while i run errands, do some appointments and go malling so baby would come down. while having lunch, she felt that she needed to really go to the hospital. so as relaxed and calm as i was, i brought her to the hospital (with my baby simone and my other SIL) and there we found out that she was 4cm already. hahaha. she gave birth at 12:30am, Dec. 4, the day after my FIL's bday. hehehe. and we all survived the birthing experience that tested the faith of the whole family. Everything is good and we pray for the best future for our little prince.

Dec. 7 - party at my former office...where we supplied the sound system. hahaha. simon had to attend another event naman...grabe sa kayod ito!

Dec 8 - my parent's anniversary! we went out and pigged out as usual. hahaha.

Dec. 10 - Jane and Oliver's anniversary. we were'nt able to celebrate with them since jane was still trying to recover from her delivery.

Dec. 19 - party at my former department...FUN! i missed everyone and i was glad that they still invited me to the party. of course, there was singing! hahaha...i miss them so much!

Dec. 21 - Simone's 10 months already! grabe, another post for all her milestones but can i just say that im so proud of my baby! she is one bright kid. :)

Dec. 22 - our 2nd anniversary!!! we just had a simple celebration since we wanted to celebrate on a more noble cause, but since we're still planning for that, we wont' share muna. hehe. but we still went out and had dinner at our favorite hang out, Eastwood! i enjoyed the Il Pirata experience. the food was good, we had a moonlit dinner at their so-called boat and of course we had a good laugh. it's always a fun moment with simon and we never ran out of stories to share...i love you beh!

Dec. 23 - Chris and Mercy's wedding! Finally! the two tied the knot already. It's also Simone's first wedding and we might have missed some parts of the wedding and might have wished we brought along our yaya with us, but everything's good. I might regret it more if i did'nt bring simone to the wedding. she was so pretty that day, just like her mom. hahaha. i had to carry her though while i was wearing a gown and can you believe i wore her on a sling?! oh yes! mommy on a gown with a sling!!! hahaha. and of course, the photographer was so amused at her coz she always looked at the camera when it's picture time...thus, a lot of pictures for her. hahaha.

Dec. 24 & 25 - we went to the Tans and the Fermins to have Christmas dinners! sooo fun! and we ate our noche buena in the morning na and opened gifts after. we stayed at home the whole day and thanked God for our first christmas with simone. haaay, time flies so fast.

Dec. 26 or sometime after christmas - we went to simon's office for children's christmas party. simone got a lot of goodies and gifts from her godparents! we decided not to do the traditional pamamasko to godparents since we dont know how to go about it but we thank God for thoughtful godparents. hahaha.

and in betweens were wedding coordinations, last minute shopppings, and work. hahaha. if i remember more, i'll post it again on another entry.

Again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!!! God bless!!!


I bought these cables just recently so we can still use the internet at our laptop and that I don't have to go to the other room to use the internet. But unfortunately, I got to use it a few times and it never worked again after that. I'm not so sure what's wrong but I'm guessing that since it passed through two doors and we keep on closing and opening the doors, i think they got worn out and the wires inside short-circuited or something, however you may call it.

So we're back to using just the computer on the other room for internet purposes. I just hope we can maximize the internet again.

The one with tagged by yna

Yey! another tag from a good friend. i miss yah mare! and here's what the tag contains:

1.Two names I go by: Jacque and Backy (the first one can be pronounced as JACK or JAKI, the second one is my nickname at home which eventually was used by my college friends on me)
2.Two things I am wearing right now: white sando and pajamas
3.Two things I like to do: malling with my hubby and baby; anything that has to do with my baby (so that can include shopping with baby, eating out with baby...hehe, get the point?!)
4.Two things I want very badly at this moment: Manicure/Pedicure and a new hairdo ( i still don't know if i want to have it colored or just a nice haircut)
5.Two things I did last night: watch DVD and successfully finished the whole movie and ate chocolates which i felt guilty after
6.Two things I am doing tomorrow: Go to Manila and pay for party venue (for simone's bday)
7. Two things I ate today: Rai Rai Ken and salad (oh yes, im back on greens!)
8. Two favorite beverages: Iced tea and water
9. Two of my favorite food: Chicken (KFC or jollibee) and chocolates
10. Two persons I last spoke to: mom and dad
11. Two things about me that you may not have known: a Psych graduate and am a lefty who used to be right-handed (so was literally ambidextrous for some time)
12. Two jobs that I have had in my life: Customer Relations Staff and Brand Mngt. person (same company)
13. Two movies I would watch over and over: Friends (although it's not a movie) and Pretty Woman
14. Two favorite things to do: movies and books (so that's watch movies and read)

Follow up question:
What are the 5 gifts you would buy for Yourself this Christmas, if you had unlimited income?

- Own a resthouse and an island
- Be able to travel wherever and whenever i want to
- A mall with all my favorite stores and restos
- All the video gadgets there are (Nintendo Wii, PSP, Xbox, etc...for hubby)
- All the music and techy thingys...hahaha.

Had fun!!! katuwa! And now its your turn... Jacq, Con, Cathy, and Mec!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Our major project

Of course, when we bid goodbye to another year and welcome the new year with gladness and excitement, there would always be wishes and dreams that we hope might come true for the year. and during one of our (simon and i) conversations, we hoped to put a property as a major project for the year. Since Simone is still young and not yet studying, now is the best time to start investing on a house and lot. we'd be pretty serious entertaining real estate agents starting from now on so we'd get lots of options and best deals.

Please help us pray for it.

The one with all juggled

I'm trying really hard to keep everything within my control but konti na lang and i can feel i'd have a nervous breakdown. hahaha. i'm at the peak of our research project now, while coordinating weddings here and there, keeping the music studio, preparing for simone's birthday and keeping our home...sane. haha.

After this week, I really hope I can start on preparing for Simone's birthday again. as in i'am sooo behind my schedule. i still don't have any invitation at all and i also need to go to divisoria and buy items for her loot and prizes. oh man!

I need my time management skills and organizing skills here the most... hahaha...and i have'nt updated my blog yet! waaah!!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Losing weight

And now that the holidays are all over, the sad part of this is paying the price of all the food i ate! i mean, i did'nt have any regrets whenever i eat but man! i really ate a lot last christmas and new year! and sad to say, i could'nt turn back the time because i'm sure i'd still do it again. hahaha.

and so, the fitness equipment that simon bought for me as his christmas and anniversary gift came in very handy. I promise to maximize it and use it as often as i can.

The one with a new year!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Here's to a more blessed 2008...a year so promising for everyone, good health as always, may everyone has been looking for love be blessed, may all who have tied the knot enjoy the bliss of married life, may all who have bore a child cherish its motherhood and parenthood, and may all who have lost a loved one find peace and comfort in God.

Cheers to 2008!