Monday, January 21, 2008

The one with a happy moment

Just a while ago, Simon and I left the house together (with simone of course). we dropped simone at my mom's and we parked at galleria for my meeting and then he just took a cab from there to his office. while he was driving, we had a good chat about each other's life and activities and our last topic was something that was new to me.

He told me about our pastor's message yesterday and how our pastor asked the couples to write something about their partners. For the husbands, write three things that you appreciate about your wife. For the wives, write three things that you want to be appreciated for. And since I was not able to attend, we did the exercise while parked at the mall. And for our assessment here is what we came up with:

On Simon (three things that he appreciates about me)
1. taking good care of simone and being very patient on our baby
2. being on-time
3. encourager

On Jacque (three things i want to be appreciated for)
1. being able to organize and manage everything (home, family, budget, business)
2. any of my accomplishments
3. physically, especially when i've put an effort to look my best

In fairness, Simon always tells me that he appreciates how i take care of simone and how i gave up my so-called career to be with my family more. As to being on time, if ever there is any objections, I'm only late when I'm with my husband. hahaha. But he admires that I really take an effort to be on time which is a very impossible task for him. And the encourager part is a touching one. He sees me as the one with a more positive outlook in life. According to him, I don't get easily down and I always have this tendency of looking at things on both sides, positive and negative and dwell more on the positive. hehe. i love my hubby!

As to what I wrote, it's self-explanatory. haha.

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