Thursday, January 17, 2008

The one with CUTENESS!

We are sooo in love with simone and she just keeps on giving us more reasons to love her more! hahaha...

Wednesday, Jan. 15, was Simon's off from work and i cancelled my meeting so we can all stay together at our house and go to the mall in the instant family day. While still sleeping, I was half awake already when I thought I heard Simon and Simone playing. And then, I just felt my baby crawling towards me and then she kissed me on my lips...without anyone instructing her to!!! sooo precious! as in i was surprised and Simon too, I asked him if he told simone to do it. he did'nt. but before that, simon asked simone to kiss him. and after she did, she just crawled straight to my face and kissed me as well. She already knows the concept of fair share. hahaha...when daddy gets something, mommy gets something also. :)

Since I have'nt given a good 10-month progress report on simone. Here's my long overdue development report on her.

At 10 months, Simone can do the following:
~ Stands on her own (no other person accompanying her, but she has to hold on to something, side of her crib most of the time). And she will suddenly keep her hands off from the crib and try to balance...she can balance for like 2 seconds, then fall. haha. nice, soo cute! her dad, of course, the protective can't get his hands off from her so she does'nt fall hard. my goodness, her crib has like 2 comforters already plus the foam of the crib...i dont think she'd hurt herself. hehe.

~ Walks faster pag "gabay". We hold her sa underarms already and she keeps on pushing our hands away. Most of the time, nauuna pa yung feet nya sa body nya when walking kasi nga ang bilis na maglakad. hehe.

~ Has mastered the "Big Mouth" face! grabe, i will really post pics as soon as i get hold of our camera again since i have'nt uploaded any pics since december. anyway, she has learned this Big mouth face where she literally opens her mouth so big when we say "big mouth" or "smile". She doesn't smile na when we ask her to smile at the camera, she does the Big Mouth already. so good luck to her 1st birthday pictures! if she keeps on doing her big mouth trick, her pictures will all be like that. hahaha.

~ Pull up to a standing position from sitting

~ She objects if something is taken away from her...and she objects really hard. haha. she does'nt give out tantrums but she really holds on to her things really hard so we cant take them away easily.

~ She can easily understand what we say and obeys what we tell her to do. Here are the things that she can do already (although most of these she has learned from before pa):
a) flying kiss (with eyes closed pa ha);
b) appear or high five
c) align
d) clap or yey (she can recognize already when we are praising her for things she has done and she will immediately clap if she knows that she did a good thing. the clap thing she has mastered when she was 8 months, the recognize thing just recently.)

AND here are our signatured lessons we taught her:
a) Kiss mommy, Kiss daddy (she kisses us on the lips)
b) untog (it's our families' way of doing the eskimo kiss where our foreheads will bump into each other's. cuteness! we'll say 'untog' and she will bump her forehead on ours. hehe.
c) bless (where you hold out your hand and her forehead will touch your hand as if the real bless sign.
d) Sit properly (this is by far the most amusing thing she does now. You tell her to sit properly and she will put her two arms together crossed while sitting down and will really behave. no kidding! she really does this.
e) Praise the Lord (i know she does'nt even know the concept but it's fulfilling when she responds to it by raising her hand really high and looking up when we say this phrase. it's never too early to teach her about anything. :)
f) Pray (ever since she started eating solids, we always see to it that we pray with her. And so she has learned the pray sign already. she will clasp her hands together and look at us while we pray. and mind you, she really behaves when we're praying. and she waits until we're done praying before she grabs for her food. hehe.

~ She points to objects already. Ask her where lola is, she points at her lola. (same with lolo and mommy and daddy) the titos and titas will come eventually, mejo difficult round kasi madami sila e. hehe.

~ She knows / recognizes her toys / friends easily. Hold two stuffed toys before her, ask her where Papito is (her small stuffed puppy), she can get it for you. Ask where Raffy is (her giraffe rubber bath toy), she can get it amidst the number of toys around her. Same with Dallia and Barney and all other toys.

~ To let her sleep, I only tap her legs while she lays down on our bed and play her mobile until she gets sleepy na. I don't rock her anymore to sleep. :)

~ She uses immature jargoning already. A term i got from the book where she uses sounds as if she's talking already, but with words/syllables we can't understand. haha. she says "Wowowow...atutu...aaaayyy" in one phrase and different tunes as if syllabicating. hehe. we respond to her by saying, "oh really? and then, what happened?" and she will respond again...cute i know! she really is showing signs already that she wants to talk and she's hoping that we can understand her. hehehe.

~ My mom or I are religiously giving her reading lessons everyday when we see that she wants to read or look at something. My mom bought this Phonics book and they read it everyday. She can utter the words "apple" with "Ahh...ppee"(without an L pa) and "mama" effortlessly and "dada" effortlessly. all other objects are pronounced just the same with "ahh...teee" hahaha.

~ She knows what a cat is which we call muning and she knows that a dog barks "awww.." did i mention that she also loves dogs?! yey!

~ Mastered crawling already and can sit from a crawling position.

~ Cruises at her crib sometimes.

~ Still a vegetarian...i've introduced her to all green leafy vegetables like spinach, sayote, and other veggies and fruits like carrots, squash, potatoes, camote, apples, oranges. She's a rice-eater though but we give her lugaw pa rin with chicken meat sometimes, but most of the time we mix it with veggies pa rin.

~ She finishes 6 oz of milk in 10 minutes and takes it at a 3-hr interval pa rin. and so i thought the interval will be longer. She still wakes up at night (one time lang) but i give her milk sometimes, other times i just tap her legs so she can sleep again.

~ She still loves Jollibee which is still a mystery until now coz no one introduced Jollibee to her. hehe.

~ Manifests Less stranger anxiety.

~ Of course, there are still the not so good days when she can't figure out what she wants, but generally, she's a happy and easy little princess.

There, i hope i was able to note down everything. in case i forget something, i'll blog it again. hehe. love you simone!!!

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