Friday, December 22, 2006

The one with our first anniversary

Congratulations to us!!! One year na kmeng Mr. and Mrs. Simon Tan! yahoo!!! what more could we ask for?! we have a baby simone who's on the way, we have so many blessings to be thankful for, we have great families who've supported us always...Thank you Lord for everything!

anyway, we did'nt plan much since we are so busy with events and christmas season and we want to celebrate it after christmas season. anyway, for our first anniversary,, we kinda splurged on our anniversary gifts. hehe, our rationale...this may be the last "luho" we have for ourselves before simone comes. hahaha. syempre, pag andyan na si simone, lahat na ng luho will be for her. yihee!

so, i surprised simon with a new iPOD video 30GB. yahoo! super saya ng lolo nyo dahil di nya expected talaga. i wrote on the card that it's not an iPOD nano that he wanted kaya nag-sorry me. hindi nga naman nano, kasi video! naks!!! :D i wrapped it in two boxes para hindi halata na ipod video. hehe, typical me.

simon on the other hand, gave me a portable widescreen DVD player. ang saya! he knows how much i wanted to watch videos kaya ngayon kahit saan pwede nako manood. thanks behbi ha! :D as usual, pictures to follow. hehe.

we had our dinner at gloria maris in shang and had dessert in sugarhouse where i gave him my gift. :D

Happy Anniversary to us! and to all december couples there, happy anniv to you too! God bless!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The one with the day before

Tomorrow is our first year anniversary! grabe, super bilis ng panahon. as in! lately, super pagod kme lagi ni simon coz of all the events we had to attend to, all the errands, and mga last-minute shoppings. and to top it all, we're pregnant pa! so double yung ingat namin and madali kme mapagod. (ako coz of simone, si simon dahil sa mga bitbit nya!) hahaha.

can you believe it, we still have'nt prepared anything for our anniversary. as in wala pa! we plan to celebrate it na lang after christmas since wala naman ako pasok and i think he wont work din ata nun. we can always go somewhere and relax. yun nga lang, goodbye na to out of town planning dahil bawal na ko mag-travel. not naman bawal, pero mabuti na ynug maingat. pasaway kasi ako eh. i went to batangas lang yesterday and nasiraan ang kotse ko in the middle of south expressway! haayyy!! pero God is good and His protection was upon us. detailed story next post na lang at ayoko naman maiba ang mood ng post ko here.

so, what are we going to do tomorrow??? since we'll just have a corporate year-end sa Ultra, i can report to work around 10am na siguro. he suggested that we have breakfast at somethin fishy muna. then, tambay sa eastwood dahil dun naman ang favorite namin eh. tapos, report to office and then, after that have a good dinner in a nice hotel or restaurant. basta, anything para lang makapag-relax and have the time to ourselves lang talaga.

just this morning, we woke up late na. he told me na half day na lang kme para makabawi ng sleep kahit papano. you know what, when he hugged me and we were sleeping, super naisip ko na super lapit na ang pagdating ni baby simone that we really have to cherish the time na kme lang dalawa together. it's a mixed emotion actually. syempre, happy ako and super excited to be finally seeing our baby! pero at the same time something tells me na i might not be able to spend as much time as i do for simon, yung tipong our lives will totally revolve around baby simone. hahaha. i dont know what im saying...kakaloka! must be the preggo hormones. basta, ang important is that God has blessed us with a baby girl we've prayed for. kahit ngayon pa lang na di pa sya lumalabas, she's giving us sooo much joy already. pati families namin are soo excited and looking forward to finally kiss and hug her.

im on my 7th month already. simone's kicks are getting stronger. minsan may mga exhibition pang nalalaman. hehehe. im starting to feel her feet kicking me. ang cute pero minsan mejo masakit. hahaha. at least i know she's active and healthy.

at may ugali tong batang to...pag may kausap, gusto lagi sumali kasi lagi sumisipa. tapos, marunong mag-respond sa ring ng fone. yung ring na "krrriiiinnnggg..." hahaha. she has intervals na rin kung kelan sya active, kelan sya playing inside me, etc. she loves to kick me pag patulog nako and nakagilid. ayaw nya kasi ng nakagilid ako.gusto yung normal na position which is getting harder for me. pero ok lang, gusto nya e. :D i stopped wearing my ER and wedding ring muna. mejo sumisikip na eh. actually, kasya pa sya kaya lang baka maipit mga ugat ko. sayang pa naman coz simon just gave me his pre-anniv and pre-christmas eternity ring! pic to follow pero super nice. :D love you beh! may kasunod pa daw ang gift nyang yun kaya excited nako! yahoo!

eh ako, what do i have for him for our anniv and christmas??? secret!!! baka mabasa nya dito eh, mahirap na....hihihi...

we'll have an ultrasound later for final confirmation of gender and check physical conformation etc. excited as usual dahil we'll see her again. and syempre, video ulit ito! hihihi.

Monday, December 18, 2006

The one with preggy pictures

Due to insistent public demand (naks!), here are some pictures na mejo latest. super laki ng tyan ko! bwahaha.

6.5 months me dito

6 months and 3 weeks me here. this blouse is not a maternity blouse pero okay pa rin naman. body fit!

this is my tummy...hihihi...di ko na makita feet ko pag nakahiga. :D

me and my big nose! nyahaha.

in fairness, beauty pa rin naman me. hehehe.

lakas mag-trip! all pics are from my celfone lang.

The one with chocolate crinkles

For Sale! P65.00 per box of 18 pcs. For every 10 boxes ordered, you get 1 box FREE!

Here are pictures of the box and tag that goes along with it. all you have to do is write down the name ng pagreregaluhan mo! hihihi.



cute ng packaging noh?! pero mas masarap yan! soft and chewy po sya, promise!

text or call at 0920-951-8513 or 0922-888-7739 for details. our pick-up points are areas near ortigas, cainta, mandaluyong, or pasig. order na! :D

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The one with Lacoste shirts for sale

P330 for ladies and P350 for guys. comes in different sizes and colors!

Class A, made in thailand (lacoste capital of the world)


Saturday, December 09, 2006

The one with Simone's first video

hehehe...this is actually her ultrasound lang that simon recorded. you may want to take a look.

it's under videos entitled simone1 and simone2. enjoy! that's when we found out that she's a she. :D

The one with Christmas air

hohoho!!! merry christmas everyone!!! christmas is sooo much in the air already...and in the traffic! haha. super traffic na ngayon. sorry for not updating this blog lately. super dami work na kelangan tapusin before we can even have our christmas vacation. oh well, everything's okay naman.

baby simone will be 7 months na on tuesday! she is getting really active these days. as in, lumalakas na mga sipa nya. hahaha. i found a pregnancy organizer last night at powerbooks. nanghinayang nga ako coz i wanted something like that when i found out that i was pregnant. kainis, di ko na binili kasi 2 months na lang wait ko eh. sayang naman all those pages na di ko masusulatan. ang cool pa naman! pero im keeping a journal naman of my pregnancy here in the computer eh, sort of like a diary. hehehe.

we started shopping na rin for christmas! ang saya! we went to market-market with naan...super cool! ang daming nice gift items dun and hindi namin nalibot lahat coz ang dami na namin napamili nasa ground floor pa lang kme! yikes! and luckily, sale din sa havin a baby! i bought 3 blouses na P150-200 each lang from P700-900 ang original prices! soo cool! :D

tomorrow (dec. 10) is the wedding of my sis-in-law jane and oliver. super excited nako for them! ang saya! please pray for a good weather for them. yan ang challenge ng outdoor wedding...the weather! so please, we need all the prayers. oh, and congratulations to them for winning the "My wedding song" contest in w@w. yahoo! sis in law ko yan! here is a link to the mp3. (for my sis in law's version) (for paulo clemente's version)

grabe tong song na to, nakaka-teary eyed talaga. im pretty sure im gonna cry tomorrow sa bridal march nya. haaayyy!!! :D

park muna me. work muna ako at nasa office ako ngayon. again, bakit ba kasi kelangan pumasok ng saturday diba?! hehehe.