Thursday, May 23, 2013

The one with business requirements

When handling businesses, one thing that eats time from my schedule is getting requirements done, specially logistics-wise. I'm due for replenishing items in Partyboosters. I also wanted to check if i can start on making carpentry and crafty items for the business like the letter stands i so wanted to do for the longest time, and also the wooden fence i so wanted to start with. I also need to finish printing business cards or maybe just order some again. hahaha, have lots of things to do, have'nt started with anything yet.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The one with churchgoer again

I'm so happy my brother after more than a decade of being absent in church has finally decided to attend service again and i came with him. was so happy to see my brother going back and attending church again, reconnecting with God. I don't know what made him realize to go back to church but it was really an answered prayer. I also wanted to commend him for being able to quit smoking in an impulse. He won't be one of those guys going to a leaf cigar bar and i hope there'd be more good changes to see. love you bro! :)

The one with yoga regimen

Laely, i've been feeling that i'm on my heavy side once again that's why i tried surfing the net for some activities i can try. I inquired for some yoga sessions near our place. They say it will make you more lean and give you more strength. i just hope it won't be as expensive as i thought it is. Just the yoga accessories towel is a little pricey, as well as the mat but gym has made me a more bulky so i really wan to try this one. hope it goes well :)

The one with canyon cove 2013

super fun filled summer outing with the grandparents. :) thank you Lord for all the blessings.

The one with partyboosters summer outing

We had our recent partyboosters summer outing in a clubhouse in village east. We had a night swimming. it was so much fun having to spend time with our team, get to enjoy the evening breeze and water. It was also a bonus that the pool lights were pretty cool. It was really well maintained and it was really big for a clubhouse pool. :) It looked like Jandy pool lights in other premiere hotel pools. Hope next time we'd be able to spend our outing on a beach resort. hehe

The one with bike hobby

It's been months since my husband has been checking some bikes so that he'll have something to use for when buying things in the store, or for some exercise. A japanese bike is nice too and we some some in a japan surplus store but had second thoughts coz i'm not sure if those are the nicest ones.  I have yet to check the yakima rack, if there's something we can buy.  I hope i'd get the hang of it as well. :)