Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The One With Proud Momma

I am so proud of my Simone! She's hiting all the marks at school and acting like an adult at her young age. The last report I got from her teachers were positively glowing with praises. How she can work on her own, how she can understand instructions easily, and generally how she behaves and cooperates in the class. I am so proud of my baby! What can I say, she's my kid! Really! even if we run a paternity test :)

The One With Stressed Out

I know it's in totally bad taste to write about money, specifically gripes, but it's really starting to get to me (and it will to you too, if this happened to you). More than the money, it's the emotional (and maybe physical, too) stress I'm getting that I feel most strongly about. Why can't others be more matured about financial obligations? Is it easier to make false promises than to say in all honesty when you really think you'd be able to -or not be able to-- give what you owed another person?

When I started Party Boosters, I didn't think it'll get this big. Big enough to attract debts and consequently, stress. I can't say I regret succeeding in this field, but I think I'm justified to feel frustrated over people in the industry who don't know how to keep their promises. I am running a business, after all, not just a kid's party. *sigh*

Sorry for being a bitch. But can you hand me over some bowhunting supplies, please? hehehhe.

The One With A Busy Weekend Again

Often, I feel like I should just bring something that works like a yakima bike rack with me to haul all my work stuff. You know, party stuff like balloons and pumps and yards and yards of swags in a big big bag rack. And yeah, let's not forget the ladder. hehe. It must be really nice to have everything with you and not stress about anything at all. I know that's why we bought a big car, but if you could see the insides of our car, it's becoming like a second attic (the first one being our house attic full of my stuff too!). Hahaha!

Anyways, it's Wednesday and I'm reminded of all the things I have to prepare again for the weekends. Party time is approaching!

The One With Aging Before Her Time

Sometimes I wish I don't know anything about Wholesale Insurance and don't see accidents waiting to happen all the time. Well, yeah I didn't see it happening when Simone had "The Accident" in the mall, but who would have thought something bad is waiting for us at a nice, wholesome and friendly store? We weren't in a ramshackle building and a dilapidated mall after all. We were in one of the biggest mall chain in the country! Ok ok, I'm calm.

But you know what, when you're in the midst of running kids and kids doing all kinds of stunts (as I am, almost everyday, waiting for Simone at school and all), you see accidents waiting to happen and it's just maddening! I feel like I'm aging 10x faster than normal. Haha! I don't know why I'm writing about this, I guess I just haven't recovered from Simone's accident yet.

The one with lost appetite

Last sunday, I woke up with a bad stomach.  I thought I was just hungry but come in the afternoon, I felt myself with more stomach pains and loose bowel movements.  It was so wrong timing because i had a big event that day and I could'nt just leave the party without making sure everything's okay.  I was glad Lilian was there as my party manager and helped with the party, and was more thankful that it was a successful party.  Although the lbm led to one more day and i felt like i took adapexin, i did'nt have anything to excrete anymore.  I only felt better today and I'm still regaining my appetite.  The only thing good that came out of this was i think i lost weight. hahaha.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The one with mobile phones

I've posted recently about Simon's new Samsung galaxy tab and yesterday, he just bought a new case for it and a screen protector.  If i have time, i'll surely post the history of phones he had.  I think he used 20 different kinds of phones already, including a the Motorola Xoom he purchased like two years ago before he was able to buy the Smart phone.  He just looves gadgets so much! haha.

The one with bad mom

I had a long and tiring weekend.  We went to the mall and i attended church service first before we make some rounds and do some shopping therapy.  After church, I met up with my husband and simone at starbucks and we left the husband there because Simone wanted to come with me and shop.  So our first stop was Space.  They were on sale and I was checking out some clothes.  Simone is usually really active, she's very adventurous.  She does'nt get scared easily.  So while i was checking out clothes on the rack, i knew she was only a few feet from me.  But i never realized that she'd grab the hangbars of the store (where they usually hang their clothes for display) and monkey-hang there.  By the time we saw it and asked her not to do it, the hangbar just fell off! She was able to step aside but she was still hit.  She fell on the laminate floor of the store.  I'm telling you, i shouted like a crazy man and i panicked! it was wood.  It was'nt that high when it hit her but her face had scratches too.  I feel so bad that i was just there and it still happened.  I feel so bad that even if it was an accident, i really blame myself for this.  I feel so bad as a mom...really...

I just pray that she'd be ok. we're still observing her for any unusual behavior that might have effected from the hit.  Lord, i hope everything's ok with her.  I wont forgive myself if anything happens to my kid.

The one with Neyo's 2nd birthday

It was Ne-yo's 2nd party last friday and we had a blast! Simone joined all the games (i think) and won in most of it since they were only like three or four playing. it was a small party but most of the time, these small parties are much  much fun than big parties, you just can't seem to sit down. hehe.

I love Ne-yo's costume! Mom was sooo good making it.  And of course, who does'nt love ice cream. we all had ice cream sundaes, although mine melted already and give it an apple, it would pass for those dipped caramel apples you'd see in the mall. but it was still good. I also enjoyed the candy showers where Jane (my sis in law) and I used our kids' hats to put in the candies we've got. talk about "karir". hahaha

Happy birthday again Ne-yo! We love you our big and bouncing baby boy! :)

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The one with back to one

Waah! my blog is PR1 again! i'm sooo sad! i neglected this blog for quite a while. I regret not being able to update stuff but then again, i only have two hands, one body and i need to sleep too.  There have been a lot of things to update too, i just hope i'd be able to catch up with my blogging.

Sorry blog...i promise to be better really soon.

PS for the long time i wasnt able to update, i was surprised to see a different look at blogger.com now. man, i really have to blog again! tsk tsk!