Sunday, July 17, 2011

The one with Neyo's 2nd birthday

It was Ne-yo's 2nd party last friday and we had a blast! Simone joined all the games (i think) and won in most of it since they were only like three or four playing. it was a small party but most of the time, these small parties are much  much fun than big parties, you just can't seem to sit down. hehe.

I love Ne-yo's costume! Mom was sooo good making it.  And of course, who does'nt love ice cream. we all had ice cream sundaes, although mine melted already and give it an apple, it would pass for those dipped caramel apples you'd see in the mall. but it was still good. I also enjoyed the candy showers where Jane (my sis in law) and I used our kids' hats to put in the candies we've got. talk about "karir". hahaha

Happy birthday again Ne-yo! We love you our big and bouncing baby boy! :)

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