Saturday, November 19, 2011

The one with Little Mermaid

I'm so happy we brought Simone to watch The Little Mermaid play at Meralco theater last night. She enjoyed the play.  I was a bit nervous she would'nt like it. Even if it's Ariel she's gonna see, it's her first time to see a theater play and it overwhelms me that she loved it.  She really is an artist :)

Allow me to give some personal reviews about the play and our experiences with it as well.

~ I've always loved plays.  I don't watch that often but I enjoy everytime i'd be able to. I just dont like waiting in lines but good thing, we did'nt wait that long with this one :)
~ I super love Sebastian.  He really sings good.
~ Kudos to Rachelle Ann Go for portraying a Ariel very well.  She really studied the character and even her accent was almost the same as the one in the movie.
~ King Triton was not i expected.  I was looking for more of a big, tall, and a person who exudes more authority but he was'nt that bad at all.
~ Ursula got the most applause i think :)
~ Erik Santos tried hard to play his part, it's just that everytime he talks, i can't understand most of his words.  It was like he was always in a hurry to finish and deliver his lines.

All in all, it was a very good play. Simone stood the whole time, she did'nt want to sit coz she might miss a scene. haha.