Monday, September 29, 2008

The one with simone at 19 months

Well, she has'nt changed at all, physically but so far, her Simone-webster Dictionary never fails to amuse us and to challenge us at the same time to figure out what she's trying to say. haha, baby, enunciate...look at mommy, enunciate...haha, just kidding!

~ She can now talk with two to three word phrases such as, "mommy, milk" or "daddy, up". But she can definitely understand everything that we tell her to do or everything that we say to her when we explain why she cant do this and why she's not allowed to go there. But obeying is a totally different thing. harhar.
~ Vocabulary that she can masterly pronounce and identify has widened now to shapes(circle, star, round) , animals(duck, elephant, horse and previous words learned already) and colors(orange, yellow, blue).
~ We know that she will become a musician when she grows up. At such an early age, she already claps in rhythm (albeit some mishaps every now and then), she can create her own music using a balloon stick and making it as a xylophone stick and our metal CD stand as her xylophone. She has her own xylophone toy but she sees to it that when she sees something that she can play as a musical instrument, she tries it. She even used the round CD case that we have as her drum. Her early exposure to music and instruments of her daddy at home widely contributed to it. kulit noh?
~ One time, we were watching Sesame street and Elmo's song is playing. She sang along on the part where the word Elmo is sang. promise! as in, "lala lala, lala lala, ELMO song" and when the same line was sung, she sung the word ELMO again. hahaha. cuteness! but she did'nt repeat it when we asked her to.
~ Another time i asked her, can you please finish your milk. she answered me back, "milk, why?" ~ And another funnier incident when her dad asked her if she ate already, she answered, "yup". where did all the Opo go? ahahaha.
~ She likes kisses. When her daddy kisses her and I'm around, she will turn daddy's head to my direction and let daddy kiss me. And she will kiss me and turn my head to daddy's so i can kiss him. hahaha. so sweet.
~ She's been allergic rhinitis free for 3 months already! praise God!
~ She's constipated now :(
~ She threw her first tantrum already. And we did'nt know if we did the right thing. We just ignored her e. haha.
~ She still is a picky eater. Just loves veggies, fruits, juices and her milk. other than that, everything is just a spoonful feeding. nyahaha.

she loves apples. can finish one fuji apple in one seating.

she also loves books. this was taken at fully booked in SM north and she was literally ecstatic seeing all the books, kala nya ata pambata lahat.

look at her tongue, nag-iisip talaga kung ano gusto basahin. haha.

and let's not forget her love for chocolates too. eating Reese cup here.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The one with ever wondered why...

We went malling yesterday to kill some time and since we have at least five hours to spare, we did a lot of things like spending an hour in a playroom, eating in an eat-all-you-can merienda buffet at Dad's, and shopping! And with just the time spent yesterday, Simon and I had some observations that made us wondered why such these so-called mall procedures are being implemented now.

1. Have you ever wondered why all of a sudden flip flops or our very own tsinelas have been allowed in the mall? After havaianas was born, it has suddenly leveled up flip flops in the highest fashion statement it could reach. Isnt it that they are just flip flops too and that before, flip flops are not allowed inside the malls...hmmm (but im a fan, dont get me wrong. i also wear flip flops to malls, hehe)

2. If ever you and your husband/guy friend/boyfriend happened to be wearing bags at the same time, have you ever wondered why the guy's bag is the only one that had to be left at the luggage counter and the girl's bag, no matter how big it is will be allowed to be carried by the girl. we went to this computer store. I was bringing a bigger bag and my husband was bringing his usual backpack. He had to leave his bag at the counter and he just cannot see the logic why his bag is the only one that has to be left and not mine. haha.

3. Oh and have you also wondered what the security guards are looking for when they check your bags at the entrance? seriously, can you actually inspect a bag with just a drum stick and a slightly unzipped bag? i dont think so. hehe.i have to confess, one time, i have sarcastically asked a guard about this and said, "so guard, ano talaga hinahanap nyo?"

4. Oh and can you please tell me what the guards are trying to inspect when they do body inspection? They'd touch a part of your waist and back, as if someone who would bring a bomb would just hide it in her waist or back.

5. When we went to the resto for buffet, my eyes were suddenly caught by a couple whose table is so full of food, as if there's no tomorrow. I was sort of embarassed for them at first. I was sure i was not the only one who was staring at them thinking that their table looked like a small buffet table. ahehe. i was like, "this is a buffet, you can always go back when you want more" but you know what, after a few minutes, just before the buffet table closes, the waiters did'nt serve my favorite cream puffs anymore and I was kinda sad and disappointed that just when i followed "buffet rules", i wasnt able to get cream puffs. and at one point, i envied the couple who had their own small buffet. haha. so when you eat buffet, do you get as much food as you think you can consume or do you just go back whenever?


Thursday, September 25, 2008

The one with the party weekend

We had a blast! Thank God, I was feeling better starting Friday (Gavin's party) and I was able to go home a little early in time for Ava's party the following day. I had fun decorating Ava's princess party. Jude (Ava's mom) was easy to talk to and I'm so happy that Ed and Jude are very into the preparations and the frills of preparing for a party. They're the type who are more into details. I can actually see myself on Jude. When we first met, she turned over all the materials and decors she bought from the US so I can add them to the venue decors. When I checked them, I got excited and everything was just so nice. :) After doing the decors, I hurried home to pick up simone since we were also guests and she had fun. Although we almost lost the digicam we brought that day, everything was simply great. Glad we found the camera and the micro sd in it, or else i'll never hear the end of it from my husband.

Come Sunday was Ichiro's party. I have been communicating with Xyza (Ichi's mom) for two months already and they got us as their party organizer and decorator. I loved the colors used on Ichi's party. I also loved the DIY curtains I made with Mickey head shapes. It was supposed to be just for rent but unfortunately or fortunately, nothing was left after the party. All the guests took home the mickey curtains. haha. oh well, i can always make some again. (if i have the time)

So now, it's rest week for me. Rest week meaning meetings and ocular week, catching up with backlogs and updating things in the internet. Resting in that sense...harhar.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The one with a raffle

One of the egroups i'm a member is organizing a raffle for party planning budget or a trip/travel budget and I'm as giddily excited as the other members to join the wagon. So far, 30 ladies have expressed their intention of joining and mechanics are currently discussed through emails and posts. Most of them are excited for the party planning budget as it is very convenient should the winner take home an-all sponsored n@wie bday party or an-all sponsored n@wie trip. haha, can't wait. I hope i'll get to take home the trip so they'd be able to finance our much-dreamt out-of-the country trip and a stay at one of the laughlin hotels. haha.

The one with double celeb again

Yey! Our Simone is 19 months already. Imagine, 5 months to go and she's 2 already?! what?! it's that fast?! yikes! and we just so love her dearly! we had a joint celebration of her 19-mo bday and our monthsary last sep. 22 and had a barbeque party with alvin's pizza and ice cream cake for dessert. yummy! it was a simple celebration but we had fun. Simon had fun grilling all the pork and chicken for the bbq, although we only prepared enough for dinner. I had fun with the ice cream cake and simone had fun running around the house and drinking her iced tea. hehe. after having the early dinner, we decided to drop by at my in-laws since we have'nt seen them for a while now. When Simone knew we were going out, she hurried to give the exit sign to us by running to the door and trying to open it. We had a great time as usual at the Tans. We saw our little prince and I helped him walk, which was quite a new experience to me again since i have'nt done that in 6 months. but it was good, they all laughed seeing justin walking, err, hopping in the room and just being excited with the fact that he was walker-free and that he thought he can actually walk alone now. haha. cuteness! love him to bits! and so my dad-in-law, savoring the moment of all of us still up at 11pm, ordered a pizza and pasta and we had a midnight snack! hehe, thanks popsie!

Happy 19-mo simone and happy monthsary simon! i love you two so much! :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The one with sick

I got sick... never, never abuse one's body. I seldom get sick and i know i have a very strong immune system. But one's body also has its limits. I always sleep late, very late actually until almost all of my YM friends are on "mobile" mode already and i'm still online.

And just yesterday, I woke up with my voice as hoarse as Inday Badiday. Or even worse. As in, I could'nt talk straight and i could'nt be understood well with the way i talk. it's the first time that it happened to me. My throat was all swollen too, my body aches but i did'nt have any fever that time. I still went to a meeting in the afternoon and went on with some errands (bad i know) but i slept early and just this morning, i feel a lot better and at least people can understand me better. :)

I really can't afford to get sick. first i dont want simone to catch whatever it is that i have. I also don't want to fail my clients and i wanted to be there for me. And God really heals. I prayed and asked God to heal me fast so i can resume with party planning and rest after the events this weekend. I know God is really good and whatever it is that we may have, as mild as what i had or as grave as a cancer or whatever disease there is, God is able to heal and can do exceedingly and abundantly. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The one with an upgrade

Been thinking about upgrading my lappy but since hubby just bought it for me, I don't think it's right to buy a new one. I'm sure I'll hear this line..."ako na lang bilan natin ng new laptop" haha. his died on him months ago but we're sure to have it fixed and sell it just so he can have a new one. The computer memory of our lappies are not enough for all our files, although we have a desktop to store all important files and I love that we upgraded the monitor and bought really nice speakers to go along with the set-up. We don't see this as luho as we see this as investment since hubby's sideline job involves music and he needs a good set of speaker for a more quality music.

I think it's prioritizing which things we upgrade and which things we downgrade. Like we downgrade on clothes. we don't buy designer brands at all. just the known brands but not that expensive. should we buy branded ones, it had to be on sale. haha. we also downgrade on our dining out. and by this, we don't mean the quality but the frequency of eating out. haha. On the other hand, we upgrade on grocery food, baby items, and anything that has to be concerned with Simone. So do you think we set out priorities right? hehe. drop me a note if we don't. ;)

The one with the flood

Waah! Our kitchen got flooded with water leaking from we don't know where. grrhh... as in our kitchen now is spic and span because it's like it has been mopped a thousand times because of having to get rid of the water in the kitchen. so tiring. we even had to remove all the HDMI cables we installed and all the electric cables nearby just to be safe.

the heavy rain has been limiting me to go out to attend to my appointments and errands and now i'm having a hard time with my schedule. that's because when i'm home, i just want to lie down and eat. haha, blame it to the bed weather. but today, i'd really go out...promise!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Why do we need friends

This is a tag from Emz. Thanks for considering me as a friend ; )

We need friends for many reasons,

all throughout the season.

We need friends to comfort us when we are sad,

and to have fun with us when we are glad.

We need friends to give us good advice,

We need someone we can count on,

and treat us nice.

We need friends to remember us

one we have passed sharing memories

that will always last.

I am passing this on to Jacq ni Bong, Melisse, Cee, and Rocks!

Perfect Blend of friendship award

Thanks Sheryll! Awarded to me by Home on the Web
Awarded: Mai Yen Suzanne Clark & Butchay's Blog MommyBa's Journey Hope This Helps You by Mec Popcorn's Thoughts Our Family Adventure! We are Family! Your blog where you posted this.

And I'm giving this award to my CWL sisters who make up the perfect blend of friendship. :)

The one with stranded

My husband was stranded last night because of the heavy rain that caused the main road to flood waist-high and he was stuck in traffic for almost three hours. I was actually telling him that i'll look for some cheap hotels where he can stay for the night. But realized that it would'nt be such a great idea after all since he was nearer to his parents' house. So he tried going there and luckily he did'nt have a hard time going to his parents. It was so ironic, their house is only 15-20 minutes away from our place and to be able to be stranded was a "so-near-yet-so-far" experience for him. It has been like this for days already. It would be really hot during the day and will start raining starting early evening until before midnight.

Sadly, last night was our first time to sleep apart this year. haha. so corny i know but we were so sad last night knowing that he won't be able to sleep in our house beside our simone. and worse was when he was talking to simone on the phone and simone kept saying, "daddy", he can't do anything about it. so i promised to him that we'd go there early morning the next day so we can have breakfast there. we also missed the thanksgiving dinner so we just brought the food we ordered from CCME, which were so good if i may say.

I know we won't always be together but it's comforting to know that after so many years of being acouple (from when we were dating til now), we still miss each other and we only wanted to be stranded on each other's arms. nyahaha, valentine's ba?! haha.

The one with mere accident

Last week, I did my usual grocery at SM with Simone. As usual, we ate at Jollibee and saw a churchmate, Tita Miriam and I was shocked to see her with Plantar Fasciitis on her right foot. as in with all the two saklay on her sides. I thought she had a car accident as i know she drives or had a bad fall as i also know that she takes care of her three big boys alone because her husband is working abroad. When I asked her how she got it, I was more surprised to learn that it was all because of a Jollibee chair. An innocent Jollibee chair that was innocently kicked to be moved while they were making space to go out from the "usually-filled with people" restaurant. My goodness, who would have thought that an innocent eat out would turn to an accident that caused her so much stress and pain. Apparently, it was a wrong kick. Her pinky toe was broken and she had to be put in cast for almost two months. Man! and it was all because of the Jollibee chair.

After that, I was confronted with the fact that yes, there are really accidents and that these accidents are called as such because you really don't know how, where and when you will meet them. I mean, accidents from falling from a tree or pricking your finger with a needle or slipping on a wet floor are things that are most likely understandable should they happen, but being put in cast for moving a chair...mere accident. So please in everything we do, be very careful.

Friday, September 05, 2008

The one with foursome family dinner

Yey! Last Aug. 29, we had dinner with three of my egroup friends and their families for the first time. super fun! although we did'nt have time to chat long coz there were only few moments where four of us were on the same table at the same time. haha. either one of us is running after her kid who's trying to go outside or the other is touring her baby outside or the other mom who is just trying to make her baby sit longer on her chair. haha. tiring but it was fun seeing them all together, four kids who are almost of the same age. Joaquim being the eldest followed by simone and then joaquin and then andie. the daddies, on the other hand, had a photography session with nap and jeff being the tutors. My husband would love to learn but we still don't have the budget to give in to this new hobby but we will definitely have one. I kept on telling him during dinner that he had to give up some of his other "toys" so i can go buy him another toy. He does'nt know which one to give up. haha. Although photography is such a great hobby and learning the art will be something beneficial for us, specially of simone's. at least, we'll have more decent pics in the future. nyahaha. here are some pics courtesy of Nap. thanks so much! til our next food getaway mga sis! love you all! ( Ayn, we missed you!)

family picture...

con and joaquin

cute andie

joaquim, jeff and jeng (lahat letter J?!) haha


babies naka-pose! promise!

model # 1 - Nel (i bet he has his new toy now)

model #2 - simon (wondering when he will have his own toy too!)

love this picture! family na family! (hehe, actually may visual illusion lang kasi na payat ako. haha)

ang hirap lang sa photographer, wala silang picture! we appreciate nap all the shots and pictures! thank you so much! next time kaw naman picturan namin. hehe. :)

The one with MILK

Simone has been surprising us with her vocabulary and she keeps on learning new words everyday. Been thinking of buying more books coz i think she's starting to get bored with her current books. anyway, just last wednesday, she woke me up with her new word..."milk". As clear as how we pronounce it but her enunciation is more like a japanese. haha. She pointed my glass with some milk left from the night before and said, "milk". I was surprised and was so happy she has a new word. And just last night, we were so happy she now knows that her great grandma is "nanay" and she points where nanay usually sits. cuteness! We were so amused with her last night during justin's monthly birthday when she was asked to pose for the camera and she effortlessly posed and made her own moves and really stayed still until the camera clicks. then, she will go to the cameraman (in this case her tito oliver) and would ask that she take a look at her picture. haha, kulit diba?! i wish i have some pics to share but they have'nt given us copies yet. sayang.

We switched her to Bonakid already and we are so happy we did. aside from the cost we can save compared to her Gain Plus or Pediasure plus milk, this is the only milk that she loves so much. as in, bottle can be emptied in one drinking. have we known that she will love this milk so much, we could have saved thousands of pesos from her previous milks. haha. just kidding! and i'm still trying to observe how it will be on simone. So far, so good. :)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The one with the first time

nyahaha, we watched it alright! Hancock we missed, but this we didnt?! haha, what were we thinking?! anyway, i also don't know what has gotten in us to watch the movie but i guess the timing was just perfect. i was invited by my SIL jane and i could'nt resist because i also was intrigued of how KC and Richard are in a movie. and since we have some time for a movie, we went on with the plans. funny pa my husband went with us, just so he can relax in a moviehouse and for the free popcorn (yeah right?!)

anyway, here is my unsolicited movie review:
disclaimer: review done is solely the author's perspective and opinion not based professionally as i dont have any professional background on filmmaking or production, just a personal opinion.

~ I love the shots in Greece. very nice. did'nt know they have that and was surprised to see really good shots of greece. sayang lang and it's another place else where and pag dating dito sa pinas, wala na pinakita na kahit anong maganda location to be promoted to think that the movie will be shown all over the world.
~ KC and Richard just don't have it yet. I mean, I'm the type of person who easily giggles on this kind of films but this one, i don't know, something just did'nt add up. i don't know if it was because I was still trying to swallow how KC talks and delivers her lines. parang hindi natural. it's as if i was watching her on stage or something to that effect. Or parang you can feel that they're trying so hard to make a good chemistry. i really dont know basta that's how i felt. pero of course, there are scenes na nakakakilig naman talaga pero i did'nt go out of the moviehouse convinced that they're a good pair. Out of the recent love-flick movies i watched (havent watched A very special love yet), the one with John Lloyd and Bea ang kinilig ako ng sobra. hehe.
~ Promise Philip Salvador did'nt fit as a rich and powerful executive ha. eh mas mukha pang Boss si Benjo e. hehe, peace! Seriously, everytime scene nya na and he was trying to be manipulative of KC and reprimand KC of not doing her best, parang di ako convinced that KC is scared of Philip and that HE is the boss, coz he just aint. There was this scene where KC was presenting something and Philip was impatiently listening and was trying to do a trick with his pen, the thing that you do with your pen and you roll it to your fingers. eh yun lang nga, hindi pa nya magawa e. basta! if you notice that, it's a mannerism kasi supposedly of people who think and yung mga executives and it's supposed to be fast and hindi kumakanto. with him, parang ako yung nahihirapan e. hehe. but in fairness, i give credit naman to the father and daughter scene. ok sya dun kasi hindi sya boss dun e, daddy so ok. i think eddie gutierrez would make a better executive and dad of KC. hindi naman kasi por que tatay ni richard si eddie eh kahit sa movie ganun pa rin. ahehe.
~ I soo love Candy! the best ang mga lines! as in! she's the best! very natural and lines well-delivered. pati yung Benjo, winner umarte! ang galing talaga!
~ I love KC when she cries, as in may timing. I just did'nt like her sa part nung iniwan na sya ni richard and she was crying so hard, to the point of feeling suffocated and she was trying to stop it tapos parang iba yung maiisip mo while watching it. haha. basta, watch it and tell me what you felt. *wink*
~ I love that they incorporated family issues and concerns sa movie para hindi masyadong love story. nicely done.
~ In fairness, I cried sa movie. hahaha. babaw ko. so maganda pa rin naman pero it was not something i'd talk about pa after watching it. yun lang, bow.