Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The one with candid shot

Hey, this is my favorite candid shot by Roj(back-up). super kuha ang moment. i had goose bumps when i saw this actually. hehe, horror!


will also upload my fave candid shot from paul vincent. super panalo!

happy 7th anniversary behbeh! san kaya tayo cecelebrate??? :)

Monday, February 20, 2006

The one with a dent

Oh mi gas!!! what a way to spend my friday... left the house early coz of coding scheme. on my way, was hit by another car. :( it was a minor dent on her part (apparently our car is as vintage as ever) and i still think that i have nothing to do with it since i stopped and i even shifted my gear to neutral coz i gave her the way to go first. well, what happened ata was that hindi sya kasya and i just felt my car shaking, knowing na pinagkakasya nya na pala sarili nya sa road. tsk, tsk. masama lang nun feeling ng lahat it's my fault...where in fact, nakahinto lang ako. haayy....but God is still good. was not harmed, minor dent and hindi ako pinagbayad on anything. i dont know, alam din naman kasi ng girl that it was not my fault...ang fault ko lang siguro was that i was too close on her, kasi dapat nga ako mauuna, but she already had her bumper pasingit so pinagbigyan ko na. anyway, okay na yun. im just so glad nothing happened. and thanks to my behbeh for coming over to the scene of the crime agad...kahit hindi pa ligo. hihihi.

I also submitted na my article. hope magustuhan nila...

Yesterday was a big day for my behbeh. For days, he hasnt talked about anything else except laptops. kakasabi nya, ang dami ko na rin alam sa mga laptops. hehehe. and yesterday, nakabili na kme! yahoo! thank you Lord for the blessing. kakatuwa. super happy sya sa nabili nya. Compaq chuchu...hihi. dami ganda features and so right for his work. im happy for him and he deserves it. :) love you beh! enjoy your laptop!

it will be a pretty busy week for me i think. oh well. happy week! hope i could upload pics na. haay!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The one with a quick kwento

super dami nangyari the past weeks pero summary muna coz i've so much work and 'projects' to do (still wedding-related yung projects, hehe)

here goes:

~ went to HK disneyland last feb. 8. waaahhh! the best! i think i regressed to my childhood years. haha. soooooo nice! shanghai last feb. 9-10 and back to HK in 11. safe trip, thank you Lord.

~ cooked my first pasta meal last sunday. sarap! wala na nga lang ground meat, so ahd to use hotdog and corned beef. haha. sarap pa rin! yummy!

~ currently working on an article for something

~ have to present later for my status report

~ have to think of what to cook for our dinner later (syempre special dapat kasi valentine's...naks!)