Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The one with Joker

Yes, since i feel like most of my friends have watched this movie, about the same time we watched it, i want to blog something about the movie, The Dark Knight.

~ Let me just say that Heath's character was so convincing, i cannot even look at the screen everytime he appeared. I was just so scared of him. haha. all along, the villain i was scared the most was penguin because i don't like how he looked. but this Joker was scarier here. He's not someone you'd want to joke with. I've always loved Heath's movies, and he's such a great loss to the industry. My husband read somewhere(although not proven official) that the Joker's character might have taken a strong effect on Heath, hence, the unfortunate incident. I just wish that's not true at all. Joker was in every essence, a lunatic.

~ If you have noticed, this is the only Gotham city with broad daylights. All of Batman movies were always dark and gloomy. This one is the opposite. I guess since the movie was a more serious and more violent one, a brighter background will make a good contrast of it and will compensate for the thrilling and violent scenes.

~ Christian Bale is a good Batman, but i really can't take his Batman voice. What's up with the husky voice and pouty lips? It's like he applied a humongous amount of lip balm and can't seem to tuck them a little more.

~ There were no new special sound effects. Everything they used on this movie was the same OST music they used in Batman begins. well, that's what my husband noticed since we have an OST of the first one, there's nothing new, music-wise. and there were scenes without any sounds at all, esp during fight scenes. It's a little experimental i guess for the directors to try this one but i guess it worked.

~ I will say this again, Dark Knight is very good but this is the only Batman movie not suitable for kids. I got so scared, i did'nt even turn off our table lamp the night we watched it. How much more for kids?

or am i the only one who got scared?

The one with oath of dieting

I'am officially back to deciding to lose weight...for the nth time. haha.

I felt i gained weight again and now, i want to go back to my veggie diet mode and finally maximize the bike my husband bought for me. I can do this and this is my oath.

Now that i confirmed that i'm not pregnant, (yes, i thought we are again but it's my first day today, so no baby boy just yet, hehe) i can exercise again or at least attempt to.

I promise myself to resist myself from temptation of any kind: chocolates, cake, sweets, or eat excessively. (perfect timing, it's my birthday month. nyahaha)

I will try my very best to decide to take a walk instead of the comfortable elevators, do stretchings every morning to produce some kinetic energy from my body.

I will endure the physical pain brought by imitating the professionals from the physical fitness videos, hoping that i'd get at least half as good as their bodies.

I will take note of the calories i eat and take note of the vitamins i drink everyday. I might as well take note of the anoretix reviews, who knows, i might be able to buy those from the US and it might help.

From this day forward, I will do everything that i can to lose weight.

hahaha. i sound so pathetic. I have to write about this, else i won't take an initiative to control my eating habits. grrrhh...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The one with 17 months

Yey! she's turned 17 months last July 21st. and this is how we celebrated her "birthday"...

dancing to her bday song, pero parang Pearly shells and steps. haha.
food! yummy!

More pictures here
Simone has grown so much.
~She's starting to build a personality, a charming one actually. She likes to greet people, she waves at strangers and says hi to everyone else. but it has her to be the first one to greet, hehe. when you greet her first, she will just stare at you. haha.
~Her vocabulary is so much wider now. Additional words for this month are "yup", "bear"(beh-eer), "ernie"(ehnyi), "big bird"(bi behr), "bert"(behr), nanay, "clock"(cock), "iced tea"(ay-ti),"ice cream" (ay-ti rin, hehe), "blue" (buuh) and a lot more!
~We love her First words board book, her ABC board book and her beadarium play coz they really are very educational. She knows that she needs to sit on her chair so she can play and color there, although she still loves to color the floor. haha
~ she loves to carry things, the heavy ones pa like a big bottle of water, a pile of CDs, a plate full of food. haha.
~ She does'nt want to be carried often, well, it's expected when a toddler can walk and run freely already.
~ She loves my count and tickle game. whenever i say "ok let's count", she'll start with counting one(nyyan) and holds her index finger up and i count and sign two, and three then i tickle her. she loves it so much, she'll let me run after her so i can tickle her more. haha.
~ She doesn't get allergic rhinitis anymore. thanks to the clean ac compressor and her scott's emulsion, it's effective!

More updates on simone on my next post! happy bday simone!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The one with boredom in the midst of restlessness

Have you ever experienced not wanting to do anything and just treat yourself like a couch potato and forget about all the deadlines and to do things today? hmm, that's what i want to do. I'm not too busy per se, but i just want to have some "no-brainer and no-productivity-time" haha, weird i know. I want to have an Outer banks vacation with my family and not work. hehe.

I don't know if it's because i'm a WAHM that i feel like every move that i do should equate to me being productive, that i'm not allowed to do other things for myself. I'm hard on myself, i know. I always feel like i'm not doing enough, thus, leaving more things half-done. yikes! i wanted to always do so many things, but i don't get to do them at all. and i keep on promising myself to have more time cleaning and organizing household stuffs, promising myself to process family documents, and reminding myself to schedule that seminar for Pag-ibig.

I guess I need to re-evaluate my priorities and my schedule. I guess i'm just being overwhelmed with my new venture that i forget to accomplish some family errands. But of course, my simone time will never be affected amidst all these. Family first, then all other things come next. hahaha.

And now i'm bored but with a lot of things to do...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The one with blog awards

Wow, thanks Janis for these wonderful awards! I would like to thank Pepsi Herrera for my gown, Madge Lejano for my make-up, Drs. Manny and Pie Calayan for taking care of me. hahaha.

And I nominate Mec, Con, Mai and Wella. Grab your awards na and make your speeches. hehe.

The one with Domino tag

Got this tag from Joanne and Carla. Thanks dears!

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Tagging Jovie, Marie and Peachy!

The one with first, last and now

Thanks Kathy!


* First name: Jacqueline
* First screen name: jacque
* First funeral: my lolo, father's side (i was in grade school then)
* First piercing: Ears and only ears
* First kiss: parents ko, haha. safe answer!
* First love: my mom and dad


* Last beverage drank: Iced tea
* Last food consumed: Chicken curry for brunch
* Last phone call: client
* Last time showered: haha, 12 hours ago. yikes! i should take a bath na
* Last CD played: Batman and Robin movie
* Last website visited: Blogger


* Single or taken: Very much Taken
* Gender: Female
* Birthday: August 20
* Sign: Leo
* Shoe size: 8, i used to be a 7 until i gave birth. and so it's true ha.
* Thinking about: my schedules and things to do for today


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I'm tagging Lissa, Meng, Rhea, and Ann!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The one with eating adventure

Now that simone can walk and run already, feeding her has become a routine exercise for me and Maru. She used to sit on her baby booster chair but now, she always likes to walk and run around the house after a spoonful of food. waah! and we'd always run after her so she can have her next spoon. and it really makes us tired. you'd think i'd get slimmer with all the running, oh but no! it only makes me tired, but not shedding any pound out of my body. haha.

I think she does'nt like her high chair anymore because she does'nt fit to it anymore. I wish we have a Stokke Tripp Trapp here in the Philippines. It's really cool, it grows with your child and the wood makes it look more sturdy and furniture-like that makes it a good buy.

pretty cool huh?

The one with superhero tag

While most of us, if not all, wish to have a superhero power or possess a mutant-like characteristic that no one or just a handful have, we look into ourselves and think that maybe, just maybe, we have some abilities that not everyone is blessed with. Have you thought what yours maybe?

I for myself, have always been blessed with the ability to get good parking spaces. hahaha. you may laugh at it now but it comes really handy during mallwide sales, weekends at the malls or Full parking lot signages. Promise, even my former officemates and my sisters in law would tell me this, that I always get a parking space despite the guard telling me that i'd have to wait before i can getone. hehe. my friends realized this before i did and when i observed it, it's true. it's very seldom that i wait on parking slots. The longest wait i had was a ten-minute wait but it only happened once. There were times when my friends, who are parking on the same vicinity, waited for thirty minutes already and i entered the parking lot and a car just beside me is just about to exit, so there goes another slot for me. Or during mallwide sales when i see five or seven cars waiting for their territorial spaces to be freed and i stop a while and then some guy or girl will immediately get inside the car and will ask me to move a little so his car can get out, and i have another space. pretty cool huh? but of course, the power has its off-peak moments too. hahaha.

On the other hand, i also have the ability to be a clutch driver and our car will always have clutch-related problems and the husband will give me the look. hehe.

My mom and dad also see me as their lucky charm, if there is such a thing.

So, i'd like to know, do you have any superhero or special abilities? I'm tagging everyone in my blogroll! Let me know your answers alright?

Monday, July 14, 2008

The one with taking away

I've been having second thoughts if i want to post this or not but i know i'd be able to shed some light specially to those who have problems or are undergoing some trials.

My first cousin passed away. I was not close to him to begin with but whenever we have family gatherings, i'd see him and we only knew each other through our parents' kwentos about us. He got me as one of his daughter's godmothers.

He took away his life. Everyone was just shocked with the news and still could'nt believe that he did it. Up until his body was being cremated, all his family could'nt believe that it was true. I don't know about his problems, and i don't want to judge him for what he has done because we are not in the position to do so. But while i was looking at his coffin and candles were lit up around him, i could'nt help but feel sorry. I felt sorry for the life that was taken away, I felt sorry for the three little girls he left behind. I felt sorry for his mother who literally spent her waking hours thousands of miles away to work and provide for her children and then this happened. She was so devastated, i felt it when i hugged her.

I felt mad on his vices and how these polluted his mind into committing something that is just so grave in sin.

Hate the sins, not the sinner.

So please, no matter how much problems we encounter, how lonely we may feel and how alone we think we are, God is with us. He will never forsake us, just look for Him and ask Him to be with you always. Life is God's beautiful gift to man and God is the only one who can take this away from us.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thanks doc joey for this!

The rules are simple. At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

~ 1998.. I was an undergraduate, on my sophomore year trying to figure out if i should pursue medicine or the corporate world.

2. What are the 5 things on my to-do list today?

~ clean our room
~ enhance multiply site of partyboosters
~ get back to clients on their inquiries
~ paid blogging work, online writing work
~ bloghop

3. Snacks I enjoy:

~ popcorn, chips, more chips, choco mucho, a bread and coffee

4. Place where I lived:

~ Pasig, cainta and Taytay

5. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire:

~ Buy a house. Buy a brand new car. Travel. Build a foundation. ;)

6. People I want to know more about:

Jing, Ritzie, Jannesse, Farah, Van and Lilet

The one with more tags

As usual, we're catching up with tags! here is one. thanks cee!

What you are supposed to do…and please don’t spoil the fun…Click copy/paste, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 4 people in your lists!

(A) Four places I go over and over:
Malls, boracay (how i wish i'd have the *cashing* for it), church (of course, harhar), my parents' house

(B) Four people who e-mail me regularly:
friends from egroup, my husband, lina from jobstreet and friendster (hahaha)

(C) Four of my favorite places to eat?
KFC, Jollibee, Starbucks for coffee, and Avenetto (what?! i'm cheap i know)

(D) Four places you’d rather be?
Home, ____, ____, ____ (can't think of anything na e)

(E) Four people I think will respond: (and i'm tagging!)
Sheryll, Marshi, Kathy, Lissa

(F) Four TV shows I could watch over and over:
Friends, Barney(haha), Smallville, and Prison Break

The one with why have them?

Jeng posted a question that i never thought of asking myself, and it's a good one. The egroup was flooded with a lot of responses as to why we want to have kids and it's surprising how the responses were. There were some who wanted to wait, some who wanted but can't, some who really don't want to have one. I'am yet to finish reading the posts on the thread but I'd like to share our (my husband's and I) thoughts on why we wanted to have kids.

When i popped the question to Simon last night as we were driving towards home and i was carrying a sleeping baby, we were both shocked that it took us some time before we can answer the question. Reasons that it is biblical (to have a family and increase in number) and that society dictates it(here in the philippines where after a wedding, a baby should come in immediately and a raise of an eyebrow will be thrown at you should you decide not to have one immediately...stereotype i know) are already given and laid down so we don't consider that as our personal views. And I was so glad with the realizations that we had last night.

Wanting to have a child is not a personal gain. As it is fulfilling and makes you more responsible, it does'nt make you more important as a person. The essence of it does'nt lie on being able to raise one because should it be, material wealth will be the answer of it all. But of course, reasons add to it that we can raise one and that we want to be responsible beings by being able to take care of an individual which makes us mature somehow.

But our realizations pointed us to the fact that a child is the fruit of your love for each other. You see, when Simon and I became a couple some nine years back, we knew for fact that we will marry and we'll have kids. We saw it as leveling up our relationship. It's the same reason why we marry in the first place. Because we wanted to tell the world that hey, we're one step higher on being a couple and that we declare our love as husband and wife. cliche as it is, but it's true. The same goes for having a baby. We wanted to have one because simone is the fruit of our love and she is. And we are just amazed at how the miracle of her life is. The fact that two different individuals (simon and i) can both identify with someone that you call your child. Is'nt it amazing how God makes it that way? You see a part of yourself in that growing person and you know that you are called to do everything that will make her life good.

Having a child makes you believe that there is such thing as a selfless love. God has that for us, and being a parent is one selfless love.

The one with vacation

I want one. A family vacation indeed.

I wish we have the resources to finance a family trip out of the country or out of town.

I wish we could soon finish processing our passports. Mine for renewal and a new one for my babes. I'd often throw a hint to Simon that now is a good time to travel with simone because she can walk, err, run to places and that she's less babyish now. Plus, the free flight and hotel accommodations for a toddler (aged two below) is a good deal, won't you agree with me now?! And i still can't get my mind off from the supposed BKK trip last february. Staying in at our friend's pad that we treat like one of those Hilton Head rentals would have cost us nothing! where else can you find a trip that's a real good deal huh?! Oh well, looks the wanting has turned to a longingness to have a decent vacation after all. I realized I always find myself writing about it whenever i think of trips and how much i wanted to have one this year.

Oh well, does'nt hurt to plan so we'll make one soon. who knows?!

The one with tambay

As in as of this moment, I have been killing time for five hours already. I ended my meetings at 4pm and my next appointment was supposedly a dinner at 8pm with my friends at Metrowalk. Since I have fours hours to kill and have'nt eaten my lunch then, I went back to Shang mall and decided to have a super late lunch. After that, I strolled but promised myself not to spend so much, else i'd get tempted again. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell you what not spending so much means to me. haha. But I've always been a thrifty spender, it's just that the alone time had a different effect on me. hahaha. I passed by Fino and to my surprise, they were on sale! They seldom (very seldom actually) hold Sales and i'm just so happy to buy a wallet at 50% off. yey! And it's for Simon, mind you! I super love what i bought for him and hopefully, he'll love it too. I also bought passport holder and a cute keychain holder. I wanted the all-leather red bag but I stopped myself and told myself that if i come back and it's still there, then we're meant to be together. hahaha, whatever?!

And then, more strolling, I stopped by at Gingersnaps and could'nt take off my eyes at the cute, as in cute jumper for simone. I've been looking for a black or black and white outfit for her but all i could see were pinks, pinks, and more pinks for her. ako yung nagsasawa eh. haha. so when i saw this perfect black and white puff-sleeved top and black jumper outfit, i told myself, "this is it! hahaha" when i went to the counter to pay for it, i was surprised to see that the amount of the outfit was double the amount i thought it was. yikes! and since i really wanted it and i don't want to return it, i stil bought it. nyahaha. i know, i know, there are really days that the shopaholic jacque comes out and the thrifty mommy jacque hibernates. hahaha.

But are'nt you proud of me, i shopped selflessly again?! yey! oh, not so selflessly since i bought a pair of custom earrings from Melisse Wear. really nice stuffs with very reasonable prices.

sabi ko sa inyo, mahirap ako naiiwan sa mall mag-isa e. haha. And then there's the forever rationalizing that it's okay to reward yourself once in a while. hahaha. happy weekend everyone!

Friday, July 04, 2008

The one with welcome back home

I've been meaning to post about this but time did'nt permit me. As i only have simone's sleeping hours as my working hours, now is the only time i'm able to write about Ross. Ross, if you remember, is my mini-dachsund that Simon gave me as his birthday present two years ago. He is the same age as simone's, time of conception wise. and just three weeks ago, we welcomed him back to our home! yey! i totally missed him. my love for pets suddenly was awakened with his wagging tail and his cute little nose that i just so love touching. I love dogs, been a dog lover ever since i can remember.

And since i felt like i needed to update myself on how to take care of my dachsund better(you see, every breed of dog has different petting needs), i researched on our ever reliable google and found an online community for pet lovers, Zootoo.com. it's pretty cool since everything you need to know about pets and the right way to take care of them is all there. And it's very exciting to know and meet other pet lovers in their Pet Social Network. Plus, the best thing about this community is that they support animal shelters by donating an average of $1M annually for this cause. cool huh? i wish we have something like this here in the Phils. Although, I salute and love PAWS. They're one great group as well. :)

I know some people do not understand why pet lovers just love their pets so much to the point of mourning when their pet pass away, giving and spoiling them with dog food and treats and spending time grooming them. I don't know, I think it's one way of expressing your love to God's creation. You know, when you love other people and you care for other people, it's in the abundance of it that you tend to love other creatures or things as well. It flows. So in my case, it's dogs. Others may be into computers, cars, flowers, their jobs, their hobbies, or anything they can love other than people. Just make sure that you don't go overboard and love things more than people, less you'd be materialistic. haha.

Welcome back Ross! Mommy loves you so much!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The one with Elmo

Simon took a day off yesterday instead of the usual wednesday. We just stayed at home and went out that evening, with Simone of course. We wanted to leave her at his mom's sana so we could watch a movie but since our yaya maru was still on her way home. So anyway, we had dinner at Yoshinoya where simone ate Yaki udon. ahehe, she really loves noodles. And then, we went to a record bar, then a bookstore where we bought her a new coloring book of Sesame Street. her first one was Barney. So while we were on the escalator to have dessert, she suddenly pointed at Elmo's picture and said, "Eel-moh". wahaha! she was so cute! we asked her again, "who's this?" and she said it again. aaawww...simon and i got emotional. hay, big girl na baby ko.

So there, she can now say barney and elmo. :)