Monday, July 14, 2008

The one with taking away

I've been having second thoughts if i want to post this or not but i know i'd be able to shed some light specially to those who have problems or are undergoing some trials.

My first cousin passed away. I was not close to him to begin with but whenever we have family gatherings, i'd see him and we only knew each other through our parents' kwentos about us. He got me as one of his daughter's godmothers.

He took away his life. Everyone was just shocked with the news and still could'nt believe that he did it. Up until his body was being cremated, all his family could'nt believe that it was true. I don't know about his problems, and i don't want to judge him for what he has done because we are not in the position to do so. But while i was looking at his coffin and candles were lit up around him, i could'nt help but feel sorry. I felt sorry for the life that was taken away, I felt sorry for the three little girls he left behind. I felt sorry for his mother who literally spent her waking hours thousands of miles away to work and provide for her children and then this happened. She was so devastated, i felt it when i hugged her.

I felt mad on his vices and how these polluted his mind into committing something that is just so grave in sin.

Hate the sins, not the sinner.

So please, no matter how much problems we encounter, how lonely we may feel and how alone we think we are, God is with us. He will never forsake us, just look for Him and ask Him to be with you always. Life is God's beautiful gift to man and God is the only one who can take this away from us.

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