Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The one with Joker

Yes, since i feel like most of my friends have watched this movie, about the same time we watched it, i want to blog something about the movie, The Dark Knight.

~ Let me just say that Heath's character was so convincing, i cannot even look at the screen everytime he appeared. I was just so scared of him. haha. all along, the villain i was scared the most was penguin because i don't like how he looked. but this Joker was scarier here. He's not someone you'd want to joke with. I've always loved Heath's movies, and he's such a great loss to the industry. My husband read somewhere(although not proven official) that the Joker's character might have taken a strong effect on Heath, hence, the unfortunate incident. I just wish that's not true at all. Joker was in every essence, a lunatic.

~ If you have noticed, this is the only Gotham city with broad daylights. All of Batman movies were always dark and gloomy. This one is the opposite. I guess since the movie was a more serious and more violent one, a brighter background will make a good contrast of it and will compensate for the thrilling and violent scenes.

~ Christian Bale is a good Batman, but i really can't take his Batman voice. What's up with the husky voice and pouty lips? It's like he applied a humongous amount of lip balm and can't seem to tuck them a little more.

~ There were no new special sound effects. Everything they used on this movie was the same OST music they used in Batman begins. well, that's what my husband noticed since we have an OST of the first one, there's nothing new, music-wise. and there were scenes without any sounds at all, esp during fight scenes. It's a little experimental i guess for the directors to try this one but i guess it worked.

~ I will say this again, Dark Knight is very good but this is the only Batman movie not suitable for kids. I got so scared, i did'nt even turn off our table lamp the night we watched it. How much more for kids?

or am i the only one who got scared?


anna braga le'te said...

Nice review...
My parents didn't allow me to watch it. Sad. And I'm like 15 already. Haha...

Rocks said...

naku, can't wait to watch it on sunday..:) kami na lang yata ang di nakakapanood! thanks for the review!