Sunday, July 27, 2008

The one with 17 months

Yey! she's turned 17 months last July 21st. and this is how we celebrated her "birthday"...

dancing to her bday song, pero parang Pearly shells and steps. haha.
food! yummy!

More pictures here
Simone has grown so much.
~She's starting to build a personality, a charming one actually. She likes to greet people, she waves at strangers and says hi to everyone else. but it has her to be the first one to greet, hehe. when you greet her first, she will just stare at you. haha.
~Her vocabulary is so much wider now. Additional words for this month are "yup", "bear"(beh-eer), "ernie"(ehnyi), "big bird"(bi behr), "bert"(behr), nanay, "clock"(cock), "iced tea"(ay-ti),"ice cream" (ay-ti rin, hehe), "blue" (buuh) and a lot more!
~We love her First words board book, her ABC board book and her beadarium play coz they really are very educational. She knows that she needs to sit on her chair so she can play and color there, although she still loves to color the floor. haha
~ she loves to carry things, the heavy ones pa like a big bottle of water, a pile of CDs, a plate full of food. haha.
~ She does'nt want to be carried often, well, it's expected when a toddler can walk and run freely already.
~ She loves my count and tickle game. whenever i say "ok let's count", she'll start with counting one(nyyan) and holds her index finger up and i count and sign two, and three then i tickle her. she loves it so much, she'll let me run after her so i can tickle her more. haha.
~ She doesn't get allergic rhinitis anymore. thanks to the clean ac compressor and her scott's emulsion, it's effective!

More updates on simone on my next post! happy bday simone!


Mai said...

wow laki na ni simone talaga. ang bilis ng panahon. at tumatanda na rin tayo hehe! Ngapala, what's simone's first ever comfort toy? Pls answer through this tag:

Ken said...

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