Friday, July 11, 2008

The one with vacation

I want one. A family vacation indeed.

I wish we have the resources to finance a family trip out of the country or out of town.

I wish we could soon finish processing our passports. Mine for renewal and a new one for my babes. I'd often throw a hint to Simon that now is a good time to travel with simone because she can walk, err, run to places and that she's less babyish now. Plus, the free flight and hotel accommodations for a toddler (aged two below) is a good deal, won't you agree with me now?! And i still can't get my mind off from the supposed BKK trip last february. Staying in at our friend's pad that we treat like one of those Hilton Head rentals would have cost us nothing! where else can you find a trip that's a real good deal huh?! Oh well, looks the wanting has turned to a longingness to have a decent vacation after all. I realized I always find myself writing about it whenever i think of trips and how much i wanted to have one this year.

Oh well, does'nt hurt to plan so we'll make one soon. who knows?!

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