Friday, July 11, 2008

The one with tambay

As in as of this moment, I have been killing time for five hours already. I ended my meetings at 4pm and my next appointment was supposedly a dinner at 8pm with my friends at Metrowalk. Since I have fours hours to kill and have'nt eaten my lunch then, I went back to Shang mall and decided to have a super late lunch. After that, I strolled but promised myself not to spend so much, else i'd get tempted again. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell you what not spending so much means to me. haha. But I've always been a thrifty spender, it's just that the alone time had a different effect on me. hahaha. I passed by Fino and to my surprise, they were on sale! They seldom (very seldom actually) hold Sales and i'm just so happy to buy a wallet at 50% off. yey! And it's for Simon, mind you! I super love what i bought for him and hopefully, he'll love it too. I also bought passport holder and a cute keychain holder. I wanted the all-leather red bag but I stopped myself and told myself that if i come back and it's still there, then we're meant to be together. hahaha, whatever?!

And then, more strolling, I stopped by at Gingersnaps and could'nt take off my eyes at the cute, as in cute jumper for simone. I've been looking for a black or black and white outfit for her but all i could see were pinks, pinks, and more pinks for her. ako yung nagsasawa eh. haha. so when i saw this perfect black and white puff-sleeved top and black jumper outfit, i told myself, "this is it! hahaha" when i went to the counter to pay for it, i was surprised to see that the amount of the outfit was double the amount i thought it was. yikes! and since i really wanted it and i don't want to return it, i stil bought it. nyahaha. i know, i know, there are really days that the shopaholic jacque comes out and the thrifty mommy jacque hibernates. hahaha.

But are'nt you proud of me, i shopped selflessly again?! yey! oh, not so selflessly since i bought a pair of custom earrings from Melisse Wear. really nice stuffs with very reasonable prices.

sabi ko sa inyo, mahirap ako naiiwan sa mall mag-isa e. haha. And then there's the forever rationalizing that it's okay to reward yourself once in a while. hahaha. happy weekend everyone!

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