Monday, July 21, 2008

The one with boredom in the midst of restlessness

Have you ever experienced not wanting to do anything and just treat yourself like a couch potato and forget about all the deadlines and to do things today? hmm, that's what i want to do. I'm not too busy per se, but i just want to have some "no-brainer and no-productivity-time" haha, weird i know. I want to have an Outer banks vacation with my family and not work. hehe.

I don't know if it's because i'm a WAHM that i feel like every move that i do should equate to me being productive, that i'm not allowed to do other things for myself. I'm hard on myself, i know. I always feel like i'm not doing enough, thus, leaving more things half-done. yikes! i wanted to always do so many things, but i don't get to do them at all. and i keep on promising myself to have more time cleaning and organizing household stuffs, promising myself to process family documents, and reminding myself to schedule that seminar for Pag-ibig.

I guess I need to re-evaluate my priorities and my schedule. I guess i'm just being overwhelmed with my new venture that i forget to accomplish some family errands. But of course, my simone time will never be affected amidst all these. Family first, then all other things come next. hahaha.

And now i'm bored but with a lot of things to do...

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Mec said...

thats the thing with moms... we sometimes forget that our biggest project is the day to day involvement and investment in our kids... and it's really some 30 years from now pa before we really get to appreciate how these projects will turn out... if they'd grow up happy and healthy, compassionate and productive and fun...

tagal no?


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