Friday, March 31, 2006

The one with all in a day's work

it does'nt feel like friday...whole day me nakaupo typing, editing and reading for my marketing plan. dami pa nangyari sa life...haaayyy...

before i join brand management, ive always thought that it will be a dream come true having to handle a brand of your own. somehow, i know i'am qualified for that position. and now im here, it hits i really capable???do i have what it takes???is it all worth it? ive always felt blessed that i always have everything that i want. promise, mabait si Lord sa ken knowing that He grants my every wish. and ive longed for this. looking back, during the assessment, ive had sleepless nights trying to prove that i have what it takes to be a brandman. everyone in the Management applauded my presentation and even commented if i've a mentor or something. i did'nt have a background kasi in marketing so it was a surprise to them having to see and hear me present. i know God was with me. so i got it.

now...this is the real thing. i was given new brands to be launched this year. it would have been exciting and interesting had it not with all the internal "directives" hindering. i dont like to brand it personalan...i just can't please everyone. is it because im a lady??? is it because i dont have a marketing background???when things like this happen, i pray and think that this is JUST work. it should'nt affect me and should'nt control my life.

siguro im just anxious of the launching...gusto ko na sya malabas and work on all those activities planned. enough with that, sabi na ngang it wont control my life, so it shouldnt be also in my blog...hehe. just feel like sharing. so to my dear officemate, i respect the decision you made of leaving our group. it pains me but i know you made the right decision. as long as it will make you happy, i will support you.

moving on, i miss how thin i was before the wedding. haay! despite the fact that madge told me na ako lang daw ata ang bride na hindi tumaba, i know tumaba ako! my goodness, one officemate even shouted at me kanina na ang taba ko daw ngayon...while in a fire drill with everybody else around...i could'nt feel embarassed or offended as it might be taken against me so i just laughed and told her, "oo nga in 10 pounds and im still counting, nahiyang masyado with married life" honestly, i dont get offended when people greet me na tumataba me...not at all kasi totoo naman. i think it's my signal na to really be serious with my diet. hehe. :)

Monday, March 27, 2006

The one with a negative

I bought a pregnancy kit...the staff in Mercury Drug was looking at me while i asked for a kit...akala siguro disgrasyada me. hehe. good thing i had my ring on. nyahaha.

anyway, what made me bought a kit was when simon touched my "puson" and felt that it was getting big. syempre, na-excite kme pareho.

yun pala, this is all PUSON...

haayyy...di ko tuloy alam san ako malaki kong puson o sa walang baby...

parang pareho...hahaha...

ang init na talaga!!!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The one with finally meeting her

Tiendesitas was such a hot (literally hot) place during daytime. was invited to attend the anniversary of Animal Scene of Manila Bulletin. syempre, hopeful ako that marbee will be there...and she was! met her finally in person, pati si ria, penny, doc marlon, mark, and more! we had fun. simon knew how much i talk about them and tuwa lang me na na-meet ko na sila in person. :0

Saturday, March 18, 2006

The one with "this is life!"

We're at Richmonde right now. Im waiting for simon while he buys his shorts for swimming! yey! i just tried out my swimwear and oh my goodness! iam sooooo faaattt! waah! it's a mid-rib top, and i can just feel my belly popping! grrh! hahaha. this were the same swimwear i wore when we were in bora! i really have to get myself an exercise program...promise!

in the meantime, we're having fo much fun here at the hotel. imagine, wi-fi din! yey! cable, buffet breakfast, pool, aircon room, etc! all for FREE! yahoo! sarap! tomorrow naman is our house dedication. will cook chicken later, buy flowers tomorrow, rent tables and chairs and do some grovery for plates, and utensils. :-)

busy weekend huh?! tagal ng behbeh ko...swim na swim nako eh.... hehe

office naman. had to do the ff:
concept test
brand name test
presentation of events company
concept test my tablet format
reports etc...

Friday, March 17, 2006

The one with a post-celebration

Simon and I will be checking in at Richmonde Hotel today! (a gift from our AE there) it will be our post-valentines, post-anniv celebration! we only had dinners on these occasions, nothing really special. that's why we think it will be more appropriate that we treat ourselves right?! diba?!

im so excited... :-) happy weekend everyone!

The one with a question

Kung ikaw ay may alagang aso na "askal" o native, bibigyan mo ba sya ng pagkain na parang dog food na pwede mong gawing ulam at ihalo sa mga tira-tira mong pagkain? Kung mabibili mo ang dog ulam na yun sa mababang halaga at makikita mo sa tindahan at supermarket, gugustuhin mo ba bilin yun?

Sagot na!!! :-)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The one with tired eyes

I never realized how I tend to overwork my eyes until my eyes felt really red and swollen yesterday. Minsan nga, naduduling na lang ako kaka-computer, tapos pupuyat pa these past few days, and kulang na lang masama ko na ang produkto ko sa pagtulog ko.(pero napapanaginipan ko na nga eh, arf! arf!)

i need to get new computer glasses...

Last night, i had an emergency meeting with a friend. wala lang, napaisip lang ako of so many things. each of us are blessed in one way or the other, we really can't have everything in life...i know that and i've used that as one of my principles in life. it taught me actually how to be contented and feel fulfilled in life even if you dont have learn to appreciate what you have. pero for some people, there will come a point in one's life that he takes for granted what he has in his life to achieve something that he thinks will be best for him. what if that something will not really make him happy and the one person who makes him happy will leave him for she's the one he took for granted??? feelings of a broken and hurting the question, how do they fix it? how does she tell him to leave his so-called dreams for her? how should he take it? should he choose between the person he loves most or a dream he has always wanted for the longest time? if this dream hinders their love for each other, what path should they take???

ang hirap noh...kahit ako, di ko alam if i said the right advices...pero one thing i know...Love will prevail and i know they have lots of it. Sis, love kita...

The one with an artist in the house

Welcome Cynthia to our blog...este my blog pala! haha. if you notice, (yun eh kung may nagbabasa ng blog ko), there's a short comment on "The one with the dent"...hehe. that's cynthia bauzon-arre! wow, nahiya bigla blog ko when she dropped by...kasi artist eh, baka nalait yung blog ko. hahaha. ;)

thanks again and hope to see you again in our blog. oh and thanks a bunch again! super! please extend my thanks to marbee as well. muah!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The one with the 7th year

time flies so fast...last feb. 22 was our 7th year. hehe, took me this long before i can write about it. (read: work) anyway, nakakatuwa lang how a simple night can turn out to be really sweet. how the day went was not something that would encourage you to feel sweet and romantic mainly because it was so darn traffic in EDSA because of all the rallies and the threats of a coup d etat. we left our offices and headed straight to Eastwood, hoping we could relive the wedding proposal moment. it was so jammed, it took us 1 and a half hours to travel from mandaluyong to libis. sa pagod ni simon and sa gutom namin, we were so looking forward for dinner. much to our surprise, the restaurant where simon proposed closed already! huwwaaaattt...???!!! kaloka tlga! so we ended up in Pasto, ordered lotsa-lotsa great foods and ate to our heart's desires! grabe! after that, we enjoyed dessert and finally gave in to my cravings for cheesecake at Cheesecake, etc. (where else diba?) been craving for it for 3 week na. pero in fairness, mas masarap ang cheesecake ng Richmonde kidding! try nyo! :)

so amusing lang how it turned out to be sweet. we played our favorite road game, Black or White. You just give each other choices of which you want better. For example, "loving-loving ng gutom" o "busog pero walang loving-loving"; toyota o mitsubishi' KFC o Chickenjoy? and the list goes on...grabe, kakatawa talaga! at ang babaw tlga namin!

yun lang. happy anniversary beh and thank you for always making me happy!

The one with summer lovin'...

it's summer na! haaayy...have to lose weight, i gained 7 pounds not preggy pa nyan ha. hehe. but seriously, have to lose weight. everybody else thinks im pregnant na...i brought two of my pants to mananahi, one pants had to be replaced with new zipper, the other one, napunit na lang bigla coz tumataba nga me. super hiyang me sa married life. i dont want to stay this big naman. im wearing high heels to help me be with my posture though...but my feet ache. haay!

super pagod with work...but galing ni Lord. i asked that He help us with the registration of the new products. and the meeting this morning went well, id like to believe.

Things i have to do:
1. finalize marketing plan, forecast, packaging design, and registration docs
2. facilitate conduct of FGD, prepare brief for it
3. conduct of 3rd trial with products
4. visit vet clinic this friday or saturday
5. trial visit to subject dogs
6. prepare for status report on monday or tuesday
7. promo materials

and the list goes on...

WEdding-related and other less tiring things to do:
1. i want to start uploading our pics as some are asking already
2. framing some candid pictures to hang on our wall
3. make some accessories for myself lang
4. record songs for the video...ehem, ehem, boses namin gagamitin
5. update my blog