Monday, December 19, 2011

The one with what should i get for him?

Yes, unfortunately, after all the hard-thinking process of choosing and buying gifts for friends and families, i only realized today that i have'nt thought of what gift to buy for Simon.  Admittedly, we kinda splurge on Christmas and birthday gifts but since he just recently purchased a keyboard, i was hoping that would be a christmas gift too (and maybe a birthday gift?? hahaha) so when the iphone 4S commercial ran on TV and we saw it, he was teasing me if i could buy that for him. waah! i don't know if i could still get him something that expensive. hahaha. Will Joop perfume or another pair of shoes do? hehe.

I'll update you soon! i gotta get something for him. :)

The one with Christmas gifts

It's hard to think of gifts for families.  For friends, we decided to go with a uniform gift for everybody.  I hope they all like the biscuits we bought at Marks & Spencer.  It has its own advantages, preparing the same gifts, at least it's easy to buy again in case you still need to purchase.

But for families, man, it's hard to think of gifts for them. Even harder to know what they really want, where to buy it and if the budget will still fit.  Last time, i remember giving my mom a set of Swarovski Crystal beads which i made myself.  She loved it so much, she still wears it til now.  Also, i think i had a good buy when i bought our moms nice bags just last Christmas.  They both loved it. 

Now i have to think of gifts for my brothers, my brothers in law and two sisters in law. :) Waaah! and i thought i'm done with the shopping!

The one with Christmas program

It was Simone's 1st Christmas program in school. I was a bit nervous since the first time she participated in their school activity, she was so not in the mood and the costume that her lola made was not even used. So we did'nt expect that much.  But to my surprise, she participated the whole time.  We're proud parents to see her just up there (the venue was at SM Cinema 2 Masinag) and she knew the actions albeit the many absences during rehearsals. hahaha.

Congratulations KILA for a job well done! Even the decors were made by the school staff themselves.  They bought a lot of styro, flex tube, paints and glitters to make a nice backdrop for every change of scene in the christmas program :)

Thank you anak! We're proud of you!

More pictures to follow :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The one with HMR

I did mention in my previous post about how best buy items are in HMR. and no one can argue with that.  They have way improved their items and when i went there a few days ago, I was going crazy with the items.  They have everything! from refurbished computers to cake decorating items and brand new shoes. I love it! Here are my purchases:

~ honeycomb queen size, complete set - flat sheet, fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases, all 300 thread count.  Price: 990.00 you can buy this at regular price of 2k up.
~ Puma red sneakers for simon size 10 1/2 at 790.00. Oh my, i can just jump for joy. and to think that i accidentally saw this near the counter because someone left it there and it's available already for sale. so happy! it fits Simon well. super nice too. :) and i really think it's genuine :)
~ Cupcake decorating set at 200.00 - i bought it for my sister in law.  was supposed to buy the cupcake stand too but ran out of stock

I will surely go back to HMR soon. love it! the best!!!

The one with missing the bed

I seriously miss our bed.  Every year, i try will all my might to be not as busy as i was the previous year, but something and another thing will come up and i'd end up getting more that what i can bear. haha. But i'm proud to say that i'm more organized now than last year.  I was able to get more corporate events this year but it was still manageable. It feels like i'm always wearing heated gloves and my adrenaline just keeps getting higher. haha.

I just miss sleeping.  I recently bought sheets from HMR (which by the way is the most best buy so far) but i could'nt use it yet.  I'm making a countdown of the number of days before Christmas and making a countdown of our last day of party before christmas too. hahaha.

Merry Christmas everyone! I miss you bed! Don't worry, we'll spend quality time soon. hahaha.

The one with when we get older

Next week, we will be celebrating our 6th anniversary as husband and wife.  And I'm amazed how time flies so fast.  It still feels like it's just two years ago when we got married.  A lot of things happened and changed but i can still say we're still the same couple.  Although, it made me think how we will be like twenty years from now. And here are things i think we will be doing then:

~ Simon might be playing golf.  He's not a basketball person so i think he can get interested with golf since when that time comes, he would need to choose a sport for himself.  By then, i'm foreseeing that there would be more high tech gadgets for golf, like gps systems for golf, more sophisticated golf clubs and gears.  I still don't get the hype of playing golf but i think golf will fit him well.

~ I might have another kid and hopefully if we're on target with our baby project, s/he will be seven years younger than simone. :)

~ I hope Simone has a fulfilling job that she loves or a business that she dreams of.  I hope she will be with someone she prays and hopes for :)

~ I hope I still have Partyboosters by then :)

Everything that we hope when we get older, as long as it's according to God's plan, I'll continue to go with the flow...

The one with bacolod trip

The short trip we had last week was fun.  I felt i needed to blog about it and share the cost and share our experience.

Travel date: December 11 to 13, 2011
Manila to Bacolod via Cebupacific

Airline tickets: I was able to book the ever famous piso fare of Cebupacfic.  For us three, a total of 1,200.00 (or 400.00 each person for a round trip ticket to Bacolod) if it's not a best deal, i don't know what is. hahaha.  The service was okay.  We went to NAIA 3 so airport was ok.  Our flights were both on time, i'm so happy. My sister and brother in law got the airphil promo and both their flights were delayed for almost an hour. 

Bacolod airport was ok.  It was'nt big but for a provincial airport, it was nice enough. (at least the restrooms were all working) haha

Resort: Ayu Spa White Beach and Resort
Peso power: 4,500.00 for a 3D/2N accommodation of a Deluxe Room with balcony.

Going to Ayu Spa took us almost 4 hours of travelling by land.  Good thing the hotel booked us a van where we can all share with the cost. (separate rating on the van) 

When we went to the resort, it was not love at first sight compared when we went to Bohol. hihi.  It was 5pm already, high tide and could'nt appreciate the beach that much.  I was wearing a maxi dress and all i could think of was, "i should have bround northface jackets here" because it was cold that day.I thought "so this is it?"  But Bacolod is an island you will learn to love and appreciate.  I love the fact that it's closer to nature.  You can actually hear birds chirping or some animal making an unusual sound.  You learn to appreciate the simplicity of life and how wonderful it is to feel the serenity.  The reason why there are rooms in the resort that do not have TVs. of course, since we were with the kiddo, we had to have a TV. hahaha

Anyway, going back, what i love about the resort was the service.  They served us midnight snacks, the waiters were so courteous.  Even if there were no phones in the room, you can easily ask for anything to be served in your room since their staff would roam around the hotel every now and then.  I also loved the fact that we were only 7 who were checked in at that time, so it felt like it was exclusive to us.

I'll continue with my post...sorry to cut this short

The one with instant power

Don't judge me with what i'm about to blog...hahaha.

Just want to share an interesting experience and realization I had recently.  A couple of months back i bought a designer bag, well if you're one of the few who follow this blog, im sure you know what i'm talking about.  It took me a whole year to decide on it and one of the reasons of starting to own one is because it gives a certain "leverage" to my type of clients.  And it turned out, it somehow did.

Just the other day, i met up with a client.  They're actually the parents of my client, my overseas client who found about me in the internet.  So picture this, the parents are oldies and not as techie too, so when it comes to dealing with suppliers, they expected the traditional "contract signing" etc where in fact, i've been corresponding with their daughter for months already and confirmed a lot of things about the party.  So anyway, they met up with me to give a partial payment in person.  I had the impression they did'nt want to give it at first, thinking that i may be just a bogus.  I was a bit (slight lang naman) offended and when they asked for the contract, i went to the car, got my "bag", ipad and the contract.  I don't know why i had to bring everything, but it was an impulsive act.  When i gave out the Tea Party Invitations my client asked me to make, I felt i showed off a lot of my "things".  Then all of a sudden (im not sure if it's just me), they felt comfortable talking to me.  All of a sudden, they agreed to giving the partial payment.  I know it sounded materialistic on my part and felt something's not right in the picture, but the truth of the matter is, i felt there's some truth in it as well.  That at times, you really have to prove your "worth" thru material things you possess because they really don't know you from the start.  They will only depend on impressions, and factors that add to these impressions are things that you own, the car you drive and your personality.  I felt like i was trying to impress them or something. hahaha.

But when they warmed up to me, i had a great time chatting with them too.  I also realized maybe it's really not easy to trust people, add to the fact that they really don't know me. So in the end, i still understood the situation :)

hehe, just want to share...again, no judging please. ;)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The one with much needed vacay

Amidst the hustles and bustles, we were able to take a quick vacation in Bacolod and unwind just before we head on to the busiest month of the year. :)  I took advantage of the cebupacific's piso fare and was so delighted that i was able to book not only for my family, but for my sister in law and her husband.

I've always had the same feelings while preparing for a trip, you know, the type who is not that excited and feels like i'm leaving a lot of things undone so how can i go to a trip with a lot of things in mind.  But since we i booked it already, we felt we did'nt have any choice. hahaha.

But the impulsive decision had its own advantages.  In the end, happiness still prevailed and the sadness of leaving a serene and very peaceful place while packing again for the city felt like forever. hehe. I'll post a separate travel entry about our bacolod trip. 

Travelling may be a luxury but once in a while trips can be priceless.  The quality time you spend with your family can never replace even diamond rings or the latest gadget in town :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The one with Little Mermaid

I'm so happy we brought Simone to watch The Little Mermaid play at Meralco theater last night. She enjoyed the play.  I was a bit nervous she would'nt like it. Even if it's Ariel she's gonna see, it's her first time to see a theater play and it overwhelms me that she loved it.  She really is an artist :)

Allow me to give some personal reviews about the play and our experiences with it as well.

~ I've always loved plays.  I don't watch that often but I enjoy everytime i'd be able to. I just dont like waiting in lines but good thing, we did'nt wait that long with this one :)
~ I super love Sebastian.  He really sings good.
~ Kudos to Rachelle Ann Go for portraying a Ariel very well.  She really studied the character and even her accent was almost the same as the one in the movie.
~ King Triton was not i expected.  I was looking for more of a big, tall, and a person who exudes more authority but he was'nt that bad at all.
~ Ursula got the most applause i think :)
~ Erik Santos tried hard to play his part, it's just that everytime he talks, i can't understand most of his words.  It was like he was always in a hurry to finish and deliver his lines.

All in all, it was a very good play. Simone stood the whole time, she did'nt want to sit coz she might miss a scene. haha.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The one with richness

While we were on a trick or treat activity yesterday, Simon and I were talking about how nice it is to spend time with your loved-ones. I'll write another post about the trick or treat but it was really refreshing to spend time with your kid and family.

Simon then said, "how i wish we all have the time to just spend it with our families and money will just pour in" i laughed with what he said coz i know it's impossible, since we're not born rich. but it came me to think how life will be if you were born rich.  will you really spend time wisely and be with your family as often as possible.  Maybe it will happen if you own crown steel buildings, or you have your own mall and that you don't have to worry about anything.

I guess what i'm trying to say is that spend time with your loved-ones more -- your parents while they're still strong, your siblings even if you dont get along (im blessed i and my brothers get along), and your bestfriends (because they are your next best treasures after your family).

Have a long weekend ahead! :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The one with 60th

I'm so blessed my mom just turned 60 last October 22.  I thank God for giving her another year and truly, this year is worth celebrating.  It was a simple yet memorable celebration.  We stayed at Linden Suites, and had a sumptuous dinner at Likha Restaurant in Eastwood.  I know it was not a very elegant party with name tags for guests but at least it was something she will always remember.  My 3-month old nephew stayed with us at the hotel, everybody just had fun.  Simone loved spending time with Marco, her other cousin and my parents enjoyed the pool and jacuzzi. :)

Happy birthday mommy! thank you for your love. thank you for raising us the way you knew how...we will always be thankful that you are our mother. I love you!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The one with movie review: No other woman

Okay, not a movie critic so why bother giving a review of the movie???? I just want to express what i feel and think about the movie. so here it is...

~ story plot was good.  The characters were all convincing, esp. Anne Curtis.  Hands down, convince na convince ako na querida sya. haha.
~ Cristine Reyes' character was convincing too pero while watching the movie, i kept wishing she would someone who's less conservative and more of an elite and "sosyal" woman as well. kasi in real life, men don't cheat just because their wives are conservative or timid or masyadong mahinhin.  They cheat because they are tempted.  So i think it would have been more of a good fight if cristine's character was at least leveled to anne's as well.
~ Some think cristine's acting needed improvement but i think she was good.  She's the kind of wife who was in denial at first so she was trying to just ignore and be nonchalant about it but the moment she knew about her husband's infidelity, she tried to be someone she's not, fierce, palaban and those sorts.  Pero lumabas na lang talaga ang gretchen barreto nya during the fight scene with Anne curtis which i think is one of the best scenes in the movie.
~ The fight scene was the best for me because all three were just so good.  I really felt like all of them were victims and not just Cristine.  The line of Anne was the best, "Tama na!" while she was on the floor as if begging Cristine to stop.  I felt her pain, pain of being sorry for hurting other people, pain of feeling alone because Derek will leave her, and pain of not being loved in return, when she has done everything she can. 
~ I love Carmi's character.  In real life naman, even if the mom is a victim of infidelity too (meaning her husband cheats too), ganun talaga sya mangangaral sa anak nya...of what she thinks is best...and that is to fight a good fight.  You just can't leave your husband in an instant.  You will fight for it and prove that no matter what happens, you will stand by him.  When she was scolding Cristine of what she needed to do to save the marriage and then while at the top of her voice, she just welled up, i love that scene. yung galit na galit kana, naluluha ka tuloy. parang totoong ina talaga.
~ The ending was just as i expected.  I also think that the scene of Derek and Anne seeing each other for the last time before she left for the US was ok.  I mean, i know some frowned on it and mostly said, why the heck they'd have to meet pa.  I was thinking it was more of a closure.

There, i'm glad i watched it with my mom.  I know better if i've watched it with my husband but another woman's perspective was nice as well and i enjoyed our conversation after the movie.  We don't have any experience or situation about infidelity issues ha, it was just really an eye-opener for all of us to be watchful of and the movie gave just that :)

The one with short-lived

I knew it...When i learned that we have a new househelp, i got so excited, i know it would ease a lot of workload on my part but there was this certain thought that bugged me what if she does'nt stay that long and we'd be left without an extra pair of hands in the house.

And truth be told, the new househelp will leave on Nov. 3.  It was saddening but at least i can prepare myself not to get too comfy to the fact that we have someone helping me with the chores, cooking and picking up toys that Simone forgot to pack away.  I'm trying not to be too dependent on her so that by the time she'll leave, it would'nt be as hard too.

Glad I did'nt buy yet her uniform. I was at this store and i saw a line of maid uniforms, one of which was so small it would pass as a sexy maid costume for the Halloween...or Valentine's, hahaha.

In the meantime, we'll just enjoy the short-lived convenience we have and maximize whatever chore i need to ask her to do. ;)

Friday, October 21, 2011

The One With Not Done With Christmas Shopping Yet

I know I keep talking about Christmas and how happy it would be even though I'm not even done with my Christmas shopping yet. I mean, it would be nice to buy stainless steel bracelets online and make Christmas shopping for girly stuff easy. (Especially if you want to keep Christmas shopping expenses to a minimum. You'd rather do it online, away from 4 years old kids who love shopping beside you). Ahahaha!

Really, I have to finish my Christmas list already and start seriously shopping for Christmas presents. I hate to get in the rush when I could very well start shopping now and avoid it. So yeah, there are still plenty of time to get into my good book and my Christmas list. LOL!

The One With No Pressure Childhood

I don't think I've mentioned yet that when Kumon had their free-trial classes last month, we had Simone undergo the diagnostic test for the program's leveling. I've forgotten what level she was recommended to start at, I only remember that their facilities wasn't quite what I expected, no shiny floors like one of those laminated floors at quick step flooring, nor modern and fancy decorations. It was as basic as most academic facilities.

We didn't pursue the trial classes though, not because the facilities don't look modern (hehe), but because we decided in the end that Simone doesn't need additional pressures at her age. I mean, she's only four and I think she isn't behind academically speaking with other kids her age. So she doesn't need it at this time, and we can always enroll her in the future if she wants to. Simone wanted to make sure Simone will only have good memories of school, no pressures.

So what was I doing inquiring about the program in the first place? Hehehe. Just blame it on my paranoid self. And yes, I was helping out my sister-in-law enroll my nephew in the program :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The One With Happy Anniversary

On Oct 28, my in-laws will be celebrating their 39th year wedding anniversary. I know that it's going to be a very happy celebration and we're all looking forward to it. They deserve to have a happy one. Even if they don't get to go to a vacation this year (the equivalent of looking into mobile homes for sale in the US, and forgetting all home obligations and traveling together for the rest of their life-- OA?), I think just knowing that everyone is doing OK with their families and marriages would be gift enough for them. Happy anniversary mommy and daddy!

The One With Happy Christmas

Christmas is my most favorite time of year, and this year I'm excited for Christmas for lots of reasons. One of the reasons is that it wonderfully reminds me of a new year coming. And come next year, we'd finally be able to pay off the down payment for our very own house! Yay!

I can still remember the days when Simon and I hesitated, worried and doubted. We even thought about leaving the house where we're renting now and getting one that's smaller with a smaller rent. But God is so good and provided more than we asked for.

So, we're really going to have a happy Christmas! So happy and blessed we might be giving away several Christmas prizes to our staff. I think fuji cameras might be nice :)

The one with painting gallery

These are some of the paintings Simone made last September.  It's just amazing that she has these strokes already for a 4-year old.  Whenever Simon and I would talk about it and how proud we are of Simone, we will just find ourselves thinking at the end of our conversation, that we may be just being parents who are a little "overacting" on their kid's accomplishments. (you know, the kind that   always insist their kid to sing even if they can't hit a tune, hahaha)

But when i posted it in FB and a lot liked it and commented how talented Simone is, especially when my bestfriend Jill told me that she really is talented and not just because she's her godmother, it confirmed that yes, she is really talented in painting. hahaha. (moreso, it confirmed that we are not OA parents)

Continue to enjoy your skills anak! we're just here to support you all the way :)




Blues Clues House and one of the flowers in PVZ


The one with another wishlist

I don't know if i mentioned before that Simon got me my dream sunglasses for my birthday last August.  I'm such a spoiled wifey. haha.  We were looking at these Ray Bans in a store and i told him i've always wanted one....dreamt of one, but the cheapskate in me would rather buy the 200-peso sunglasses that you can find in tiangges. haha. And even if he does'nt own one, he insisted that he'd buy me one as a birthday gift.  can it get any sweeter than that?! hahaha.

Thank you beh for a shower of your unconditional love...that even if you find it impractical to buy, or it's something that you still don't have yet, you don't think twice getting me one, just to make sure it will make me happy. aaawwww... cheesy!!! love you :)

The One With Hopes

I should mention that we recently got a new house help. Our old got married and now only works as a staff/run-errand for Party Boosters. That's right, I've been keeping the house all by myself for quite sometime now and have managed (to my husband's and my surprise too!) quite well without a nanny, a cook and an all-around help. Well, I do hire out a clean and laundry woman to do the cleaning and all our laundry twice or every week, plus I hire out our old help on a per-day basis when I absolutely must leave the house for business meetings and others, but I'm left with daily chores, cooking and taking care of Simone all day everyday (not to mention picking up after her and packing away her toys like every second!). And I gotta say, taking care of a kid is actually more difficult than doing household chores, so even though I don't do bulk of the housekeeping, I do feel pretty like I've got my hands full all the time, especially when Simon is not around and I have to "multi-task" with Simone.

Ok, ok, maybe that's not too difficult to do, but I do think it's one of the reasons why I tend to lose my patience with Simone more easily than before, when I've got a nanny to call when I needed to pee, or take a bath without worrying she'll burn the house down or run into trouble while I'm in the bath. I can even take a nap when I needed one. I mean, I know it's different when you're tired and I acknowledge what great help house-helps are. They gave us more me-time which I do believe makes us better parents when we have lots of.

So now that we've got a new help, I hope to spend more enjoyable time with Simone, and stretch my patience for as long as my sanity will allow. Hehehe. I love you so much Simone! I'd even buy you your own house when you grow up and install all kinds of home luxuries like water softener for you! Hahaha! Seriously, we love you, kid.

And thus, I truly truly hope this new help will be with us longer. Not only because we needed one, but also because we're paying more (and getting less) with a clean-laundry woman's bi-weekly pay plus an old help's daily salary.

The One With A Few Days Left

So we're still not quite ready for the Halloween, although I'm not that worried (yet) knowing we could always just pick one from Simone's old costumes. Or buy a ready-made costume (even though most our sub-standards and have linings that feel like abrasives). Of course with so many things going on in our lives right now (including the recent school program and my frustrations), I hardly have time enough to spend thinking about getting our act together for a Trick or Treat. I did think about getting Simone a new pumpkin basket though, and her outfit still matters to me very much. Yeah, such are the preoccupations of a mother. Hehehe.

So, any costume suggestion?

The one with thicker than blood

I pray they would always love each other like they do now
I hope even if they're not brothers and sisters, that they will always treat each other as such
I look forward to the days that they are older and they will find each other as someone they can talk to about things they could not tell their parents

Simone, Justin and Neyo...always be for each other.  Protect each other and love each other like true brothers and sisters.

 sorry for the lo-res pic...

The one with put to a test

Motherhood has tested me...once again.

It was supposed to be a simple family activity in school that turned out to be an eye-opener to me as a mom.  Simone had a UN day yesterday and her lola even made a costume for her as one of the Spice Girls.  Her lolo bought a wig at Divisoria just so she'd be in her best costume.  She practiced all her moves and steps for their special number.  I cooked kebabs to bring for the potluck assigned to us.  And all these were put to "waste", food not eaten, she did'nt join the presentation, she wore her costume for a good 5 minutes.

At first, I blamed everyone and everything around me.  I blamed her for not sleeping early the night before, I blamed the school for choosing a very hot venue to hold an activity, I even blamed her wig for making her so uncomfortable.  I blamed everything and everyone...except myself.

While i was scolding her at the highest pitch of my voice, i was crying because it was then that i realized my faults and felt a failure as a mom.  I've always thought and expected Simone enjoys school so much, heck, she's academically doing good in school.  She loves her classmates and teachers so much.  So not being in her best mood was something i was'nt prepared for.  And i could have handled the situation better but a part of me wanted to teach her and instill in her that she can't always act inappropriately when she doesn't feel like it.  She can't always throw tantrums in a blink of an eye.  I know, sooner or later, i have to teach this to her...and the day has come.

I know i could have been more matured and talked to her nicely but the mortal mom in me felt otherwise and i just flared up and felt i had to let it out, else i'd go crazy.

The only person who was so sensible at that time was my husband.  I appreciate that he was so calm while we were both crying.  He just let me expressed my feelings, he let me cried and poured out what i was feeling.  And i felt better specially when he texted me words of wisdom that all parents should realize:

~ Know that even if your kid excels as a kid, advanced in some aspects, realize that she is just 4 years old.  She's still a baby. (and will always be one)

~ It's ok that you reprimanded her, spanked her but don't let the anger sleep with you.  Always patch things up with love and assure her that you forgive her and explain to her why what she did was not right.

~ That no kid is perfect.  I know this but sometimes, I maybe expecting too much from her.  That she can always understand whatever i say, that she'll get it right away because at the same time, this is the only time i can teach her about discipline.  It's just that there's always a better way that scolding and hitting.

I realized sooo many things yesterday.  I still thank the Lord for giving me these realizations.  It had to reach at a certain level for me to understand these.  Man, motherhood's really challenging...I'd rather solve debt problems than handle this. Haha. But seriously, thank you Lord for these little challenges in life that would hopefully make us better parents :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The One With Approaching Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for both kids and parents. And I won't deny that I love dressing Simone up in costumes. Heck, Simone has been wearing costumes since she was one year old and I can't remember a time when she didn't wear a costume when there's an opportunity to wear one. She has a closet full of costumes (thanks to my MIL who makes costumes) and wears one whenever she feels like it, special occasion or not. So trust us, mother and daughter, to plan her Halloween costume painstakingly. I mean, I can't have her wearing t-shirts on Halloween's Trick or Treat mall events, when she wears costume on ordinary days, right?

The problem is, we can't seem to decide what she will be this Halloween. First, she wanted to be a Smurfy and I was OK with it. But then she changed her mind -- hopefully temporarily-- and wanted to be a fairy, but I thought it was too ordinary. *sigh*

So, we're still looking for costumes and we're still considering other options. I just hope we find one we can both agree on before Halloween comes :)

The One With Funny Simone

I should have mentioned a funny incident that happened during Jane and Oliver's birthday dinner. I totally don't know where Simone is getting her lingo. It started when a family with a small kid entered the restaurant and the kid's adult companions pulled out a pc tablet. NeYo, my nephew was so entranced by the gadget he practically stood by the girl's side by the family's table to watch what the girl was watching. And when we asked Simone to go get NeYo, Simone said, to my utter disbelief, "c'mon NeYo, we have one like that too". It absolutely surprised me I almost hit the floor laughing!

Of course Simone's tone was completely unaffected without any hint of bitter jealousy. Still, it was a bit discomfiting what the kid's family must think we're teaching our kid (not that I care what others wrongly think and say about us). Nonetheless, I seriously hope they think Simone meant simply that. That neYo should just watch in our table on our tablet, because we also have one like that :).

The One With The Guess Sale

So yesterday we went to Guess and Mossimo Sale at QC. We didn't arrive as early as planned but we're still able to arrive quite "ahead of the pack", so to speak. The clothes were new and had no damages whatsoever. The only problem is that they don't give one paper bag per shirt (but one paper bag for two items), which was kinda all right since most of the items I got was for Simon, Simone and me anyway. I didn't really tick everyone on our Christmas list, although I might have gone a little crazy. Hehehe. All I can say is that we all went home satisfied with our purchases. Now if I could only find discount shoes on sale too. Hehehe

The One With Two Birthdays

Last Saturday, we celebrated Jane's, my SIL and her husband Oliver's birthdays, and we had our dinner at Cravings. The food was great! We had an eat-all-you-can salad, coffee and cake on top of the regular dinner set meal. And nope, the food didn't ruin my diet (although the situation rightfully warrants natural appetite suppressants. Hehe). It was a blast and I imagine we all had a great time. :) More stories and pictures to follow. Happy birthday Jane and Oliver!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The one with 10minutes

Its 2nd quarter of exams this week. Im more relaxed now compared to the first quarter where i was so clueless of how the exams will be, felt like it was UPCAT already of simone. Hahaha. So anyway, it was her 2nd day of exams and when i dropped her off, i talked to a friend of mine (co-parent at KILA toom abi) and we chatted for a good 5minutes. The moment i sat inside the car, i opened my laptop and while it was loading, Simone went out of the school already with one of the "kuyas". When she rode the car, i asked the kuya if she finished her exam. Kuya said teacher said she could go so we can go home now. Hahaha. It was 10 minutes, as in! I'm so proud of simone. She has adjusted well in school and i'm happy that she enjoys studying as much as she enjoys playing (or maybe even more, haha) Thank you anak, at least you're assuring mommy and daddy that we're doing the right far. :) you dont have to an honor student but it will always be a plus. Haha. Just try your best always and it will be more than enough. We love you! (kung maka-drama akala mo college na yung anak...haha)

The One With A Prayer

Sometimes I worry about loading everything in our SUV whenever we're booked for a party (especially when, in the rush of the moment, my errand staff would bump the interiors with hard and sharp materials that leave their marks behind). But I guess that's unavoidable with a business like mine. At least I don't have to worry about changing the tire (or the hydraulic hose for that matter) yet, although brand new vehicles, I know, have nothing to do with flat or perforated tires.

Still, there's no harm in dreaming of a second car, now that we're almost finished paying for the down payment of our house :) God is so good!

The One With Goodbye Prostate Gland Operation

I should probably have written about this a long time ago, but I'm glad to tell you that my father-in-law has successfully battled his prostate gland problems. No more endless trying of herbal medicines, no more long faces every time we think about his situation, and lastly, no more considerations for long-time online purchases of adult diapers at online stores like adult diaper at 

We have the USANA herbal medicine to thank for (and I think in combination with other herbal medicines too) that he now doesn't have to go through an operation. And of course, the Lord. Glory be to Him!

The One With The Guess and Mossimo Sale

Now that Christmas is approaching, I'm always on the look-out for bargain deals, warehouse sales, sample sales and all kinds of promos where I could save loads for Christmas shopping. I know I'm becoming addicted to online deals Christmas or not, and I probably have to admit myself in one of those addiction treatment centers.  Hehe. But we all could do with discounts and savings especially with our present economy. So I thought I'd tell you that there is a warehouse sale for Guess and Mossimo tomorrow. It'll be at a school where a friend of mine works. Please find the details below.

Guess and Mossimo Sale (October 14 and 15/ 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.)
Speciabilities Development Center
11 Binamaka St.
Manresa, Quezon City
Tel: 361-9178 and 364-3460

The One With Getting Back to Pre-Pregnancy Weight

Now that I've found a diet that works, I feel a bit powerful knowing I only have to follow the diet and lose pounds again. I feel I won't ever have need of plus size bridesmaid dresses ever! Not that I've made a career out of attending weddings as a bridesmaid, or that I wore plus sizes gowns before. Hehe. But you know, I feel like I have a total control of my weight now. I could lose pounds whenever I want to. And it feels nice especially when your husband appreciates it and make comments like I am slimmer now than I was about four years ago, making reference to a picture taken during a friend's wedding where I was wearing a bridesmaid gown. And to think I have just given birth to Simone then! I feel like I truly am getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight and figure. Reminds me to stick to my diet and ignore temptations like yummy and luscious cakes. Hehehe.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The One With Reminiscing

Recently, we were going over old videos and pictures and saw one of Simone's very old video when she was still very small -- as small as when cigars are not allowed to get near her (well, she's still NOT allowed to get near cigarettes, but you know what I mean). She was dancing in the video and she looked so cute and small. And even though the light was bad in the video, it made Simon and I reminisced and missed the old days badly when our little princess was still very little. *sigh* Why do they grow up so fast?

The One With The Perfect Diet

I can't tell you enough how my new diet is working perfectly for me. No hungry feeling, no feeling-weak moments and totally no deprived feeling. The only downside, which only becomes a problem when I eat breads, is thus. I have to make several trips to the comfort room all the time. I don't need to go to an austin food allergies lab just to know that flour in breads acts like an allergen and makes my stomach upset.

So anyhow, I'm just so happy that I'm looking (and feeling!) slimmer everyday. Yay!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

The One With The "Big Girl"

An object of many amused glances, Simone's kid-size ladies bag typifies "small and cute". Really, it had us laughing for all the attention she gets whenever she's walking around, with it strapped around her shoulder. Quite recently, we went to the mall and when it was time for her to open her bag for the guard to inspect it, she dutifully and ceremoniously (like a real lady!) opened her bag for inspection. And it's funny how the others behind her waited like she was really supposed to open her bag full of barbie dolls and whatnot. Hahaha! Hurray to the guard for looking impassively professional as he said "Thank you for opening your bag, ma'am". He definitely should be out there looking for Room Director Jobs instead or other supervisory position within his qualification. Hehe.

My baby is turning into a lady :)

The one with 10

Yes, 10 pounds in almost two months! On October 27, i'll be officially two months on ketogenic diet. i'm one happy girl! i've become accustomed to this diet.  It has become less of an effort to avoid sweets, rice, bread, and anything with starch.  Although I want to improve my diet by adding more vegetables to it rather than meat.  I'm not so much of a meat eater but this diet taught me to eat more meat so i can load myself with protein. 

This is my before-diet picture. hehe. Taken last July 2011 in Singapore. 

And this is my during-diet picture. haha...feeling! my mom told me it's good my skin did'nt dry up.  Although i really feel my skin got darker because my skin "shrunk?" hahaha. but all in all, i'm liking what i'm seeing so far.  It's the first time in years that something has finally came effective. :)

I have 5 more kilos to shed...yes, 5 more kilos or 12 lbs.  I hope to get this before December :) i'll give updates again :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The one with supermom labels

I've always wanted to play it cool when it comes to being a mother.  But truth of the matter is every mom wants to be "the supermom". And it took me a while to set aside the idealism of every motherhood. I know that every mother can be the best mother that she could be and you can really never compare yourself as a mom to other moms because it will just eat you...alive. The moment you gave birth and held your baby in your arms, you wanted to give him your all and you know that no one will love him more than you do.  Geared to giving the best, you found yourself with your first struggle of motherhood...breastfeeding.  I've always wanted to breastfeed longer and even if my friends who were breastfed moms don't tell me, i still had this feeling that they were better moms than i.  I was a first time mom and being able to stop breastfeeding after 7 months was hard but i felt that it was the only thing i had to do then.   Then there came the milestones...oh these milestones of one's child.  Mothers tend to make their friend's kids the chart of their kid's milestone chart.  Funny how three or five months can be so big of a difference as an age gap from a mother's point of view.  Like "oh my, my kid has to learn the abc's because the kid almost her age knows the alphabet like the back of his hand.  Like in my case, i was concerned that my kid still wears diapers at night.  I know that every child has a pace but it makes me wonder why my kid cant and some took it easy adjusting.  It was the same feeling that my friend felt when she found out that simone learned to write at an early age.  She felt her kid was behind and then blamed only herself for not being hands on.  Oh there goes the hands-on term again.  It's another one of those mom's stereotypes.  Like if you're not employed, you're expected to be a hands on mom and then you are now pressured to make your kid achieve all the milestonrs he can achieve at his age. Now that simone is 4, i've realized that even if we,moms, don't intend to compare,im sure one wsy or another we have done this.  Reason behind? Maybe because it's one way of assuring ourselves that we are not the worst moms or just to make sure that our kid is doing okay.  But while i was trying to get the hang of being a mom, there really were these labels that go "against" other labels of being a mom.  Some of you might not agree but let me share with you my thoughts: 1st label: the working mom vs. The stay at home mom 2nd label: the breastfeeding mom vs. The formula milk mom 3rd label: the homeschooling mom vs. School mom 1st label: stay at home mom I resigned when simone was just 6 months old for the reason that i want to spend more time with her.  But i also said to myself that i need to look for something to do that i love and to be able to do it on my own time.  So being a stay/work at home mom, i felt more is expected from me to raise a better kid.  People may not say it, but i felt it.  But it did'nt really pressure me at all.  I was geared to giving simone a good foundation when she was 1 and 2yo.  I lessened our study routines when she turned three giving her more time to play and explore her world.  And i think she turned out ok. :)  But if you look at the other side of the coin, i don't have anything against working moms.  I consider myself one since i work at home too and i grew up with a working mom.  And i know that being a sahm or a wahm may not be for everybody. 2nd label: in between breastfeeding mom and formula mom I've breastfed simone for seven months, not exclusively but that's the most i can do then.  Before,ive never cared for the ad statement after every milk commercial that says "breastfeeding is still best for babies" until i had my own baby.  And i've always felt envious of moms who have breastfed longer.  I felt that i did'nt give the best i can give.  Somehow, there's this fear that if ever my kid turns out to be sickly or that she's not good in school, i only have myself to be blamed because i didnt breastfeed her longer. :( i know, i'm getting paranoid and all but it was really one of my frustrations as a mother. 3rd label:  school mom I thought i'd be a homeschooling mom.  But who am i kidding?! I enjoy our study time but i dont' see myself doing it for the rest of her schooling years.  Although i noticed that now that she's studying and we have lesser time to do the mom-kid lessons, i realize that she really learned a lot when i was homeschooling her.  I realize that yeah, it is really effective...i'm just as sure though that i won't be able to make it last...i'd go insane! So whatever hat you're wearing as a mom, we must always remember that one is not better than the other but it is what works best for you and your kid. Always ask God for wisdom and He will direct you as to how best raise your kid. 

The one with surprise

It's been a while since Simon surprised me with a gift. Its not really a surprise to the extent that i didnt have a clue of what it wa but it was surprising when he gave it to me and that he bought it from his own money. I'm soo happy! I know in one of my previous posts, i was choosing between a tablet and an ipad and he decided to buy me an ipad! Yey! I'm so happy my husband spoils me...hehehe... Thank u beh for supporting my business and for making sure i have what i always need to have. Love you! Now i need to get used to using it...gosh i'm so low-tech!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The one with 8 pounds

To some this may mean a birthweight of a newborn kid but to me this finally means the number of pounds i've lost so far! I can now finally say that i've officially lost weight, slowly but surely. My ketogenic diet seemed to work and for the first time, i can actually see results. I recently saw myself in a picture taken from my sister in law's birthday and i'm happy that my jawlines are obvious again and i now have a longer neck. Hahaha! I think i would manage to do this longer. I just need to exercise more. The only downside of this diet, when i tried to eat bread,it made my tummy upset and got some loose bowel movements. It happened twice and i think it was because of the sudden carbohydrates i had. But other than that, everything is ok. Wish me for more pounds to lose!

The one with 1st qtr

So like what i wrote in my previous post, Simone made it to top five this quarter. I was trying not to be overacting about it when teacher tricia informed us during the evaluation, i could'nt help but be happy! I mean, i know she's only in nursery and the lessons they learn are pretty basic for us, but it makes me Proud that she's thriving in school and she really loves everything about it. I know there's a long way for her when it comes to schooling but at least so far, so good. :) thank you Lord!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The One With Belonging To The Top Five

So, first school period was over and the result of the exam, quizzes and grades were computed already. Now, I'm not trying to be a hard-hitting, exacting, overly competitive mom, but I am nonetheless proud that Simone is doing so well at school. I admit that between Simon and I, I'm the one who's more concerned about establishing study habits, being within "expected" standards and blah blah blah, but Simon was good at keeping me grounded as well so I never go overboard. And I'm just glad that we truly are striking a good balance between studies and wii game. So you can definitely continue fiddling with daddy's tablet and mommy's iPad, Simone! That is, in between studies :) Congratulations and we love you!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

The One With Making Plans Of Her Own

It's really so endearing when Simone would make plans of her own without thought to my own plans for the day, like I don't have to drive her to wherever she wants to go. She'd tell me she wants to go to that place, eat at this place, then head on to that place, it's really funny. And I, the indulgent mom, would try to go out of my way just to give it to her. But I couldn't help thinking what it will be like when she's old enough to really make plans for her day and go out all by herself. We probably should get her some roadside assistance plan this early. Hmmmnn...

The One With Exhilarating Shopping Day

You probably all know by now that I'm such a sucker for sale (I make sure I know all about bargain deals-- including online deals!-- and shops having promos and sample sales), that I'm sure you'll understand how difficult it was for me not to buy anything I could lay my hands into when Gingersnaps went on a warehouse sale. I usually always make it to their annual sale, but it was the first time I went there on the first day they were having the sale, and oh what a wonderful day it was! I went home with two sacks of clothing for Simone alone! I know! but you see, I couldn't resist it, shirts only cost a hundred pesos each! (150 max). I know, right?! It was such an exhilarating day I really should get myself one of those barcode scanner online. So don't ask me how much I spent that day :)

Saturday, September 03, 2011

The one with notes

So talking more about which one to get, the husband did'nt stop comparing notes and made a list of what to like about Tablet and what not to like about it.  I only remembered a couple of things:

To like:
- it acts like a phone too so very practical
- ok for documents too
- of for internet
- set up is close to that of Windows

Not to like:
- its size and how awkward you look when you use it as a phone
- if you dont have bluetooth, you'd have to always get your headset just to answer a call
- it hangs every now and then

Waaahh! Because he influenced me with taking this decision-making seriously, i now have to make a more thorough research on which is better.  Hayzz.... Can't i just have both??? your dreams!

The one with early christmas gift???

Simon and I closed a new project recently and as a reward, he was asking me if i wanted him to buy me an iPad. i thought he was just kidding and then he asked me again if i wanted one.  He thought it will be really useful for my meetings, will make my life easier and all those stuff.  I have such a sweet husband.  It scares the heck out of me, he might be wanting something in return. (hahaha, a bigger gadget maybe???)

So now, we are weighing whether we want a tablet or an ipad for me.  hehe. I'm still undecided to be honest and i know not many will agree with me.  When your husband wants to buy you something...DO NOT and NEVER think twice to accept it.  I appreciate his gesture and generosity and his concern for me but i'm really not sure if i'd be able to maximize it. heck, my iphone is just for text and call, how sure am i that i wont treat ipad the same?! hahaha...

But we're still thinking and praying for it... Knowing that my husband is a tech junkie, im sure he'll figure out what will work for me. ;)

Thanks beh! Should i be looking for an ipod dock too? ;)

The one with more about carb counting

I now have kept a new habit...count the carbs. hahaha. Whenever I go to the grocery, I try to look at the label and count the carbs so i'd know if i'd be exceeding my daily quota of carbs.  I'm not saying I'm that strict but it helps to be more conscious so there's more broader line for allowances. haha.

I found it surprising that some of the foods that i know are fattening may not be as bad as you think.  Take for example, full fat cream. Did'nt you know that it's just 4g of carbo.  Cheddar cheese is only 5g.  Coke Zero and Coke light is nada! as in 0 carbs! yahoo! haha.  It makes me sane.  :)  I got surprised that spanish sardines is like 20g of carb. and i thought i can eat any fish. i guess it's how it was cooked that made it very carbo-loaded.

I think this regimen has made me more health conscious and i think it has given me more positive results than bad.  I'll be undergoing a check-up soon and check thru one of those welch allyn and other tests and see if all my tests are normal. :)

wish me luck more!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The one with something worked finally

I'm so happy that finally a diet has worked.  I've tried several diet regimens and everything did'nt seem to work. But now I'm very hopeful that I think finally has given me concrete effects. :)

I'm on ketogenic diet for two weeks now.  The objective is Low Carb-High Fat diet. 

I like this diet because:
~ I can eat and get full until i'm satisfied.
~ The ones that I need to avoid are food that I can easily let go off (well except for the sweets)
~ I don't have to drink anything, food supplement or the like. I just have to count the carbs.

Ketogenic diet requires someone to eat low carb. as a starter and if you really want to lose weight, you have to stay at a 20g. of carbohydrates per day.  How do you count the carbs? Read the label. :) I've learned to always read the label.  Here are some tips that you can read about.  I got this from  For two weeks that i'm on this regimen, I lost about 5 lbs already and I'm so happy that i'm not craving for sweets (chocolates, ice cream) which is very unusual of me. haha. I hope i'd be able to get used to this and stick to the regimen for a long time.  Apparently, i have friends who know about this too and it has become effective on them too. :) i'm excited!

LCHF (Low Carb, High Fat) means you eat less carbohydrates with a higher proportion of fat. The most important point is to minimize your intake of sugar and starches. That way you can eat other delicious foods until you are satisfied – and still lose weight.
A number of recent high quality scientific studies show that LCHF makes it easier to lose weight and control your blood sugar. And that may just be the beginning.

The basics

  • Eat: meat, fish, eggs, vegetables growing above ground and natural fats (like butter).
  • Avoid: sugar and starchy foods (like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes).
Eat when you’re hungry until you are satisfied. It’s that simple. You do not need to count calories or weigh your food. And just forget about industrially produced low fat products.
Real food. Add some good fat (like butter).
There are good scientific reasons why LCHF works. When you avoid sugar and starches your blood sugar stabilizes and the levels of the fat storing hormone insulin drops. This increases your fat burning and make you feel more satiated.

Note for diabetics

  • Avoiding the carbohydrates that raise your blood sugar decreases your need for medication to lower it. Taking the same dose of insulin as before might result in hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). You will need to test your blood sugar frequently in the beginning and adapt (lower) your medication. This should ideally be done with the assistance of a knowledgeable physician. If you are healthy or a diabetic treated by diet alone or just with Metformin there is no risk of hypoglycemia.

Dietary advice

Eat all you like

  • Meat: Any type. Beef, pork, game meat, chicken. The fat on the meat is good as well as skin on the chicken. Try to choose organic or grass fed meat if you can.
  • Fish and shellfish: All kinds. Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel or herring are great. Avoid breading.
  • Eggs: All kinds. Boiled, fried, omelettes. Preferably organic eggs.
  • Natural fat, fat sauces: Using butter and cream when you cook can make your food taste better and make you more satiated. Béarnaise, Hollandaise, read on the packages or make it yourself. Coconut fat, olive oil and canola oil are also good options.
  • Vegetables growing above ground: All kinds of cabbage, such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts. Asparagus, zucchini, eggplant, olives, spinach, mushrooms, cucumber, lettuce, avocado, onions, peppers, tomatoes and more.
  • Dairy products: Always select high fat options. Real butter, cream (40% fat), sour cream, fat cheese. Turkish yogurt. Be careful with regular milk and skim milk as it contains a lot of milk sugar. Avoid flavored, sugary and low fat products.
  • Nuts: Good to eat instead of candy in front of the television (preferably in moderation).
  • Berries: Okay in moderation, if you are not a super strict /-sensitive. Good with whipped cream.
Maximum 5 grams of carbohydrate (excluding fiber) per 100 g of food is a basic tip for beginners.

Avoid if you can

  • Sugar: The worst. Soft drinks, candy, juice, sports drinks, chocolate, cakes, buns, pastries, ice cream, breakfast cereals. Preferably avoid sweeteners as well.
  • Starch: Bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, french fries, potato chips, porridge, muesli and so on. »Wholemeal products” are just less bad. Moderate amounts of root vegetables may be OK if you’re not too strict with the carbohydrates.
  • Margarine: Industrially imitated butter with unnaturally high content of omega-6 fat. Has no health benefits, tastes bad. Statistically linked to asthma, allergies and other inflammatory diseases.
  • Beer: Liquid bread. Full of malt sugar, unfortunately.
  • Fruit: Very sweet, plenty of sugar. Eat once in a while, treat it as a natural form of candy.

Once in a while

You decide when the time is right. Your weight loss may slow down a bit
  • Alcohol: Dry wine (regular red wine or dry white), whisky, brandy, vodka, drinks without sugar.
  • Dark chocolate: Above 70 % cocoa, preferably just a little.

Drink most days

  • Water
  • Coffee: Try it with full fat cream
  • Tea

The one with christmas around the corner

Let me be the first to greet everyone a Merry Christmas! This is my favorite season of the year and I'm just too excited that it's just months away! Yey! Christmas is just the best...everyone's all happy, everyone's celebrating Jesus' birth and everyone's together for the season. :)

Merry Christmas! :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

The One With Not Ordinary

I can't tell you enough how happy I am that Simone is enjoying school. She loves going to school everyday. And when the weather bureau had to cancel prep classes one time, she even went on a crying hysteria because she couldn't go to school! Totally beats me why, as everyone loves "NO CLASSES TODAY" announcements, right? Turns out, my baby isn't like all the rest :) I just hope it continues till she grows up and through the college years.

So anyway, my birthday is officially over and I've got tons of pictures to remember it by. (Next time, I'll get Display Banner Stands as remembrance, as big as the ones we used for my kiddie parties, ahehehe). Will upload those pics soon. I promise!

The One With Gotta Start Shopping!

August is almost over and September is here. I know, it's the start of BER months and Christmas is drawing near! So, that's probably why I keep thinking about exquisite little something like beading supplies from Beadaholique and yes, gift vouchers for discount deals on the Internet! Of course, I am not getting addicted with online deals, it's just that it's nice browsing through the offers and thinking "hey! I could give this as a Christmas gift!" and you know it's almost Christmas and everyone will start Christmas shopping soon, so I really just want to start my shopping early, that' all. And I AM NOT ADDICTED to online deals at all. Hehehe. I don't sound convincing even to myself :) Ok, Ok, I love online deals! Ahahaha! One of these days, I'll tell you more about the craziest deals I've ever got. But they're really fun, aren't they?!

The one with imo

When I was young--er, m mom used to say..."You have too many friends, you spend so much time with them..." and I'll just shrug it off thinking that "yeah i really do have a lot of friends and I like it the way it is".  But over the years, I managed to retain two major circle of friends -- my childhood friends and my bestfriend.  I think it's the longevity that has maintained our friendships throughout the years. 

But having my hands full and with my friends being busy as well, I miss them.  I actually got emotional that on my birthday, I was expecting I'd spend time with my childhood friends but since the situation called for otherwise, we had to reschedule.  And by the time I asked again, everybody was busy once again. :(  And to add to the imo, my best friend forgot to greet me.  I was more surprised than disappointed. You see, for years, she has always been my first greeter.  She even greeted me ahead of Simon.  She never forgets...until now. And I can't blame her because we have'nt seen each other in months, we don't talk that often anymore and I suddenly missed her.

I know, I know, this post ruins the celebration mood from my birthday but I just wanted to share it.  So if you have close friends, please spend time with them.  Next to family, they're the next best treasures one can find.  I miss all of you! I hope we'd catch up again soon.

The one with out of date

Okay, now that my digits are out of the calendar, I've come to realize that turning 32 must have been hard to accept, haha. But I found myself on the other side of the fence.  It was the same feeling of celebration, being thankful for all the blessings and for what God has placed me now. 

The celebration lasted for almost three days.  As always, it was a working birthday.  My husband took a leave but I had three events that day and i managed to drop by to the two parties and glad everything turned out ok.  Then we went to the mall, had dinner and enjoyed good family time.  The following day, we attended church service and had buffet at Imperial Palace Suites together with my family and Simon's.  It was a good lunch.  We capped off our family time with Starbucks (of course, i had to choose a hotel with a starbucks nearby) and spent the rest of the day in the hotel.  Simone had so much fun.  We watched, they swam, used the bathtub, eat comfort food (read: junk food) and just relaxed and chilled.  We went home feeling relaxed and recharged. 

Thank you Lord for giving me another year.  Thank you Lord that You are the God who has always been with me.

More pictures to come! Oh and in celebration of another year, I had a new hairdo! Bob cut rocks! :)

The One With Home Sweet Home

So, we heard that my SIL Skokie and her husband Jayson are doing great in their new house. How they're slowly getting settled and how they even got a free cable installation cared of the house lessor (what a shame, I was planning to give them a Bell Télé satellite system! haha!)! Kidding aside, Simon and I were really thinking of something to give them, just to help them settle fast. Even though we know that their moving out of my in-laws house is for the best, we still miss them, Simone particularly when we came visit and she found her tita gone. Oh well, life's life.

The one with childhood friends

I've always felt blessed that I had childhood friends. as in friends i've known since i was 6 years old.  And seeing Simone having a close friend in Aliya brings joy to my heart, knowing and hoping that they'd be friends til they grow old too. Aliya is the kikay one, in terms of making herself beautiful (hairdo wise) and i'm so grateful that she has influenced Simone one way or another in agreeing to having her hair clipped or combed at least. hahaha. I love it when they spend time together, giving us moms (Abi and I) a chance to chat and relax a little.

 take care of each other babies :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The One With Birthday Celebration

So my birthday celebration was over and it was super. Well, I didn't get an everlon diamond knot collection for a present (hehe) but still, I had a great time with my whole family. We had a sumptuous buffet lunch in the hotel we're we've also checked in for the day, and then chilled out in the adjoining Starbucks downstairs. It was a totally relaxing day! More stories and pictures to follow :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

The One With Happy Birthday

It's my birthday! --in a few hours time, that is. And yes, we're having a bit of a celebration too, just like we've managed to do every year, with close friends and family. This year, we're going to check-in at a hotel and have dinner celebration after with the whole family. So, I hope to fill you in with more stories later, as I prepare myself to enjoy my day and hope that the family will have a great time too. (Heck, if I could bring in a log loft bed so they could all sleep in the hotel too, I'd do it!) Hehehe.  Happy birthday to me!

The One With Successful Exams

So examination week is over for my little preschooler. She aced all her exams and made me a proud mommy once more. I'm still thinking of a good reward for her conscientiousness at school (I don't even have to urge her to study!), but since she's always managed to twist me around her little fingers every time she wanted something and I've graciously gave in to her wishes, I might as well not think of a reward any more and just let her pick what kind of Barbie, or dress or skirt or whatever, she wants this time. Really, I may have to buy barcode scanners in the near future to keep tabs of her purchases! Hehehe. But of course, as long as it's within my power, she can always have what she wants :) Congratulations, Simone! We love you!

The One With New House

Congratulations to my SIL, Skokie and BIL Jayson for finally finding a house of their own! So they're moving out of my in-laws house on Sunday and will finally experience how it's like just the two of them in the house :) you know, independence + household keep + financial responsibilities = happiness! Well yeah, the financial bit part doesn't exactly spell happiness, but they always come with "power", so that's a good thing. House warming time! They don't have to send invitations like formal bridal shower invitations either! Ah! I so love parties!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The One With Online Deals

Online deals are one of the things that's making me crazy these days. Aren't they great! I know one way or the other it's a marketing strategy designed to lure us consumers into spending our hard-earned money, but I truly think it's one of the greatest ideas people have ever made since Bill Gates invented Windows!

They're practically everywhere. It's like online deal websites have sprung up to life overnight and there's a deal here and a deal there, I don't know where to start! Hahaha! Aren't they just clever of stripping us off our money? Sometimes, I even see some beauty deals that are so hard to resist, like 50 percent off on beauty items like dead sea bath salt. But then again, what good is our money if we can't spend it, right? Ya, I'm beginning to sound like Rebecca Bloomwood  in Shopaholic :)

The One With Going Healthy

Not many people know that I've taken on a new diet. Yep! I'm on a diet. Some herbal nutritional regimen that I must follow in order to loose weight. Hehhe. I really really hope the program works, because I've even decided it's time to give gym another try. So you see, I'm trying to complement the diet with an exercise. And no, I'm not being desperate (who say's I am?). Hahaha. In fact, I'm thinking of making this my "lifestyle"! Well, I can certainly tell you that it's not just a simple craze like electronic cig seems to some smokers. So, wish me luck!

The One With Contemplating

I know I've written about Simone's accident already but I just feel like writing about it again, especially as every time I think about it, I still cringe inwardly and wonder not for the first time if I could have avoided it from happening. I know I shouldn't blame myself, but I guess when something happens like that right before your eyes, like a slow motion film playing before you in a few heart-stopping minutes, they'll keep coming back to haunt you. I just wish we have something like a Medicare part D plan here in our country like they have in the US, because we don't really know what life's gonna throw at us next, do we?

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The one with simone's accident

This is a post i made to a forum i'm a member at...Wanted to share as a guide for other moms out there.

i would'nt mention the name of the mall establishment and the clothing store na lang din siguro.  Anyway,  it was a sunday and i came from my parties that day.  It was a busy day so to reward myself, i wanted to go a little shopping after attending church service.  Since i always tag my kid along, she also wanted to go shopping with me. So we went inside a clothing store and i was looking into the items on sale (of course, dapat sa laging naka-sale. mas madali i-justify sa husband yun e. hehe).  I was literally three steps from Simone and i can see her thru my peripheral vision. As i bent down to get an item on the rack, admittedly, i had like a 5-second timeframe that she escaped from my sight and when i heard the saleslady in a loud voice, "ay baby, wag ka sumampa dyan!" i looked at simone to find out that she used one of the clothing racks as a hangbar.  the display rack kasi is like an inverted T-shaped clothing rack eh ang catch, it had no clothes hanging in it.  so as in bar lang sya.  then it was so fast, the whole thing just fell off. as in the whole T-shaped rack.  it's made of wood and steel.  when it fell straight to the floor ng patayo, syempre babagsak na yun and that's when i shouted.  Sa lakas ng sigaw ko, Simone had the survivor instinct to move away from the falling display rack but she was still hit on the forehead.  Grabe, it was traumatic and i felt so helpless seeing her being hit by wood where in fact i was just several steps away.  Pag kuha ko agad sa kanya, super iyak sya. her forehead got swollen immediately but she's a strong kid.  After a while, she calmed already and i asked her kung san pa masakit.  she pointed her forehead, and foot tapos pag kita ko may sugat din pala and she has scratches sa cheek nya :(  Ang mas traumatic was when a couple of mall security officers went to the store and asked us to go to the clinic so simone can be checked for head injury.  SOP daw sa kanila. mas dito pa umiyak anak ko e, seeing the big buys in uniform. parang feeling nya something is wrong with her.  at that time, sabi ko nung una wag na lang pa-check pero my husband and i realized pag hindi namin napa-check and something went wrong, they won't take responsibility in it kasi we didnt follow the proper procedures.  So we went anyway and then the doctor said that we observe our kid for seizures, headache, blurring vision or vomitting in the next 24 hours.  For me, it was one of the hardest moments. my gosh, i can never forgive myself if something happens to my kid so literally that night, i was waking up almost every hour checking her temperature, if she's still breathing, or something.  Thank God, that Monday when she went to the school, she even got 4 stars pa and nothing unusual naman so everything was ok.  I got depressed for a couple of days after that incident though.  Feeling ko failure as a mom that i was just nearby but i was'nt able to protect her.  Buti na lang my husband comforted me na accidents really happen (kahit ayaw kong tanggapin na while with me, dun pa sya na-aksidente) and that i'm the best mom Simone can ever ask for. (hehe) pero pag naaalala ko pa rin yun, i really feel bad about myself. :(

I drafted my letter to the store and the mall establishment.  We wont be filing complaint to get even.  We just want them to know that they have to strengthen their tenants' rules and regulations when it comes to furnishings and fixtures on every tenant of their mall.  kasi admittedly, kahit maglambitin anak ko dun the whole day, the T-shaped thing should'nt fall. dapat kaya nya yun weight. for some of you who've seen my kid, she's medium-built, di sya mataba as in pero di rin ganun ka-skinny. and yun lang i wanted to share rin lang siguro to finally let this out of my system and tell the other moms out there to be always alert and not just a step ahead, but ten steps ahead of our kids. and realize also na kahit sa mga kid-friendly places, these things can really happen.  grabe, my kid is not even the hyper type and i've always felt that she's old enough to roam around as long as i can see her and she's just an arm-length away...hindi pa din pala.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The One With Proud Momma

I am so proud of my Simone! She's hiting all the marks at school and acting like an adult at her young age. The last report I got from her teachers were positively glowing with praises. How she can work on her own, how she can understand instructions easily, and generally how she behaves and cooperates in the class. I am so proud of my baby! What can I say, she's my kid! Really! even if we run a paternity test :)

The One With Stressed Out

I know it's in totally bad taste to write about money, specifically gripes, but it's really starting to get to me (and it will to you too, if this happened to you). More than the money, it's the emotional (and maybe physical, too) stress I'm getting that I feel most strongly about. Why can't others be more matured about financial obligations? Is it easier to make false promises than to say in all honesty when you really think you'd be able to -or not be able to-- give what you owed another person?

When I started Party Boosters, I didn't think it'll get this big. Big enough to attract debts and consequently, stress. I can't say I regret succeeding in this field, but I think I'm justified to feel frustrated over people in the industry who don't know how to keep their promises. I am running a business, after all, not just a kid's party. *sigh*

Sorry for being a bitch. But can you hand me over some bowhunting supplies, please? hehehhe.

The One With A Busy Weekend Again

Often, I feel like I should just bring something that works like a yakima bike rack with me to haul all my work stuff. You know, party stuff like balloons and pumps and yards and yards of swags in a big big bag rack. And yeah, let's not forget the ladder. hehe. It must be really nice to have everything with you and not stress about anything at all. I know that's why we bought a big car, but if you could see the insides of our car, it's becoming like a second attic (the first one being our house attic full of my stuff too!). Hahaha!

Anyways, it's Wednesday and I'm reminded of all the things I have to prepare again for the weekends. Party time is approaching!

The One With Aging Before Her Time

Sometimes I wish I don't know anything about Wholesale Insurance and don't see accidents waiting to happen all the time. Well, yeah I didn't see it happening when Simone had "The Accident" in the mall, but who would have thought something bad is waiting for us at a nice, wholesome and friendly store? We weren't in a ramshackle building and a dilapidated mall after all. We were in one of the biggest mall chain in the country! Ok ok, I'm calm.

But you know what, when you're in the midst of running kids and kids doing all kinds of stunts (as I am, almost everyday, waiting for Simone at school and all), you see accidents waiting to happen and it's just maddening! I feel like I'm aging 10x faster than normal. Haha! I don't know why I'm writing about this, I guess I just haven't recovered from Simone's accident yet.

The one with lost appetite

Last sunday, I woke up with a bad stomach.  I thought I was just hungry but come in the afternoon, I felt myself with more stomach pains and loose bowel movements.  It was so wrong timing because i had a big event that day and I could'nt just leave the party without making sure everything's okay.  I was glad Lilian was there as my party manager and helped with the party, and was more thankful that it was a successful party.  Although the lbm led to one more day and i felt like i took adapexin, i did'nt have anything to excrete anymore.  I only felt better today and I'm still regaining my appetite.  The only thing good that came out of this was i think i lost weight. hahaha.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The one with mobile phones

I've posted recently about Simon's new Samsung galaxy tab and yesterday, he just bought a new case for it and a screen protector.  If i have time, i'll surely post the history of phones he had.  I think he used 20 different kinds of phones already, including a the Motorola Xoom he purchased like two years ago before he was able to buy the Smart phone.  He just looves gadgets so much! haha.

The one with bad mom

I had a long and tiring weekend.  We went to the mall and i attended church service first before we make some rounds and do some shopping therapy.  After church, I met up with my husband and simone at starbucks and we left the husband there because Simone wanted to come with me and shop.  So our first stop was Space.  They were on sale and I was checking out some clothes.  Simone is usually really active, she's very adventurous.  She does'nt get scared easily.  So while i was checking out clothes on the rack, i knew she was only a few feet from me.  But i never realized that she'd grab the hangbars of the store (where they usually hang their clothes for display) and monkey-hang there.  By the time we saw it and asked her not to do it, the hangbar just fell off! She was able to step aside but she was still hit.  She fell on the laminate floor of the store.  I'm telling you, i shouted like a crazy man and i panicked! it was wood.  It was'nt that high when it hit her but her face had scratches too.  I feel so bad that i was just there and it still happened.  I feel so bad that even if it was an accident, i really blame myself for this.  I feel so bad as a mom...really...

I just pray that she'd be ok. we're still observing her for any unusual behavior that might have effected from the hit.  Lord, i hope everything's ok with her.  I wont forgive myself if anything happens to my kid.

The one with Neyo's 2nd birthday

It was Ne-yo's 2nd party last friday and we had a blast! Simone joined all the games (i think) and won in most of it since they were only like three or four playing. it was a small party but most of the time, these small parties are much  much fun than big parties, you just can't seem to sit down. hehe.

I love Ne-yo's costume! Mom was sooo good making it.  And of course, who does'nt love ice cream. we all had ice cream sundaes, although mine melted already and give it an apple, it would pass for those dipped caramel apples you'd see in the mall. but it was still good. I also enjoyed the candy showers where Jane (my sis in law) and I used our kids' hats to put in the candies we've got. talk about "karir". hahaha

Happy birthday again Ne-yo! We love you our big and bouncing baby boy! :)

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The one with back to one

Waah! my blog is PR1 again! i'm sooo sad! i neglected this blog for quite a while. I regret not being able to update stuff but then again, i only have two hands, one body and i need to sleep too.  There have been a lot of things to update too, i just hope i'd be able to catch up with my blogging.

Sorry blog...i promise to be better really soon.

PS for the long time i wasnt able to update, i was surprised to see a different look at now. man, i really have to blog again! tsk tsk!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The one with our gifts

One thing I love most about our marriage is that we've learned to spoil each other once in a while.  We know that we work hard, and I'm prettyre sure we're blessed with talents that we can use in our respective fields.  We also know that we work hard to help our families.  And God has blessed us with everything we need for our family and our immediate families.  But of course, there always comes a time when we feel like rewarding ourselves with material things "once in a while".  (in quotation marks since i'm really not sure of the frequency when you say, "once in a while"...hahaha) So without much ado, please let me indulge you with our latest babies. hahaha. (pagbigyan nyo nako, ngayon lang...)

Yes, wishlist granted!

Her gift:  LV Speedy 30 damier ebene
It's my first LV bag and I'm sooo excited because I was really ok with buying a second hand one but I got a brand new instead! yey! I don't know, i've whacked my brains out rationalizing just not to buy one but I'll always end up wanting one.  Simon has been aware of this ever since but I never insisted on buying one unless i'm sure that i'm ready for it...And two weeks ago, I knew i was ready for it. hahaha. call it shallow but this is one of the things i've dreamt of.  I'm just so blessed to have a husband who learned to understand accept me. ;) I can be a cheapskate for clothes, heck, i buy 100 peso clothes for cyring out loud, but i never knew my love for bags has begun as early as now. hahaha.

His gift:  Samsung Galaxy Tab.  
I've never deprived Simon from any of his wishlists, may it be an instrument, a gadget (which happens to be on a quarterly basis), or anything mc-gyver-kind-of-things, for the sole reason that i know he knows his limits and I know he can convince me to agree with him. hahaha.  But this gadget has made its way to my approval because i myself wanted to have one.  When I saw this and its uses, I instantly knew it would also go well with my business especially during meetings.  But since my lappy is just 6 months old, I can manage to wait...hahaha. He loves his phone so much, he is now disposing his iphone, his samsung experia and nokia 5800 altogether.  He does'nt see the purpose of keeping the others when he does'nt need them anymore.  I may be an htc virgin when it comes to phones but promise, this is one of his best buys for me. :)

Congratulations to us beh! love our new toys! thank you Lord for these! :) we promise to take care of them. :)

The one withthe girl in uniform

She's a school girl now... How time flies really fast.  Still could'nt get over the fact that she is really studying now... And I'm just so proud of her.  I'm happy that she's enjoying everyday in school.  She's always excited going to school.  I also love that Simon and I always manage to bring our kid to school everyday...together. :) I love how we are able to manage our time and keep on thanking God for this.  That we are able to nurture our kid and still work and earn all at the same time.

Anyway,  I still have'nt posted any picture of simone in uniform.  She was a little sick last week because of cough and colds, thus, not in any mood for pictures.  But yesterday I managed to take a couple of pictures because it was her first time to get not one but two sets of stars. hahaha. I'm so shallow!

showing off her stars! :)

She now has a new set of clothes in the cabinet.  A new journey of her life...where everything is a learning process. Don't worry anak, I'll always be here to guide you, love you and support you in the best way we can. :)

On a lighter note, now that these uniforms will take more space in her cabinet, i wonder where i can put my naughty nurse costume now.  i've been wanting to wear it for the longest time...hahaha. it's supposed to be a naughty one, but since it does'nt fit, it's just a display now. hahaha.