Saturday, September 30, 2006

The one with the week that was

Grabe, Melenyo really hit Manila hard. it was a thursday and buti na lang i followed my baby and did'nt attempt to go to work at baka madulas nga ako sa daan. i even texted my boss na half day pala walang pasok. i just pray that all those na nasalanta will be taken cared of by the government especially the street kids na walang nasilungan during the typhoon and sana rin lahat ng provinces na affected will be able to rise from this soon.

syempre, pag malakas ang hangin, walang kuryente. as in, kakakaba kasi i can see the 'yero' literaaly being torn from the roof and lumilipad na parang papel. yikes! eh scary kasi our sliding window sa taas, walang grills so pag nasalpukan ng bato or yero, sira agad! pero simon and i managed to entertain ourselves despite the 'no-kuryente' situation. we played ice breaker, he cooked maling ala afritada(haha, wala na kasi food, puro canned goods na lang ang nasa house kaya napilitan me kumain ng canned goods) that's why simon put veggies na lang and tomato sauce para naman masarap and nutritious pa rin. yung ice breaker naman, katuwa pala maglaro nun. as in, kahit gano mo kakilala ang husband mo, you'll still discover sooo many surprising and wonderful things about him.

we still have half of a cheesecake to finish. kasi my good friend na AE namin in richmonde gave me a whole cheesecake. i wanted to bring some sa office kaya lang wala na rin kme microwaveable containers (talking about need for a grocery) pero actually, madamot lang ako at gusto ko ako lang kakain ng cheesecake! haha, joke! im trying to control myself nga and i dont wanna gain weight nama dahil dun.

cge nga, tempting diba?!


i started to make this Preggo journal two weeks ago. it's all in my PC wherein i write the things i like for the day, any unusual feeling, any developments, food i ate, my waistline (!), bust line(hmmm...), and hip size (nyeh, what's new?!) galing sya coz i also dont want to forget anything about my pregnancy. been looking kasi for a pregnancy journal but really can't find one kahit saan. and i also want to remember important things especially pag reporting na sa OB ko. hihi, OC ba?!

im still thinking if i want to include it in a blog, either a separate one or here pero bahala na si batman. hehe. pero for some details lang, my bust is 37.5" na. i had two measurement taking last sunday for two weddings na abay ako. my waistline is 32", my pusod is beginning to pop already, halfway na. my belly is getting really big. yihee, na-cucurious kung ano itsura ko now. hahaha.

i have 4 new pants. im not sure what it's called pero yung yung parang spandex na cotton ang tela na super sarap sa katawan. hindi sya pang preggy pero swak rin at my stage right now kasi stretchable sya. ang ganda talaga plus super comfy!! i bought green, brown, black and gray. hehe. minsan lang may pwede sa ken na pants eh so i grabbed them all and P150 lang each! ang cool!now, i need new sandals naman. :D


oh syempre, saturday ngayon pero im at work. :( i hate leaving simon alone at home. este, kasama nya pala si baby ross na super kulit now. tapos na ang mga shots nya and we plan to give him a bath as soon as the sun comes up. he's so big and long na. dami nya ningangatngat ngayon na nakaka-aliw minsan pero si simon naiinis. for one, nangatngat nya na sofa set namin. yung isa lang naman actually pero yikes! halata sya. pinapagalitan nga namin kaya lang everytime i see him na papa-cute, nawawala na yung galit ko. plus, he's just a puppy. nasa stage talaga sya na makulit. but we'll train him soon para magbait sya.

Friday, September 22, 2006

The one with not so sure

last night, simon and i are on bed na and we were talking about how our day went and the highlights of it. so syempre, napag-usapan bigla si baby T. bigla nya na-realized na hindi pa pala kme sure kung girl ba sya or boy! hahaha. as in!!! kasi everyone's been telling us that it's a girl kaya parang convinced kme na girl nga. last night lang namin narealize na di pa final coz end of october pa ang ultrasound. hahaha. that's why when i read the blog of andrea's, natawa talaga me kasi pareho kme ng experience. kasalanan ba kasi namin kung sadya pa rin kmeng maganda kahit buntis?! nyahaha. pagbigyan nyo na ang buntis.

anyway, grabe! simon sold 20 vacuum cleaners and 5 sewing machines! (talking about marketing ha) madali lang kasi magbenta sa office nila kasi mga yuppies ang mga employees dun kaya dali gumastos. chaka super mura naman talaga nung items noh?! and may mga orders pa kme na parating. naku, sana lang ma-accommodate pako ng officemate ko. :D

September 20 - concon called me and announced that it's a POSITIVE!!! grabe! super hyper kme pareho!!! she has been calling me everyday and telling me na hindi pa sya nagkakaron. sa super regular nya kasi, talagang on the dot sya. pero i told her to wait one more week para sure and hindi sayang ang test. eh sa super kulit, sabi ko mag-test na nga sya. she bought two kits and turned out positive on both! ahahha. galing talaga ni Lord! super happy kme for them. congrats con and nel! we love you both and baby V! may kabatch na anak namin! yahoo!

so many reasons to celebrate today...9th monthsary namin, con and nel's baby, and my brother's birthday! happy birthday kuya! love you! we'll have dinner with concon and derecho na kme sa parents ko for my brother naman. haaay! super hectic!

dami namin meetings kanina...went to a presscon for agri-link 2006, met with a supplier for our gimmick at the agri-link and made an ocular with photographer and agency for the shoot next week. whew! hectic, hectic, hectic! tomorrow, ive an event pa sa marikina. di bale, saglit lang naman me dun as i want to rest pa noh! have a nice weekend everyone!

coming up na talaga mga pics ko...promise!!! as if naman may nag-iintay! nyahaha.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The one with For Sale

For Sale: Home TV Shopping Vacuum Cleaner
Regular Price: P2,999.00
Sale Price: P 700.00!!! (promise!)

vacuum cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner, super mura grabe!

vacuum with accessories
With Accessories (marami pa kasama yan eh, di ko na lang nasama sa pic)

For Sale: Home TV Shopping Sewing Machine
Regular PRice: P 1,299.00
Sale Price: P 500.00!!! (totoo!!!)

sewing machine
Sewing Machine with box

sewing machine2

Sewing machine comes with a pedal in para talagang malaking sewing machine. hehe.

Both items are in Home TV Shopping and are being sold in Megamall. However, Home TV shopping will be changing their premium items and that is why they are disposing these items with big, big discounts! My officemate is the one selling the items talaga so wala rin delivery. you can pick it up lang sa office namin or meet you siguro sa Shang Mall lang.

Of course, may catch pa rin. the box that goes with the item is not in its best condition already since na-pipile up sya sa warehouse. pero the items are all working! we bought both and happy naman kme sa performance! :D


Sunday, September 03, 2006

The one with Drae on Philippine Idol

Wow, praise God! our friend Drae made it to the grand finals of Philippine Idol! yahoo! simon and i voted for him ng ilang beses talaga thru text. according kasi to the program, that's the only way that you they'd be judged eh. (which i doubt)

so anyway, im just happy that's he's on the Top 4. please, please, continue to support our friend. He got good reviews from the judges talaga. and they all like him! katuwa! :D even Ryan C. commented na even if he does'nt win, he'd make a good recording artist. naks!

pasensya na and mukha po akong member ng fans club nya pero kasi im just sooo happy for him. dati pa kasi nung high school pa lang kme, he really likes to perform. as in, lagi sya bida sa mga plays namin sa glee club and lagi sya main cast. o diba?! so i know he'd go a long way...

here are some pictures...hehehe...para nga akong fan!

we used to call him Peter Parker...and the judges also call him that.

see the resemblance??? gwapo noh?!

don't worry, di naman selos si simon kasi crush nya din si drae. hahaha.

you can visit him at his site: More power to you Drae and keep on praying for God will help you become the 1st Philippine Idol! wohoo!

Friday, September 01, 2006

The one with Merry Christmas

wohoo! it's september na and i just heard in a grocery store christmas songs airing! galing! sooo excited for christmas! hehe.

pero this post is about an experience that happened to us last friday, september 1. to think that it's the first day of a "ber" month and eto pa nangyari sa amin. after work, we regularly go to the Basic Taxi line for transportation. two reasons, im pregnant and since bhabes is not in good condition, we opted to just ride taxis to and from the office. second, we dont want the hassle of long lines in FX or hear complaints from other taxi drivers. that is why, despite the additional fare of 50 bucks, we still ride the Basic taxi. oh trivia on the side, Basic, Avis, Davis taxis are owned by the same corporation. :)

so anyway, when we went to the line in shang mall, it was a friday and pay day so we expected that there'd be a long line waiting for us. true enough, it took us almost an hour before our turn. and when it was our turn na, manong talked to the driver and told him na "Regular passenger, junction, plus 50". sabi nya lang, traffic daw dun pero he did'nt say anything else. he still started driving. on our way out of the shang mall, bigla na lang sya huminto. as in, in the middle of the road, bigla na lang nawalang ng kuryente. pero may aircon, radio, etc. he started again pero nothing. after trying to start the engine twice, tinabi na ng driver. we were expecting at least that he'd radioed other drivers for back-up so we'd be accommodated. eh ang ginawa, inutusan pa kme to go back to the freaking line!okay lang sya! sabi ni simon, "eh bat kme babalik, ikaw magsabi dun na magpadala ng taxi dito." a guard approached him and asked him what happened. di sya makasagot, basta kunwari lang sira taxi nya. at eto pa ang masama, he asked us to hail a taxi dun sa may kanto..marami daw dun! eh kung di ba naman sya isa't kalahating syongak?! my husband flared up...and so did i. bat kme mag-aabang kung saan after namin mag-intay for an hour diba?! we then decided to go back to the line to report it to manong and the ticketer. turned out na madugas daw talaga yung manong na yun. i told them na mukang walang sira ang taxi nya and he did something on the car to make it look like it's sira. sabi ko, "manong, i've been driving for 6 years and alam ko kung may sira talaga ang taxi..and i know ginogoyo lang kme nun. kung ayaw nya kami isakay, he should have told that to you before umalis."

when we got in the next basic taxi, my husband called the hotline agad and i asked him that id be the one to talk to the customer agent to place the complaint. nang-gagalaiti talaga ako grabe. narinig nung driver and he does'nt know the driver pero told us that meron daw pwede gawin para magmukhang nasiraan yung taxi. Basic taxis kasi are LPG, and not gas. pero may switches pa rin ang gas and LPG dun. if you switch it to gas, na syempre walang laman...natural, di mag-start diba?! now we know!! ganun ang ginawa ni driver. how did we confirm it? when we passed by the spot where we left him...wala na sya! kung sira talaga would'nt start agad diba?! syongak talaga!

the plate number nga pala is TWS 574. Unit No. 751, Banua ang name ng driver. if you happen to see this, don't ride this taxi...unethical talaga! id want to see him get fired! attitude is sooo unacceptable. nonetheless, we'd still ride Basic taxi coz we dont want to generalize naman what happened to us.

whew! that's a vent out ha... hehehe.