Saturday, August 27, 2005

The one with the EB day!

ilang oras na lang and it's our Grand EB na!!! can't wait...ang boring dito sa office. nababaliw nako sa katamaran ko ngayon...hehehe. i really dont like working saturdays, parang na-deprive ako sa social life ko. ahehee...buti na lang may EB later.

last night, went out with my SILs...ang saya and ang kulit namin! katuwa! we went to Shang mall. would you believe, pare-pareho kme ng outfit..all wearing black top. hehehe. ate at Tokyo, tokyo...and had tea and desserts at the Dome. ang saya talaga nila kasama. im so blessed with my SILs.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

The one with 5 days already

It's been five days already and i still receive greetings from friends, esp. from w@wies. nakakataba lang ng puso. thanks. si achie benz nag-start ng lahat ng to eh when she posted this email last aug. 20. and PMs, texts and other posts followed.

>yahoo! minor details na lang!!! :) congrats sa ating
>mga october brides!!!este, december pala!
>hahaha...super ready na ba at pwede na ikasal sa
>october?! hahaha.


Sigurado ka di ka papahiya sa akin ha. Pag ikaw mag pa nic sa nov o dec loko mo! :)

Happy Birthday girl! Thanks very much for all the help you gave me. You saved my ass and my sanity several times na with this BYP ; )

Hope you had fun... pssst pag tapos mo mag celebrate paki tapos na yung directory ha :)p

0 /0/[:]\ /@\ ___
// \\ / _ \____)
John & Bennette Rana
EDSA Shrine/Ilustrado SMPPI
KittyKite - 8-5-99

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The one with the W@w Peer Award

Being a w@wie has always been a fun experience for me. i got to meet new friends whom i can share my wedding excitement with me, i can ask anything and for sure, i'll get a reply soon...super saya lang tlga.

and in return, i answer and help other brides who ask favors din. parang sabi ko nga before, it's one way lang of giving back to w@w what i also get from it. it's nice when people appreciate what you do for them...and with that thank you for nominating me in 4 categories....o davah?! parang speech ko na to noh?! hahaha.

last aug. 23, the votes came in and much to my surprise, napasama pako sa 4 categories. kakatawa talaga! to think na hindi na nga me masyado nagpo-post eh..and here are the categories:

Most Friendly- Charo ni Jovan;Jacque ni Simon;Milette ni Jojo
Most Helpful - Aggie ni Edil;Jacque ni Simon;Mec ni Jojo;Milette ni Jojo
EBest of them all - Jacque ni Simon;Mai ni Paul;Tin ni Archie;Wella ni Nikki
Darling of the group - Aggie ni Edil;Jacque ni Simon;Mec ni Jojo

honestly, i wont stand out much sa most helpful coz aggie, millet, esp. mec are really masipag sa replying to the w@wies. sa Ebest of all naman, di rin ako pwede dyan kc si wella and si tin babatukan ako ng mga yun if i win kc nga di ako sumipot sa EB ng south. hehe. so i guess, that leaves me to most friendly and Darling of the group! hahaha...asa pa me. oh well, being nominated alone is in fact an honor na. so i can settle for that. thanks benz and john! see you all on saturday!

Monday, August 22, 2005

The one with 4 months to go!

It's a month over a quarter na lang. For the major details, make-up na lang ang kulang. For the minor details, marami pang kulang! hahaha. pero trying to really give time to preps and work...sana makayanan ng powers namin ni simon to! God bless. excited na kme!

The one with our Save the date magnets

Gave this out to entourage, principal sponsors, families and some special guests! i asked my SIL to buy magnetic sheets for me. for 50pcs, i used 4 magnetic sheets. simple pero very multi-functional as well. they can place it on the ref and have their notes clipped on it or something. our guests love it. na-aamaze sila and cant believe that it's just paper na dinikitan ng magnet and costs P10 each. mejo pricey for me pero ok lang, unti lang naman eh.

save the date magnets

The one with picture-picture!

my invites
my cake by emily uy
my birthday cake, a gift from emily uy of Sugarbox!
closer look
closer look
my childhood friends
childhood friends, my bestfriends
families namin
our families
sisters: skokie, merci, achie, me, jane, and oliver(ayy!napasama!)
parang may glass noh?!
at the arcade after the party..parang may glass noh?! kunwari lang yan. hehe

The one with my bday suppliers' ratings

It was a party of 40 people, celebrated at Mcdonald's in Eastwood Libis. A party with families and closest friends which turned out to be a very sweet celebration. And here are my ratings:

Mcdo Eastwood Libis - 10
-when simon was thinking of giving a party na, Mcdo na yung pumasok sa mind nya. and when he asked me, it was the first thing that came to my mind din. well, my love for chickenjoy will never be replaced, pero party-wise lang, mas ok lang kme with Mcdo. I had a Disney Princess theme. wow! para feeling princess me. hehe. we made the arrangements a week before the event. super saya lang, listing the guests and inviting them to the party(actually, simon did that) they were accommodating to all my requests and very prompt naman din sila.

Cake - Emily of Sugarbox 10+++++++++++++
-i just love this girl, grabe! i asked her to do a cake for my birthday na P500 lang budget. then, she had it delivered to Mcdo kc may wedding sya on sunday. When i texted her for the account number, sabi nya gift nya daw sa ken yung cake! hahaha. super unexpected tlga. i really wanted to pay kc lam ko she just squeezed it in her time to do my cake kc may wedding nga sya. but she insisted. grabe! and i LOVE the cake. it's a 9" yellow and pink carrot-walnut cake with a topper na fairy holding a wand. there were also bling-blings! haha.

Efforts in preparations - Simon and my mom
- just the two most important persons in my life, got into a tandem to prepare a party for me. the best! ratings....immeasurable! i love simon for always making me laugh and giving me all the love he can give. i will always feel blessed knowing that God gave me a man like him. Just today, he told me that he was supposed to put in the mascot costume for me and be Birdie for 5 minutes!!! he knows that i have an irrational fear of mascots. and he wanted to be the mascot para i can overcome my fear. he asked permission from the manager kaya lang di sya pinayagan eh. tsk, tsk. pero for me, just the thought of that made my heart sank. parang ano ba ito?! kakilig tlga!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

The one with the Mcdo kiddie party

Since this is my last birthday party na single ako, Simon wanted it to be something really memorable. He asked me if i want a Mcdo kiddie party. When he asked me that, super tuwa ako. he took care of inviting our friends and families syempre. tapos, i was in charge lang of ordering cake from Emily of Sugarbox.

The party started at 6:30pm na. we had four games. tawa kme ng tawa, grabe! tapos, kainan, we ate chicke, spaghetti, burger and large softdrinks. and may mascot dancing din na hindi naman marunong sumayaw. hahaha. it was such a memorable birthday party coz it was celebrated with our families and my closest friends. as in! lahat ng family ni simon andun, pati mga girlfriends and boyfriends ha. nakaka-touch lang and they made time out of their super busy schedules. we even strolled pa after the party. hehe. my childhood friends were there, my bestfriend and his son were there. kahit na preggy, punta pa rin. love you anne! my college friends were also there. and pati si concon! andun din! yipee!

nakakatawa, ang family ko akala sa kabilang mcdo ang party (the one near our place!) lahat naman ng nakakalimot, family ko pa. comedy talaga yun! pero nakahabol pa rin before the party even started. funny!

I'am truly grateful and blessed for all the things God has been doing in our lives. He is really paving the way for us and it gives me such joy that He is blessing our lives tremendously. Iba si Lord, the BEST!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The one with the Brand name

so happy, was given na a brand para sa una ko ihahandle. grabe, pressure! i wont disclose muna the brand or its nature coz it's a new product. Oopppss, im not even talking about one's a whole line of brands. ang cool! Praise God! sabi pa ng boss ko, "since you're the top notcher in the group (naks!), we will give you the most challenging brand". grabe!!! and i LOVE my brand! as in. cant wait to turn over my job to the one who will replace me para makapag-start nako with my brand! yahoo!

i just thank God for all the blessings. He is really paving a way for us ni simon.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The one with "Thank God"

This has been one heck of a week! grabe, so full of emotions...there's anxiety, excitement, happiness, sadness, fear, at kung ano-ano pa. to think na it's not even about my wedding. hehe. it's a really tiring week but something really worth all the puyat and efforts. I've been working on my Marketing Plan for one week and i've been squeezing my brains almost everyday since i don't have a marketing background. I need to prove that though i don't have the educational background they're looking for (im a psych grad, what can you expect?!) eh im still qualified and credible to do what a Brandman can do. I spent my weekend preparing for it...walang gimik, walang in work lang. pero in fairness, kahit mahirap sya, nag-eenjoy ako while doing it. pero super interesado ako sa ginagawa ko and di ko napapansin ang time. after a lot of asking from my officemates about my brand and of course, from the technical group, i finally finished my Mktg. Plan.

Tuesday came, i volunteered to be the first one to present. yabang ba?! hehe. but seriously, may psychological effect yan eh. pag ikaw ang una, ikaw ang magiging point of comparison nila, so less questions ka. and i've proven that a lot of times. the night before my presentation, mega iyak pako coz something happened sa office and na-discourage talaga me mag-present. but i said to myself, ill do my best and whatever decision ang lumabas, i'll respect it, basta i know for myself that i did my best.

The panel consisted of our DVP, GM, Mktg. Director, and Brand Managers. pag pasok ko, wala na yung kaba. pinag-pray ko tanggalin yung fear in me and to focus on my pres. after my 35 min. pres, the panel clapped. and one of the bosses na pinaka-ma critic told me "before any questions is asked, let me just tell you that you did a very good job!" yun pa lang, solve nako! haha. and everyhting else followed. there were questions, yes, pero na-answer ko naman.

I just thank God for the wisdom and strength that He gave me. ibang klase si Lord, the best!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The one with the W@W Tag

Benz made my day yesterday. mababaw as it seems, pero her timing was just perfect lang siguro. i was really tired yesterday (to think that its a Friday ha) and i happened to check some mails lang from w@w. apparently, got a PM from her telling me and other co-w@wies that we will be given FREE w@w tags and t-shirts as their token of appreciation for the help we gave them. parang ako.... "awwwww, touched ako" haha, no really. i smiled and parang for a while, nawala isip ko from work at bumalik lang sa wedding. haha. it's good to know that people appreciate what you do for them and vice versa. yun lang. so excited to see them sa grand EB!


grabe na ang anxiety level ko for my presentation on tuesday. been working my brains out since 2pm today. It's a saturday and i can't even go out. feeling ko tuloy finals ko or defense. but so far, it's taking shape na. i can actually picture myseld presenting in front of the big bosses and tell them my plan for my brand. i really pray for God's naman lagi dapat ang prayer natin eh. :-) kahit mukahng maraming hindarances, lam ko andyan si Lord. amen!

i miss preparing for our wedding though :( di bale, babawi me next week after ako i-date ni simon on tuesday. haha. prize nya daw sa ken yun after ng presentation ko, date kme! yahoo!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The one where everyone's getting married!

Aside from a bunch of my w@wie friends, im so happy that my childhood friends are settling down! Congrats to Ejay and Ai, Jill and Jhon, and a couple close to my heart(secret pa eh). We love you and we will pray for you always. God is really doing something great for all of you guys. At last, i have someone to share my excitement on weddings. :)

The one with the first counseling

It was last sunday, at one of the Sunday School rooms in our church. Well, the set-up may be unusual, but we had fun "chatting" with our pastor. Pastor Mar volunteered to give us a six-session pre-marital counseling so we can fully prepare ourselves for a new life ahead of us. The first session went well. We just reminisced and told our love story to our pastor. It's a good thing that he knows us already and that we are close to him from the start. He knows us individually and as a couple. It made us more excited knowing that he will marry us. Now, our pastor dilemma has been instantly resolved. Just yesterday, simon asked me if i want to get Pastor Bong (the other pastor) and his wife as our ninong and ninang? I did'nt think of that! all along, niisip ko lang how we can explain to pastor bong that he cannot marry us anymore since pastor mar will marry us na. buti na lang, pwede namin sila ninong ang ninang. super happy me!

also, after church we went to look for some houses again. this time mejo high-end so mejo far from reality as of the moment. but it's good to have an idea of the prices ng high-end houses and lots. :) everyone's getting excited, natutuwa ako that my parents and simon's sisters are also helping us look for a place that we can move into after the wedding.

we also checked out the gown designer. infamous but maayos naman daw tumahi. well, still thinking between that and tet hagape. will go there next week na siguro, after my presentation sa ofc. yikes!