Saturday, May 28, 2005

The one with another EB

since mike and jen came here in manila, we've been exchanging texts kung when and EB namin, and finally, last night nakapag-EB na kme. we met up at Figaro in Eastwood. saya, i finally met my kuya in w@w. hehe. pareho pa kme mga naka-black...hahaha... kwento-kwento about preps and 2 weeks na lang and wedding na nila. yipee! we also got na our tea light candles (200 pcs.) and my little something pa ko from them. super touched nga ako. a little thank you daw for all the! as if naman dami ko natulong, eh sila nga tong nagbigay ng candles and luminaries sa amin eh. galing! first time tlga me naka-meet ng w@wie na guy! hehehe.

and to add pa sa EB, we were just talking about concon, tas bigla syang tumawag. tas, nasa eastwood rin lang all in all, there were 3 couples of soon-to-wed sa Figaro last night. bitin nga ang chika-chika namin ni con eh. next week na lang ulit, magka-village lang naman kme eh. hehe. sayang, was not able to take a pic..tsk, tsk.

Friday, May 27, 2005

The One with the Money dance

I chanced upon reading a post by Mai asking about the traditional money dance and kung okay lang ba. so timely, coz last night i was just talking to one of my bestfriends about it and she's recommending that we do that. ako naman si, "huh?parang di ko ata naisip yan gawin" i don't know, pero when i read one of the w@wies posting about it and telling mai na nasa delivery yun ng emcee and how they can pull it off without being "nega", parang kakatuwa nga. although, have'nt talked to h2b about it yet, here are my thought and inputs about Money dance:
* it's nice kung most of the guests are "game". walang mareklamo or something
* concern ko, pano maiimplement ang money dance without being "mamakaawa" or "humihingi" ng money. kc diba, their mere presence is an effort na on their part, tas kuhanan ko pa ng money
* how do you tell the PS na may money dance?
* ok sya lalo na at gusto namin mag-honeymoon sa HK. it will really help us raise funds for it.
* pano kung walang magbigay? :(

that's it...will let you know what our decision will be.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The one with the martyred coordinators

Oh yes...i've met more w@wies last night. liv, helen, sweety and of course grace! met them at Mc Do in eastwood. okay naman. saya ang planning for grace's wedding. sana we can pull it off tlga. haayyy! dami rin chika-chika.(pic to follow...)

also, talked to brother mike over the phone yesterday. EB kme on friday...yipee! kakatawa nga eh, sabi ba naman, after the wedding daw pwede ko na rin daw kunin yung luminaries! nyahahaha...tawa ako ng tawa tlga! sabi ko, "makikikain na nga kme eh, mag-uuwi pa kme agad ng luminaries....mainit-init pa!" hahaha. pero kc baka mahirapan din sila clarice to pack the luminaries. o basta, babantayan kong mabuti yun. hahaha.

Jac's pics Ü(129)
from L to R: Grace, Helen, insan ni sweety, and sweety (i took the pic)

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The one with 7 months to go!

Today is exactly 7 months before our wedding day! yahooo!!! i feel excited tlga. kahit nga dami pa kme financial obligations, we feel secured knowing that God will be our great Provider! so far, here is my update:
Venue-Puerta Real Gardens, Intramuros - dp made. plan to go there some time in june, just to see some actual weddings and take some pics.
Photo-video-Paul Vincent Photography - dp made. will meet up for details some time in july. also, we plan to schedule an early pre-nups for our guest sheet layout din.
Cake-Emily Uy- reservations payment made. will set meeting daw in june to finalize the details. planning to ask for a clearer sketch of the cake.
Caterer-Robert Camba-reservations payment made. we want to visit in july sana for another payment and discuss details with robert. will visit the office in baler kc may showroom daw dun.
OTD coord-Clarice of An Event to Remember-paid dp na. super excited na me to work with their team.
Entertainment-Myxtreme band for reception. la pa for ceremony. singers, out good friends- Larry(Papuri singer), Ate Norene, and more! di kme masyado tataranta mag-book kc we are surrounded with singers as circle of friends.
Sound system-provided by Robert camba and my h2b. the former sa reception, latter for the ceremony.
Souvenirs- bracelets, 30 pcs. to go. CDs, la pa kme nagagawa. hehe
Luminaries and tea light candles-100 pcs. sponsored by our good w@wie bro, mike from dubai!
Invites-sponsored by Tita Nora and Tito Mar Villanueva. thank you po!
Gown-wala pa! asked quote from Susan dela Pena. will ask from Tet and Farley pa. plan to separate supplier of ento gowns and my gown.
Make up-TMU with Kuks done. scheduled TMU with Marilyn Padagas in june.
Hotel-(Westin)called up our AE for reservations. will inform me this week daw.

other minor details, wala pa. pero meron pa lang, sa isip. hehe. happy preps!

we celebrated our monthsary, syempre by going to church first. attended two services. simon gave me a long-stemmed red rose. then, lunch at a chinese resto in sta. lucia. sarap pero mura! hehe...titipid eh.

The one with the gown hunt

The quest continues...yesterday was a non-working saturday. weekends that we usually allot for wedding preparations. i was with my mom and we went to divi. arrived late na, mga 10am na ata, then went to yangco chenes and ylaya for some referrals given my my w@wie sisters. sadly, parang nawala ako sa mood at nalungkot coz parang pare-pareho lang silang tingnan...promise! di ko makita yung difference ng mga gowns. and weird thing is, mejo mahal pa yung quote sa amin. la lang, feeling ko di lang ganun ka-productive punta ko dun. buti na lang, was able to buy class a swarovski there for my cord, at least may nangyari naman.

when we went home, mejo sad pa rin me kc gusto ko tlga may accomplishment ako. so i remembered susan dela peña who just lives nearby. i texted my barkada jannet para magpasama. she drove me there, kc si bhabes (my car) na kay simon. anyway, buti na lang nipuntahan namin sya. sumaya ako! wala pa naman closed deal pero yun yung hinahanap ko na mga designers, yung pag nagpa-quote ka, mejo pina-pa imagine nya na tlga sayo yung design of your gown and she gave me a tentative schedule din of the fittings and measurements. yung ganun ba? i know i shouldnt be expecting too much kc we have a tight budget sa gown(actually, in everything!haha.) pero saya sya kausap. feeling ko nga kung kaya ng budget, kampante ako kunin sya. yun lang. :) will check pa more gown designers. sana Lord, makita ko na sya...hehe. pero, thankful pa rin me at productive ako yesterday.

The one with my "Something borrowed"

yipee! i have a tiara na for my something borrowed. it's the tiara of my officemate that she volunteered to lend it to me so i can use it on my wedding. whew! spared my a couple of bucks ha. saya! i super love it kasi it's a replica of the cut-off pic of tiara i took from a magazine! promise! nagkaiba lang eh yung swarovski. and the original tiara costs at P1,500 done my michi calica. o diba?! laki ng savings ko! yahoo. here are the pics:

Jac's pics Ü(095)

Jac's pics Ü(099)

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The one with the Kuks Reyes' TMU

Syempre, para sulit ang bayad sa TMU, i scheduled nung sa wedding day ni cha2. i had fun meeting up with kuks. super kwela, tawa ng tawa kahit naligaw na sya at lahat nung nagpunta sya sa house. hehe. sya yung type ng bading na di maarte, tamang kikay lang. i love the make-up overall. di sya maputi, parang pumantay sa kulay ko. esp. the eye-make up. he used four diff. shades, apricot, brown, silver, and one more. sa ken, yung brown and silver lang alam ko eh. haha. then, nagka-kilay ako bigla! sabi ko nga eh, "kuks, naka-preserve ang kilay at lashes ko, so please paki-ingatan."plus, the foundation is nice. super init nung araw na yun, pero di sya nag-buo. i also like the hairdo. sakto yung "something borrowed" tiara ko! pero, nitanggal din nya agad yung hair ko and did another style for the wedding that i have to attend. hahaha. ang saya! pero, i have comments on the ff:
1. i dont like the shade of my lipstick. pansin nga rin ng isa kong barkada eh. parang di ko raw shade. at first, he used pa pink!!! hallleeer, di tlga bagay. hehe, pinapalitan ko. pero di ko pa rin masyado like. sa bagay, cant really say na nega yun coz my lips are really chapping that day, kaya di maganda lipstickan.
2. the mascara was so heavy...wala nako makita nung una. hahaha. kc nga unti lang ang lashes, kaya ayun, na magican nya kaya lang feeling ko, dikit2 na sya. when i removed the buo-buo, yun okay na sya.

pero overall, like ko sya. my mom liked the make-up except that she wants to add pa blush on for me...lam nyo naman, mommies! but my simon liked the make-up so much! as in, kung pwede nga lang daw ako i-kiss nung nakita nya ko eh...hahaha...kaya lang may lipstick. below are the pics. feel free to give your comments, good or bad!

before TMU pic: (panget! puyat!)
Before TMU with Kuks

after TMU pic: (mukhang girl!)
Jac's pics Ü(110)

the hairdo:
Jac's pics Ü(105)

make-up after 5 hours: (im with my barkada ame, who had to go to the parlor and nagpa-hairdo as soon as i told her may tmu me. hehe. para di daw sya OP)
Jac's pics Ü(117)

The one with the wedding of Raffy and Chacha

Today, Charisse and Raffy tied the knot and they are finally married! my good college friend, charisse had a wonderful wedding, a wedding full of laughs and kalokohan. we arrived early at Vivere since Simon will play her bridal march and he has to practice the song with the sister of the groom who will of course sing the song. They had the ceremony at St. James the Great in alabang and reception followed at Aqua Park, Hillsborough. Thanks to my good kumareng w@wie Lea for giving me such "detailed" directions, we were'nt lost at all. on the way nga, natatawa na lang ako while simon was driving kasi super detailed tlga ng "map" nya, impossible for us to get lost. hehe. :) anyway, God is really good coz for the past days eh laging umuulan pag gabi na. lo and behold, not single raindrop was felt at the reception. kelangan tlga faith eh para matupad prayers mo and i know my friends prayed for a good weather which they had. Raffy, the groom, was the happiest groom i've ever seen in a wedding...promise!!! kakatuwa nga, nung signing of contract, he held up the contract and showed it to us, parang nanalo ng lotto style! hahaha...and everybody clapped and laughed when he did that. tapos, laging patawa ng patawa ng reception. everyone was just amused with him. ask nga ng barkada ko, "mare, feeling ko malala pa si simon dito sa wedding nyo. hehe" syempre, anna and her son rasta were there. lolo and jp too, carl, isis, arianne & art pati. at mga epal tlga kme ever. imagine, habang nag march na palabas yung couple, hinarang namin sila just before the door and nagpa-picture kme! hahaha...ang kakapal namin noh! tuwang tuwa naman yung photographer at ni-picturan din kme!!! hehe. pati sa reception, lagi kme naka-epal sa couple, feeling ko puros mukha namin andun. haaayyy! sa super saya, we went to W pa at Park square and had drinks lang, catching up lang. (uy, bottomless iced tea lang kme ni simon...hehe, we dont drink eh) then, went home at around 12mn na ata. was so tired pero masaya! syempre, being the OC and observant bride to be that iam, i took notes din syempre of the wedding details. hehe, and here they are:
a. the church is so nice and spacious in parking.
b. i cried nung bridal march. i didnt know ganda ng song na "standing right next to me" for a bridal march. (syempre, si simon din tumugtog eh. hehe)
c. aqua park is nice din...pero nicer kung may luminaries and the like...pero lam ko naman na, iba priorities nila sa wedding, pero ganda pa rin.
d. their caterer is queensland. in fairness, sarap food nila. unti nga lang serving, pero masarap. the serving, mejo di ko gusto. di na kme binigyan ng water after one refill. tapos, feeling ko din limited ang motifs nila coz my friend's motif is lavender. pero blue and table cloth nila.
e. their souvenirs are DIY which i find so cute. perfume na maliliit, then nakalagay sa pouch. nicely done!

yun lang po. :) congrats and best wishes again Cha and Raffy! God bless you both.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The one with a cute picture

Last night, my barkada jill gave me a CD of our pics stored in her PC. some of the pics are two years ago pa and the pic below, super na-cutan ako. ewan ko ba?! ang laki naman ng butas ng ilong ng behbeh ko dito pero parang kakaiba sya...hehe, well at least for me lang.

captured moment


napaisip lang ako...this was a time pa na di pa sya nag-popropose and kalbo pa sya, mind you! tapos now, it's just 7 months away before our wedding day! Yahooo!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The one with God's comfort

i'm here in my room thinking of how my morning went...and how bad it was. I was driving on my way to work. after dropping off my brother, i passed by this street na mejo blind spot ang pag turn kc there was a truck parked at my lane. i'm sure i was very careful in turning i even stopped/menor. i looked at my right, it's clear. i looked at my left, it was clear then this motorcycle just came so fast...riding the bike was a tomboy who was smiling pa nang mababangga na sya sa ken. nung bumangga sya sa ken, i rolled down my window, saw that there was no dent in my car, neither is i thought we'll just let it pass. oh but no, galit na galit sya sa ken, blaming me na ang bilis ko daw. i did'nt stoop down coz lam ko i stopped. then, she was all furious about it, shouting and shouting from a distance. she then went at the side of my car and stared at me. i stared back. at first, i was defending myself, kya lang when i realized that it was useless, i just closed my window and prayed, "God, just let her go." i was waiting for her to go first coz she might follow me to my office if i ignore her and drive away from her. yun lang, i cried nung nag-dadrive na lang ako alone. was so affected kc no one has shouted at me like that and i dont even know her. i called up simon though i know sleeping pa sya nun. he answered and gave me just the right comfort i needed. i prayed and asked God to help me deal with those kind of people. God gave me the comfort i needed...He always have.

Monday, May 16, 2005

The one with the Opposwim

Last weekend was spent with my bestfriends together with our boyfriends...well in my case, my fiance! (yihee!) we went to Nueva Ecija since jason's family owns a resort there. we left the manila past 11 na (long story why...hehe). when we arrived 3 hours after, we slept muna and woke up at 7am. we had breakfast(sarap longganisa!), went to the market(as in palengke) and namili ng lunch namin. it's the first time that we prepared our own food. we had no idea that it was really hard to prepare the lunch, but it was all worth it. we had liempo bbq, tilapia ihaw, squid ihaw, ensalada w/ salted egg, seaweed, sago for beverages, pakwan, banana, melon for desserts! yummy lahat! dami food! it took us 2 hours to prepare the food and 30 minutes to eat them all! haha...then we went swimming...had so much in the picture-taking, we jumped 6 times at the pool for a good shot...unfortunately, none of the shots turned out okay since the film used was not for moving chenes...hahaha...the consequence of having defective digicams... :( then, simon, my behbeh, invented this stroke called the Opposwim. so funny, we were all trying to do it and told each other to do the stroke when we go swimming again.. it was a swimming na pa backward. hahaha, he was so good at it, katuwa! we even made an apparel out of it, a commercial, and a tag line for our brand! naks! wala na kme mapag-usapan kc nung pauwi kme eh. i just thank God for giving me such good friends and for giving us a good time i will surely remember always... :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The one with Top 10 signs of a W@w addict

Being a w@wie, it's just natural to be addicted to it at one time or another. As inspired by a good w@wie sister, Dionne, i'd like to share the top 10 signs of being a certified w@wcaholic: (thanks dionne for letting me post this...ive also added some more inputs)

10. You start reading an average of 50 emails a day... or at least try to.
9. You start referring to yourself as a w@wie. you also in turn, call other w@wies your "sis".
8. You take your wedding preparations seriously and try to devote 70% of your life to it. You have the most number of acquainted bride-to-be's. You have a list of brides getting married the same month as yours. You make an update of your preps even when no one ask you to :)
7. You know the Weddings at Work website like a back of your hand.
6. You start recommending the w@w website and yahoogroup to your soon-to-be married friends.
5. You know what MIL, H2B, DIY, TMU, OTD, EB mean. You are also a member of at least one of the ff: Swarovski brides, Borrowers of easels, tagaytay brides, scrapbooking brides, etc.
4. You unconsciously sign your e-mails to your non-w@wie friends with your name, fiance's name, date of wedding, ceremony, and reception venue.
3. Finishing your suppliers' rating is a dream... other than the wedding, of course.
2. You are now maintaining a blog.
1. Benz is not just a car to you.

Hi! I'm Jacque and I'm a w@waholic

The one with our OTD and our free tea light candles and luminaries!

Met up with Clarice last friday, May 6 to pay our dp na rin and syempre update-update. parang i was so looking forward to meet her kc i want to get back on the wedding preps track...hehe, been lie low for almost a month coz of work and bday bash of beh. buti na lang, i got to tick na one more important supplier in our wedding. funny story, that's the only time clarice knew na di tlga kme friends ni mike, my closest brother w@wie! hehe...kala nya we're like college friends...gulat sya when she found out na sa w@w rin lang kme meet. hehe. i also would like to thank mike and jen for buying tea light candles for us...for free! yipee! another sponsor for our wedding! katuwa nga eh, coz they will also be giving their luminaries to us for our wedding...yipee ulit! now, at least, unti na lang gagawin namin! saya! can't wait to attend their wedding! di bale, i promised naman to lend the luminaries after we use them para magamit pa ng iba. hehe. :)

also, na-meet ko rin pala si abie ni rey last friday! kakatawa, sumakit yung panga ko kakatawa!!! they are so kwelang sisters! as in! cant wait to work with them. when my behbeh arrived, he was actually overwhelmed when he was listening to us...prang pag-aari kc namin ang starbucks at that time...tapos he leaned towards me and asked, "beh, sila ba ang OTD natin?" hahaha...i can't help but laugh, tas ni-mention ko kay clarice and abie. eto naman si abie, naglabas ng calling card at nipakita na attorney sya. hahaha...sabi nila, pwede naman kme maging serious eh...hehehe...super saya tlga!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

The one with all the Thank you's

I just want to thank everyone who made Simon's party a memorable one.

My mom and my dad- thanks for cooking the best chicken afritada ever! grabe! i love you! and thank you for not making singil about the expenses incurred. hehehe. thanks for acting so good...may graduation pang nalalaman...hahahaha
My future SILs - Jane for organizing it with me and for riding along with the acting; for cooking lumpia, baking macaroons, and pasta. Skokie, for cooking and for being my coordinator and making sure that everything's ok. Achie, for the games which were so much fun, and for singing kahit kaw ang song leader the ff. day. hehe.
My Tita Alma and Tito Tony - for accepting us into your home kahit na alam nyong manggugulo kme. hahaha. thanks also for singing with my parents until 2am. grabe! duet pa yan ha. ladies vs. men! naks!
My bestfriends - Naan, thanks for making the best gello napakain ako sa sarap. simon knows how much i dont like gelatin. hehe. jillie, for the camera and for making habol at the party. jannet, thanks for just being there. you have no idea how much simon was so happy to see you there. hehe. chess-thanks for being there, super thanks tlga. thanks also the your partners, jason and jhon.
Sheila - for bearing with my kakulitan to contact all of simon's college friends.
And to everyone who gave their time to be there, thanks a bunch!
My w@wie sisters - thanks for texting simon on his birthday! super, it made him so happy to receive texts from my friends, na kahit di pa namin meet personally, have contributed so much to our wedding preps. thanks! syempre, thanks din kay ms. benz and sir john for keeping w@w alive.

The one with the party ratings

Another message i posted at w@w. I just wish i could post na the pics.

I only have to rate a few suppliers since labor of love halos lahat...

1. Venue: 10++ Tan's residence-since this is his last bday as a bachelor, there is no place better to spend it than at their house.

+ saya, super made up yung garage nila na parang children's party tlga...may balloons pa ha.
- mejo mainit at first, pero after a few hours, lumamig rin ang place.

2. Caterer - 10++++
Jane & Skokie(his sisters)-made pasta, lumpia, baked macarroons for dessert and goldilocks brownies. ordered bbq fr. grill queen.
+ everything was delicious!

My mom - made Chicken afritada that would feed 50 pax ata, eh 30 lang naman kme dun. hehe, i love my mom. pati rice, sya din kc libre naman sa ofc namin ang rice eh. :)
+syempre, super sarap din!!! it was a bestseller.

Naan, my barkada - she made almond/lychee/kaong gelatin w/ cream. simon likes gelatin so much, ako, ayoko! pero i was made to eat it kc ang sarap nga. inimbento nya lang actually eh pero the best.
+everyone in simon's family was asking naan how to make the gelatin...need i say more!?

3. Party hats, banner - Spongebob. bought it at parola. hats at P3 each and banner at P25.
+simon wore his party hat the whole time, as in! feel na feel na celebrant.

4. Signature sheet - DIY
o diba?! may signature sheet pa. hehe, spongebob pa din. kaya lang may kaengotan ako eh...di ko napa-sign!!! hahaha...ano pang silbi! pinang-display ko na lang ngayon.

5. Sound system - Simon's equipments
may set-up tlga sya for rent. ni set-up na lang ng friend namin while he was out. sbi ng friend namin si lan-lan, may kulang daw na PL (parang cable). kunwari
nihiram ko kay simon. tanong nya sino gagamit, sabi ko kuya ko. sabi nya, "san nya gagamitin ung PL eh drummer sya ha?" di na lang ako sumagot.hehe...

6. The Man - Lan-lan
this i have to give credit to, super duper bait. 11am pa lang nasa house na nila, tas sya bumili ng balloons, while naka-motor!hahaha. sya din bili bbq, and ayos lahat ng man's work! the best! he's a very good friend of simon. they come from way back pa.

7. Cake - Emily of Sugarbox 10++++++++++++
simon's bday cake

this i saved the you all know, originally dapat sa goldilocks lang me kukuha ng cake, pero O.S. ang spongebob nila. ang O.A. noh? so wella suggested
me to text emily. oo nga naman, may kilala pala akong cake designer. so i texted emily and gave her my budget. i gave her the same price nung sa goldi cake, P700. then, she texted me the specs ng cake. it's a 12" round cake with 3" in height. chocolate flavor, with caramel syrup on the side. (yung once you've sliced the cake, pwede mo lagyan ng caramel para super sarap!) P750 quote nya sa ken, isip ko naman ok na yun...sabi ko dapat andun si patrick ha. (mas fave ko yun eh!) i texted her 2 days before the party, pero she was still able to do it. :)

+ so she delivered the cake earlier pa than the set time na 11am. free delivery in my ofc. my ofcmates were amazed with the cake, they asked for her number. hehe.
ganda kc may house pa ni spongebob yung cake! promise! everthing was edible except for spongebob and patrick. she can make gumpaste daw pero, isip nya para may
souvenirs daw kme of the cake. true enough, mas nagustuhan namin na figurine na lang nga. it was not fondant, boiled icing sya...pero nice tlga. our families can only rave about the cake. super siksik sya, as in! ang bigat nga eh. and sa loob ng cake,
parang may choc. syrup pa sya. yum, yum. and yun sa pinakaloob, may white icing naman. hmmm...sarap pa rin! i'll post the pics sa blog ko later...have to
learn how to do it pa. emily is just great. yun lang.

- the only fallback is since boiled icing sya, matigas on the outside pero sa loob nde naman...mejo nahulog lang yung isang dahon nung gabi na...pero still, ganda
pa rin.

ang saya! ask ni simon kung pwede pa daw isa pang party?! hehehe...oh no!

The one with the surprise party for Simon

A kwento i shared to my w@wie friends...

"hahaha...grabe...where do i start? cge, i'll share my kwento as it happened chronologically. april 29, we had to go to clowns in q.ave to check out this band na
niha-hire si simon as keyboardist. i wont mention the name of the band, pero mejo sikat kc. di namin tinanggap coz its not his line of music and mejo vulgar ang adlibs ng vocalist. So anyway, 12mn na, binati ko sya syempre, then, maya-maya, he was checking his fone...tas sabi ko "why?" sabi nya, "walang nag-gigreet sa ken?" (hehe, yun ang akala nya!) then, may first w@wie greeter sya, si YNA! hi mare, tnx. tas uwi na kme ng mga 230am. while i was in the ofc, ang mga sisters nya nag-aayos sa house nila. and mga 930am tumawag si h2b sa ken, sabi nya: "beh, grabe, ang
daming nag-gigreet sa ken. ano ba ito?! as in! ang dami mong nauto ha." hahahaha. sabi ko, dami pa susunod dyan. di nya ma-replyan lahat kc super dami daw tlga. yun daw ata pinakamarami nyang greetings in life nya. at take note, "mga pinag-isipan daw ang mga messages" di daw basta-basta greet. hehe. but he was able to save all of the msgs, di ko pa nga nababasa eh.

tas, may time pa na nag-aaway na sa house nila kc bka daw umuwi si simon in the afternoon, eh yung mga chairs makikita na nasa labas. hehehe. syempre, buking yun! buti na lang, sabi ko kay h2b mag-malling muna at intayin na lang me sa house.

when i went home, ang plan, kunwari hahatid namin parents namin sa subdivision nila kc may kilala kme na reflexologist na lapit lang sa house nila. then, punta na lang kme sa house nila para mag-dinner. as simple as that. mejo accepted nya na kc na wala masyadong drama ang bday nya dahil titipid tlga kme. ask ni simon mom ko na dun mag-dinner sa kanila. sabi ng mom ko, "ayyy, anong meron?!" hallleeerrr..nasobrahan ata ng acting si mader! tas sabi pa nya, "o cge, pero after kc ng pahilot namin, may pupuntahan pa kmeng graduation eh." halllleeerrr ulit!!! graduation at 7:30 in the evening! ano kaya yun?! eto tlgang momskie ko, the best, kinareer ang acting. eto pa, dalawa pa kotse namin papunta dun kc nagdala rin pala ng kotse ang mokong. aba, syempre di sya pwede mauna sa ken noh. kc baka pag nauna sya, di ko makikita reaction
nya, diba?! so sa car ko, mom ko nakasakay, sa car naman nila, dad ko. when we were driving, naunahan pako. syempre, binilisan ko at nag overtake ang lola nyo! nyahahaha. tas eto pa ulit, tinanong ni simon dad ko bat daw pupunta dun sa reflexologist, sabi ng dad ko,"ah eto ksing balikat ko, sumasakit tlga eh,
kelangan pahilot."(naks! yan ang acting! kaya lang sablay kc mega naka-porma silang dalawa eh papahilot lang naman. hehe.)

so, pag dating sa gate ng subd. nila, nagpa-ring na me. sabi sis nya, "bebs, wag mo pagpapark si simon ha, makikita nya yung set-up." so what i did, niharangan ko gate nila. pag dating ko dun, ang galing, wala ako makita kahit isang kotse! lahat mga five houses away nakapark...ang saya! tas eto pa, nahirapan pa si simon mag-park kc siniksik ko sya sa isang nagtatago na lahat ng visitors, tas ang candle
unti-unti ng nauubos...hahaha tlga! pag pasok namin...kanta sila...kala ni simon friends from church lang, surprise sya to see friends from college, my childhood friends, and long-lost friends pang iba. di na sya naka-imik. napayakap na lang sa ken ng mahigpit! as in! nakalimutan na nga i-blow ang candle eh. hehe, pero nag-blow pa rin sya. tas, party all night long. there were games, pinoy henyo(kme ang
champion! everyone was so amazed to see us get the answers right! as in, kahit mahirap na yung huhulaan namin, kuha pa rin. iba daw tlga ang connection namin.), charades, Mcdo balloon game, and syempre...Videoke galore!!! the best tlga! the party
ended at 2am. bagsak kmeng lahat, as in! pero sabi ni simon, "beh, this is the best bithday ever! you've made my dream party come true!" pangarap nya tlga mag
children's party na pang-matanda. hehe. sa sobrang love nya ko, laging kiss ng kiss at yakap ng yakap in front of our families. ano ba ito?! kinilig syempre
ako noh?!

mga sis, napahaba na ito. pero super thank you for your greetings, as in! you have no idea how much your texts added spice in his bday.

nga pala, sa sobrang saya ni beh, nilagnat na, ngayon lang. hehehe. ayun, nasa taas, papahinga. dito kc sya nag-sleep last night eh. uy, sleep lang yun ha.
hehehe. muah! love you all. "

...until now, everytime we talk about it, he gives out an extraordinary smile in his eyes na nakaka-comfort to know that i made him really happy that day. everything really paid off...thank you Lord for giving me Simon.