Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The one with our gifts

One thing I love most about our marriage is that we've learned to spoil each other once in a while.  We know that we work hard, and I'm prettyre sure we're blessed with talents that we can use in our respective fields.  We also know that we work hard to help our families.  And God has blessed us with everything we need for our family and our immediate families.  But of course, there always comes a time when we feel like rewarding ourselves with material things "once in a while".  (in quotation marks since i'm really not sure of the frequency when you say, "once in a while"...hahaha) So without much ado, please let me indulge you with our latest babies. hahaha. (pagbigyan nyo nako, ngayon lang...)

Yes, wishlist granted!

Her gift:  LV Speedy 30 damier ebene
It's my first LV bag and I'm sooo excited because I was really ok with buying a second hand one but I got a brand new instead! yey! I don't know, i've whacked my brains out rationalizing just not to buy one but I'll always end up wanting one.  Simon has been aware of this ever since but I never insisted on buying one unless i'm sure that i'm ready for it...And two weeks ago, I knew i was ready for it. hahaha. call it shallow but this is one of the things i've dreamt of.  I'm just so blessed to have a husband who learned to understand accept me. ;) I can be a cheapskate for clothes, heck, i buy 100 peso clothes for cyring out loud, but i never knew my love for bags has begun as early as now. hahaha.

His gift:  Samsung Galaxy Tab.  
I've never deprived Simon from any of his wishlists, may it be an instrument, a gadget (which happens to be on a quarterly basis), or anything mc-gyver-kind-of-things, for the sole reason that i know he knows his limits and I know he can convince me to agree with him. hahaha.  But this gadget has made its way to my approval because i myself wanted to have one.  When I saw this and its uses, I instantly knew it would also go well with my business especially during meetings.  But since my lappy is just 6 months old, I can manage to wait...hahaha. He loves his phone so much, he is now disposing his iphone, his samsung experia and nokia 5800 altogether.  He does'nt see the purpose of keeping the others when he does'nt need them anymore.  I may be an htc virgin when it comes to phones but promise, this is one of his best buys for me. :)

Congratulations to us beh! love our new toys! thank you Lord for these! :) we promise to take care of them. :)

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