Sunday, June 19, 2011

The one with Simone's paintings

I've been wanting to post these for a very long time but keep on forgetting to do so.  Anyway, Simone has always loved arts, whether performing arts (sing, dance, play instruments) or creative (painting, drawing) and here is her first gallery.  I started introducing paints to her when she was two years old and instantly, she liked finger painting and just making shapes out of her paints.  Her freehand paints started when she was almost three years old, making houses and stickman. :) And here are some of her works. naks!

house ni steve (of blues clues)

 may rorscach dito. haha.

 PARTY -- with balloons, magician and cake 

 client and client's baby :) (o diba, anak talaga ng party planner!)


bee and flower

Sorry guys, been having a hard time rotating the pics. :( 
Love you Simone!

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