Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The one withthe girl in uniform

She's a school girl now... How time flies really fast.  Still could'nt get over the fact that she is really studying now... And I'm just so proud of her.  I'm happy that she's enjoying everyday in school.  She's always excited going to school.  I also love that Simon and I always manage to bring our kid to school everyday...together. :) I love how we are able to manage our time and keep on thanking God for this.  That we are able to nurture our kid and still work and earn all at the same time.

Anyway,  I still have'nt posted any picture of simone in uniform.  She was a little sick last week because of cough and colds, thus, not in any mood for pictures.  But yesterday I managed to take a couple of pictures because it was her first time to get not one but two sets of stars. hahaha. I'm so shallow!

showing off her stars! :)

She now has a new set of clothes in the cabinet.  A new journey of her life...where everything is a learning process. Don't worry anak, I'll always be here to guide you, love you and support you in the best way we can. :)

On a lighter note, now that these uniforms will take more space in her cabinet, i wonder where i can put my naughty nurse costume now.  i've been wanting to wear it for the longest time...hahaha. it's supposed to be a naughty one, but since it does'nt fit, it's just a display now. hahaha.

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