Friday, August 26, 2011

The one with out of date

Okay, now that my digits are out of the calendar, I've come to realize that turning 32 must have been hard to accept, haha. But I found myself on the other side of the fence.  It was the same feeling of celebration, being thankful for all the blessings and for what God has placed me now. 

The celebration lasted for almost three days.  As always, it was a working birthday.  My husband took a leave but I had three events that day and i managed to drop by to the two parties and glad everything turned out ok.  Then we went to the mall, had dinner and enjoyed good family time.  The following day, we attended church service and had buffet at Imperial Palace Suites together with my family and Simon's.  It was a good lunch.  We capped off our family time with Starbucks (of course, i had to choose a hotel with a starbucks nearby) and spent the rest of the day in the hotel.  Simone had so much fun.  We watched, they swam, used the bathtub, eat comfort food (read: junk food) and just relaxed and chilled.  We went home feeling relaxed and recharged. 

Thank you Lord for giving me another year.  Thank you Lord that You are the God who has always been with me.

More pictures to come! Oh and in celebration of another year, I had a new hairdo! Bob cut rocks! :)


Anonymous said...

waaaah! Happy birthday sis.. sorry, didn't know..
hope i'm not too late!
wish you all the best in life.. more power, and god bless your beautiful family!
muah muah muahhh!
love you ms. jacque!

by Chell said...

oh gawd! I'm turning 32 this September and I just never thought about not having my age in the calendar anymore! waaahhhh!!!! oo nga no! waaaaahhhhhhh!!!! dati rati naririnig ko lang na biruan yun, ngayon nandun nako sa point na yun?! noooooooooooo!!!!!!

OA. hehe