Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The one with simone's accident

This is a post i made to a forum i'm a member at...Wanted to share as a guide for other moms out there.

i would'nt mention the name of the mall establishment and the clothing store na lang din siguro.  Anyway,  it was a sunday and i came from my parties that day.  It was a busy day so to reward myself, i wanted to go a little shopping after attending church service.  Since i always tag my kid along, she also wanted to go shopping with me. So we went inside a clothing store and i was looking into the items on sale (of course, dapat sa laging naka-sale. mas madali i-justify sa husband yun e. hehe).  I was literally three steps from Simone and i can see her thru my peripheral vision. As i bent down to get an item on the rack, admittedly, i had like a 5-second timeframe that she escaped from my sight and when i heard the saleslady in a loud voice, "ay baby, wag ka sumampa dyan!" i looked at simone to find out that she used one of the clothing racks as a hangbar.  the display rack kasi is like an inverted T-shaped clothing rack eh ang catch, it had no clothes hanging in it.  so as in bar lang sya.  then it was so fast, the whole thing just fell off. as in the whole T-shaped rack.  it's made of wood and steel.  when it fell straight to the floor ng patayo, syempre babagsak na yun and that's when i shouted.  Sa lakas ng sigaw ko, Simone had the survivor instinct to move away from the falling display rack but she was still hit on the forehead.  Grabe, it was traumatic and i felt so helpless seeing her being hit by wood where in fact i was just several steps away.  Pag kuha ko agad sa kanya, super iyak sya. her forehead got swollen immediately but she's a strong kid.  After a while, she calmed already and i asked her kung san pa masakit.  she pointed her forehead, and foot tapos pag kita ko may sugat din pala and she has scratches sa cheek nya :(  Ang mas traumatic was when a couple of mall security officers went to the store and asked us to go to the clinic so simone can be checked for head injury.  SOP daw sa kanila. mas dito pa umiyak anak ko e, seeing the big buys in uniform. parang feeling nya something is wrong with her.  at that time, sabi ko nung una wag na lang pa-check pero my husband and i realized pag hindi namin napa-check and something went wrong, they won't take responsibility in it kasi we didnt follow the proper procedures.  So we went anyway and then the doctor said that we observe our kid for seizures, headache, blurring vision or vomitting in the next 24 hours.  For me, it was one of the hardest moments. my gosh, i can never forgive myself if something happens to my kid so literally that night, i was waking up almost every hour checking her temperature, if she's still breathing, or something.  Thank God, that Monday when she went to the school, she even got 4 stars pa and nothing unusual naman so everything was ok.  I got depressed for a couple of days after that incident though.  Feeling ko failure as a mom that i was just nearby but i was'nt able to protect her.  Buti na lang my husband comforted me na accidents really happen (kahit ayaw kong tanggapin na while with me, dun pa sya na-aksidente) and that i'm the best mom Simone can ever ask for. (hehe) pero pag naaalala ko pa rin yun, i really feel bad about myself. :(

I drafted my letter to the store and the mall establishment.  We wont be filing complaint to get even.  We just want them to know that they have to strengthen their tenants' rules and regulations when it comes to furnishings and fixtures on every tenant of their mall.  kasi admittedly, kahit maglambitin anak ko dun the whole day, the T-shaped thing should'nt fall. dapat kaya nya yun weight. for some of you who've seen my kid, she's medium-built, di sya mataba as in pero di rin ganun ka-skinny. and yun lang i wanted to share rin lang siguro to finally let this out of my system and tell the other moms out there to be always alert and not just a step ahead, but ten steps ahead of our kids. and realize also na kahit sa mga kid-friendly places, these things can really happen.  grabe, my kid is not even the hyper type and i've always felt that she's old enough to roam around as long as i can see her and she's just an arm-length away...hindi pa din pala.

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