Friday, August 26, 2011

The one with imo

When I was young--er, m mom used to say..."You have too many friends, you spend so much time with them..." and I'll just shrug it off thinking that "yeah i really do have a lot of friends and I like it the way it is".  But over the years, I managed to retain two major circle of friends -- my childhood friends and my bestfriend.  I think it's the longevity that has maintained our friendships throughout the years. 

But having my hands full and with my friends being busy as well, I miss them.  I actually got emotional that on my birthday, I was expecting I'd spend time with my childhood friends but since the situation called for otherwise, we had to reschedule.  And by the time I asked again, everybody was busy once again. :(  And to add to the imo, my best friend forgot to greet me.  I was more surprised than disappointed. You see, for years, she has always been my first greeter.  She even greeted me ahead of Simon.  She never forgets...until now. And I can't blame her because we have'nt seen each other in months, we don't talk that often anymore and I suddenly missed her.

I know, I know, this post ruins the celebration mood from my birthday but I just wanted to share it.  So if you have close friends, please spend time with them.  Next to family, they're the next best treasures one can find.  I miss all of you! I hope we'd catch up again soon.


by Chell said...

Friends are really blessings and you are truly blessed in that aspect :)

I wish I had spent more time with mine and not have my whole world revolve around we-know-who. I'll probably regret that my whole life, coz now that I'm ready to start over, they're all kind of busy with their lives already. Sad. Lesson learned: never take your friends for granted.

"Q" said...

oooh just read this. miss you too mare :) by the way you're gift is with jill. i hope you got it na and that it makes up for us not being able to meet up. muah!

"Q" said...

*your gift pala not you're gift hehehe